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From: Tom Servo <>

Well, I got a new job, finally... I love food service :)

Is it just me or has turned into
day.flame.flame.flame lately? Is it just me or has
alternative turned into alt.lollapalooza-3.flame.flame.flame lately?
Is it just me or are you also glad we didn't start

Went to Richmond last night (Friday) to see Aurora Paralysis,
Pitchblende and LaBradford at the Metro. Chris and Eric Mollyhouse
came along, as did Eric's GF, a friend of hers and l'Ardvark. I like
LaBradford's record a lot (I'm probably one of the few who does) but
live, they were just plain bad. Two songs, 30 minutes, just guitar
and Moog, snore. Either get some drums or a good editor. Pitchblende
were quite good, deconstructing noise like a Thurston Moore but with
hardcore-like intensity. New CD coming out real soon from them, on
Cargo. I didn't stay for all of Aurora Paralysis; not that they were
bad (they were OK, but one guitar seemed not to be amped) but I had
to get up early the next morning. Anyway, LaB *, Pitchblende **,
Aurora P *, overall *.

Other tidbits from the Richmond trip:
* Jenny and Mike from Hassan Chop! have a new project called Slow
Loris. I haven't heard it yet, but they gave a tape to Ardvark so I'm
sure she'll babble about it soon. If you're interested, why not write
Mike at <>.
* I got to meet a few of you Richmond readers (hi Scott and Mark.)
* Our waiter at the Village Cafe was a real asshole.
* I didn't run into my friend Paul Teller this time; he always seems
to show up at any show I go to. Oh well.

Next time you're really bored, try playing a Stereolab 45 at 33. It
sounds like Dub Sex or maybe a grunge version of A Certain Ratio. :)

One quick record review:
EGGS, "Sexual Tension" 45 (Jade Tree, 2310 Kennwynn Rd, Wilmington,
DE 19810): I had to write to Evan Shurak to get this, since I couldn't
locate it anywhere in Virginia. It was worth waiting for, with a
mellow, somewhat Barry White-ish a-side "Sexual Tension", an OK b-side
"In State" and a swing cover of "Fever" ("Fever, fever when you touch me,
fever when you hold me tight...") to round it out. Nice pink wax and
another fine TeenBeat Graphica-type sleeve (it's only half as wide as the
45, so half of the 45 is visible thru the plastic bag.) Worth looking
for. *1/2

Anyway, on to the straight dope:


From: Socks <>

Okay - so I've been quiet for awhile.  I know, I know - I'm one lazy
bastard, but I can't help it.  I was born that way.  Anyhow - the

o  SUPERCHUNK - _John Peel Session 31 May 92_ 7" (bootleg/no label)

An okay packaging job, and this was like a couple bucks cheaper than
your usual boot, so naturally I had to get it.  Sound quality is
good, except the record seems slowed down - I don't know if Chunk was
just not as peppy that day or if it's a manufacturing goof.  Still, 
it might be worth it for you pop-lovers - song choice is good ("Let
It Go", "Tie A Rope...", "Fishing", and "Untied"), so... make your
own decision.  *

o  BLISS - _Drive Hard_  cassette [Self Rising - 224 Elizabeth St. -
Athens GA 30601]

The last gasp of this Athens trio - the guitarist moved to Atlanta
for a job, the lameo - and it's one damn good record.  There's a few
influences you can pick out like the Space Needle in a haystack -
Fugazi, Slint,  Jesus Lizard - but their sound is still quite unique,
and I doubt you'll ever hear any of those other bands pining "I'll
never heard those four track songs again."  The songwriting is pretty
damn incredible, and these guys can pack a whallop when needed. 
Everyone should check this out, no joke - I'm floored.  **1/2

Other Athens news...

...damn, don't think there is any.  Shoot.

Later, all....

Joshua H  ||  indie-list co-moderator


From: (Robert Jacob)

Hello.  This is the first report from the self-appointed Madison,
Wisconsin and Austin, Texas scene reporter.  I live in Madison but
used to live in Austin and still keep up with happenings there
through friends.  (And since no one else here is reporting on Austin,
I'll do both.)

I'll also do record reviews if I can find and review a new record
before the other well-informed people on this list do. :)

First, for MADISON. . . .

