* * THE INDIE-LIST DIGEST #12 (December 11, 1992)
* "The greatest recording organisation in the world"
* * Moderated by Mark Cornick, Joshua Houk and Liz Clayton.
* * Mailed weekly from indie-list world headquarters in Chicago, IL.
* * Now edited with Micro-EMACS... please bear with me while I learn it.

From: Mark Cornick, co-moderator <mcornick@delphi.com>

Well, it is now offical. I will be leaving James Madison University at
the end of this semester. Since I am leaving JMU, my email address will
be changing. Please send all future mail to the above address. Thank

Sean Murphy <skmurphy@phoenix.princeton.edu> has agreed to mail back
issues of the digest to people without FTP access. Thanks!

Also, it gives me some amount of pleasure to announce the first release
on my cassette label, Lovechild. Here's the catalog blurb:

LUV000 - Ice Cream Socialists, "Play The Hits Of The Primitives And
Other Chart-Toppers...LIVE!" 6-song cassette (it's number zero because
it's a limited, friends-and-fans sort of thing)
- A live recording from the Socialists' first club gig which happened
on December 9, 1992. The sound quality is so-so (it's kinda tough to
hear Dave's guitar or Mark's backing vocals) but the spirit is there,
anyway. No originals on this one; covers of the Primitives, L7, Sonic
Youth, Mudhoney, Fugazi and Madonna. It's not much, but it's the only
Socialists recording currently available. Around 35 minutes.

PRICE: $4.00 (US) or $1.25 plus a 90-minute cassette. Please ask about
shipping outside the US. Checks/money orders payable to Mark Cornick.

Send payment to:
Mark Cornick
1343 Devon Lane
Harrisonburg, VA 22801
phone (703) 433-5366

Lovechild is also looking for cool bands to release. Bands need not be
polished or even commercially viable -- just enthusiastic and rockin' out
indie style! Write or call and we'll deal.

Now for some record reviews...

Luna(2), "Time" b/w "Eggnog" (Elektra) : Promo-only 7" single on holiday
red vinyl. "Time" is from the LP; "Eggnog" is a Christmas-styled
instrumental (jingle bells, etc.) Nice. No picture sleeve though; just a
generic Elektra sleeve with their 70s logo (the big E.)

The Fluid, "On My Feet" (Hollywood) : More Stooges/MC5 revival from
these former Sub Poppers. Full-on 60s/70s punk/garage sound. White
vinyl. Again, a radio-only release; there is an album due shortly. (Not
an indie label, admittedly, but still worthy of a mention, I

Jonestown/Dogfaced Hermans split 7" (Compulsiv) : Both tracks recorded
live. Typical Jonestown stuff, sort of HC-ish grungy rawk. Inexplicable
psycho sax skronk-rock from the Dogfaced Hermans. Blood-red vinyl.

Compulsiv Compilation 7" (Compulsiv) : If this is going to be another
series much like the Simple Machines, this is gonna be hard to beat...
one track apiece from Circus Lupus, Jack-O-Nuts, Crain and Derelict
Hotel, all great. Yellow vinyl. Incredible, although the Circus Lupus
track is a little overlong (and that's coming from the president of the
Circus Lupus Appreciation Society. :)

Nothing Painted Blue 7" (Kokopop): As Sean wrote last week, this is the
first release on Shimmy-Disc's new label (they intend to release _one 7"
a week_... they're obviously going to run out of bands so send Kramer
your demos now!! :) Very cool, ego-less indie rock. "Swivelchair", about
office-supply envy, is hilarious. Bubblegum pink vinyl.

Morning Glories 7" (Kokopop): Agreeable guitar rock with a 60s classic
rock tinge (especially in the guitar.) The second Kokopop release.
Again, on bubblegum pink vinyl. Also, all three of these Kokopop 7"s,
and presumably future releases as well, have full-color picture sleeves
(and I do mean sleeves, not folded pieces of paper in bags.)

Zuzu's Petals 7" (Kokopop): Another indie-girl-rock group, although this
one owes more to Tsunami than Babes in Toyland. Melodious, pleasant
sound, power guitar, etc. Black vinyl (boo!--but this one is a promo so
maybe retail copies will be on pink too!)

Flipper "Flipper Twist" 7" (Def American/Matador): They're back. The
sound is quite a bit different from their classic early-80s releases--
this is more generic SoCal HC. The loss of Will Shatter really shows.
This is not bad, especially for Flipside fans, but it ain't the
Flipper I knew and loved. Clear pinkish vinyl. (yes, this is a split
between Def American and Matador... bizarre, eh?)

