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_|  | THE INDIE-LIST DIGEST #16                                              |
    | "Smart. Very smart."                                                   |
 |  |                                                                        |
 |  | Moderated by Mark Cornick, Liz Clayton and Joshua Houk.                |
_| _| Mailed weekly from Indie-List world headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. |

From: Mark, who owns but one flannel shirt, in a quiet blue checker print

It's been a hell of a week. My car, disabled since an accident on the 16th,
finally made it into the shop this week. Also, Ice Cream Socialists lost
guitarist Felix Pages to a heavy class schedule. Never fear, though; we've
picked up new guitarist Heath Haynes to replace him. (By sheer coincidence,
ICS hit #11 on WXJM's playlist last week. Check out the January 29 issue of
CMJ if you can, and look for our playlist near the end of the "South"

Just saw the Mademoiselle "grunge" fashion layout. Pfff. I've never seen anyone
in a bikini and flannel. Maybe that's just because I live in bumfuck rural
Virginia, but somehow I don't see this happening anywhere except at Donna Karan
or some such overpriced house o' duds. (If you wear flannels and knit hats
with your bikinis, Liz will probably be more than happy to remove you from the
list. :) Reminds me of a quote from some USENETter passed on to me by Lena:
"It's just a textile." (And BTW, if you paid $225 for your flannels, you've been
had. $10 at Wal Mart--that's all I gotta say to you. :)

Just one review this week... I'm kinda poor :)

The Hanson Brothers, _Gross Misconduct_ (Alternative Tentacles): The joke/
punk record of the year. Members of DOA and NoMeansNo get together and record
a tribute to three of the best things in life: beer, ice hockey and the
Ramones. Where else are ya gonna find a song about a hockey player who falls
for the zamboni driver and then gets optioned to the AHL? A sidesplitter.

Coming next week: new Sleepyhead 7", the awesome-looking _Soluble Fish_ comp
from Chemical Imbalance/Homestead, and more... (but no flannel bra tops :)


From: (Marc Wandschneider)

Montreal Indy Bar Scene Dying Fast:

Bearing the hefty title of Montreal Bureau Chief for the Indy Mailing List, it
had been my plan to take some buddies bar hopping to all the indy/ alternative
bars to write up a summary for those thinking of visiting the great frigid

However, this was dealt a blow last week as the last two truly  alternative/indy
bars were locked up (one by bailiffs).  Les Foufounes Electroniques, indiciative
of the Montreal alternative/punk scene for the last 10 years, and La Brique, a
relative newcomer of a couple of years, were both closed down to money troubles.

Ordinarily, the loss of two bars wouldn't be all THAT upsetting, except that
these were really the only two bars Montreal had left with any substantial
alternative content. (And even then, La Brique had far too much of a habit of
inviting RATT and Poison over for Gigs...)  

When I came to Montreal four years ago from Toronto, I was amazed at  the number
of cool bars there were:  Thunderdome, long known for the pool  tables and dark
atmosphere; Mars, home to the Sisters of Mercy/Cure/Goth crowd; Alcatraz,
generic alternative bar; and Business, walking the border of  industrial and
house music.

However, all of these are now history.  One evening at the Thunderdome,
somebody got a little out of control with a knife, and got blown away by the
cops---Place closed down 6 months later.  Mars was closed down---officially for
health and safety violations, although many suspect somebody forgot to pay
somebody in the right place at the right time.  Alcatraz, which quickly moved in
to fill in the void left by Thunderdome, closed down one night, and opened up
the next day as a gay bar staying a little farther away from the alternative
scene.  And finally, Business moved over to Hip-Hop and related trash.

All the the while, one could rely on Les Foufounes to be there, playing
music that your parents always hoped you'd never grow up to listen to, always
inviting bands that might be worth checking out sometime.  FLA has been showing
up there on just about every tour they've been on.  NIN, Pigface, Killing Joke,
and others have also shown up on a regular basis as well.

However, it would appear a 600,000$ debt has forced the creditors to forclose,
and the bar is no more.  Many people are petitioning for the  reopening of it,
but for now, it's gone.

Somewhat less painful is the loss of La Brique.  While not the  scariest place,
it DID get it's fair share of cool bands, and those on the border of top 40 and
alternative.  It's final show will be on the 28th of January, and will feature

This leaves really only one bar in the Downtown area that remotely caters
to the alternative crowd:  La Nausee (it means what you think it does), whose
claim to fame is "The grossest bathrooms in town."

