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From: Ras-Whiteboy <mcornick@delphi.com>

You heard it here first (unless you're Jon Bohland): I have left Ice Cream
Socialists, have shut down Lovechild Records, and am moving. (Phew!) Let's
approach these in reverse order:
* By the end of next week, I will be settled back down in Charlottesville,
Virginia (notable for being the home of Thomas Jefferson, the Happy Flowers, and
one of the most terminally schizo/fucked radio stations in all of creation,
WTJU-FM-- this might be a good thing, depending on how you look at it.)
* Lovechild Records is no more (as if it was anything to begin with...) I will
soon be starting a more serious label endeavor, called Sugarboil Records. The
lowdown on Lovechild releases and their futures is as follows:
LUV000, Ice Cream Socialists S/T cassette: Out of print. Anyone still desiring
a copy can send a tape. Inserts and such are still lying around. Anyone who
paid for a copy of this but doesn't have it yet will get it. Anyone who was
going to get one free probably won't, unless you send your own tape.
LUV301, Bullwinkle Sound System "Lord God Muzick" cassette single: Withdrawn;
will be included as part of Sugarboil #C-CHO-C-3001, the LP-length cassette
project from BSS due in March or April.
* Since I am moving 60 miles away, it would be impractical for me to continue
as an Ice Cream Socialist. The band will go on without me, though. It's a 100%
amicable parting of the ways. We jammed for the last time together last night,
and ouch! do my ears hurt.

I talked to Dave Jones from Fudge last week, and he says Brilliant Records
(a fairly new Richmond label who released the third Fudge 7") is planning
a compilation much in the _One Last Kiss_ vein. A couple of bands he mentioned
would be on it: Fudge, Veronica Lake, Jane Pow, Lorelei, and someone else I
forgot. Look for that sometime this year.

Anyway, just one review and I'm outta here:

* VA, _Inclined Plane_ 7" (Simple Machines): The original SM project finally
comes to fruition, with a track each from Tsunami, Superchunk, Rodan and Unrest.
Tsunami contribute a cover of the band Flower, "Beauty Pt. II" which is OK.
Superchunk's song, "Baxter", just didn't do it for me--it just sounds too sparse
and jerky to be the 'Chunk. Rodan (a new band from Louisville making their debut
here) plays an instrumental HC-ish tune "Darjeeling" which reminded me of Tar
(circa "Balld of Storyteller") more than anything else. And Unrest's "Winona
Ryder" finally sees the light of day--it's a pretty strange little ditty, with
almost incomprehensible vocals and very jerky/wanky rhythm. Overall I'd say that
while this doesn't compare to the past Machine 7"s, it's still pretty much an OK
finale. *1/2


From: Kathy Fennessy <kathyfen@microsoft.com>

     Just thought followers of the whole KCMU vs. CURSE controversy, as
well as Fantagraphics fans (such as Lena) may find it of interest that
Peter Bagge has designed a T-shirt for CURSE &-- big surprise!-- it's
very cool.  It's a black "Waaaah!" design on white.  There are also
white Ts w/the CURSE logo in 1 of 3 colors (can't remember which 1s,
however) available.  Call (206) 298-CURS & leave a message if you're
interested in ordering 1 (they're $10 ea; all proceeds go to benefit
CURSE).  Also, contact Kathleen Thompson @ Microsoft if you're
interested in being placed on the CURSE mailing list.  CURSE,
incidentally, was featured on MTV's "The Week in Rock" this wknd.  Also
this wknd, Ween,Eric Bogosian,The Didjits, & Steel Wool (local band)
all played a benefit for CURSE at Rock Candy.  Next wk., Mudhoney, Dead
Moon & a couple of other bands will be playing an all ages benefit at
the Odd Fellows Hall.

      There've been a lot of cool shows at this place recently--
Hammerbox/Love Battery/Engine Kid, Mecca Normal/Spinnanes/Unwound &
some other pretty swell bills.  Don't know how long it'll all last,
tho'-- Seattle is famous for chewing up all-ages venues & spitting 'em
out.  Speaking of Engine Kid... if you haven't heard their debut 7"--
check it out (I think it's on Battery Records).  Recommended to fans of
Bitch Magnet, Codiene, & esp. Slint.  They keep getting better & better
live ea. time I see 'em, as well.  Also, a friend of mine is starting
up a new label (it doesn't have a name yet).  His 1st release will be
the 2nd CD fr. Silkworm (orig. fr. Montana), this time produced by
Steve Albini (& originally to have appeared on Aurora...RIP).  Don't
know when it'll be out yet, tho'....

     Thanks to all on the Indie List, as well as the Grunge alias who
have kept me informed about CURSE-related issues outside of Seattle.
Feel free to contact me at Microsoft regarding CURSE/KCMU.

K. (ex-KCMU MD/current-CURSE media committee member)


From: Michael L. Medlin <al@iris.claremont.edu>

I was going to wait until my latest Flying Nun order arrived, but
here are a couple short reviews to make the grueling wait a little
more bearable:

Terminals _Cul de Sac_ CD (Flying Nun, 1992)  Yet another CD reissue band
comp, and this joins Double Happys Nerves and Great Unwashed Collection
in the "hit" pile.  The Terminals are more of an XPRESSWAY band than a
Flying Nun band, and they have the XPRESSWAY fondness for the Garage.
It's lo-fi, and it's sloppy, but not Dead C. sloppy.  They are your basic
surf pop shambling psychadelic Dunedin band, and each and every song on
this comp sticks to my brain.  $20 and a round trip ticket to NZ.

