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From: Rock The Nation <>

A brief, probably unimportant note: My site,, quietly
became last week. Mailing to the old site name still
works for now, but I don't know if/when it will be discontinued.
Moral of the story is if that doesn't work,
use instead, and vice versa.

Eriq Jaffe pointed out to me that "Rock The Nation", mentioned last
week as a cover on the latest Didjits EP, was originally performed by
Montrose, a band that featured Ted "The Whackmaster" Nugent. Thanks,

Spent Friday night in my new capacity as Mollyhouse roadie/van driver/
drum tech/t-shirt printer/whatever. Drummer Jeff called me their
manager, which is silly cause they don't get paid yet. I had the new
Mollyhouse T-shirt -- huitarist Eric's GF Elizabeth has made several
unique shirts for the band in the past, and I tried my hand at it on
Thursday -- the shirt says "FOOEY" on the front and has a Drag
City-style Mollyhouse logo on the back. Anyway, they played at the
Waffle House (not the diner, but a house named after it) in
Charlottesville. First Mollyhouse: Eric insists their set was sloppy,
but I liked it. They played a few new songs, of which "Fourth Of
July" (not the Galaxie 500 tune) was my fave. Also playing was some
pickup harmonica-funk Blues Traveller type band, playing a style of
music I've never enjoyed so I skipped them, and then Rump, a
three-piece who favor pulverizing walls of sound and rap lyrics (they
covered Public Enemy's "Don't Believe The Hype" in unique fashion)
and finally Mike Levine, who is in some band (Delicious?) but played
a solo acoustic set. Other interesting things (sort of): bought beer
for the first time since turning 21 at Stupor Fresh (Genesee
12-Horse, if you care), and went for Chinese dinner with the band,
but didn't eat anything because I had "accidentally" eaten dinner
earlier. If that was your Walkman in the corner of Emmet Street and
Ivy Road, we tried to rescue it, but a car ran over it. Oh well.

Some more reviews:

BUTTSTEAK, _Shit... Cool It's The Honeycomb Generation_: Buttsteak are
a somewhat silly four-or-five-piece from Norfolk, VA (pronounced:
Nor-Fuck!) What sets them apart from the legions of grunge bands out
there is their wacky, wild, Kool-Aid style/B-52's-ish ethic. You've
got m&f singers, cheezy organ, goofy titles, etc. They're as much
members of Generation X as the rest of us, and sing about it with
tongue planted very firmly in cheek. And don't be surprised if, after
listening to this CD, you go about your work mumbling to yourself
"He's half man, he's half ant, he's Mant!" (Note: this CD came out
before the recent movie Matinee which featured a character called
Mant.) Cool cover of "These Boots Are Made For Walking" too. The
world needs more bands like Buttsteak. Take the Buttsteak challenge!
**. (Merkin Records, no address given, but at last count they were
on Biddle St. in Baltimore, MD. If anyone (Volker?) knows the address
please fill me in. Uhthankyuh.)

POND, Pond: I can't think of anything that makes Pond really unique,
but this Pacific NW trio put out some cool g-runge riff-rock
nonetheless. All three guys sing, and they employ a lot of 7Ts style
guitar riffs. That's pretty much yr typical Flannel Rock formula,
but, like kindred spirits the Poster Children, they somehow manage
not to get too cliched, and stay far away from the dreaded Alice In
Chains/Pearl Jam/Stone Temple Pilots vocal style. Let's hope that
when they get snapped up by some mega-national corporation (c'mon,
they've got Nirvana-Bait written all over them), they can continue to
put out this unassuming, air-guitar-inspring stuff. *1/2. (Sub
Pop, Box 20645, Seattle, WA 98102)

MOLLYHOUSE demo: One of the bands mentioned in the Charlottesville
report above, Mollyhouse are garage-rockers much in the vein of Beat
Happening or Velocity Girl. Their first 8-song demo is not
particularly well recorded, but the songs are good and show promise.
Because I know the band, and will be living with their guitarist and
bassist come June, I can't really give an objective review so I won't
try. But I will say that once my budget (and theirs) allows, we're
going to do some more professional recordings, which may make their
way onto a second cassette or the JIMCO comp. In the meantime, write
to bassist Chris Mann at <> or guitarist Eric Jones
at <> and maybe they'll make you a copy.