On a related note, the Rialto, a movie theatre/concert hall, that has played
host to various film festivals and bands like Ministry and Janes Addiction, has
asked the City of Montreal for 40,000$ to keep their doors open.  If they do not
get this money, they will also be forced to close down.

In the end, all I can really say is:  Damn, I hope Seattle has a  better scene
than this place does when I get there in 4 months. 
Marc 'em.
--           McGill P.O.W Camp         "Oh crap---It's not
  Marc Wandschneider           Montreal, CANADA             random enough"
	Any opinions expressed are not mine, but those of the Demon Lord
      Yeegeheeegenogohugu who possessed me whilst I munched on Raisin Bran.


From: bmacdona@Bonnie.ICS.UCI.EDU (Brian K!z!K MacDonald)

Two new Superchunk singles here:

"The Question is How Fast/Forged it/100,000 Fireflies" (Merge) 

As said before, nothing exactly new.  In case you're wondering about
the original Magnetic Fields version of "100,000 Fireflies", it's 
available on the Spinart comp called one_last_kiss.  It's a LOT
more jangly and syrupy than the Superchunk version, bringing visions
of jingling bells and synth in your head, if that what turns ya'on.

"Cadmium/Throwing Things (acoustic version)/Lying in State"
(Hippy Knight [Australia])

This is the better of the two. (and of course the more expensive.
$4.99 for the "? is how fast" CD-single and $7.99 for THIS Cd-single!)
I believe "Cadmium" is previously unreleased, though I thought I
saw this track on the listing of the upcoming On_The_Mouth album.
Great song.  Of course, yet again, nothing ground breaking but no
song writing slump as well.  The acoustic version of "Throwing Things"
outdoes the Pocky version IMHO.  Has dissonance and beauty in all the
right parts.  "Lying in state" is a Verlaines cover.  Sounds like a 
live version.
  	This single might be referred to as the _Tour_EP_ in a catalog or
Hit_Self-Destruct on the cover, so if you heard the last two names
before, this single is it.  Our friend O, (formerly of Olive Lawn and
now of Fluf) took the wonderful pose of Mac and the band on the back
of this single

Speaking of O, I asked for his help in trying to get some of San Diego's
best to perform on my radio show here in Irvine (the midpoint of L.A.
and San Diego).

So far, I think I can definitely get Truman's Water or Napo to come up
here, and keeping my fingers crossed, Drive Like Jehu or Rocket from the
Crypt.  Rocket is getting airplay on three major commercial stations
here (91X, KROQ, and 100.3), so this might be a but tricky.

I also have a listing of bands performing on the UCI campus:

  The Fastbacks at noon at the UCI Student Center  1/27
  fIREHOSE      at noon at the UCI Student Center  2/3
  Mecca Normal  at 9:30pm Club UCI (Pietro's Pub)  2/11
  The Farside   at noon at the UCI Student Center  2/17 (?)
  Satan's Cheerleaders at noon at the UCI S.C.     2/24
  Hammerbox     at noon at the UCI Student Center  mid March on a Wed

[by the way, the Farside, referred to above, are not to be confused with the
similarly-pronounced Pharcyde, a rap group who were on the last Brand New
Heavies LP and who currently have a hit with "Ya Mama" ("Ya mama's got a glass
eye with a fish in it... ya mama's got a peg leg with a kickstand" etc.) -

KUCI had the Red Aunts play up here and we probably gonna get
7 Year Bitch to play up here, plus presenting the Ween show at Bogarts
with an as-of-yet-undetermined opener.  It might be Nothing Painted Blue
or Diskothi-Q or Satan's Cheerleaders or the Getbacks or all of them!!
All the bands are vying for spots on the bill.  Perhaps getting 
Ween some hot meals might make their chances better.  

Next time:  reviews of new singles by Red Aunts, Jad Fair, Half
Japanese, and Wreck(!), and KUCI/UCI concert UPDATES!!!!!!!!

If any of the San Diegans come up to play here, you guys will be the
first of the net to know.

"I Like a Shimmyshango with tomatoes and onions and a Baske'o sheeps.."
.. "Pollo Asado" Ween



From: (Eric Labow)

ok. here we go. lots of propaganda and other such drool from the perpetually
fabulously rainy metropolis of blacksburg, va.

fabulous upcoming events: 
1)  The 2nd annual fabulous John Coltrane Tribute Festival in Charlottesville,
VA Feb 19-21. Featured are jazz greats who formerly collaborated with Trane
including: Elvin Jones Jazz Machine, Roy Haynes, the Archie Shepp-David Murray
Quintet, and the Tommy Flanagan Trio. Ticket prices are a steep $50, but that
covers all shows and workshops throughout the entire festival.  You can also pay
for individual shows, but these don't go on sale until Feb. 8 or so. Call WTJU
in Charlottesville at 804-924-0885 for more info.  

