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From: Mark Cornick, slacker supreme my man <mcornick@delphi.com>

Reviews, reviews, reviews:

VELOCITY GIRL/TSUNAMI "Season's Greetings" 7" (Simple Machines): This didn't
come out in time for Christmas, but anyway, it's two songs from DC's Big Two of
the moment. The Tsunami song is fine (if a little slow & pensive for a Christmas
song) but the Velocity Girl song doesn't quite work; the acoustic guitars don't
fit very well with Sarah's high-register vocals. And the whole thing ends with
a merged-group stab at "Deck the Halls" which never really gets started. Well,
at least Kristin brought the Atomic Fireballs.

BIKINI KILL s/t 12" (Kill Rock Stars): America's most famous Riot Grrrls (they
were in Newsweek, for chrissake) finally get some vinyl out. One song
("Thurston Hearts The Who", ha ha ha) was recorded at one of only two Bikini
Kill shows I've ever been to (cool.) In any case, most of your BK favorites
should be here, including a better version of "Feels Blind." Blah blah blah.

PAVEMENT "Watery, Domestic" 12" (Matador): Four new songs from Pavement that
measure up to almost anything they've done so far. This is more the boozed-up/
fucked-up side of Pavement; lots of noise. (This 12" plays at 45, but for lotsa
laffs, try playing at 33.)

WINGTIP SLOAT "M31" 7" (Sweet Portable Junkets): This is about a year old by
now, but still worth checking out. Virginia's answer to Pavement (including
"roto gong", hee hee hee); the vocals are a little whiny but overall they rock
out. Nifty Caroliner-esque hand-made sleeve including a handful of authentic
NoVa garbage (bits of cardboard and paper, etc.)

VERSUS "Bright Light" 7" (Pop Narcotic): Second 7" from this "distorted
lullaby band" (thanx Simple Machines) with lots of catchy little hooks that'll
work their way into your brain and never come back out. KolectorSkum multi-
color vinyl (mostly white with color streaks; looks like a piece of birthday

Notes from my recent trip to DC:

I did an interview with Mark Robinson of Unrest/Grenadine/TeenBeat which is too
long to reprint here, but a few summary bits:

* The Unrest/Elektra conspiracy theory is completely without merit. Unrest is
not planning to sign with any major label.

* Unrest's first three LPs are all scheduled for CD release this spring. _Fuck
Pussy Galore_ should FINALLY be out on Matador around April, with a single CD
of _Malcolm X Park_ and _Kustom Karnal Blaxploitation_ due from Caroline in
March or April.

* Upcoming TeenBeat releases include an expanded version of the _Isabel Bishop_
EP on 4AD UK, a Barbara Manning 7" and two Unrest split 7"s, one with the
Breeders (!) and one with Stereolab (these won't be out for a while.)

* TeenBeat has a top-secret numbering scheme. I'm sworn to secrecy and won't
reveal it all, but I'll start by noting that any multiple of 7 is an Unrest
record. Check your collection and see... (I don't know why 7, so don't ask. :)

I also got to talk with Archie from Velocity Girl for a while. Big revelation
was that the Lilys LP (on which he played) isn't one of his favorites. His name
for it is _In The Presence Of "Loveless"_. Of course, he highly recommends the
new VG single, as well as the new Telescopes LP. I mentioned the Ice Cream
Socialists to him; he likes the name as well as my description (Madonna meets
the Ramones) so we must be okay, right? :)

Plug department: If you're ever in DC, go by Yesterday & Today Records in
Rockville. Archie works there, as does (or did) Jim Spellman of VG. And on
"Stepping Stone" by Minor Threat, when they say "Skip, we love you!" they are
referring to the owner of Y&T. Ian MacKaye and Henry Rollins have both worked
there. And they have buttloads of 45s. Go see them. They're at 1327-J Rockville
Pike, (301) 279-7007. Go there often enough and they'll even cut you a 10%

(Note for KolectorSkum: The new VG single is also available in a 12" German
pressing, with "My Forgotten Favorite" added as a bonus. Buy one today!)

Asking prices for various DC classics at Yesterday & Today and Vinyl Ink, the
two big indie record shops in DC:

"Wedge" 7" (Simple Machines) : $10.00
Velocity Girl "I Don't Care If You Go" 7" (Summershine AUS) : $20.00
Whorl "Stupid Shit" 7" (Slumberland): $20.00
Scaley Andrew 7" (TeenBeat) : merely $4.00 (sacrilege!)