Disclaimer:  I need to get out more.  I've never given the local
scene much of a chance since moving here from Austin.  My roomates,
long-time Madison residents, didn't have much good to say about local
bands and I was put off by the high cover charges (compared to
Austin) at the local clubs.  But, since I want to do something for
this list and since I'm trying to gain a DJ position at the local
community radio sation, WORT, I'm going to make an effort find out
more about the local scene.


DANGER PRONE DAPHNE, _(self titled demo)_ cass. Well executed
hook-filled guitar rock.  Although the first song is so laughably bad
that I thought, "well, my roomates were right...", they deliver some
instantly-likeable pop songs: "Silver Shoes" and "Follow Me". I also
caught the last 30 seconds of their opening set for The Swirlies and
liked what I heard.  Their 8-song demo cassette is available by
writing to them.(Don't know how many $$) 
 (Danger Prone Daphne, 302 Norris Ct #9, Madison, WI 53703)

GALEN HEROD AND THE SKIN PEOPLE, "Mr Frotian" 7" (Boat Records) This
may catch your eye, as it did mine, because its produced by Butch
Vig.  I can, however, save you some money by suggesting you not buy
this thoroughly unimpressive single.  A misguided attempt at a 70's,
Alice Cooper kind of sound (or maybe that's just Vig's production. .
.) but with very weak playing, singing.  Avoid.

(Boat Productions, P.O. Box 3362, Madison, WI, 53704)

Other News:   Speaking of Butch Vig, he makes his home here in
Madison which is also the location of his recording studio, Smart
Studios. The local alternative weekly, The Isthmus, reports that
Butch has secured a bank loan to update his studio with all the
latest equipment.  That means that he won't have to go to New York or
LA to record with bands, they can come here.  And that means, I
hope, that these bands will play lots of gigs locally while they try
out their new material. He's also going to add a second studio which
should make it easier for local bands to book time.  All of this
will, hopefully, invigorate (Sorry!) the music scene here.

Now, for AUSTIN:  (all news come from my good friend Dudley.  Say hi
to  him at BnR News at 3204 Guadalupe St. if you're ever in town.)


The Pocket FishRmen, (various singles) (Noiseville, 50 Skadillion):
Althought they have nothing new out, I want to plug one of my most
favorite Austin bands.  They're mostly a punk rock band augmented by
blistering lead guitar work from Cris Burns and high-pitched Johnny
Rotten-ish delivery of vocalist Brant Bingamon.  Their live shows are
some of the best I ever saw during my stay in Austin.  Unfortunately,
they seem reluctant to go on the road and the members are getting 
involved in other bands (bassist Ron Williams is in Jesus Christ
Superfly),  so their future looks doubtful.  But if you ever happen
across one of the singles listed below, pick it up;  you won't be

1986?7  "Amy Carter" b/w "Ten Fingers on One Hand"  (Noiseville(?)
1989    "Leader is Burning" b/w "Yr Story" (Noiseville 7")
1990	"Sodom and Gomorah" b/w "Dead Dog" (50 Skadillion Watts 7")
1990    "King Hatred" on _From Twisted Minds Come Twisted Products_
compilation (Noiseville LP)
(Noiseville, P.O. Box 124, Yonkers, NY 10710)
(50 Skadillion Watts, 5721 S.E. Laguana Ave., Stuart, FL. 34997) 
 I'm still looking for the "Amy Carter" single.  If you have it, let
me make you an offer.)


Watch out for Rise Records.  They've signed local faves Jesus Christ
Superfly and the all-girl group Wet (featuring Cindy Toth from the
Reivers).  I'll give the address as soon as I can get it. 

Dudley says the only remotely interesting show at South by Southwest
this year is a spoken word thing with Exene Cervenka(sp?) and others.
I was going to ask you to email me your recommendations but SXSW will
probably be over by the time this edition of the indie list is out.

Lastly, I'd like to announce that Version 1.0 of the Indie Record
Label Address list is now available.  It's a database of address of
independent record labels from which, hopefully, you can get catalogs
to order all the great stuff you read about here. It's currently
available at in the /pub/incoming/databases directory or
by email from me.

Thats all for now.