And finally, this review was written by my friend Weller of a tape I
was responsible for recording:

BULLWINKLE SOUND SYSTEM, "Frostbite Falls": 4-song cassette EP from
the one-man DJ terrorist junta, Bullwinkle S.S. Inexplicable
multiple-overdub tape-collage shit, sort of like Negativland on LSD
produced by Youth from Killing Joke. Lots of samples -- I picked out
bits of Foetus, Renegade Soundwave, the "Across 110th Street"
soundtrack, and something that sounded like a public service
announcement for Social Security, among others. "Lord God Muzick" and
"Funky Gingerbread" work okay, but "Uptown Sputnik" sounds like a
toss-off and "Brain Eraser" gave me a headache. Annoying as hell at
times, but I guess you can dance to it, and it sure beats PM Dawn, so
I give it *. (JIMCO, 1294 Kenwood Lane, Charlottesville, VA 22901
-- insert card says to send a Michael Bolton cassette single for your

(note: "Uptown Sputnik" is a toss-off, and "Brain Eraser" was
replaced on subsequent tapes with a track of sound FX called "Teke".
"Annoying as hell"? Thanks, man, whatever. :)
  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

From: (Skronkboy)

Well, the shows in late March and early April were aplenty so's I
better say something about them before I get buried.

Black Angel Death Song/Supercools/Girl Trouble/TFUL#282 :

Four bands for five bucks is a pretty great deal especially if you
can get in for free if you know the right people (right Kelly?).
B.A.D.S and the 'cools were from LA I think and neither really 
impressed me.  B.A.D.S. were rather flat and the 'cools acted rather
pretentious.  Lead singer from the 'cools was sporting the darke
shades and just complaining and gripey all set long.

Girl Trouble came out and rocked the house.  The lead singer is quite
a ch    character as he showed off his sporting dance moves and
played a pretty mean sax.  GT play a brand of feel good rock kind of
along the lines of Gashuffer (another Seattle-area ensemble) but are
more diverse and have been around much longer.  Great music to boogie
down to and as always free stuff showered upon the audience.  The
bulbs are blooming in Oregon right now so we were treated to a
showering of daffodils and little toys such as you might find in a
cracker jack box.  Granny Go Go was not  around for this outing
(Granny btw is an elderly woman who often  accompanies GT and
shimmies and shakes her thing up on stage) but do  check out the "Go
Go Granny" single if you can get your hands on it. I forget the label
but maybe someone in the know can help me out.

Thinking Feller's Union Local #282 were up next and just put the
icing on the cake for me.  I had heard several recommendations on
this group from the bay area and was not disappointed. They started
out the set with about three of the members in a very tight
percussion jam with accompanying noise on gtr and elect. violin which
sounded frighteningly similar to something that Einsterzende Neubaten
might produce.  At least two of the groups members are multi-
instrumentalists (gtr/bass  and gtr/elect. violin/ elect mandolin).
This group left me extremely slackjawed as all the members were
excellent musicians and constantly kept me guessing as to who is
making what noise.  Wall of noise has never sounded so good to me and
they were extremely tight yet had a touch of improv in there for good

Marc Ribot w/ Shrek:

Marc Ribot is a guitar player from NYC (I think) who has had dealings
with John Zorn and the Lounge Lizards among others.  He was supported
by the drummer from the Rollins band (Sim Cain?) and a bass player. 
All were consummate musicians but together they did not have the
cohesiveness that the Thing Fellers displayed a few nights previous. 
In fact, that night Ribot sounded overly derivative of Stevie Ray
Vaughn and was most interesting in his "outside" stuff. He played
"The Wind Cries Mary" by Hendrix yet I did not recognize it until the
vocals came in.  The drummer also shined in his solos especially when
he banged on his sheet metal.  The opening band , can't remember
their name, was not really memorable except for the joker who had
completely covered himself with aluminum foil and wandered the stage
and shed his metallic skin. The jiffy pop impression got real old
real quick and i was about to let him have it with the microwave. 