Grenadine Goya LP (Teen Machine/Shimmy Disc): WOW! We've talked about
Grenadine enough here so that everyone should know who they are by now,
and Sean reviewed this last week, so let me just relate a story about
Grenadine vocalist Mark Robinson and my hometown: Here in Harrisonburg
there's a motel called the Belle Meade, and they have a lounge that,
even today, is full-on 1974. Velvet wallpaper, big swank red swivel
chairs, etc. Unrest have played the Belle Meade Lounge. Could it be that
Mark saw our fantastic lounge, got inspired, called Jenny and Rob and
made a record? Who knows, but if Grenadine ever tour, I'm definitely
going to try to get them to play the Belle Meade Lounge.

Finally, we are preparing the Indie List Holiday/Best Of 1992 issue.
This will be the first Indie-List output available in print form.
Details will follow in next week's digest. Remember, next week's digest
will be the last weekly digest until 1993.

That's it... and now...


From: radavfs@ube.ub.umd.edu ("M.C. VOLTRON")


Wayall, as an eager volunteer some months ago I took on the mantle of
Mid-Atlantic Scene Reporter (aka Bureau Chief) and the net result has
been nada.  Zilch...

How about some shows I saw (or didn't, as it were..)??

Hoo Wee!

Friday 11/27, Undead, Buzzoven, Stranger than Fiction, at the Rev

Well, this evening marked the first game of the hapless Washington 
Bullets' "Mini-plan" of games in Baltimore, and as expected, it was a
blow-out (to Minnesota!  Ouch!) - As I left, I told my sports pal Pat
that I was going to the Undead show.  Pat, a one-time punker gone
reporter, said "Man, you're gonna be even more depressed when the night
is over."  I was already depressed because I had to work the next 
morning, but you don't care...Anyhoo, it was to be my first show at 
the newly reopened Rev on Maryland Ave, and as I rolled up my buddy
Paul (who has taken it upon himself to try to book shows in Bawlamer -
good luck pal!) mentioned that the Undead had cancelled, but that
Buzzoven from NC` and stranger than fiction from Balto were still
playing for 2 bucks. Well I paid my 2 bucks just to go in and look
around a bit, and I'm  impressed, anyone that wants to boo a band there
or contact Paul, do so!!

Paul Hutzler

So I bailed, and had a few beers before bedtime instead.

The following Tuesday (12/1) marked the return of the Jesus Lizard to
Max's on Broadway, an otherwise worthless venue in Fells' Point. With
them were Arcwelder and Gunga Din, the latter a band that a) claims to
be "Baltimore's #1 Alternative band" and b) was described to me by the
aforementioned Paul (who NEVER EVER says anything bad about a band)
described as "some of the biggest jerks pulled together into one of the
most miserable bands" (not an exact quote).  Unfortunately, I missed GD
so I hd no chance to see for myself (or heckle for that  matter - hee
hee!) - but I did see Arcwelder and was pretty impressed with their
live sound...Sorta like the Raleigh single and much less than their
other outing in my collection, one called "Jacket Made in  Canada"
(which is a good name, tho..

Smoked a fine Dominican cigar, and was tapped on the shoulder by
someone who I thought was gonna complain, until I realized that it was
some older dude (mid-30s) sportin' a leather and huffin' on an Upman's,
achin' to tell me about the best cigar deals!  Score!!

Also am happy to report that Max's has resumed carrying 22 ounce Sheaf
Stouts at $4.25 - this is a bargain, considering they charge $3.75 (!)
fr most 12 oz imports...

Well, the Jesus Lizard...it had been a while, like 1 1/2 years, and i
was a little underwhelmed...Who knows?  It may have been the fact that
the place was only half full (!)...Yow just seemed a little tired of it
all, but I must say thet musically it was good  (but not great).

Recent scores:
Fudgetunnel "Teeth" ep (Awesome brit noise)
Cherubs "Icing" lp (had to get it after seein' em in Sickago)
Supersuckers "Dead Homiez" 45  (pretty decent cover of an Ice Cube tune)
Cows "Plowed" 45 (great, act fast, not many of these out there)
Janitor Joe- Amrep R&D 45 (not as good as their debut, bit still OK)
New Gumball (which I haven't listened to yet)

Obligatory non-musical blurb:  Heard an awesome Dolomite tape
yesterday:  "Dolomite for president."  Best quote:  "Foreign Aid? Ain't
that a bitch!"