Robert Jacob


From: (Hyonchol Kahng)

Well, here goes nothing (first post, y'all, so take it easy on me

A surprisingly busy week here in the armpit of the Third Coast,
Houston.  The South by SouthWest music festival/industry schmoozathon
should be wrapping up about now, though I've decided to be really
lame and stay home 'cos four  years of wobbly clubhopping and record
rep scamming got me a bit jaded on the whole thing and 'cos there
really wasn't one band playing SXSW that I had to see (well, would
I drive 350+ miles round trip to see Medicine?  ask me that question
a year ago and I might have said yes...).

Anyway, figure I saved myself the effort and expense of driving to
and from Austin, but I did get to see a couple of really cool shows
this past week. This past Thursday was the Love Battery gig.  They
were playing a place called Emo's - a bar that features cheap beer
and free shows (Unsane played there twice, and so did Tar, Jawbox,
L7, Helios Creed, Hammerhead, etc.).  Didn't stick around long enough
to see Love Battery, but before I headed home at 1AM I did catch a
bit of Carnival Art and all of Smashing Orange's set.  

Didn't pay too much attention to Carnival Art, 'cept that they were
presentably loud and did this "Pigs in
Zen"-cum-Stooges-ebb'nflow-riff-a-thon on their last song.  Talked w/
their singer for a bit after the show (a really nice guy, and
although I'd liked to have bought a t-shirt from the band, which he
was trying to convince me to do, I was broke) and learned that
they're no longer on Beggars Banquet (didn't pay them enough for
their troubles as a band - everyone was still doing shit dayjobs to
pay the bills) and that they're looking for a label (and thus was
going to play SXSW the following night in hopes of  impressing some
A&R person).

I'd first heard of Smashing Orange a couple of years ago when our
radio station got their "Not Very Much to See" 7" and since then I've
been picking up various singles and EPs as I could find.  They played
for about 40 minutes or so, and although a majority of the set I'd
never heard before (stuff on a new lp which I don't have yet) the set
was again presentably loud and surprisingly energetic, considering
most of the stuff I'd heard by them previously had been mostly
midtempo kinda-shoey sort.  More MC5 than MBV is what I thought, and
I was pretty pleased.  They had a new drummer with them, and that's
why they didn't play "Not Very Much to See" (he hadn't learned that
song yet), but they did play "My Deranged Heart" and "Only Complete
in You" (and would have played "Collide", except that they were cut
short a few songs).  Talked to their lead guitarist for a bit and
found out that they'd ditched their UK Native label, because, again,
they weren't being paid enough for their troubles.  Let's see, what
else?  Their singer sounded a bit like Jim Morrison/Ian Astbury (OK,
what is the difference 'tween the two?) at parts, which was kinda

The following evening, again at Emo's was the Dutch band Dog Faced
Hermans. The opening band, Butt Trumpet, was amazingly bad,
considering the cool  possibilities of its lineup (singer, guitarist,
drummer, and two female  bassists, of whom one was playing virtually
topless, save for some Butt Trumpet stickers on her nipples...), and
instead of going off on a sleazy bottom-heavy Pussy Galore sort of
thing, they did this three-chord-Satan-o-matic-punk thing which could
have been pretty cool save for the fact that all the songs started
sounding the same after two songs (and on top of that both bassists
were  playing the same parts, which was too redundant to be
pardoned).  I would be quite offended if I had to pay money to see
this band again (which I didn't this time).

Dog Faced Hermans were, by all accounts, amazing.  They are a
four-piece from Amsterdam (methinks), and they're somewhat of a cross
between the artsy-fartsy NYC Knitting Factory avant-rock thing and a
Swiss-precision prog-core-thrashing machine.  Something like the Tone
Dogs meet NoMeansNo.  Lots of dynamics going from starkly minimal to
the overwhelmingly loud with everyone in the club doing this
headbanging thing to some overdriven odd-time-signature rhythm ride,
and throw on top of that the lead singer/trumpeter doing this
neurotic-little-girl vocalisms, looking quite cute and frightening at
the same time.  It was the first time I'd heard much from these
folks, and I was completely floored.