From: Mark and Joshua

Copied without permission from CMJ.
Numbers 1-10 are not listed if the list maker said that the list was in no
particular order.

1. TINTWISTLE BRASS BAND "A Thousand Stars Burst Open" 7" (4AD UK)
2. MORRISSEY _Your Arsenal_ (Sire)
3. UNCLE WIGGLY _Across The Room And Into Your Lap_ (Shimmy-Disc)
4. TSUNAMI "Geniuses Of Crack" 7" (Simple Machines-Homestead)
5. P. CHILDREN "Pch 4" 10" (SSS/RRR)
6. BARBARA MANNING _One Perfect Green Blanket_ (Heyday)
7. BEAT HAPPENING "Godsend" from _You Turn Me On_ (K-Sub Pop)
9. LOIS _Butterfly Kiss_ (K)
10. GEORGE WILLARD "Uptight" 7" (Nut Music)

PJ HARVEY Dry (Too Pure-Indigo)
SEBADOH _Sebadoh Vs. Helmet/Rockin' The Forest_ (20/20 UK)--and don't give me
any shit, Lou Barlow
HUGGY BEAR "Rubbing Thee Impossible To Burst" 7" (Wiija UK)
PAVEMENT _Slanted And Enchanted_ (Matador)
BIKINI KILL _Bikini Kill_ (Kill Rock Stars)
MARK LANEGAN--should be a rock star
MY JUVENILE RECORDS--coast to coast
GERARD COSLOY--sold out... HA! Now I can sleep...
LISA SUCKDOG--all year long

BOREDOMS _Soul Discharge_ (Shimmy-Disc)
BIKINI KILL _Bikini Kill_ (Kill Rock Stars)
SEBADOH _Sebadoh Vs. Helmet/Rockin' The Forest_ (20/20 UK)
BEASTIE BOYS _Check Your Head_ (Grand Royal-Capitol)
ROYAL TRUX _Royal Trux_ (Drag City)
PAVEMENT _Slanted And Enchanted_ (Matador)
TOM WAITS _Bone Machine_ (Island)
THESE IMMORTAL SOULS _I'm Never Gonna Die Again_ (Mute)
ST. JOHNNY "Go To Sleep" 7" (Ajax)
CELL Slo-Blo (Ecstatic Peace-DGC)

CYPRESS HILL _Cypress Hill_ (Ruffhouse-Columbia)
FUNKADELIC _Standing On The Verge_ (Westbound)
LUSCIOUS JACKSON _In Search Of Manny_ (Grand Royal)
MIRROR/DASH "Electric Pen" 7" (Ecstatic Peace-Forced Exposure)
ROLLINS BAND _The End Of Silence_ (Imago)
JUANITO VASQUEZ _Jazz Afro Cuban_ (Afro Cuban)
PHARCYDE _Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde_ (Delicious Vinyl)
A TRIBE CALLED QUEST _The Low End Theory_ (Jive)
JAMES BROWN _Love Power Peace: Live At The Olympia Ballroom Paris 1971_
MC BOOH _Live At Budokan_ (Grand Royal)

1. BUSHWICK BILL _Little Big Man_ (Rap-A-Lot-Priority)
2. BUSHWICK BILL _Little Big Man_ (Rap-A-Lot-Priority)
3. BUSHWICK BILL _Little Big Man_ (Rap-A-Lot-Priority)
4. BUSHWICK BILL _Little Big Man_ (Rap-A-Lot-Priority)
5. BUSHWICK BILL _Little Big Man_ (Rap-A-Lot-Priority)
6. BUSHWICK BILL _Little Big Man_ (Rap-A-Lot-Priority)
7. BUSHWICK BILL _Little Big Man_ (Rap-A-Lot-Priority)
8. BUSHWICK BILL _Little Big Man_ (Rap-A-Lot-Priority)
9. BUSHWICK BILL _Little Big Man_ (Rap-A-Lot-Priority)
10. BUSHWICK BILL _Little Big Man_ (Rap-A-Lot-Priority)