Cheers all!!
HINT: Anchor Xmas Ale is out!!

Volker Stewart,  Baltimore Bureau Commandant

Hey folks, here's a Balto. follow-up for your enjoyment!

Tough choice on Sat 12/5... Burma Jam (from Richmond) and  Knucklehead
at Hour House or Slant Six (from Bethesda) with  the Starfuckers and
Furniture Falling Down Stairs at the old Census Bureau space.  Went
with MD over VA...(Yay! regionalism!)... Starfuckers were good but not
great, sort of a mainstream alternative rock band (?!?), but
enjoyable...The venue was cold as hell, and the door keepers were
selling shots of  Jaeger and glasses of mulled cider with brandy for a
buck  (Two thumbs up!!)...Slant Six (part of whose set I missed) played
some pretty cool sounding tunes, to the point where I went up to a band
member (cigar in mouth) and asked for a  demo, mentioning that I was
interested, but it turns out they  run their own label (cool!  Two
thumbs up!  TRUE indie!!). Well while waiting for FFDS, two thugs from
the neighborhood (Remington, a true Hillbilly neighborhood) strolled in
and started fucking with people, which culminated with a) their really
fucking up one guy who was there with a couple of blows and kicks and
b) one of these nice fellas pulling out a handgun (the cops said it was
a 9 mm) and blowing it into the ceiling while screaming "You
motherfuckers want some of this?" Everyone hit the floor, and the guy
fired off like seven shots. Not blanks, as some people got heads full
of plaster, and a light was shot out... Well, we bailed, pretty
promptly, but I would have to say that this was the cheapest (yet least
desired) adrenalin rush I've ever had... Ahh, Baltimore...now I know
why they call it Charm City...

Baltimore Bureau Commandant   


From: al@IRIS.CLAREMONT.EDU (ere i am, jh)

To start out, I would like to retract all claims that I am the official
Flying Nun fanatic for the indie list.  That title belongs to Liz, and
I will be more than pleased if she would allow me to be her Chief
Executive Assistant of Kiwi Affairs, or some such.

That said, on to news.  I just got the latest Flying Nun catalog and
Newsletter in the mail last night, and while I generally wait until I
actually order and listen to the stuff before I start spouting off
about it, this mailing is so jam packed full of Smash Hits that I just
could not wait.  Some of these Good Things follow:

Double Happys Nerves is available, CD and tape format only.   $26 NZ
for CD, which translates to roughly $13.50 US.  This is Shayne Carter's
earlier band, and they play fine snotty punk pop songs. This is as
close to everything they've ever done as you're likely to see.  Buy.

1993 Calendar --looks very good, with art from:  Knox and
Bathgate(Tall Dwarfs), David Mitchell(3Ds), John Collie(SJFits),
Michael Morley(Dead C.), Martin Phillipps(Chills), David Kilgour,
Robert Scott(Bats), Christine Voice(Snapper), Ronnie Van Hout (from a
new FN band called Into The Void), Kim Pieters(Terminals), Jane
Dodd(Able Tasmans).  I am so glad it's not a wanky band photo
calendar!!  $17NZ

Terminals _Cul de Sac_  Seems to be the time for re-releases.  Combines
Disconnect and Uncoffined.  $26NZ CD

Dead C. _Eusa Kills_ $26 CD  This is their most accessible album, but
it's still out there.  I think Tim from AJAX described them as "Sonic
Youth in a windstorm with broken speakers", or something along those

Chug "Flowers" and Magick Head "Back Of Her Hand" 7"s  I've heard both
on KSPC here in Claremont, and both are Dunedin sound pop.  MH has Bob
Scott, Chug has members of LBGP, Goblin Mix, STephen, and I think was
produced by Stephen Kilroy.

Tall Dwarfs _The Short And Sick Of It_ CD $26  Enough Said.

The Puddle _Into The Moon_ $26 CD  Impossible to describe, but I like
the way they try:  "A lo-fi journey out into space where we find
Coltrane jammin' with Syd Barrett on a datura planet in an unknown
galaxy.  Also includes the legendary Pop.Lib EP--a mushroom party in
a glaxy even further away with Sun Ra joining in on a telepathic
hook-up!"  Heh.  Datura planet.  Reminds me of the strychnine universe.

The Great Unwashed Collection $26 CD Another re-release.  Singles
EP and _Clean Out Of Our Minds_.  One of the greatest psych-pop bands
ever, after The Clean (literally).