And to wrap things up, went to the local record store and picked up a
few things: Caspar Brotzmann Massaker _Der Abend der Schwarzen
Folklore_  (apocalyptic guitar shakedown - kinda like Earth 2 on 78
rpm with the rhythm section from the Jesus Lizard backing up the
whole thing), the Swirlies new album (very reminiscent of MBV's
_Isn't Anything_, but quite good,  nonetheless), and the Bikini
Kill/Huggy Bear split LP.

Anyway, 'nuff said.  Our bass player is looking over my shoulder
wondering what in hell I'm ranting about.  Should go practice, 'cos
the gig's on Tuesday....




From: (Brian J. Eck)

Philadelphia was invaded from the south last night, and the locals
were pleased!  Both Superchunk/Bettie Serveert and
Tsunami/Pitchblende on the same night...I was happy.

Superchunk and Bettie Serveert played at a moderate-sized (1000
people) club called the Trocadero, known for their cool bands,
fascist bouncers, and crappy sound.  Anyway, BS were very tasty - a
bit louder than I expected, but jangly and tight.  This was only
their second ever U.S. show, but they seemed perfefctly comfortable
on stage.  Not the most exciting band to watch, and the guitarist
looked (and acted, at times) like Garth from _Wayne's World_, but
still fun.

Superchunk, of course, were truly amazing.  It's almost frightening
how explosive they can be, going from a quiet little ditty to full-on
hardcore in a blink of an eye.  About a third of the songs were from
_On The Mouth_, with the rest coming from all the other albums fairly
equally.  Jon and Mac traded places for the last two songs, and then
ended with a silly little parody of R.E.M.'s "Man on the Moon".

The first show started at 6, which was blessing in disguise - it gave
us all plenty of time to mosey across town to a Morrocan restaurant
that was hosting Tsunami and Pitchblende.  This was the first show
I've been to in a long time that was really just a lot of fun. 
Tiny club (maybe 100 people), $5 cover, six-inch high stage, etc. 
Almost felt like '85 again, but not quite.

Pitchblende opened with a nasty amount of feedback, but eventually
got down to putting on an amazing set.  They're really tight, and
just powerful. I really liked some of the guitar harmonies. 
Supposedly, there will be an album out on Cargo real soon now. Set
list was: Ursa Minor/Weed Slam/Karoshi/Pilot Light/Nine Volt/Ask
Rexella/ Shepherdess/Reticence/Twizzler/Lacquer.

Tsunami were also excellent.  Homestead is repressing their single,
but no word on the album.  The band was in fine form, and seemed to
be having a lot of fun.  There were some obvious Sassy readers
there, but...

Set list was: In a Name/Waxed/Kidding/Not
Living/Loadhog/Genius/Golddigger/ Slugger/460/Water's Edge.


Brian Eck
I turned around to find the thing that made the sound.


From: Puce Grievin Wombs <>

Hi gang.  This is my first post, but I'm really, really enjoying
this list.  I have a couple of things: First, is anyone in the L.A.
area familiar with a radio show on KPFK-FM  that is supposed to
specialize in rock 7"es, I suppose centered around K, Slumberland, et
al?  I believe it's on saturday nights midnight until 6 am, and the
woman who does it might be called Deidre O'Donohue.  I'm really
trying to seek this out because a DJ from UC Irvine directed me to
the show as _the source_ for new 7"es.

The other thing of interest is that I had a fantastic day yesterday
for a number of relevant reasons.  I found out Saturday that there
was a new single by Grant / G.W. McLennan from the Go-Betweens.  I
entered a state of minor ecstasy and proceeded to listen to all my
Go-Betweens albums [4 of 6] and various songs all day Sunday.  At
4:45 or so my friend and I took off to go see Luna and the Sundays at
the Palace.  First we went to Deep Groove records to pick up Doc.. we
were going in his van.  I bought the new Grant from Doc, and I was
looking through their records and found a copy of Send Me a Lullaby
by the Go-Betweens, damn hard to find, not available on CD, and this
was a never-listened-to Australian pressing, apparently from 1990.