MAGNETIC FIELDS _The Wayward Bus_ (PoPup)
BATS live
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT _Circa: Now!_ (Headhunter) and live
GRIFTERS "Soda Pop" 7" (Shangri-La)
BETTIE SERVEERT "Tom Boy" 7" (Matador)
YO LA TENGO _May I Sing With Me_ (Alias)
3Ds Hellzapoppin (Flying Nun-First Warning) and live
PAVEMENT _Slanted And Enchanted_ and _Watery, Domestic_ (Matador)
VELOCITY GIRL "My Forgotten Favorite" 7" (Slumberland)

ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT--everything about them
SCRAWL "Misery (Someone Is Winning)" 7" (SOL) and live
BEASTIE BOYS _Check Your Head_ (Capitol)
SENTRIDOH "Losercore" 7" (Smells Like)
VIBRATORS _Pure Mania_ (Epic)

SUPERCHARGER "Ice Pick" 7" (Pre-BS)
NATION OF ULYSSES "The Birth Of The Ulysses Aesthetic" 7" (Dischord)
SINGING SWEET "I Don't Know" 7" (Xterminator)
BLACK TAMBOURINE "Throw Aggi Off The Bridge" 7" (Audrey's Diary)
SPINNANES "Suffice" 7" (Imp)
THEE HEADCOATS "My Boyfriend's Learning Karate" 7" (Vinyl Japan)
JOSEPH STEPPER "Pum Pum Shorts" 7" (Colin Fat)
T MINUS TEN "Tea With The Telepaths" 7" (Pulp Plastic)
UNWOUND "Kandy Korn Rituals" 7" (KRS)
CODIENE "Realize"/"Broken Hearted Wine" 7" (Sub Pop)

SAINT ETIENNE _Foxbase Alpha_ (Heavenly-Warner Bros)
SPINNANES "Suffice" 7" (Imp)
BRATMOBILE "Kiss And Ride" 7" (Homestead)
JULIE LONDON _Time For Love_ (Rhino)
CODEINE "Hard To Find" from Sassy/Sub Pop compilation 7" (Sub Pop)
NATION OF ULYSSES _Plays Pretty For Baby_ (Dischord)
UNREST _Imperial f.f.r.r._ (Teenbeat-No. 6)
MELVINS solo albums (Boner)
THE CURE "Friday I'm In Love" 12" (Fiction-Elektra)
PRINCE AND THE N.P.G. "Sexy MF" (Paisley Park-Warner Bros)

1. ED KUEPPER _Honey Steel's Gold_ (Hot-UFO UK)
2. VERLAINES _Ready To Fly_ (Slash)
3. BARBARA MANNING _One Perfect Green Blanket_ (Heyday)
4. MOONSHAKE _Eva Luna_ (Too Pure UK)
5. SCHRAMMS _Rock, Paper, Scissors, Dynamite_ (OKra)
6. YO LA TENGO _May I Sing With Me_ (Alias)
8. SMOG _Forgotten Foundation_ (Drag City)
9. AFGHAN WHIGS Congregation (Sub Pop)
10. CHRIS CACAVAS & JUNKYARD LOVE _Good Times_ (Heyday)

Mike Schulman of Slumberland Records
1. SAINT ETIENNE _Foxbase Alpha_ (Heavenly-Warner Bros)
2. EGGS Bruiser (Teenbeat)
3. SPIRITUALIZED _Lazer Guided Melodies_ (Dedicated-RCA)
4. DAVID KILGOUR _Here Come The Cars_ (Flying Nun NZ)
5. MOONSHAKE "Secondhand Clothes" (Too Pure UK)
6. SWEET JESUS "Real Babe" (Rough Trade UK)
7. JANE POW _Love It, Be It_ (Target UK)
8. STEREOLAB "Doubt" 7" (Duophonic UK)
9. CONFETTI "Haberdasher" 7" (Heavenly UK)
10. LAZY CIRCLE "Hypnotized" 7" (VHF)


From: walters@ella.mills.edu (Timothy Walters)

HENRY COW had six albums, not three, to wit:

The Henry Cow Legend
Desperate Straights [sic]
In Praise of Learning
Western Culture

The first five were originally released on Virgin, the last on Interzone.
The Red Records versions were all reissues.

Capsule reviews:

Legend is their most accessible, most "jazz" record, somewhat like
Soft Machine (but not really).  "Nine Funerals of the Citizen King"
has very witty communist/surrealist lyrics.