Hanson Bros./Alice Donut:

I liked the Hanson Bros. and their brand of "stupid-rock" and all the
hockey attitudes abounding there.  The Brothers churn out Ramones
style songs in homage/parody of our forefathers from NYC.  according
to Rob Wright (also in NoMeansNo) NMN will have a new album out
shortly and perhaps a tour to follow.

I was rather jaded towards the Alice Donut set but the trombone
voicing of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" got me on my feet and cheering.
Also memorable was thefellow grad student from OSU that jumped on
stage grabbed a mike, saluted punk rock and took out the lead singer
for Alice Donut and rolled around on stage only to be ejected by
security one of whom caught a boot in the head.  Oh well, this was a
freebie  as well.

Future shows include Negativland in a week or so and the  pairing of
Dead Moon and the Miscreants on the 24th.  Long live garage rock. 

My latest purchases have been real cheapos including Plastic
Bertrand's _Ca Plane Pour Moi_ circa 1978 and a tape of _The DelRubio
Triplets_. Sonic Youth covers "Ca Plane Pour Moi" on the Freedom of
Choice compilation so you know that Plastic Bertrand has to be
semi-cool. I was pleased with the mix of French vocals and bouncy new
wave beats though i have no clue as to what Mr. Bertrand is talking

The Del Rubio Triplets have appeared on such quality tv programs as
Night Court and Married With Children. The three gals with three
acoustic guitars do their best to slaughter such classics as  Hey
Jude, Light My Fire, Fever (Eggs has also covered), Walk Like an
Egyptian and Neutron Dance by the Pointer Sisters (remember that
one?) and they do a fine job.  Fun in a cheesy sort of way, play only
in the consort of friends as they will still like you when its all
over and done with.  Oh yeah , they also do a version of the "Ding
Dong, the Witch is Dead" song from the Wizard of Oz complete with the
cackilng of evil witches.  Scary listening indeed.

doing my own neutron dance,

  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

		Communal Storybook
 			The Crystalized Movements Discography
>Mind Disaster (1983) LP
	1st Pressing - Twisted Village (TW1001): 130 copies
 	2nd Pressing - Psycho Records (PSYCHO 28): 1200 copies,
 	import only
Wayne Rogers - guitars, bass, vocal
Ed Boyden - drums
Scott McLeod - backing vocals
Long songs with plenty of damaged sonic guitar excess, some 60's pop
moves, and memorable hooks (in between the extended slasher jams)
>Dog!Tree!...Satellite Seers! (1987) LP
 	1st Pressing - Twisted Village (TW1002): 200 copies
 	2nd Pressing - Forced Exposure (FE-011): 1500 copies
 	3rd Pressing -   "       "	  "    : 1000 copies
Wayne Rogers - guitars, vocal
Eric Arn - guitars
Scott McLeod - bass
Teri Morris - drums
Way more song oriented, 60's influenced pop/punk; more power, less
chaos but a couple of trippy noise-jams included.
>This Wideness Comes (1989) LP,CD
No.6 Records, manuf. and dist. by Rough Trade (KAR-003):3000 LP, 3000
Wayne Rogers - guitars, vocal
Kate Biggar - guitars
Scott Mcleod - bass
Teri Morris - drums
(final lineup)
Harder hitting pop/punk updated for the eighties, Sonic Youth
influence showing, one nice mostly acoustic number included.  CD has
extra track, a cover attributed to Tidholi-Abelli.

