* THE INDIE-LIST DIGEST * Issue 22 (March 13, 1993)
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From: mmm ba ba bah, mmm ba ba bah <cornick@access.digex.com>

Thanks for sending stuff... UNREST and FUGAZI are coming to
Charlottesville soon (not together) so I'm happy... and man, look at all
that fucking snow! A whole foot dammit! but anyway, here's s'more new
records for yous guys...

BARNABYS, "Shinola" 45 (SpinArt, PO Box 1798, New York, NY 10156-1798): A
Philadelphia band playing loud, sorta punky stuff with both acoustic &
electric guitars. Vocals sound a little out of place, but otherwise this
is fairly good stuff (and they cover "Please Please Please Let Me Get
What I Want" in interesting fashion.) *1/2

SLIANG LAOS, "Alabama Ego" 45 (Tenderizer, PO Box 5242, Richmond, VA
23220): The first release on this new Retchmond label is from one of the
many bands featured on last year's _New Dominion_ compilation. They're
loud and in your face in a metal/industrial kind of way, but they use
samplers & other creative technology as well -- the whole thing is sort
of in the GODFLESH vein, I suppose. Not everybody's cup of meat, but I
liked it. (This label also has singles upcoming from KEPONE and AURORA
PARALYSIS, so keep an eye on them.) *

JANE POW, _Love It Be It_ LP (Target, PO Box 656, Brighton BN1 4SH, UK;
US distribution by Slumberland, Box 14731, Berkeley, CA 94701): Second
LP from these British mod revivalists; big sound with a lot of organ.
You may have heard their track "Shut Down" on _One Last Kiss_ (it's here
in a slightly different version); that's a good track but is only part
of the Jane Pow sound -- many of the tracks here are much more raucous
or psychedelic-tinged. This might even impress your parents. Love it, be
it, indeed. **

STEREOLAB, _Switched On_ CD (Too Pure/Slumberland): Handy collection of
early 45s by this much-admired band of ex-McCarthyites. Singer Seaya
Sadier (try saying that ten times really fast) sings with a French
accent (and sometimes in actual French) in sort of a chiming, Nico-ish
way; the music takes cues from both Suicide and the Velvet Underground,
for a smooth, poppy, somewhat danceable sort of sound. A fine companion
to the Peng! LP (as yet, still without a US release) from a band that
even more people are going to be talking about in 1993. **1/2

(Oh yeah, for the couple of people who wrote wondering what "kneeling
beneath TNT" is supposed to mean: "Kneel beneath TNT" is an anagram
of "Kathleen Bennett", one of our esteemed Seattle correspondents.
I have no idea what "kneeling beneath TNT" is supposed to mean either,
other than that; it's an interesting metaphor, though. Maybe Lena will
be inspired to write now. :)


From: al@IRIS.CLAREMONT.EDU (Michael L. Medlin)

After an annoying detour through Canada (perils of having Ontario, CA as
a mailing address), my latest Flying Nun order finally arrived a few
weeks ago, with the newest Dead C.D reissue, a Skeptics box set, and the
new *Bailter Space*! I haven't listened to the entire Skeptics box set,
so I'll review that later, but here are my impressions on the other two:

BAILTER SPACE _Robot World_ CD (Flying Nun)  Generally thicker, warmer,
and dreamier than anything else they've done, with a couple noisier
GORDONS-ish songs, and a few odd spare scary numbers.  The dreamy
layered guitar-envelope sound has never been done better, by Bailter 
Space or any of those newbie posers such as My Bailter Valentine.
Seriously, they (both in Bailter Space and Gordons mode) are one of the
few currently thriving bands that have influenced both MBV and Sonic
Youth, rather than the other way around.  "Get Lost" is my favorite
right now, it would definitely fit nicely on _The Aim_ EP or _1st Album_
by The Gordons.  The odd spare numbers (esp. "Be On Time") are spooky
and a great new twist. This is their strongest yet, and one of the best
albums I own.  No repeats from _The Aim_ EP.  Available on Matador
sometime in April, I think. Easily ***

DEAD C. _Eusa Kills_ CD  Easily their most accessible album, with song
structures that acknowledge the existence of pop music in the world.
Still, it's definitely a Dead C. record, meaning twisted, bluesy, lo-fi,
loose, improvisational guitar architecture.  I like the fact that they
actually tried to create songs, at least as an experiment.  This is a
good intro to the band.  **

Next Week:  hours and hours of Skeptics noise to review; plus, I might 
try to sneak in a quick snippet about Elvis & The Brodskys at UCLA.  Or
maybe not.
Michael L. Medlin	al@iris.claremont.edu

(notice the Bombers
 are beating the Taco Pods)

From: Joshua John Buergel <jbbb+@andrew.cmu.edu>

It looks like I'll probably send stuff every other week, since I never
seem to get off my butt to write anything other times.  I get this sort
of guilt factor every time I see an Indie list without a submission by
me, so I write one right away.