Unrest is more rocking, with Fred Frith's bizarre reworking of the
Yardbirds' "Gotta Hurry" into "Bittern Storm over Ulm".  Lindsay
Cooper and her lovely bassoon and oboe playing make their first
appearance.  Side 2 is mostly noise/improv, not as successful as
some of their later attempts in this genre.

_Desperate Straights_ is their first collaboration with Slapp Happy,
a witty pop-song band.  The result is a sort-of 12-tone post-Brechtian
cabaret music, with occasional loud guitars.  "Bad Alchemy" and "Giants"
are must-hears.

_In Praise of Learning_ is also done with Slapp Happy, but this time
the noise wins.  "War" is a collage of feedback and swinging horn
section material; "Living in the Heart of the Beast" is a fifteen-minute
fully composed rock song with almost no repetition and lots of snarling
guitar from Frith; side 2 combines two truly beautiful noise/musique
concrete pieces, bracketing Frith's superb atonal piano on "Beautiful
as the Moon, Terrible as an Army with Banners".  The remixed CD has
much better sound quality and a very cool bonus track.  Buy it.

Concerts is a double live album.  The first side is a medley of
old favorites, beautifully reworked; the second side is rather crummier
recordings of old favorites; sides three and four are improvised
weirdness.  Essential for Cow fans, but probably not for others.

_Western Culture_ is their masterpiece, and my favorite album by
anyone.  The various textures of their other albums are seamlessly
synthesized; noise, dissonance, melody and harmony share equally
in the final product.  Every cut is a flawless gem.



From: Lindsay Watt <lindsay@maths.ed.ac.uk>

SONIC YOUTH/PAVEMENT/CELL, 10th December, Glasgow Barrowlands.

   CELL got a pretty lukewarm response from the crowd, which wasn't all that
surprising.  They sound like any number of other grungy bands to me - not
boring, just lacking any new touches.  They had a few moments though, and
they picked up a bit towards the end of their set, but overall they weren't

   Well, I must admit to finding some of PAVEMENT's records (such as the
"Trigger Cut" single) a wee bit insipid, but they made a lot more sense live.
Anyway, despite not being loud enough, they played pretty solidly, without
any of the contrived wackiness that has apparently been a feature of some of
their shows.  Gary the drummer looked pretty happy throughout, but managed to
restrain himself to nothing more outlandish than a bit of drumstick juggling,
and throwing a jigsaw puzzle (and himself) into the crowd at the end.  Oh,
and the new songs they played sounded pretty good.

   I'm not keen on all of SONIC YOUTH's stuff, but "Dirty" is a fine LP as
far as I'm concerned, and I was curious to see what sort of set they'd play.
It was bloody good.  Thurston was in jovial mood, joking with the front rows
about their accents, dedicating a song to "all those who fought for the 
liberation of Princess Diana", and generally goofing around.  They played
about fifteen songs - seven from "Dirty", and the others ranging from new
stuff like "Genetic" through to older stuff like "I Love Her All The Time"
and "Tom Violence".  They finished off the show (about 75 mins) with a 
speedy version of "Youth against Fascism" and crowd favourite "Teenage
Riot".  Great stuff.



From: sokay@swift.mitre.org (0)

Hey... Well a bunch of us in DC went to YAVGS(Yet Another VELOCITY GIRL Show)
last night, but there wasn't hardly anything YA about it. This was without
question the best show I have ever seen Archie & Co. put on. All the scenesters
were there, all the local band members were there too, the 930 club sold out and
the whole place was a sea of knit hats and flannel. Jenny Toomey and Kristen
Thompson showed up for a while to drop off stuff for an upcoming
TSUNAMI/VERSUS/SMALL FACTORY show at the 15 minutes club in DC on 1/11/93, as
did a couple of the Riot Grrrls, and I think I saw Wally from LILYS there too,
but I didn't catch his attention so I can't be sure..

The ROPERS were already playing when I got there and they were okay. They struck
me as a little bit typical, which isn't necessarily bad, but just not really
grabbing, which is the effect music I like a lot has on me. It just reaches out
and is like "Listen up pink boy!" and I'm usually like 'Cool!'. So anyways, they
played for a while and got pretty good towards the end. I didn't get to talk to
them afterwards, but I asked around and got the impression they didn't have
anything out yet...

