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From: Mark <>

This weekend in Charlottesville is a quaint and basically antiquated
yup-fest called the Foxfield Races. No one goes to Foxfield to watch
horses run around a track; no, this is where you show off your new
BMW to Muffy and the girls, drink sorta-nasty Virginia wines, rub
elbows with John Kluge, and basically make a rich spoiled brat out of
yourself. Naturally, this is something a lot of UVa students go for.
(This does not refer to any UVa student reading this list. :)
Foxfield, shmoxfield. I'll be having a corndog roast instead, and
basically thumbing my nose at the whole tradition. And here's some of
the stuff I'll be playing on the stereo:

FASTBACKS, Zucker: With the Ramones stranded in shitdom and
Superchunk losing it, I now turn to the Fbx for my 2.5-minute punk
pop blasts. This is their first proper LP in a while and sounds good.
They still play musical drummers -- Rusty from Flop plays on this LP
and is featured on the CD insert cards. They also cover "Please Read
Me" from the pre-shit Bee Gees, and the lyrics are printed in both
English and German (ought to please all those people mumbling to each
other in German on GRUNGE-L.) 14 Fbx songs fit into about 31 minutes,
so the CD is a little short, but I like it nonetheless, and my former
music director Mike McElligott, president of the Gnome Appreciation
Society (Va. Division) should be pleased to see Kim wearing a Gnome
t-shirt in the photos. **. (Sub Pop/Caroline)

SUGAR, Beaster: It took me a while to get interested in Sugar. You
see, I have this tendency to get sick of bands, bad or good, whose
songs I hear five times a day every day, and that's what happened
with Sugar when I worked at WXJM last fall. I just bought _Copper
Blue_ (used) last week, to show you how long it took me to give them
a chance. Anyway, I'm supposed to be writing about the new Sugar EP,
Beaster. There's a little more raw noise on this one, and the songs
are a little longer, but overall this isn't all that different from
_Copper Blue_, which means if you like one, you'll like the other.
Give it a chance, in spite of the fact that your local college radio
station will probably play the bejeezus out of it. *1/2. (Ryko)

ARMADILLO CULTURE #5 e-zine: Quirky-cool-geek kinda zine, devoted
about half to record/zine/show reviews (including a fine review of
Indie-List, thanks :) and the other half to ill-literature much along
the lines of what you start spouting off after large quantities of
acid/beer/latte' (e.g. a comparitive guide to Pop Tarts,
death-to-the-Man fantasy involving the Curve CD, and an interview
with a virtual realist from UNC.) Most of the music reviewed is
DC-regional (makes sense since editor Steve Okay is a fellow
Virginian.) This is exactly the kind of thing I'd want to read when
my C assignment won't compile, it's 2.30 in the morning and I'm out
of Jolt Cola. **. (mail Steve at <>)

P.S. Volker writes that the address of Merkin Records is: Merkin
Records, 310 E Biddle St, Baltimore, MD 21202. Just for fun, try
addressing that to "The City That Reads, MD 21202" and see if it goes
through. :)

  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

From: Joshua John Buergel <>

Not too many record reviews this time...I've been busier than busy,
and nothing has come out that I've really needed (except Polvo, but I
haven't found that one yet).  I don't have these in front of me, so I
can't provide addresses, sorry.

First, though, a quick gloat.  I found Crystallized Movement's _This
Wideness Comes_ used.  Since Rough Trade went under and this is such
a wonderful album, I consider this quite the find.  Nyaah.

Dis, _Short Fry Sessions 1 & 2_ (Twelve Inch Records Tin 006)

This, according to list member and Dis bassist Rob Sieracki, is
mostly a retrospective of the kind of stuff that they used to do.  I
certainly hope they don't ditch this style alltogether.  This brings
to mind bands like Slint and Bitch Magnet, although it isn't
derivative at all.  Well crafted pop songs tending toward slower
tunes, with some very catchy stuff going on.  The "Ed Was Solace" 7"
is included on the CD, which makes me happy, 'cause this is a great
record.  Wonderful stuff here.  **1/2

Fifteen, _Choice of a New Generation_ (Lookout Records 67?)