Anyway, I'd just like to point out that the new Seam and Tar come out on
Tuesday, and anybody who doesn't buy them is a fool.  Nyaah.


NOFX, _The Longest Line_ (Fat Wreck Chords FAT 503)

This is a five song EP that is the perfect companion to _White Trash,
Two Heebs and a Bean_ (the album that proves that punk isn't dead...if
you like to have an idiot grin on your face while listening to goofy,
well played punk rock, this is your album...plus their skewering of
MINOR THREAT's "Straight Edge" is wonderful).  I was surprised to find
it, but not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I bought it.  Yeehaw.
Nothing different here, really.  NOFX play punk rock, and play it really
well, with the occasional cheesy, goofy song thrown in (this features
"Kill All The White Man", a ska tune).  Great.  *1/2

(Fat Wreck Chords, P.O. Box 460144, San Francisco, CA  94146)

JAWBREAKER, Unfun (Shredder Records SH 07)

I've been looking for some stuff by them for a while, and finally came
across both albums of theirs in Philly when I was there this weekend
(along with everything else I review here).  I agonized over which one
to buy, and bought this one (it includes the _Whack & Blite_ EP on the
disc, in case you care).  Jawbreaker plays emotional Northen California
punk ala Samiam and other, but they do it with quite a bit of panache. 
The leader singer/guitarist has a pretty cool "I gargle battery acid"
kind of voice, and the songs are very well written.  There are also
assorted samples buried kind of deep in the mix, but they add a nice
atmosphere.  All in all, well done.  Fans of this sort of music (such as
myself) will not be disappointed at all.  **

(Shredder Records, 181 Shipley Street, San Francisco, CA  94107)

LEATHERFACE, Mush (Seed Records 14227)

Leatherface hail from Northern California, playing...

No, no, no.  Actually, they come from England.  And it is nice to know
there are some English bands whose eyes are not firmly fixed on their
footware.  Basically, these buys have GREEN DAY's guitar tone (fuzzed
out, indistinct sort of stuff), any punk drummer you would care to name
(as long as it is a pretty good drummer), a bassist who pretty much
disappears in the mix (but sounds like he's quite fast on the ol' four
string, nonetheless) and a vocalist with a think accent who sounds like
he's got a serious phlegm problem.  All of which means that they rock. 
The music isn't anything that hasn't been done before, but the accent is
cool to hear with this sort of music.  Punk rock, maaaaaaaaan!  Get it
just to prove to yourself that English bands can, indeed, rock.  *
(** if you're really tired of shoegazers).

(Seed Records, 19 West 21 Street, Suite 501, New York, NY  10010)

OPERATION IVY, Energy (Lookout! Records Lookout 10)

I finally found this.  Essential (at least the CD is, which includes the
incredible Hectic EP).  Mostly ska, with some straight ahead punk
tunes, played well with lots of energy.  Cool, cool stuff, and since it
is $8 ppd on CD from Lookout! (I think it's $6 on vinyl, but don't quote
me), you don't have an excuse.  **1/2.  Shame they broke up.

(Lookout! Records, PO Box 11374, Berkeley, CA  94701)

Joshua Buergel - allroy@cmu.edu - jbbb@andrew.cmu.edu
"Anybody who thinks we overstepped the playground perimeter of lyrical
decency (or that the public has any right to demand 'social
responsibility' from a goddamn punk rock band) is a pure natural dolt,
and should step forward and put his tongue up my ass." - Steve Albini


From: Scott L. Burger <has2slb@cabell.vcu.edu>

Nile Cafe N.Laurel Richmond Va

[ all bands from my former hometown, Harrisonburg VA -- BOCS and the Golly
Pops both have former Sexual Milkshake members. You have been warned. :)
- Mark ]


Be there.

[ Okay! - Mark ]


From: matrobb@phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Matthew Howard Robb)

Notes from New Jersey . . . .

If'n any of you radio folks out there have your 3rd class operator
license on your person and happen to be in the Princeton area next week
(15th-21st) come on by WPRB and we'll see about getting you on the air.
Sean's actually taking a vacation, which means I remain to ensure the
quality airsound we know and love.  So, call, if you like. 