>"Hall Archer" on Footprints of God (1990) 7" comp
Wayne adds organ to low-fi 4-track herky-jerky guitar workout.  Need
label info.
>"The Lowest Step"/"In a Room" (1991) 7"
 	No.6 Records (KAR-010)
 	One original and a Mystic Siva  cover.  More noise and feedback.
>"Blown Over"/ ?  (1992) 7"
 	Twisted Village (TW-1007)
Have this on a tape, but don't know the B-side title.  Preview of
things to come.  Recorded on home 8-track, weirder song structures,
active dynamics.
>Damaged Lights (1992) LP
 	Twisted Village (TW-1010)
Wayne Rogers- guitar, vocal
Ed Boyden - drums
A collection of guitar/drum excursions recorded live to boombox, 1980-
1983. Experimental bleeding rock.  Not for the squeamish.
>Revelations From Pandemonium (1992) CD
 	Twisted Village (TW-1019)
Movements' masterwork and swan song.  More low-fi than This Wideness
(done on 8-track) but having their own studio to experiment in has
bred amazing results.  Organ and guitar drones covered with beautiful
precise guitar, not sparing the fuzz and feedback.  Totally original
yet catchy songs presented in novel structures, and the vocals (while
somewhat buried) are real, actual nice singing for the first time in
a while.
All of these recordings that are still in print are available from
 			Forced Exposure
 			PO Box 9102			
 			Waltham, MA 02254
As of 4/93 the Movements have broken up, but Wayne and Kate have
recently formed a new band with Damon and Naomi from Galaxie 500, so
keep an eye out. Also, sometime in 1992 these two relocated from
Connecticut to Brighton, MA where they can be reached at: Twisted
Village PO Box 35604 Brighton, MA 02135
 	I hope you find this useful for something.
 						- Eric

  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

From: enriquk@instruction.CS.ORST.EDU (everyday oozer)
Hello All!
And greetings from beautiful (well kinda) Corvallis, Oregon. I had
quite a busy week last week as far as going to shows is I have a couple of concert reviews and some records to

4/2/93  Thinking Feller's Union Local #282, Girl Trouble, Supercools
and Black Angel Death Song (or something like that) in Portland

	I'm not going into great details here ('cuz I think Travis will 
be reviewing it in greater detail).  But let me just say that Girl
Trouble is still one of my fave bands to see live.  They are just too
much fun (even without Granny GoGo).  You just can't help but like
GT...and you have to dance (this coming from a person who goes to
dance clubs and refuses to dance).  TFUL#282 is a great band.  I knew
next to nothing about this band before  the show (and still don't
know much)...but they are extremely tight and really good.  And they
use all sorts of instuments (banjo, beer bottle, violin/ukelele?,
guitars, drums...).  Kind of sounds like early Sonic

 4/6/93	Hanson Bros and Alice Donut in Eugene 
 4/8/93  Alice Donut, Hanson Bros., MDC and Drunk at Abi's in

 	Travis might have something to say about the Eugene show.  But
he  didn't go to the show in I'll concentrate on that
one. Drunk at Abi's is a band from Portland...the lead singer has a
really nice voice.  The band is really clean sounding (almost like a
ready for MTV sound...but they're still pretty good).  I wasn't happy
about them being in the line up...'cuz I figured it would cut into
MDC's playing time.  And I was right...MDC only played for about 30
minutes.  But what a great 30 minutes!  A pit broke out during
MDC...and it got kinda violent (a lot of testosterone and beer...a
nasty combination).  Hanson Bros. were great!  They were really good
in Eugene too...but the crowd response was better in P-town. Oh...I
talked with Rob Wright briefly in Eugene...expect a new  NoMeansNo
album out in May...and a tour in the fall.  Anyway...watching the
Hanson Bros live is really entertaining.  They're pretty tight. And
they all put on acts like dumb jock/hockey players.  Robbie wears a
hockey mask with the word dumb across the forehead & Kenny plays
guitar and drools on himself...gotta love that.  Just before Alice
Donut played...there was a spoken word thing.  Some guy (the guy from
the cover of the Magdalene 7") came out and talked about committing
suicide and being resurrected 3 days after killing himself (he's a
"Jesus-freak").  He's dressed in latex hotpants, fishnets (and he has
really nice legs!), black pumps, black bra and a shear top.  It's
purdy entertaining.  Then Alice Donut played...and they were great
too. They did about equal amounts of old and new stuff...including
War Pigs on the trombone (which sounds a lot better live than on cd).
 All  in all, two nights of very high energy music. 