This, the third Green Day LP...hah, silly me, this is actually
Fifteen.  Could have fooled me.  Don't get me wrong, sounding like
Green Day is wonderful for Green Day, but it isn't so wonderful for
Fifteen.  Aside from sounding terminally derivative, this is a decent
record.  Catchy punk pop tunes, good lyrics, well played...but I just
can't shake that comparison.  **

Stereolab, _The Groop Played "Space Age Bachelor Pad Music"_ (Too
Pure Records)

This is the new EP from Stereolab, and if you've heard one Stereolab
record, you know what to expect.  But that's okay, it is still great
stuff.  Total ear candy with dreamy vocals, nice strumming guitar,
unassuming rhythms and the occasional synthesizer bloop.  Not what
you would call challenging, but everybody needs ear candy now and
again.  Some of the songs are a bit on the short side, but oh well. 

Joshua Buergel - -
"Anybody who thinks we overstepped the playground perimeter of lyrical
decency (or that the public has any right to demand 'social
responsibility' from a goddamn punk rock band) is a pure natural dolt,
and should step forward and put his tongue up my ass." - Steve Albini

  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

From: bmacdona@Bonnie.ICS.UCI.EDU (Brian K!z!K MacDonald)

HEY YOU! Yeah the one listening to Superchunk, Pavement, Boredoms, and
a bunch o' other noise kids.

Hardly does a band ever come out of nowhere to dominate my head
nonstop but the following one does it so extremely, that I feel
compelled to let this all out:

********* TRUMANS WATER  ***********************

Trumans Water are

Glen Galloway:  guitar, noise, primal vocal therapy
Kevin Gramstetter:  bass, noise, primal vocal therapy
Kirk Gramstetter: guitar, noise, primal vocal therapy
Eli (forget his last name): drums, noise, primal vocal therapy.

They reside in San Diego around the SDSU area, and have been together
(through many lineup changes) for the past 2 years or so. They've had
a few lineup changes but the above is their current lineup.

If Superchunk, Pavement, and Pussy Galore had been hanging around the
Boredoms or Primus for a while, this gives an idea of what Trumans
Water sound like.   Noisy free form guitarrorism.

Here's a somewhat definitive discography (with capsule reviews):


Of_Thick_Tum hand-made LP  (Justice my Eye/Elevated Loin) 1991 *
(Address is at bottom) *****  [13 tracks]
This release if famed for having John Peel play it in its entirety on
his radio show in England.  And deservedly so.  There's everything
here.  The first song begins with a rockin' indie thing and by the
end sounds like Sonny Sharrock ("Deep Grub Yonder").  Throughout the
album, there are peaks of noise, primal screams, jamming, and
everything else all at once to produce something that will make your
cat jump.  Highlites: "Yakboy = Nurturer", "Tooth Ferry","Jamellopy",
"Girler Too".

Laugh_Light's_Lit 7"ep (Drunken Fish) 1992 [3 tracks]

Two great tunes and one warped intrumental on this one. Highlites:
"Habits are Spirits","Silver Tongue Please"

Our_Scars_Like_Badges 7"ep (Homestead) 1992 [4 tracks]

The one with the simple pencil art on a white background.  Two
rockers and two more warped instrumentals. Highlights:
"Apolitix","Sad Sailor Story".

Jubileeeeee 7" album (Justice My Eye/Elevated Loin) 1992 [10
instrumental tracks]

The least accessible of' em all.  Something that would make Thurston
Moore's bowels churn.  10 short super-gritty instrumentals.

Of_Thick_Tum LP/CS/CD (Homestead) 1993  [REISSUE] [13 tracks]

Now rereleased through the folks at Homestead.  Blue background with
an evil crayoned cow on the front and a wonderful snapshot of
pregnancy aerobics program on the back.

_Spasm_Smash_XXX_OXOX_OX_and_Ass double-LP/CS/CD (Homestead) 1993 [20

The supreme sophomore epic released not too long ago. (April 5th) 78
minutes of God, pure and simple.  I can't mention highlites because I
feel EVERYTHING on this album is excellent.  But I'll give some of
the interesting song titles: "The Aroma of Gina Arnold", "Bludgeon
Elite and Stagger", "Death to dead things", "Mindstar Forklift",
"Finger 6 steps Ahead of our Minds", "La Jolla My Armpit", "Bladder
Stomp: Krautrock", "Athlete Who is Suck", "Soar Ossinaxx (????)",
ANYWAY you get the idea.  

Upcoming :

* New 7" on Drunken Fish records
* A split 7" with Napo
* A track on a new San Diego based compilation on Homestead called
Ask_for_Disorder including Trumans Water, Heavy Vegetable,  Three
Mile Pilot(?), Fat Chick from Wilson Philips, and many others.