Tons of other news, including Martin Phillipp's return to Dunedin and
plans for recording "solo" (as opposed to?) next year.  Also, new
Bailter Space album _Robot World_ is recorded, due for a January
release.  Will probably be on Matador domestically, as with the EP.

You too can get your very own Flying Nun Catalog.  Just write to:

Flying Nun Records
PO Box 677

You might want to send them an IRC (International Return Coupon, like a
SASE) while yer at it.

Have fun!


Michael L. Medlin  al@iris.claremont.edu
"There's a man on the shoreline with a white parrakeet
 Trying to make his bird go home"
 --Peter Jefferies, "On An Unknown Beach"


From: Matthew Robb <matrobb@phoenix.princeton.edu>

Hey Mark -- nice job on the digest.  Here are my thangs, if yer interested.

Unrest/Johnny Cohen and the Shoetrees, Terrace Club, Princeton NJ 12/4

Johnny C. put on an amazing set with his backing band, the shoetrees, a
spare version of the Love Machine, I suppose.  This was the first time
I'd seen him.  When he started with a song called "Addicted to
Chapstick" I knew we'd be ok. . . the sound is a little Ed's Redeeming
Qualities and a lot Daniel Johnston, but I founf it much more sincere
than ERQ and not aspotentially scary as Daniel. Other highlights were
"Chessmaster From Hell" "disappointed in the Jetsons" (great title, but
I was a bit dissappointed in the song) and "indian giver" (on the Jonny
C Teen Beat 7", i think).  The funny songs were funny and his story
songs were sad, and they all sounded great -- not childish, child like.
I hadn't seen Unrest in a few months, so I was pretty psyched for their
set.  It was good, and I was happy to realize that the songs I was
bopping around most to were the new ones -- "Miles" "cath Carrol" etc
(both of which the've been playing, I just haven't known the names.)
They ended with "Love To Know" but Bridget just can't get it right
live.  Does anyone else think this?  They said later they planned on
playing Cherry Cherry and Teenage Suicide, but the crowd was pretty
lackluster, and I think the whole encore thing is so tiresome, so I'm
actually glad they didn't.

Portastatic 7" 18 Wheeler records

3-song single from our pal Mac.  It's pretty nice -- the a-side is sort
of a grungy bricks/chunk mix, and the 2 b-sides are a bit more
acoustic.  "teenage kicks" isjust acoustic, very pretty, and an
undertones cover.  I feel safe in saying I'd have bought this single on
hearing it without knowing it was Mac.

Paw 7" "cub" Mint Records.

Usually a horrible label (Tankhog does Ministry covers) but this is a
6T's pop slice of joy.  Shags, Shonen, Mo Tucker soundalikes, so if you
like that, snag this.

Damon & Naomi LP "More Sad Hits" Shimmydisc

Why'd they change their name from Pierre Etoile? I thought that was a
great name.  Anyway, no surprises here.  Naomi sings more than she did
when they were in Galaxie 500, and Damon was figured out some way to
sound just like Dean.  If "e.t.a." were a single, I'd buy that.  If
you're a big G-500 freak, buy it.  If you like the mellow crepuscular
sound, and you already have a couple G 500 records, don't worry,
becuase you're not missing much.

Humidifier 7" "louder than yr. mom" Lubricated Recs.

John King of Our American Cousins, now of Spent, and Jim Wilbur of
Superchunk fame in their younger days.  This single is two years old,
so you may already have it, but I just got a copy from John, and I like
it.  Punky, poppy, esp. "beerface." 

And a few questions . . . Has anyone ever heard of Kendra Smith? 
acoustic, female, kinda folky.  A friend put some songs on a mix tape
and I can't find anything by this woman anywhere.  Also, if anyone want
to see the Barnabys (philly), Poem Rocket (richmond), Purple Ivy
Shadows (richmond/nyc) and Lois Maffeo (dc), email me at
matrobb@princeton.phoenix.edu.  The man behind my pal god records is
putting this show on for FREE!!!!

[ Kendra Smith was the vocalist for Opal and was also in Rain Parade.
She has a new 10" out, _The Guild Of Temporal Adventurers_ on Fiasco
Records. It's quite good. I think you can get it from the usual
suspects, i.e. Ajax, Parasol, etc. - Mark ]


From: Sean Murphy <skmurphy@phoenix.Princeton.EDU>

Alright, more stuff in Jersey land...