4/10/93 MDC, Resist, Chicken (and 2 other bands that I missed
because I was late) in Corvallis

 	As I said...I was I missed most of Chicken as well as
the first 2 bands.  What bits of Chicken I saw was ok.  Nothing to go
nuts over (and the crowd seemed to agree...not much response). 
Resist was purdy good.  A pit formed during their performance...for
short bursts anyway.  The music was pretty fast/intense/angry...  MDC
was great! They played for at least an hour...and they played a lot
of old songs as well as some from their latest release.  They did 2
versions of "John Wayne was a Nazi" almost-reggae version and
then a really fast version.  MDC is a really good high energy/music
with a message type band.  What a way to finish off a week of great

And now for a couple of record reviews.  I've got two from Lookout
Records to review.  (Lookout Records, PO Box 11374, Berkeley, CA

First off...a compilation (probably released about 1-2 yrs ago...but
I just got it) called _Can of Pork_  This comp is on 2 records (for
only ~$8) and is generally comprised of fast and fun music.  A lot of
bands are on this one including:  Horny Mormons, Mr T Experience,
Blatz, Spitboy, Pinhead Gunpowder, Wynona Riders, and much much more.
 Well worth the money!
I also received the new Screeching Weasel ($8 postpaid if I remember
correctly) cd Wiggle.  This is my first Screeching Weasel, so I
don't have anything to compare it to...but I like it a lot.  Your
general fast, fun and obnoxious (on occasion) music...with songs like
Jeannie's Got a Problem with Her Uterus and I Was a High School
Psychopath how could you go wrong?

We have a lot of great stuff at the radio station (KBVR) that I want
to get and would recommend (for those with hardcore tastes).  4 2
Pudding compilation (on Very Small records) is a great compilation
with bands like Screeching Weasel, Sewer Trout, Downfall, Offspring,
Samiam and lots more.  Plus there are about 5 records out on Dr
Strange records that I wouldn't mind having: Rythm Collision, Face to
Face, Jabbernowl, Guttermouth and Manson Youth. Not to mention New
Bomb Turks _Destroy Oh Boy_ (not sure of the label). Now if I could
only find a record store that carries all of this... more thing.  I'm going to try to get a hold of our rotation
list at KBVR...I wouldn't mind comparing it to other collge stations
around the country (hint hint).

wow...that was a long one...see ya!

  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

From: (David Bennison)

Huggy Bear/Cornershop/Jacobs Mouse/Mambo Taxi/Blood Sausage
           London Islington Powerhaus - 8th April

Well - I've been meaning to do this for a while now (write a 'scene'
report from London for the indie-list). It's Friday afternoon and I
think the time is ripe brothers and sisters! If the emphasis is on
short and to-the-point reviews then I may try this more often. I
don't have a thesaurus of rock-speak chiches at hand at the moment
(NME and Melody Maker excepted) So...

A couple of years ago, there was a so-called `Scene that celebrated
itself' (c/o M.Maker) consisting of UK bands like Moose, Lush and
Swervedriver, who all played together, hung out together, and
appeared at the front of the moshpit together watching each other
play. I think that the bands that played tonight are such a clique.
They are all true independent bands (mainly releasing stuff on the
Wiiija label over in the UK anyway), getting press coverage through
their desire to avoid the traditional media circus and instead rely
on their own fanzines.  In short, they're the new riot-girl spin-offs
with chips on their shoulders but not too sure what to stand for,
other than men-are-evil
(possibly!)/girls-get-down-the-front-and-start-a-band (IF you think
you've got something to offer, not just because your all-girl).

Blood Sausage
Released his/their first single ("Fuck you and your Underground" I
think) recently but already reasonably hyped. Mr Sausage! (Dale) is
about 5ft tall and rotund, but appears to be the next suprise
sex-symbol based on the girls responses. I was expecting another
lo-fi lo-talent no-hoper but was shocked to find that the band were
excellent and really knew how to rock in a Pussy Galore fashion on
occasions. They got an enthusiastic response and I was almost blown
away. Best thing that night.

Mambo Taxi
I've seen this band 4 times now, think they're the best fun/trashy
band in the UK, have their T-shirt ("Mambo Taxi - Like dozens of
massaging fingers, they soothe and relax your tired body") but this
was the worst I'd seen of them. Each time, the band has had a
different line-up. The drummer has  changed every time and this time,
Cass?! of the Senseless Things was in  drag on guitar. They sound
like a cross between The Shop Assistants and The Gories (RIP),
playing trashy garage r-n-r with great style and an eye for fashion.
This time, they seemed to veer towards the Shop Assistant/indiepop
sound which I didn't like, but I know they can sound a lot more raw
and I know they can be a lot more fun so I'm not giving up on them.
Next best that night.

