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Well, this one turns out to be our special ALL issue. Anthony Schorr has
brief reviews of the new ALL and Dag Nasty albums, plus a review from the
ALL/Bad Religion tour. (I had tickets for this show in DC but my car broke
down. My car's karma is terrible when it comes to road trips.) Before we get
to that, here's the stuff I've picked up lately:
- Swirlies "Didn't Understand" 7" (Slumberland): I'm kicking myself for
missing out on the first pressing of this 3-song wonder. (I did get in on
the second pressing--purple swirl vinyl.) Loveable, crazed pop that, well,
owes a lot to Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine, but manages somehow to
make it sound different and refreshing. Now I'm looking for their second 7"
on Pop Narcotic. (Did I see Bill Peregoy's name on my subscription list?...
- Black Tambourine "Throw Aggi Off The Bridge" 7" (Audrey's Diary): These
three new songs are much brighter, boppier and, well, happier than their
earlier 7" on Slumberland, which was good in its own way but a little
depressing in large doses. This 7" is more comparable to "We Can't Be
Friends", BT's contribution to the _One Last Kiss_ comp. Audrey's Diary
appears to be a new label and this 7" to be their first release. A great
place for them to start.
- Pavement "Trigger Cut +2" CD single (Matador): Couldn't find any vinyl,
but had to hear the songs, so I sprung for the CD single. "Trigger Cut" is
the LP track. "Sue Me Jack" is their best Sonic Youth impersonation yet.
Unfortunately, "So Stark (You're A Skyscraper)" doesn't seem to go anywhere.
Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad. (Does anyone know when the Drag City singles
compilation is coming out?)
- _International Pop Underground Convention_ compilation CD (K): I missed
the IPU (also known as the K-fest) last August and have regretted it ever
since. Well, for us losers who didn't make it, now the highlights are on CD
or double vinyl. Great stuff here from Scrawl, Nation Of Ulysses, Pastels,
Melvins, L7, Spinnanes, Seaweed, Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet, Kreviss,
Some Velvet Sidewalk, Mecca Normal, Courtney Love, Unwound, Rose Melberg,
Fugazi, Bratmobile, Girl Trouble, Kicking Giant, Fastbacks, Mark
Hosler/Steve Fisk/Bob Basanich, and of course Beat Happening (these are the
CD tracks; the vinyl might differ somewhat, anyone know?) Get it and
reminisce, whether you went or not...

A brief word about back issues: Joshua and I were talking about archiving these
thingies down at UGA, but until we get that worked out, if you want a back
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In a Head Cleaner update, we were momentarily scared into changing our name
when indie-list subscriber and Hassan Chop! drummer Mark Bunster told me it
was taken by another band, then wrote back two days later and said it
wasn't. So we're keeping the name. Nyah. Anyway, our live debut is next
Tuesday and I'll be sure to tell you how it went. Lineup for this show will
include just one guitar, bass, drums and female vox. (I am now on drums
after a slight reorganization. Which is good since I'm frankly better on
drums than I was on bass.)

Well, that's all from me. And now let's kick some ALLogistics...

From: Anthony Schorr (
Subject: Dag Nasty/ALL reviews

 	DAG NASTY "Four on the Floor"--- Somehow I find it VERY coincidental
that four former Dag'ers were in the same town AND with studio time!!?
Anyhow...  I thouroughly enjoyed this album.  All eras of Dag can be heard 
as influences.  From a Can I Say-ish "Lie Down and Die" to a Wig Out-like 
"Going Down" to a semi-constant Staring at the Rude Boys thing.  I recommend
it to Dag fans and Dave Smalley fans and anyone, actually.

[For anyone who's wondering, "Dale Nixon" on that album is Brian Baker
under a different name. I guess this is to elude Geffen Records, who own
Baker's soul under their contract with Junkyard. -Mark]

	ALL "Percolater"--- Although they will never be the Descendents without
Milo or achieve that awesome-ness, this is a damn good album!!!  They are
back on the track of being Allular.
 		That is it for now..      -Anthony Schorr

From:	Anthony Schorr (
Subject: ALL/Bad Religion concert reviews
 	A concert review, oh ok.
All/Bad Religion at the Ritz, New York --- I must admit I LOVE both of these
bands, but... I went to this show to see the Doughboys.  And guess what? the
Doughboys canceled!!!?  Black Train Jack opened instead.  They were
really good, but I wsa disappointed.  Bad Religion came on after the other
opening band My Name (I think).  They (B.R.) were alright, but Greg
Graffin's voice sounded a tad over-used.  They had a really cool banner
though.  All came on next and totally rocked the house!!!  Since they're the
closest I'll ever get to seeing the Descendents, they are fabulous!!!
 	All/Bad Religion at City Gardens, Trenton, NJ --- This was probably
the second best show I have ever attended (only to the second time I saw Mr.
Bungle)!!!  Greg's vocals were back on track, All did a different set of
songs, I got to sing into the Mike twice (Clean Sheets and Hope).  Simply
AWESOME!!!!!  See All as many times as you can.  (i'm considering following
their tour next summer).
 		----Anthony Schorr (Yes, Herdi Gerdi of
 					Herdi Gerdi and the Hoocoo House Rats)

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