First, I'd like to extend an invitation to all indie-listers to a party
we're having here in Princeton on Thursday, December 17 (that's this
coming Thurs).

	Lois Maffeo (with Molly Neumann of Bratmobile on drums)
	Purple Ivy Shadows
	Poem Rocket (another NYC via Richmond band - way cool)
	The Barnabys (Philly's entry into the indie-pop world, soon to release 
			stuff on SpinArt)

It's free, and at my friend Jon's house.  If you're interested, let me
know. I'll have some space to put up people for the night if

As for recent purchases/arrivals...

Dead C - Clyma Est Mort (Foolish Proletariat)

It's a live bootleg LP of the reigning kings of noise-fucked-blues, New
Zealands Dead C.  This record has made the last few days worth living
for me.  There's a live version of 'Power' (from the Forced Exposure
7") which will rip your  heart or soul open and stitch it back
together.  "Sunshine" and "Cloud" (or  whatever 2:4 is called, I don't
have the record in front of me...) are similarly haunting, and then
there's some free-random noise, too.  The SQ is really good, too (at
least for the Dead C :) ), and I'd say it's worth the $17 or $18 it's
going to cost at your favorite good record store (we got our copy at
Pier  Platters, of course).  Understand the horror of modernity. 
Listen to the Dead C constantly.

V-3 - Monsters of Hollywood 7" (Iron Press)

Jim Shepard is one fucked individual.  He plays a hell of a guitar, his
wife, Roxanne, plays in his band, and his friends have names like Rudy
K and  Nudge Squidfish.  V-3 hails from Columbus, OH, and Shepard used
to be in a punkish/ grunge (his descriptions) band called Vertical
Slit.  On this particular single, the A-side has amazing lyrics (quoted
below) and a nice hook, while the B-side gets a little spooky and
warped but still amazing.  The covers are great too, six different
pictures, all with famous monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wolfman,
Swamp Creature) - mine has Godzilla eating a small boy wearing a 
Public Image Limited t-shirt.  For the completists, you must have this,
but for the discriminating shopper, you can get the CD "Psychic Dance
Hall" which has 2 out of 3 songs from the single, plus 17 more.  The CD
is on Ropeburn, a small label from Indiana which also released a
Vertical Slit compilation CD called "Vertical Slit And Beyond" -
equally amazing.  Long-time readers of the Ajax catalog should
recognize these names and titles.  Again, this is the music of your
life.  It's a little artsy/pretentious at times (more on the VS side
than V-3), but it's worth the trouble to find it.

Henry Cow - Unrest (Red Records)

This is the second Henry Cow record, still with a plastic, braided sock
on the cover, now re-issued with the old gatefold cover and all.  I
know Red initially released it, but I can't remember who did the
re-issue. Anyway, it's British jazz-prog-rock from 1975, featuring Fred
Frith and Chris Cutler.  This might be the best of the three Henry Cow
records, although all are worth having - the first is called "Leg End",
and it has a bunch of songs related to the word 'TeenBeat' - and yes,
Mark E. has listened to a good bit of Henry Cow, although you'd never
know it from "Imperial".  A look back to the first Unrest LP, though,
will assure you of the art-influence.  The third Henry Cow LP is in
collaboration with Slapp Happy, another odd Brit band who gets covered
by Bongwater on the Too Much Sleep LP.  I can't give you much more info
about these folks, but I can say that if you like jazz and rock, this
stuff is great (note, it's NOT lame-ass fuzak bullshit).  

And a quick show review: Unrest / Shoetrees, Princeton, 12/3/92

The ShoeTrees are the latest effort from our pal Jonny Cohen, backed up
by a toy piano, a violin, an acoustic guitar, and a cello which is
played like a stand-up bass, variously (there are only 2 guys plus
Jonny).  The bizarre, cute accompaniment frames Jonny's warped stories
beautifully - it's the closest I think I'll ever come to seeing Daniel
Johnston perform.  They should be recording soon for a release on Teen
Beat - I hope they include "Chess Master From Hell" 'cause it was great
and it had everyone rolling in laughter.  