Jacobs Mouse
I saw this band supporting Jesus Lizard last year and wasn't too
impressed. There was nothing wrong with them, but invoking no
reaction from me is a  worse crime than me deciding I don't like a
band. They seemed to be into a Therapy Big Black noise sound and
although they were better this time around, they stood out like a
sore thumb from the rest of the bands and I was not too keen. They're
getting good press and a large following tho' so they must be doing
something right. Right?

Huggy Bear
Along with Suede, with whom they share no similarities, Huggy Bear are
the  most hyped UK band at the moment. I wasn't convinced when I
first saw them  support Sebadoh last year, but I strongly recommend
getting ahold of their  first 3 7" singles which have some excellent
tracks on them. Live, I was  mightily impressed with them when they
were on tour with Bikini Kill. They are an extremely loose sounding?
band with friends occasionally playing along onstage, band members
swapping rolls to sing/drum/rant etc. Their nearest reference
musically is N of U, they have a 'Huggy Nation' ethic and are
confrontational, but on this night, possibly due to the 30min sets
eveyone had to adhere to, they were another dissapointment.

This band were a waste of space. They've had good music press coverage
largely due to them being close personal show-biz friends of Huggy
Bear and more significantly due to them being an 'Asian band with a
Western Sound'. Firstly, there are two Asians and two regular spotty
white kids. Secondly, they have a guy sitting on the floor with a
sitar but it is  totally washed out by the guitars - they claim to
incorporate some Asian  music into their sound but fail completely.
Thirdly, as a result of being an oddity, they have all the music
press coverage, interest and support that a band like Polvo don't
have, purely because Polvo are another US College-Kid White Boy Band
while Cornershop are Asian. Pretty typical actually. I suppose you
can guess that I think this band suck, and once a few more people get
to hear them, their Asian popadom will burst. I hope I don't sound
racist, but bands can't be justified on race/sex alone.
I've just noticed I'm talking a lot about hype and music press
coverage, but get yourself into the Melody Maker, allow the
journalists to get backstage, credit MM on discovering you first and
you're made. It takes people like John Peel to cut through all this
and get back to what matters. (John Peel was DJ at the above gig and
Telegram Sam by T Rex, and The Leader is Burning by Pockt Fishrmen!?
cut through the mediocrity with ease)

Apology and Closing Statement
Sorry it dragged out longer than I'd planned. Shall I do some more?
That's it...I'm off to buy records


  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

From: Eric Budke <>

Well hopefully these come out in the order that I want them to:
Article about God Street Wine at Bogies (a bar in Albany NY)
Announcement of Screaming Trees Concert at my school (Union College
in Schenectady NY.  Just outside Albany.)  Yea I know they are not
indie, but it's a short announcement to inform people of the event.
Finally, the announcement of my new group run by me in undigestified
form dedicated to God Street Wine.  They are a band from The NYC area
that fits into the HORDE genre and is on some pseudo independant
label.  My personal belief is that the label is a name they made up,
because when I first picked up the disc at a show it had been pressed
at their expense.  Well here goes.

Bogies Fri 4/9/93

....And they played, and played, and played. Well after a shaky start
when the keyboard player Jon Bevo  destroyed a chair before sound
check after getting blown away in  a pool match by the band's sound
guy, Jim, I believe, I wasn't  sure what was going to happen.

The show opened with the Ominous Seapods a band from  the area, that
is touring in the New England area pretty much  year round.  It was
the first time I had heard them and they were  really good.  While
looking for the place I heard a commercial  for the show that night
and they had the Seapods being  announced with Blue Sky, by the
Allman Brothers, in the  background.  This got me excited, but it was
not close to what  they played.  They do like to go into those
extended jam sessions  like the Allman's though.  Their songs were
really good and  they sounded good for Bogies.  I would definitely go
back to see  them.