2) Issue #5 of the fabulous econo-jammin' indie rock/jazzine SKRONK is now out.
Interviews with former Black Panther - Eldridge Cleaver, Machine Gun sax Thomas
Chapin, and Pavement. Plus tons of reviews of cool albums from Sun Ra and David
Murray to God is my Co-Pilot.  Send only $1 to cover postage to SKRONK,1800
Grayland St. W6, Blacksburg, VA 24060.

3) The local fab indie pop Milk Badger will finally get their first 7" EP out on
Squealer. 5 short, but great songs!  Led by Shrimper recording star and Virginia
weirdo Will Simmons. Milk Badger is quirky, fretless, and a blast to see live.

4) Mute has just re-released the fab Dome collection of recordings onto 2 CD's,
Dome 1 2 and Dome 3 4. Dome is Lewis and Gilbert from Wire with help from Angela
Conway (AC Marias), John Fryer (4ad), and Russel Mills. A must for any serious
Wire fan.

Uncle Tupelo, Joe Ely, and Run C & W at NPR's Mountain Stage on Sunday Jan 24 -
rebroadcast on NPR in mid-late Feb.

  For those of you who don't know have never heard about Mountain Stage, it is
NPR's acoustic home in the middle of nowhere -  actually, Charleston, WV.  Every
Sunday different national artists come to mountainous Charleston to perform and
record on the NPR show, "Live at Mountain Stage".  Past acts have included REM,
Michelle Shocked, Pops Staples and other acoustic and blues greats.  The
tradition continues with Uncle Tupelo.  Myself and 35 other die hard Tupelo fans
from Blacksburg made the 3 hour trip to Charleston through rain, sleet, snow,
wind, and the onslaught of inches of road salt that the WV highway system
showers onto its highways.  Some other guys even came up from Athens GA! The
show featured a strange mixture with Texas cow folk/punk vet - Joe Ely, the very
strange country's answer to Dread Zepplin - Run R & B (they play 60's pop soul
covers bluegrass style), and Tupelo.  Tupelo performed as a fivesome with the
same lineup as on their "March 16-20" album on Rockville.  They played 7 songs,
2 each from "No Depression" and "Still Feel Gone" and 3 from their latest
release.  Jay's vocals sound just as distinct and soulful (and fabulous) as on
the records, and their mastery of the acoustic sound has nearly been perfected.
"Live at Mountain Stage" is usually on at 6PM every Sunday on your local NPR
station.  If you live in West VA. this show will be on Jan. 31 but for the rest
of you, it'll be on by mid to late Feb. Worth Taping!!!!!!!! 

Geezer Lake & Rubble at Buddy's in Blacksburg Jan 12

Well, another NC indie attack on the frat rock infested town of Blacksburg.
Rubble opened and played sloppy MBV meets Superchunk type sound. Not bad. I
don't think these boys have anything released yet, but their future studio work
may be quite interesting.   Geezer Lake fits the mold of your typical D-TOX
band, which is anything but typical.  Loud guitars, loud brash vocals, and a
trumpet for disturbing atmosphere noise - absolutely fabulous.  The trumpet was
used for playing long constant notes that added some extra sinister atmosphere
behind their wall o' noise guitars, and their fast as fuck drummer.  There are
new sounds coming out of NC these days, and along with Polvo, GL is going to be
one of the leaders.

Does anyone know anythin about a fabulous Kim Gordon side project called Free
Kitten, or something like that? I've got a 6 song EP on the fab Ecstatic Peace
label (wow, imagine that!) with a picture of Kim and one other girl on the
cover. Produced by Don Fleming and Jim Waters. Not much other info. is given.
What's up with it? Who's the other girl??

[The Kim Gordon thang is Kitten, and the other gal is none other than Julia
Cafritz (Pussy Galore - r.i.p.).  It's just a side thing, and they've done
a couple shows - including one at the New Music Seminar in NY last summer.
- Josh]

That's it. Have a fabulous day. 


From: Brian May <>

The big day out is a kinda "Reading/Glastonbury" on the road concert.
it's open air, has approx 27 bands playing at each city. The cities hosting
this event are: Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth.

