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From: King Of The Road <>

I am exceptionally poor lately, out of work at the moment, no money to
buy records or go see Superchunk/Bettie Serveert/Tsunami on Thursday,
so I don't really have anything to say this week. I'm gonna go shovel
snow while some other people tell you about some stuff:

Oh, wait a minute: Anyone within driving distance of Charlottesville,
VA should come here on April 8, 1993 to see Unrest, Royal Trux and
Uncle Wiggly in a benefit for WTJU. For more information, please call
the station at (804) 924-0885.


From: (Barney the Dinosaur)

Howdy again from the Pacific NW and a good day to you all. Whoo, last
weekend was a whirlwind of sights and sounds.  On Thursday I went and
saw the Splatter Trio, an "avant-garde" group from the Bay area full
of improvised joy. Your basic drums, sax, gtr/bass trio with a flair
for the unusual.  They played a couple Sun Ra tunes and filled in the
latter space with their own tunes- influences to be heard include the
Ra (of course), blues, rock and free jazz and a bit of Dixieland
thrown in for chuckles.  They are tight and improvise well so catch
em if you can- they've got a couple of cds out and the various
members have played with people like John Zorn and Anthony Braxton to
name a few.

Friday night saw the local appearance of Das Neonderthrall doing
their noise/jazz/improv thing. On Saturday it was down to Squirrel's,
local pub and home of the World Famous Squirrel Burger (don't ask),
to catch Arcweld, the Miscreants, Lupo, and Oatmeal Log in action. 
Oatmeal Log, Corvallis answer to the Riot Grrls, came out and pounded
the bejeezus out of some eighties rock standards ala Blondie. The
Miscreants followed with a TIGHT set of garage rock and sixties
songs, aka BeachBoy covers about hotrods.  Arcweld fixed up the
noise-ridden of us with their primal guttural pitchings. Lupo slammed
it all home with  straight ahead punk.  Oh yeah, another note about
Arcweld, you might also notice a strong Vertigo influence, in a lofi

Sonic Youth played the La Luna club, a fair to middlin' size club
with  hardwood floors (no concrete burns here), on Sunday.  Cell came
out and played a set that bored me into next week.  Either Cell was
really tired or they just like to sound that way- just rock that
seemed to never go anywhere or take you anplace interesting.  Sonic
Youth , on the other hand, really played to impress.  I was just
grinning like a cat the whole way through. As someone mentioned on
the Sonic Life mailing list, the band was extremely tight, maybe even
too much so at times. From Dirty they played 100%, Swimsuit Issue,
Sugar Kane and truly jawdropping versions of Shoot, Drunken
Butterfly, and Theresa's Sound World.  The last three really made me
appreciate the album more.  From Goo-ville they played Dirty Bo   
Boots and Kool Thing- pretty std fare.  They also played Teenage Riot
and a raucous version of Eric's Trip, as if it weren't raucous
enough already. Great version of Tom Violence from Evol and the
"encore" included  Schizophrenia and Catholic Block from my personal
fave Sister. Steve did a wonderful job keeping the beat as always. 
Kim was a sultry-sexy bass boomer.  Lee continued to impress with his
feedback skills. Well, Thurston was the most subdued and focussed
that I ever saw him; not at all like when I saw him last summer when
he was off his gourd in an intensely intoxicated chaotic state.  The
man can really play when he's straight.  I loved every minute of it
(about 75 -90 imn total) even when Thurston broke out the drum
machine as a counterbeat to Steve.  I love this band!

The Experiment in Terror "Lullaby-EP" is now available on clear
yellow vinyl 17.5 cm in diameter.  "lullaby" is a meandering melange
of distorto gtr and bass + feedback with samples of gunshots and
gasping ladies for that industrial flare.  Bert uses this song to
clear the bar, he tends bar at  Squirrel's, of late night patrons
with the sweet lyrics of "nighty- night asshole" repeated above the
aforementioned soundscape. "don't be a square" includes the
confession of a Christian alcoholic  layered over a marshy swamp of
carnival-like keyboard fun and guitar squall. "st. vitus polka" ends
the disk with a battle royale between Bert's thunderous squall of a
guitar and Lawrence Welk; somebody gets hurt real bad in this one.
The polka frenzies and whirls, shoots it load, and collapses into
anguished human scream-shrieks.  Enough adjectives for ya?  Ltd. ed.
of 300 Yours for only 3 bux ppd. to Grumpy Tiger P.O. Box 2207
Corvallis,OR 97339 starring Dave Trenkel as Noise X and Bert
Schonfeld as Noise Y.