On to God Street.  Well they were amazing.  The band,  supposedly
originally from Ridgewood, NJ, consists of Jon Bevo  (previously
mentioned) on keyboards, Lo Faber on guitars,  vocals and the main
song writing duties.  Aaron Maxwell was  also on guitars and vocals,
Dan Pifer played bass, did some  background vocals and got stuck
selling stuff after the show.   Last but not least there was Tomo on
drums and some vocals.

Have I forgotten to mention what a great sound two lead  guitars
make.  Aaron seems to have come from the Robbie  Robertson (of the
Band) school of guitar playing, never using a  slide bar, but working
the same sounds out anyway.  The band  was really tight last night. 
The intensity of their solos and jams  was unbelievable.  They did
B.B. King's "The Thrill is Gone"  which they played at Rhinecliff,
but they threw in another cool  jam in the middle.  The energy they
produce at a live show is  amazing.  They have this ability, like
other HORDE bands, to  mix in so many styles into their songs.

Their influences are vast.  Ranging from the blues to  bluegrass, to
Dan Pifer's love DISCO.  Thankfully there wasn't  any true disco. 
But, one of their bluegrass songs did make the  set.  "Borderline",
not the Madonna song, a song with much the  same tone as Leon
Russell's "If the Shoe Fits."  It tells a  humorous story of touring
and the perils of fame, with a nice  jam in the middle.  They have
perhaps some of the best guitar  playing I've seen since, oh, Buddy
Guy, who I saw last week.   Buddy struck a nerve because he reminded
me of Stevie Ray  Vaughan so much.  God Street brought out that
energy just as  well.

As for Bogies, it was kind of typical of the area music  scene,
smaller than I thought it would be.  It's pretty long and  narrow,
and to compensate they have relay speakers and use  cameras looking
at the stage which get relayed to monitors in the  back.  I never saw
if these were working.  I think God Street  Wine could have packed
the place had it not been for the 21+  policy of the bar.  The
average God Street fan that I've seen is  right around the college
age, so by shutting some of them out it  seems to hurt the band's
business.  I saw them in Rhinecliff  before our break and they packed
about 300 people into a room  about a third of the size of Bogies and
it was all ages.  I was told  Bogies only holds 400.

To sum up the night... GO SEE THEM.  The radio  station either does
or will have, by the time this is published, a  copy of their CD. 
The band is not on a label so the CD was  pressed by the band and the
only way to get your hands on it is  to go to a show or through the

Now to a few parting shots.  Erin, I heard that the guy  who kicked
you out was about 5'1" which I believe is a little  smaller than you.
 And to all those writing the apathy articles,  including Miss
Lifson's which may be in today's paper.  If they  are apathetic, do
they really care what you have to say?  It's a  symptom of apathy. 
Pertaining directly to Beth's letter/article:   My main reason for
coming to Union was to see how many  articles I could read in the
school newspaper about apathy in a  four year span.  So far I am way
ahead of what I predicted,  making my life that much more enjoyable. 
To quote an  unnamed source, "I'm apathetic, but I don't care."


On Saturday May 1st the Screaming Trees with Guests Poster Children
and Pond will be playing at Union College's Achilles Rink in
Schenectady NY.  This is just outside Albany.  For more info email or phone 518-370-6118 during what most people
consider normal business hours.


Hello, I am starting a God St. Wine mailing list to take some of the
discussion off of phishnet, and hordenet.  This will hopefully please
the majority of you.  I have no idea how active this list will be but
I hope it is somewhat active.  It will be distributed in the same
format as the horde net run by David.  All posts will be sent to
people as individual letters.  Hopefully I will get some better
contact with the band and will try to get them on line if they want
to be as well as send some of the more important things their way.
Hopefully we can all keep abreast of tour dates and tape trades.  The
band has grown a lot in the last year or so.  To subscribe mail
something to, with some sort of
subject to sign up.    This will be the address for all
administrative tasks or quetions about the mailing list.  They all
come into my account. Posts to the regular address will also get to
me, but they also go to everyone else, and you all know how anying
that is.  This name was chosen from a poll and it happened to fit
nicely also.  Like the other lists this will also be open to other
bands discussion.  We all have to expand our tastes or things get


Eric Budke      Union College Box 241
Promoting promoting promoting....           Schenectady NY 12308

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