This was sunday 24th Jan 1993 - it was raining hard!

Rambling summary of my big day out follows:


wander down to the train station - find out you have to stop off
at some weird station & catch a bus to the event. Bus is a private
charter bus - another $2 for a (as we found out) 2km max walk.
Starts to rain....oh well!


arrived, bag searched ( got food in & realised later that I shouldn't have
- nice), wandered over to the big stage to see the closing stages of
Carter USM. They were standing miles apart on the stage - good sound, large
crowd..good atmosphere. They finished.....over to stage 2 to see helmet...
have to climb this weird smooth wooden steep ramp to leave the main stage's
field (mooo, baaaa etc). [what we didn't know is that this ramp turns into
a super dooper mudslide later after 1000s of weary feet shuffle over it - 
oh what fun!]


Helmet - never heard em before - liked the driving dirty/clean aggressive
rawk done by clean-ish looking lads (as opposed to the long haired types
like our nerve-ana friends). Got a bit samey afyter a while but could imagine
driving the hume highway in a rather fast car with this on, quite happily.
Steam is rising from the body surfers at the front of the stage. Many waves
to catch.


caught the last 30 secs of the Underground Lovers in the big barn. Hmm.

just after who-caresPM:

even more rain and Mudhoney are late, so the meanies play their set on stage

1. Went for beer

where's me brolley? PM:

got to beer hall - need tag to get in beer hall. got to tag dispensing place.
queued for ?? in a gutter-cum-river.....went back to beer hall.....queued
for vouchers for beer........queued for beer.......YOU RAN OUT OF CIDER????.
Watched Mantissa and TISM on the screens in there. Wish I'd gone out to
see TISM actually, they did have some weird headmasks this time - 4M nylon
'condom' like hood with 3 helium ballons in can use your
imagination I guess. more beer..........hmmm, aren't Sonic Youth on the
main stage???? Oh shit...let's go.....


Sonic Youth were, well, very good - sound, played all the 'faves' from
"Goo", "Dirty", also teenage riot, schizophrenia.....etc. SY's latest "3 fun
things you can do to break your guitar" include ramming drumsticks under the
strings and hammering away at it with other sticks. Someone lost their wallet,
had it thrown on stage, and the contents examined by Thurston for the 
pleasure of the audience....

part 2 tomorrow....

| |           Open Systems Program           |
| CSIRO/DIT, 723 Swanston st | TEL +61 3 282 2613 -- FAX +61 3 282 2600 |
|Carlton, VIC 3053, Australia|          Experimental Scientist          |


From: Sean Murphy <skmurphy@phoenix.Princeton.EDU>

Report from yer bored-out-of-his-skull official Archivist:

man, I gotta stop going into record stores.  Even on a restrained day, I 
wind up coming home with a bag full of records and $30 less in my pocket.
But I'm happy (until I have to talk to my parents or a credit-card bill 
arrives), so I guess it's OK.  And today's pickups were fun (if not 
particularly recent)...

James Brown - Live And Lowdown At The Apollo, Volume One (Solid Smoke) 

Quite possibly the finest live album ever produced.  October 24, 1962.  
Butane James and the Famous Flames tore the house down.  There's no accurate
track listing for this, as James would lead the band in and out of songs
with virtually no notice - you've gotta hear it to believe it.  There's a
good reason he's known as Soul Brother #1, and this album is a big part of it.
I don't generally give ratings to records, but this one gets as many
stars as you feel like awarding to any record ever created.

The Flatmates - Heaven Knows EP (Subway) 

The Flatmates were a totally cool British band on the Subway Organisation who
never really released an album but put out a string of great 12"s.  They also
have a single in the International Pop Underground series on K (#8, I think).
Nice pop, not too fluffy but fun all the same.

Fred Lane - Car Radio Jerome (Shimmy Disc)

The first LP from Fred, someone who thinks he's Frank Sinatra and comes
off sounding like his demented half-brother.  Big band arrangements and
twisted lyrics, this one is freaky enough to really confuse people who
don't know what it is - my dad would probably like the music but freak
if he bothered to understand the words.  Album #2, "From The One That
Cuts You", is about the same.  I found this cheap and bough the vinyl,
but Shimmy offers a CD with both LPs on it.

Magazine - Real Life (Virgin)

This is a great LP put out in 1981.  Magazine was founded by Howard
Devoto after he left the Buzzcocks, and have more of a synth sound than
the Buzzcocks did but still rock.  Another part of my recent early-80s
british kick (which curiously is skipping on New Order in favor of more
obscure stuff).