As if that wasn't enough to totally make my day, we went to LA from
Snta Barbara, to the Palace, to see the show.  Luna was really great.
And then.. ahh.. Harriet.  Criminy, all I can say is that their songs
re so good, she sings soo well, and she's sooo gorgeous.  Ahhh.. I
was in heaven by this time about three times over, plus the fact that
Elisa bootlegged both shows very well.  But after the show we  were
in the lobby for a few minutes and I saw Justin Harwood, bassist for
Luna and ex-Chills.  So I said hello, complimented the show, and 
complimented his New Zealand stuff, told him that I think the whole
Flying Nun label is really excellent.  And he said thanks and that
he'd tell them I said so.

Criminy hell, what a day.  And now I get a week's vacation from
school.  Ahhhhhhhh.......




hello. I am new to this, so excuse me if I'm doing everything wrong,
which isn't   anything new. I'm Mari Anne (Paraskevas). I am here, at
UVM, studying psych and art (both the best and worst dept's here).I
am a dj and co-pr director at WRUV, currently with a letter of intent
for head cheese (station manager). whatever.

well, I'm sitting here, waiting for the parental unit to come up,
thinking I should write for a few reasons:

1. I am sitting here listening to the new Monster Magnet album,
enetitled "Superjudge".  it has Monster Magnet greatness written all
over it, even though they're on A&M now.  they were also pretty darn
great when I saw them open for White Zombie a few weeks ago at Club
Soda in Montreal (White Zombie, may I say, was THICK (an 'RUV

2.  Independent Worm Saloon is out.  the Butthole Surfers are now on
Capitol, but they're still the Butthole Surfers.  bow down.  bow down
and praise the mighty Gibby. 

3.  check out an anthology called "Soluble Fish: music that Chemical
Imbalance magazine likes a lot".  it's on Homestead Records. 
Chemical Imbalance certainly was right.

well, there are other things, but I have to go to class at the
moment. please tell me if I've done this right.  or wrong. I won't be
offended. really. I'll also be gone for a week, so I won't have
access to my account to respond to anything, just to let you know.

[ Relax; there are no rules on indie-list, other than Rule #23:
Michael Bolton is the Anti-Indie-Christ, and must always be referred
to as such. :) - Mark ]


Mari Anne Paraskevas      <>


From: Sean Keric Murphy <skmurphy@phoenix.Princeton.EDU>

Howdy.  It's kinda nice to be back after 2 weeks away...and I do have
things to talk about, some even being musical in nature.  Finally got
to enjoy a break and leave Princeton for more than 24 hours - nearly
a week and a half outside the Garden State for this little boy... :) 
Boston (at home with Mom & Dad & little sister) was OK - I got to
shovel after "The Storm Of The Century-y-y-y" (inotned with proper
Monster-truck sound effects) and then was rewarded by sledding in the
back yard - lotsa fun.  We got 16 inches, then rain which  packed it
down, then a nice crust of ice, then another inch of snow.  Good for
making igloos, not good to throw for long distances with shovels.

Remebered about a rotten little store one neighborhood over from mine
- it's called Sight And Sound and it's in Roslindale, Rozzie Square
to be exact. (Yeah, nobody knows about Rozzie except maybe Bill, but
bear with me... :) ) The guy seems to live by selling Pearl Jam
cd-singles to dumb Catholic school kids, but he has some neat old
singles floating around.  For the grand total of $12, this shopper
came away with:

The Amboy Dukes - "Journey To The Center Of Your Mind" (some odd
reissue label)

Ted Nugent's first band, from 1968, with a prime piece of
sorta-psych-rock. *1/2 - I'm very glad to have a copy, although few
people seem to recognize this one.

Count Five - "Psychotic Reaction" (Double Shot)

Wow.  I think this is an original copy, and it kicks.  You should
really know this one - I've heard it on too many oldies stations by
now, but it still rocks me hard. **

Electric Prunes - "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night" (another odd

A true psychedelic butt-kicker.  I played this for 'PRB's major
psych-head today, and he was amazed 'cause he had only heard the
cover of this on "Beyond The Calico Wall".  *** (or as many stars
as you care to give...)

Don Gibson - "Oh Lonesome Me" (Underground Records - a Canuck

Neil Young does the best version of this song, but Gibson wrote it. 
A sad country tune from the days when country was worth listening to
- lyrics are the key: "I thought of everything from A to Z, oh
lonesome me..." *1/2 (but Neil's version on After The Gold Rush
earns another star)

The Irish Rovers - "The Unicorn" (MCA - deal, kids... :)

Childhood memories galore with this one - a musical adaptation of
Shel  Silverstein's classic poem, although I knew the song long
before I knew who Shel Silverstein was.  Sad, sweet, a little corny,
but we're allowed to indulge every once in a while.  * for
sentimental reasons.