bye fer now
travis d. day


From: Kathleen Bennett <>

Yes, the mythical correspondent actually exists.  Been taking in a
bit too much of that bacon-free cannabis (not!).  Yeah, Kurdt and
Courtdney came up and visited last weekend (yeah, right).  But
serously, my friend Jeremy moved into an apartment over on 12th that
had the name on the mailbox "K. Cobain" -- said that it was actually
Kurt's sister, Kim, who used to live there.  Anyway, what can I

[ Ugh, another anagram that needs to be explained. "Bacon-Free
Cannabis" is an anagram of "Frances Bean Cobain." Appropriate, no? :)
- Mark ]

I saw "1991: The Year Punk Broke" on Friday.  Sonic Youth, Nirvana,
Dinosaur Jr. - european festival concert shots, lots of footage of
Thurston blabbing in some kind of downtown neo-beatnik self-indulgent
bullshit.  It was cute, though.  It was stupid and fun, I don't know
if it's worth $6.50.  Rent it with a bunch of friends, abuse
substances of choice, and throw popcorn at the screen.  (Kim is a

Went to the second CURSE listener information meeting last night. 
CURSE is the group that's heading the fight to take back KCMU from
the management-types to the community.  They talked about their
progress as to date -- KCMU has been doing very bad in the
fundraising department, since the community has abandoned it in its
current state -- an effective boycott.  Still, CURSE needs to get
MANY donations so that they can have an answer to the question "do
you have enough money to run the station" if it comes down to
negotiations.  It may take a year or two to get the station back but
it's important to do as much as we can NOW.  DJ Riz and Amy Denio
spoke, and Tim something-or-other from C/Z records read an exchange
of letters from CMJ between him and Station Manager Don Yates
(doing a good imitation of Yates' cheesy voice).  As I went out the
door someone handed me a flyer saying that CURSE was soliciting comix
on censorship, media control, and the KCMU fracas for a comic book
fundraiser.  I got excited about passing this on to my connections in
the Seattle comix community (Fantagraphics and non-Fantagraphics) as
well as on the net.  By the way, another speaker at the meeting was
their media coordinator, mentioning among the press exposure CURSE
has gotten, that there are computer networks as well.  To subscribe
to the email list for CURSE, email Kathleen Thompson at or call (206)298-CURS & leave name & number.

[ Later, Lena added the following... - Mark ]

CURSE, the group fighting to take KCMU radio back from the
machinations of corporate sleaze, is seeking submissions for a comix
anthology.  Here's the text of their press release:

"Fight crime on the airwaves, join CURSE in its struggle for true
community radio.  Use your art to set the story right.  Submit your
material to be published in the CURSE comic book.  Tell the world how
it is.

"We are looking for short pieces to include in a compilation about
censorship, hegemony in the media, corporate/government influence
in/on media/arts and the immediate cause which CURSE is working
toward.  If you'd like more information, please write to Design
Committee/Comic Book, CURSE, P.O. Box 85839, Seattle, WA  98145.

"Please submit finished work or works-in-progress (with proposal). 
No work will be returned without consideration.  Submit work to the
same address given above.  Or call (206) 298-2877."

The e-mail contact for CURSE is Kathleen Thompson
<>.  If she can't give you info about the comic
book, she can at least direct you to those who do know.

Lena talking here:  I personally am very enthused about this project;
living in the Northwest provides a test-tube opportunity to see how
the alternative music culture and alternative comix culture work
together.  Pete Bagge has already done a delightful T-shirt design
for CURSE.  I think this book is a great potentiality for artists to
join the radio folks, people of color, feminists,
gay/lesbian/bi/queer people, anti-censorship types working with
CURSE, and the Washington Music Industry Coalition to take back a
media space that serves us rather than the corporate masters. 

Go to it, Lena la diosa de los slaqueros


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send your submissions to Joshua at
<>. We want to hear from you!

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see you next week

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