Throbbing Gristle - D.o.A. (originally Industrial, reissue on Mute)

The second LP, third release from these noise-fiends, originally from
1979.  Although "The Second Annual Report" is better on the whole, this
one is still essential for "Hamburger Lady" if nothing else.  You can
hear the roots of Chris and Cosey's dance stuff here, but it's still
noisy as hell and Peter Christopherson took a lot of unfinished ideas
from TG for the first Coil LP, "Scatology".  Real weird stuff for a
gloomy, dark day.

[Just curious--does anyone know why TG's first album is called "The
Second Annual Report Of Throbbing Gristle"? - Mark]

"Now That's Disgusting Music" (Too Pure)

This is the first Too Pure release, a compilation LP recorded live at
the White Horse Pub in London.  The only "Too Pure" band on it is Th'
Faith Healers, but the LP also has tracks from Snuff, Silverfish, and
Mega City 4 among others.  A pretty solid comp.

"La Dolce Vita" soundtrack (RCA)

Yeah, the soundtrack to Federico Fellini's 1961(?) art film about the
decadence of modern society.  You really need to see this film - it's
warped as hell but amazing at the same time, and Nico appears in it
(yup, the same Nico who sings on the first Velvet Underground LP).  The
music is pretty crazy as well, which is why I grabbed this.

and for the WPRB stacks,

Isaac Hayes - The Isaac Hayes Movement (Enterprise)

Isaac is the man.  Period.  If I didn't already own a copy of this,
there is no way I could imagine giving a copy to the station.  This is
Isaac's second LP, recorded in 1970, and it is a "certified gold record"
(as the sizable sticker on the cover reminded me).  The big song here is
"I Stand Accused", one of the sweetest love songs ever written (written
not by Isaac but by Jerry Butler of the Impressions).  There are 3
others on the album, and all are worth your time and effort in
listening.  Also, if you've never heard it, "Hot Buttered Soul" is a
tremendous album (Ike's first) featuring
"Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquidalymistic", a 10 minute groove which includes
the piano sample used by Public Enemy in "Black Steel In The Hour Of
Chaos".  (Say that title 10 times fast.  Or just once for someone trying
to write it down at home. :)  The lovely gatefold cover opens up to a
huge two-panel picture of Mr. Hayes himself, shirtless, wearing black
sunglasses and a number of large gold chains, looking like one mean
customer.  Amazing.

Oh well, someday I'll get around to listening to those Dentists singles
and the new Corndolly single and the Vanilla Trainwreck LP...the beat
goes on.

Sean Murphy

Oh yeah, I've now had 3 requests for back issues of the indie-list - I
feel so fulfilled now... :)


From: Liz Clayton <>

I haven't written much for awhile....okay, ages, so here's a lot of 
blather for y'all.  Enjoy!

[Bettie Serveert: Palomine (Matador LP)]

It's been quite awhile (probably not since that Seam record came out)
that I sat down and listened to something by a genuinely new band (and
I mean that in craft and not just longevity -- as much as any band's
conceptual layout can be considered "new" anymore, that is) and was as
struck as I was by this.  When I first heard "Brain-Tag" on the (generally
sucky) _Volume Five_ compilation, my only reaction was "Oh my GOD, this
is fucking brilliant, I've gotta go hunt this record down RIGHT NOW."
And I did -- marched right on over to the record store after school with
$13 and some change in my pocket, and found a Palomine CD there which
rang up to $13.04 with tax. I love when that happens. Anyway, enough 
history here: this is an amazing record. Bettie Serveert are a Dutch
four-piece (no, not a woman named Bettie). Their name is a tennis reference
to some Dutch tennis star named Bettie, the translation being "Bettie
Serves".  Oh well, at least it's slightly less obvious than that silly
UK band called Pele. :-)  Palomine is a moody, lush record -- some say
swirly, but I'm not sure the image that conjures up to me fits the Bettie
Serveert I've conceptuallized here. I see more of a mellow, pretty, and at
times fragile theme on Palomine, at times with huge washes of guitar
(the "swirly" bit they mean, methinks) and at times delicate, some 
of the undertones here recall Slint to me (but not in the way Table do..)
Songs like "Brain-Tag", "Under the Surface", and "Tom Boy" all swell with 
pride, confidence, and daring, lit up by Carol Van Dijk's intriguing (no, 
not like the Sugarcubes) vocals. I believe this band are on 4AD's 
Guernica label overseas, but domestically they've fulfilled the new 
Matador requirement of having recorded a Sebadoh cover to be on the label,
doing a nice take on "Healthy Sick" from _The Freed Man_. In conclusion:
find this, listen to it, proselytise it to your friends and loved ones.