The Outsiders - "Time Won't Let Me" (Capitol re-issue)

Another classic late 60's garage thing with good sax parts and
excellent, simple guitar.  *1/2.

The Shocking Blue - "Venus" (Colossus)

I think this one's vintage as well - still sounds fresh and
interesting, even if Bananarama did a horrible video for their
version.  More acousticky than  I remembered.  *1/4

The Southwest F.O.B. - "Smell Of Incense" (Hip)

I haven't listened to this yet, but the label screams "I wanna be
psych" as does the song title.  I mention it to complete the 60's
series here.

and, the anthem of the protected, cautious 90's, recorded in 1985,
the big steal of the day, a 50-cent single with picture sleeve...

Jermaine Stewart - "We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off (to have a
good time)"

Yes, you remember this song.  Admit it.  Horrible synths, horrible
vocals (too damn whiney for me), and absolutely atrocious lyrics (Not
a word from your  lips/you just assume that I'm gonna want to skinny
dip) make this a definite keeper.

So, from Boston, I took 2 buses for a total of 10 hours to reach our
nation's capital.  The highlight of the trip occured between Hartford
and NYC, when  the gentleman (and I use the term loosely) behind me
decided to sing all his lite-rock favorites - he started with Don
MacLean's "American Pie" and it went down from there...I recall
hearing some Neil Diamond when I hit the quiet sections of The Fall's
"Hip Priest".  DC is cool.  I went to two stores, bought too many
records (as usual), and saw 2 shows.  

Highlights: finding 3 Anthony Braxton recs, 2 old Pharoah Sanders
recs, and a  1970 free-improv LP featuring Derek Bailey for about $5
each; seeing my friend Kay dye her hair for the first time ever (it's
now a neat blue, with odd  light streaks); having Cynthia Connolly
(resident of the Dischord house, former proprieter of DC Space) ring
up my order at Second Story Books in Dupont  Circle; finding the
coolest CD jukebox at The Fox and Hound, a bar near Dupont; and
obviously, seeing Bettie Serveert at the 9:30 Club.

Tsunami opened the show with a solid but rushed set, and they played
a couple new songs but stuck mostly to stuff from the LP and the
recent releases (both songs on the Diner 7", "Beauty").  Jenny's mom
and dad were there to see her perform - indie rock is a family thing,
ya know... :)  Then, Bettie Serveert came out.  I was hoping for the
best - a set which would be strong and not too slick, hitting all the
songs just right.  I got more than that.  Carol has a neat presence,
letting her hair all fall in her face and just singing away and
strumming, while the guitar player does the "theatrical" stuff quite
well, borrowing a few key pages from the Neil Young/J Mascis book of
guitar playing.  The bass and drums carried it perfectly - I still
can't figure out the bass part from "Kid's Alright" but it's driving
me crazy.  If they do play near you, see them.  They were so good
that I chose to sorta skip Superchunk, who sounded as loud and muddy
as the last 3 times I've seen them. Besides, I got a ride back up to
Georgetown instead of walking or taking a cab.

Lowlights: being dragged to 9:30 to see Rollins - er, I mean King
Missile. Somewhere along the line, they became a real rock band
instead of a story- telling collective.  The kids slammed their asses
off, crushing me since I was on the edge of the pit and didn't want
to participate.  Two redeeming points, however - they added a couple
topical lines to "Jesus Was Way Cool": "he could take less drugs than
Fugazi" :) and they finished with a killer cover of Elton John's
"Love Lies Bleeding" - all the kids kept slamming, oblivious to the
irony of slamming to Elton John.  My trip back to Princeton kinda
sucked too, as I almost got stuck in the Trenton train station for
the night.  And it rained all day Wednesday.  And, I didn't get
carded once, even though (or it is just because?) I'm now legal.  

So, that's all - sorry to bore you all with my petty tales, but it
beats the  empty "Hypnodrone" daily digests I've been getting lately.


I'm not ready to face the light,
I had too much to dream last night...


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