Unrest did another great show, featuring a few newer songs, including
one about former Miaow singer Cath Carroll and an awesome instrumantal
called Armageddon.  Mark says that they'll play some older stuff these
days, like "Judy Says", "Can't Sit Still", and "Teenage Suicide", but
the oldest song tonight was Skinhead Girl (and Hydroplane).  I'm still
not sold on Bridget's new haircut (dyed blonde, and straight instead of
the old sorta bob cut thing), but they were great, and really nice
people, as always.  We (Matthew and I) now have a great picture of Mark
and Bridget in our kitchen at 7:30 AM, before they left to play a noon
show in Binghampton.  Mark's eating a banana, and Bridget is holding an
Unrest coffee mug so that the No. 6 logo matches up with the No. 6 logo
on her t-shirt.  Genius.

Oh well, I just hope the snow currently in Virginia is headed for New

[ As I edit this, Virginia is under 6 to 8 inches of snow. This may seem
like small potatoes to our northern folks, but Va. is a very temperate
zone, and this much snow in _one day_ is unheard of. Yay! - Mark ]

Sean Murphy

I don't want my soul walked on,
I just want it rearranged.
		- V-3, "Another Exterminator Eaten By Bugs"

From: Joshua Buergel <jbbb+@ANDREW.CMU.EDU>

Well, here are some reviews of things I've bought recently.  I spend
waaaaay too much on music...
Zeni Geva, _Total Castration_ (Public Bath) and _Maximum Money Monster_
As I stated on the grunge list, these guys might as well be the
Japanese Melvins.  Ultra heavy dirge-like guitar sludge with totally
incomprehnsible shouts over the top.  In other words, it is totally
delightful.  K.K. Null and crew pound away with an admirable power,
churning out a nice chunky, viscous sort of noise.  Absolutely
beautiful.  Since I can't seem to find much Melvins stuff, this will
work wonderfully.  I also didn't have to pay import prices for these,
which surprised me.  Buy or die, sucker.
Th' Faith Healers, Lido (Elektra)
This sort of surprised me.  I half expected another band worshipping at
the altar of My Bloody Valentine.  So, I bought this used, since I
didn't want to pay that much for it.  Wow.  One of the most pleasant
surprises I've had in a while.  Yes, there is alot of guitar texture on
this record.  But, alot of it is quite a bit harsher than your typical
shoegazer wall-o-noise.  The guitar is actually reasonably varied, with
several different effects applied (often in the same song).  The
rhythms are also not straightforward rock fare, and strive to be
somewhat interesting.  And, amazingly enough, succeed.  The vocals, for
me, are an afterthought, but manage to not ruin things.  Definately
VA., _Mesomorph Enduros_ (Big Cat)
One of the coolest compilations I've bought in a long time, and this
one only cost me $7.50 (on CD...New!).  This has mostly previously
released tracks, but it is stuff I hadn't heard for the most part.  Cop
Shoot Cop (unreleased), Foetus (from a flexi disc, so basically
unreleased), Laughing Hyenas, TAD, Melvins, Jesus Lizard and many, many
others appear.  If you're wondering about this kind of music, buy this.
It's cheap, and it's cool.  Thanks, Big Cat.
Steroid Maximus, Gondwandaland (Big Cat)
Steroid Maximus is another of Jim 'Foetus' Thirlwell's side projects.
This one is all instrumental, and is done with various collaborators
such as Raymond (Pig, KMFDM, Einstuerzende Neubauten) Watts.  Sort of
jazzy, sort of tribal in places, this is mostly sort of atmospheric
stuff for the most part, with the occasional punchy, swingy piece
("Quilombo", "Life in the Greenhouse Effect", "Powerhouse" ... the
first two appeared on SM's last album, and the last sounds like cartoon
music).  Anyway, I think it's better than the last one.  Anybody who is
either a fan of Thirlwell, or is looking for some cool instrumental
stuff to study by should get this.
Rapeman, _Two Nuns and a Pack Mule_ (Touch 'n' Go)
With band members like Steve Albini, David Wm. Simms and Rey Washam,
how can you go wrong?  Seriously though, this is pretty damn cool.  A
bit sludgier in places than I might like, but it is still definately
really quite cool.  I wish I could explain it, but I can't.  Fans of
the Jesus Lizard or Big Black need to check this out, though.
Well, that's all for this time.  I bought the Thinking Fellers Union
Local 282's new one, and the Laughing Hyena's _Life Of Crime_, but
haven't listened to them enough yet.
Joshua Buergel - allroy@cmu.edu - jbbb@andrew.cmu.edu
"Anybody who thinks we overstepped the playground perimeter of lyrical
decency (or that the public has any right to demand 'social
responsibility' from a goddamn punk rock band) is a pure natural dolt,
and should step forward and put his tongue up my ass." - Steve Albini


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