I really haven't listened to much new stuff lately, so I'll just add a
few comments to previously reviewed items . . . I HEART BETTIE SERVEERT.
My fave of the recent EGGS releases is the Jade Tree 7" w/ Fever and
Sexual tension.  Anything else? Well, onto the live reviews then.

Maxwell's, 3/4/93: VERSUS, TH'FAITH HEALERS

Versus rules.  It's hard for me to believe they've only got 2 singles
and a split single out.  They deserve an album (and they're gonna get
one, maybe from Simple Machines). That said, unfortunately their shows
last week were a bit off due to illness.  They were plenty loud, but
started off a bit out of tune, and Richard (lead singer/guitarist) has a
hard time recovering when he starts off bad.  Still, it's always fun to
see them play and boy when they get more stuff out . . .

Th'Faith Healers were quite special.  VERY loud, but I could still hear
all the little guitar bits I really like.  Perhaps the high point was
"Reptile Smile" (it's on the "l'" compilation of older stuff out on Too
Pure, an old 12", maybe the Too Pure Peel Sessions, and maybe the US CD
of lido.) and the 10 minute epic of spin 1/2.  Guitar man had a
wonderful effect which zoomed in and out, making things a little louder
in places.  Quite a show, I thought.  I always manages to catch these
english bands (Faith healers, HEAVENLY, WEDDING PRESENT) on the end of a
tour, or on a short one, and they always seem to have a little more
energy, and a little more playing ability.  Maybe it's just my
imagination, maybe I've just seen Tsunami/Versus/Unrest/Superchunk a few
too many times, and maybe that Heavely show was just too perfect . . .
Just a thought.

Oh yeah - I'm quite fond of the new CHUNK record, Sean says there's a
video for Tom Boy from BETTIE SERVEERT (so watch 120 Minutes!!! :)), the
snow is finally melting in NJ, and I have one more review up my sleeve,
but it's a short one:

Terrace Club, Princeton, 3/6/93: VERSUS, SHUDDER TO THINK

A little background: Terrace is where all the good bands come to play at
Princeton, and usualy only 10 or 20 people show, most of whom are WPRB
dj's. So the bands get paid a solid amount, but no-one comes to see
them, so it's sorta embarrassing.  Not so this night.  The Terrace
powers that be made passes for this party, which means it's this
exclusive thing, you can't come w/o a pass, and all that crap.  They
usually don't do it, but they did this go round, and LOTS OF PEOPLE
CAME.  Sheesh, I thought.  What a great thing for herd mentality. 
Versus was sicker than Thursday night, and subsequently a little more
off.  But people danced!  TO Versus!  This was more than a little odd,
but Fontaine (bassist/singer) said it made her feel better, so it was a
good thing, better, I suppose, than the normal autistic response at
indie shows that don't get up to pogo level.  Shudder to Think put on an
. . . interesting set.  I really like the Hit Liquor single, but the
guy's voice just gets grating after a bit.  Anyway, it looked like
people had fun, and that's the most important thing.

"if they had this game in jail, we'd all be crazy . . . ."


From: Ardvark <stu_dmgreenb@vax1.acs.jmu.edu>

GREETINGS from a sick-but-I'm-getting-better-'tis-only-a-flesh-wound ARDVARK

Wednesday, last week (don't have the brainpower to figure the date).
Actually only saw the first two - went to Hardees (one of H-burg's 3
all-nite vendors, if you count the groceries) during BLAST OFF.  They're
just not my thing, out of tune and all...JOHNNY was, well, quite JOHNNY,
comeplete with toy piano and string bass for support.  UNREST had been
hit with a big FLU STICK on tour...thus they only played for 30 minutes
or so.  Rocked-out with "Skinhead Girl" (or, for the PC,
"Hair-Growth-Challenged Pubescent Female") and I got dizzy.  Then two
days later I got sick.  Dan sez I probably caught the flu from Mark...I
guess if you're gonna catch the flu, you might as well catch it from
someone ipso-coolo like Mark Robinson.

[ But Ardvark, you forgot WAFFLE HOUSE... always open, good food fast...
:) - Mark not-Robinson ]

On a personal Cool note, I ran into HAYES, whom I haven't seen for three
years, right before I came down with mono for 2 months and he was hit by
a car and landed in a coma for a week (actually, I don't get sick that
often - it just seems that way from the stories I'm relating here) -
anyway, we downed some Rolling Rock and stayed up 'til 4 - I gave him a
tattoo of a SPOON on his ankle, next to the one of a FORK he had done by
another friend...HAYES attends St. Johns in MD - hopefully, if he gets
an account, we'll be hearing from him here!     *(ok, HAYES, you've
been immortalized...)


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