VA _Killing Capitalism With Kindness_ CD (XPRESSWAY via Turbulence)
I've never seen this in its vinyl form, but I hear that it is a 3LP
set?  Would seem incredibly silly, as it runs less than one hour.
Whatever, as a CD it ranks below XPRESSWAY's other comp, PILE=UP,
which happens to be my favorite comp ever, but it does contain some
definite gems.  Lesser known XWAY acts combine with some of the
labels "headline" acts and even some Flying Nun people slumming.
Varies from pretty folk (Al Galbraith) to Dead C. type white noise
(lots of acts).  The This Kind Of Punishment track is easily the 
winner here (duh), with only a few duds among the others.
$17 and 20 miles.

Michael L. Medlin	al@iris.claremont.edu
"6 to 7 he'll be all alone
 so he turns on television"
--Peter Jefferies, "The Fate Of The Human Carbine"


From: K!z!K <bmacdona@Bonnie.ICS.UCI.EDU>

   Here's a lineup of shows happening on the UCI campus here in Irvine,CA
    for those who might be interested.

    ASUCI presents and KUCI 88.9fM welcomes:

                         Feb 11th: 9pm at Pietro's Pub

   * The FARSIDE          Feb 17th: NOON at the Student Center Terrace
      [this is the punk group, NOT the PHARCYDE the rap group]

   * SATAN'S CHEERLEADERS Feb 24th: NOON at the Student Center Terrace

   * the MELVINS          Mar 3rd:  NOON at the Student Center Terrace

   * FURTHER              Mar 10th:  NOON at the Student Center Terrace

                         Mar 12th:  8:30pm at Pietro's Pub
   * VELOCITY GIRL        Apr 14th: NOON at the Student Center Terrace
                                           (**NOT CONFIRMED**)

   * CRACKERBASH          Apr 21st: NOON at the Student Center Terrace
   Notes:  all the NOONtime Student Center Terrace shows are FREE!  :)

          all the Pietro's Pub gigs are free as well, as far as I hear
           right now.

          the VELOCITY GIRL show is very close to confirmed but
            contracts have not been officially signed yet.

          If the VELOCITY GIRL show pulls through and happens, it will be
           Velocity Girl's first Southern California appearance.  (!!)

    All right, here are shows which I have happening on my radio show
      on KUCI:

      * fIREHOSE (acoustic post-album live blow-out) February 26th at 9pm.

      * TRUMAN's WATER (electric and loud) March 26th at 9pm.

     (JAWBREAKER is a possibility for all of the above, but a possibility
   Thank you for the net-time and bandwidth.



From: ardvark <stu_dmgreenb@vax1.acs.jmu.edu>


Sorry I seemed to diappear for a while there - nothing's really happened 
at my place lately...

except that it's HURLING SNOW today !

I heard from SWIRLING WORLDS in NY (label of DIFFERENCE ENGINE).  Here's the
The band in question is working on a new 7" (!!!) called "5 listens - fall"
as limited edition of 500, available along with their first 7", "sea change",
from the label for $11 - kinda steep, but I think worth it.  I'm waiting for
my copies now.
DE will be playing with HIS NAME IS ALIVE end of this month in NY.
They are seeking to sign with either 4ad or CREATION...so if they do - a strong
possibility in my book - it would be a "cool thing" to have their first two
7"ers in one's collection.  And the spiel about supporting new talent applies
here, of course.


Dan and I will be staying for another year in this dismal town.  So I'll be
attending Hair School (you heard it here first!) so make your reservations now

Still wanna start a band.

Gee, the EGGS 7" is ... well, LOUNGY ... nice lavendar wax, though.


"let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!" - trad.

"this is the way the world ends, not with a fuck, but a fart." - IN CAMERA


From: Joe Turner <cutter@ra.cs.umb.edu>

Hello there!

If you like the music of:

		o Spacemen 3	o Galaxie 500
		o Loop			o Spiritualised
		o Darkside		o Damon & Naomi
		o Luna2			o Spectrum

...and all those other hyper-droney quasi-psychedelic groups, then
this list is for you!

Drop a line to:


If you don't have the time/disk space/urge, please forward this to
someone who might be interested!  Thanks!

Losin' touch with my mind,

Joe Turner <  > cutter@ra.cs.umb.edu
Up down turn around, please don't let me hit the ground...


From: Eric Arn <EARN@juliet.caltech.edu>

         I'd just like to announce that an irregular, untitled, electronic
 newsletter announcing the various live performances (so far confined to
 Southern California) and recorded releases of my band, *The Primordial
 Undermind* is available to any netter who would like to receive it. To avoid
 conflict of interest accusations, I'll let some cleverly extracted out-of
 context quotes describe the group:
                 "the Primordial Undermind...takes a gooey-rich
                 psychedelic sound and indelicately drags it through
                 the mud"        - College Music Journal
                 "Primordial Undermind is the masterchild of ex-
                 Crystalized Movements guitarist Eric Arn who sound
                 like a slightly less notable version of his old
                 band...estimable"   - Forced Exposure
                 "these guys are talented and come up with a pretty
                 good barrage of surfy/garagey riffing...I'd watch
                 out for them"     - Flipside
                 "the Primordial Undermind is pop in the finest
                 psychedelic tradition...someday the Undermind's
                 name will be on the lips of many enlightened folk,
                 mark my words"     - the Altered Mind
                 "ambient punk stuff, nothing that'll drive you to
                 collide with your neighbor, but still with attitude
                 all-a-sneering. Shuffle your feet, sway your bean stuff...
                 This has been called "psych-grunge"...I prefer to call
                 it prime-ordeal."    - Sound
   So if you or anyone you know would like to be informed of Primordial doings,
  simply send email addresses to EARN@juliet.caltech.edu.  If anyone has any
  questions, we'll make a FAQ.  Thanks for listening.




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