My friend Eric and I went downstairs into the club basement and talked with
Archie and Kelly for a while. They've finished doing the studio thing down in
Memphis and just got back yesterday from doing some stuff in Chicago, so they
haven't been touring for a while. Archie's most memorable comment during this
exchange was "...Yeah, we're back....I'd forgotten what its like to play in a
smelly club..this is a good reminder" We talked about the Christmas single for a
few minutes and when I mentioned that he looked good in red tights, he said that
he'd been getting a lot of comments like that lately.

Soon it was showtime. Eric and I followed them up from the basement to the edge
of the stage, always one step behind them and so managed to shoehorn ourselves
right up front to the edge and an excellent viewing spot.  They played lots of
stuff off the new album they've just recorded (due out in March), none of which
I recognized, but most of which was straight and rather clear. There is still a
lot of distortion and fuzz in their music, but not nearly as much as say, a year
ago. They did a cool job on "Crazy Town" and "Creepy" off the new "Happy Face"
single they have on Sub-Pop. There were persistent cries throughout the set for
"Warm/Crawl", to which Archie replied "Yeah...it is kind of warm isn't it?,
somebody wanna crank up the AC?" after which they launched into "Forgotten
Favorite", which just totally rocked the place. There was a new, fuzzed intro to
it, which kind of threw me off for a second as to what the song was, but then
Brian came in and I recognized it and so did everybody else. Jim hits the drums
REALLY REALLY hard for all 4 beats of the intro and then Archie and Brian and
Kelly just took OFF on the song and Sarah jumped a couple feet straight up and
started singing. TOTALLY TOTALLY COOL!! She has been doing aerobics or

A pit formed almost immediately and spread like wildfire through the whole front
area of the 930 club. A pit? Crowd Surfing at a VG show? I couldn't believe it!
it was totally fucking awesome! I've seen them a lot, but I've never seen this
great a crowd response...

That pretty much wrapped up the show...they played a catchy, offbeat one called
"Chasing Squirrells" and that was it for the set. They came back for an encore
and did "Not At All" and segued into the "Crawl" part of "Warm/Crawl"...

Overall a very good show. W/out a doubt the best one I've seen them put on yet.
They were really technically together too. No tech problems or equipment dying
or anything, just a little fine-tuning halfway through.

As we were walking out Eric was saying like "I'll bet you thats their last $5
show...I'll bet they're $9 or $13 next time...they're getting too good and
popular to escape that..."

Believe it!

Oh Yeah,
...Sarah Shannon is still a babe! :)

---Steve(Velocity Groupie)
Stephen Okay  sokay@mitre.org
"You see, I'm kind of this control freak who likes to create his own
personal hells before the real one can get to him. I like to beat hell
to hell so to speak".--Spalding Gray "Monster in a box"


From: Lena <kbennett@sumax.seattleu.edu>

(ripped off from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

A group of KCMU radio's former staff members and listeners have taken
their battle over management of the University of Washington-owned station
to court, alleging in a lawsuit that their constitutional right to free
speech has been violated.

The lawsuit, filed monday in federal court, names as defendants the
university, director of Broadcast services Wayne Roth, and station manager
Chris Knab. 

It was brought by three members of the listening public and 11 former
staff members who said they were fired without written warning for actions
that include making critical statments about the station and its
management, speaking out about changes in public radio, airing news
stories about the controversy at KCMU 90.3 FM and discussing the conflict
on the phone with listeners.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and asks that every step be taken to
reinstate the former staff members.

Assistant Attorney General Nancy Thygensen Day, who represents the
university, said station management has done nothing inappropriate.  The
former workers, all volunteers, violated long-standing policies, she said.
KCMU's programming guidelines prohibit on-air criticism of staff or
management or public talk of internal problems.  Day declined to comment
further until she has throoughly reviewed the complaint.

The lawsuit is the latest tangle in a dispute that erputed in October when
KCMU added two nationally syndicated programs, displacing nine volunteers.

Volunteers, listeners and supporters of KCMU formed a group called CURSE
(Censorship Undermines Radio Station Ethics) to protest the changes and
have more say in how the station is run.  A strike of volunteers called by
CURSE has forced the station off the air between 1 and 6 am.


Lena's notes:

The purpose of the strike is to reqest the resignation of Chris Knab and
Don Yates and the return of democratic control at KCMU.

CURSE may be contacted at 298-CURS (206 area code) to request more
information, or listen to the pre-recorded information message.



