The Indie-List has been published on the net for several years now, encompassing over 150 issues of reader-driven discussion on Independent Music of many types.

Published actively for several years, the Indie-List has been on hiatus for the past few years. With the acquisition of our new server, we hope to begin publishing again someday...

Most recently (December 1998), we've made a rudimentary html-ization of these archived issues. Not all the URLs are warranteed (indeed, many of them are likely to be bad), but read away using the links below!

The most recent issue of the Indie-List is available via this link, and the next most recent is available as well.


As the Indie-List is still on hiatus, we are not accepting subscription requests. Watch this space for information on how to subscribe if the Indie-List starts again.


No contributions are being accepted at the present time.


An archive of back issues is now maintained at headquarters. In the not-too-distant-future, this should be a useful, searchable archive. Until that time comes to past, just follow these links:

Frequently Asked Questions:

A current copy of the Indie List FAQ is available. Bear in mind that it's in the ever procrastinated process of being updated. Your comments and thoughts are solicited.

Allied Resources

The Indie-List has spawned a related, more "theoretical" cousin, Finley Breeze (nee' Telegraph). Finley Breeze is less frequent in the mails, but inspiring and full of thought.

Additionally, the Indie-List has a relative mailing list devoted to the non-commercial exchange of albums, CDs, 7"s and the like. You can subscribe to the ILx by sending a message with the text "subscribe ilx <your name here>" to For further information, drop a line to Wink Jr. via

And for the more formal side of the commercial elements, there's a related Independent Label List which started as an ILIJ publication, but is now .

Infrequently Asked Questions

If you have questions that aren't answered in the FAQ, suggestions for improvements to the Indie-List, Eric Sinclair <> is always happy to field them, as are any members of the Indie-List Infotainment Junta.
01 Jan 1999