[Tar/Jawbox: "Static" split single (Dischord/Touch & Go 7")]

A harbinger to the forthcoming tour, this record has each band taking on
the others' song of the same name -- both of them doing them pretty 
straight (but how divergent would you have expected them to get with
this task?), and sounding pretty cool overall.  My only problems are
with the Tar version, probably just because "Static" was my favorite
song from the last Jawbox record, and I don't think I want to hear
anyone other than Jawbox perform it, thankyouverymuch.  Also, they
omitted the quiet little bassy intro thing, which is a bummer. John Mohr
doesn't sing on anything other than the refrain on the Tar side, though,
'cos apparently he just couldn't sing the verses right -- their bassist
Tom makes a pretty swank singing debut covering for him there, though.
A neat little record, but probably not something you're going to listen
to that many times.  

[Various Artists: spinART "Poplicks!" 6x7" box set (spinART)]

First off, I must say that while the Neo-Metro boxed set already paved the
way for desert-treat lala 7" boxed sets, I can't really criticize something
so cute and silly, because basically I'm just a sap.  Anyway, this 
boxed set is FUN -- six different colored 7"s (from "tangelo" to 
"boysenberry blue"), and, as your Ajax catalog would say, a passel of
inserts e.g. plastic toys, candy, a hi-bouncy ball, stickers, postcards,
and lots of scraps of lavender paper that comprise the liner notes.  Now,
onto the music itself:

     Suddenly, Tammy! (tangelo)
	The A-side here isn't as poppy as the old "Lamp" (redone on the 
 	flip as "Lamp (Dave Mix)", but it's still darn pretty if you're
 	into this sort of thing. The remix of "Lamp" is more swirly
 	and echoy, and I like the original better, but all four of you
	ST completists will have to have it anyway. <cough>

     Veronica Lake (guava yellow)
	Hmm, if having a picture of Kramer on the flip doesn't scare
 	you, nothing will.  Two quiet, forgettable, strummy numbers here.

     Swirl (vanilla swirl)
 	"6/8 Lullaby", the A-side, is a mellow number recalling 
 	their cut on the _One Last Kiss_ CD.  The b-side, however, 
 	funks it up with "Androgeny", a really fucking bad song.

     Poole (strawberry flavored poole)
 	Nice stuff from this band who I'd as yet not heard peep of.
 	These guys remind me of Velocity Girl a lot on the A-side, only 
 	a little more loose, if that makes any sense. "In My Ear" is a 
 	way-catchy B-side, too.  

     Trampoline (artichoke green)
 	Just about as nondescript as the Veronica Lake single. Generic
 	striped-shirt pop, not really stretching the limits of the, ahm,
 	oeuvre much at all, but then, it doesn't sound like they're
 	trying very hard either.

     Throw That Beat in the Garbagecan  (boysenberry blue)
 	How could I have ignored this band for so long?  What an idiot
 	am I!  Poppier than Orville Reddenbacher's trousers.  This one
 	and the Poole 7" are my faves here.

[Superchunk: "Hit Self-Destruct" (Hippy Knight 10", Australian)]

Hmm, the third record with new Superchunk output I've picked up in the
past ten or so days ("Inclined Plane" and "The Question is How Fast" 
single were the others, for you not keeping score).  The A-side to this
is a song called "Cadmium", which I like a hell of a lot. (Note: this,
like "Mower" and "The Question..." is less in the "Epic Superchunk Song"
theme than past singles. A friend of mine who's heard the upcoming album
remarked to me with surprise that there are no anthemic tunes on the
new LP! This to me is not a problem if the songs can all be as good
as "Cadmium", though.] B-sides are more in the novelty vein, with a nice 
but throwaway acoustic version of "Throwing Things" (I never understood 
why this was the video from NPFK, or why it seemed to be a favorite of 
theirs...), and a swanky rocking cover of the Verlaines' "Lying in State", 
with the 'Chunk displaying their impeccable taste once again. (Well, Mac's 
anyway -- when we start to see the band recording Rocket From The Crypt 
covers we'll know Laura's getting more pull in the band!)


Please mail submissions for next week's issue to Joshua

I apologize for the lateness of this week's issue. I was in Charlottesville
checking out job prospects OKAY? :) - Mark

bye now...