From: Joshua Houk <houk@athena.cs.uga.edu>

Hey - nice to be back in touch with you folks! I enjoyed my vacation
immensely, even though all I did was sit around and be lazy all the
time. But I needed the rest - and now I'm just as fresh as can be!
Before I start getting really weird - let's hit the reviews...

o BETTIE SERVEERT - "Tom Boy" cd5 (Matador)
This first thing that I've heard this year that totally knocked me over.
Beautiful pop songs with a dash of grunge - god, I'm head over heels!
Each of the four songs are catchy, well done, great sounding... and you
won't have to put up with people saying "what's that shit?" Anyone
and everyone will love this. And this is just a trailer for a very soon
to be released lp on McMatador! Wow wow wow! {also available on 7"}
Rating: *** out of 5 / $24 and 240 miles.

o THE GITS - 'Frenching The Bully' lp (C/Z)
Cool timeless punk from these Seattlites - maybe a cross between Bad
Religion and Circus Lupus and the Creamers, with some SoCal thrown
in for measure. And the lyrics aren't stupid or faux intellectualism.
And Mia Zapata can actually sing - and make it sound good! Reaffirms
my faith in punk for now.
** / $16 and 90 miles

And that's all for now... I'm buying stuff prolly as you read this,
so stay tuned folks...

Joshua Houk

houk@athena.cs.uga.edu * indie-list co-moderator
We have no idea what we're saying.
	- Superchunk


From: Steve Willett <willett@ni.umd.edu>

Hi everyone, i've been lurking on the list for a couple weeks now and
thought i should introduce myself and my INDIE label ......

Bedazzled Records list of goodies :
BDZ09 SIDDAL/Frozen Garden 7" EP
      Extremely beautiful stuff from this Richmond group.  Kinda like
      the Cocteau Twins meet the Pale Saints.  Features Matt from Coral.
BDZ08 STRANGE BOUTIQUE/In a Heaven & Heroes 7"
      Weaving chameleons type melodies with a twisted waltz like tempo
      and the b-side is a cover of the bowie/eno tune.
BDZ07 BUZZFISH/Menthol 3-song 7"
      Swampy pop stuff from Tallahassee.  Sort of Teenage Fan Club-ish
      grungey pop.
      Throbbing pop heaven from DC's most popular non
      dischord/slumberland/simple machines/teen-beat band.  
singles are all on colored vinyl and are $4 .... cds are $12  and tapes
are $6 .....postpaid of course ....... send checks (payable to steve
willett) to PO Box 39195 Washington DC  20016


From: lim7@midway.uchicago.edu / Rob Lim

zoiks.  got back from dc.  the day I left, the post ran an article on the Riot
grrrl thing.  Pretty strange.

of course, i wasted lots of dosh on records- made a visit to mark robinson's
house (teenbeat 97) and bought TB stuff dirt cheap.  Next time i go back, i'll
pick up stuff for you if you want- it's 7 bucks for cds, 2 for 7".

Mark E is one strange cat. mister indieman mark bums rides to grocery stores 
off his friends.anyway, got the skinhead girl 7" as well as SEXY MILKSHAKE
spacegnome, cherry cherry 7" (on one of the weddo guyz label- hemiola or
whatever) + GRENADINE cd & VOMIT LAUNCH dogeared.

he confirmed the VOMIT LAUNCH breakup, if you care....

also picked up the HUGGY BEAR "kiss curl for kids liberation" or whatever 7",
which is kind riot grrrl for the limeys.  s'decent.

saw 2 shows- VELOCITY GIRL w/ ROPERS, plus JAWBOX w/ GIRLS VS BOYS. they both
played mostly new stuff, VG didn't play warm despite crowd exultation. When
people screamed "warm", that spellman guy (i think) said "Yeah, it is kind of
hot, isn't it."  Funny guy.  Their new stuff sounded pretty fast and loud, not
as mild (if that's the word) as their existing stuff.

ran into archie at a record store, he said they laid down the tracks already in
albini's studio (albini didn't produce it) and they made a video.  He hasn't
seen the video yet, so he's "kind of worried."  Coming soon to 120 minutes....
The vid is for a song off the album, not crazy town or creepy.

"Poseur Boy"   : o o :    .  <=== grain of salt.  use wisely.
 Robert Lim    :  >  :
 lim7@midway.  : --- :     "God, I hate Seattle."
 uchicago.edu   12XU!                    -Denis Leary



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