Anyway, they'll be opening for Fugazi at the Palladium April 23rd
Friday.  On the 26th of April, they'll embark on a European tour for
a couple weeks, stressing England.

For those of you who are wondering what they're like live, the word
"SPASTIC" comes to mind, much like NoMeansNo, but yet find themselves
all over the stage during any one song.

Hopefully this semi-profile will get SOME people's heads turning.

For a mailing address:

Trumans Water
P.O. Box 151691
San Diego, CA 92175 

There are around 500 or so handmade LP's left, so get' em while you
can.  These things are the most bustlin' items since Negativland's

Every copy of the album contains a crayon depiction of the penciled
evil cow on silver spray painted album covers with photo copies of
the pregnancy aerobics program and the track listing on the back.

INSIDE contains various personal stationary items of the band
members, every album having something different.

Mine, for example, came with a Christmas card from an old girlfriend
of Kevin (the bassist) and a photo of two members of Great White at
backstage party.

Anyway, I'm doing major overkill here, so I'll stop.  Hopefully, this
might make you think twice when passing by a Trumans Water release
in a record store.


  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

From: (Laurence Roberts PSE)

I enjoyed David Bennison's review of the live Huggy Bear/Blood
Sausage/etc  concert, and it reminded me to get around to reviewing
the batch of singles  I have around.  I made a tape compiling singles
I've bought in the past few months.  I've been listening to it for a
couple days.  Naturally, though, it's Friday, time to post to the
indie-list, and I don't have the tape with me.  Hope I remember all

It seems a little late for reviews of the Huggy Bear singles.  I
missed out on the first one.  The second (Kiss Curl) is pretty good,
and actually has four songs, as opposed to the 3rd single, Her Jazz,
which has a great a-side about girl-boy (as opposed to boy-girl)
revolution), but has filler on the b-side.

Blood Sausage's 7" (wiiija) is probably the best of the British indie
"Huggy Nation" crew.  "Fuck You and Your Underground" is an instant
classic about how underground culture is co-opted and sold back.  The
insturmentation is great (check the flute!).

Mambo Taxi's Prom Queens single is enjoyable pop with sarcastic
lyrics ("my mom will kill your mom just to keep me on my throne").
The farfisa gives it a kind of retro sound.

Cornershop's 7" (wiiija) is mixed a bit strangely, with vocals a
little  far back, I think.  You can hear the sitar, though.

Rough versions of songs by Blood Sausage, Huggy Bear, and Mambo Taxi
appear on the Huggy Nation cassette, available through K in the US.
About 1 song overlaps with each single, but each band also has
material on the casettes that doesn't appear elsewhere yet, and
there's several other bands on the cassette also.

In the area of American stuff:

Growing Up Skipper 7" (Making of Americans) -- 3 song 7-inch.  "Abby"
is a song for a friend whose life has been sidetracked by pregnancy.
"Teenage Boyfriend" is about being pushed into having sex by boys.
"V. I." is a tribute to fictional p.i. V.I. Warshawski.  Supposedly
only 500 copies, and it got mentioned in Spin, so collect away.


  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

From: MGANGLOFF@Gems.VCU.EDU (Mike Gangloff)

yo, hope everybody's having a good week -- 3 i gots to spout about:

JOE THE FIREMAN "Orange Kid"/"A Smash" 
Squealer Records, 1708 Whipple Dr., Blacksburg VA 24060 

Maybe Eric or another B'burger can tell us who's behind the 
Phred-man on this recording but this is great stuff. For those who 
missed earlier episodes: Phred Rainey is a master of raw,
guitar-kicking,  straight-from-my-heart-here-in-the-garage skronk.
Joe the Fireman has  been his ongoing project for the last 4 years or
so, with a wildly rotating lineup, but this is the first vinyl i've
seen out. both tracks kick --  great melodies, very understated
playing, phred's "i'm here to tell ya"  voice and some cool hum and
drone at the end of "Smash" -- i'm really glad  i found this. more,
phred, more!

"Monkey Trick," "2x4s," "Not at All" respectively
No Life Records, P.O. Box 2194, Jamaica Plain MA 02130

One single containing LIVE tracks from three bands, all 
proceeds apparently going to benefit Boston station WMBR's ongoing
live  broadcasts. The J Liz kicks ass, as always (old recording
though --  fall '91), Thinking Fellers are great and Velocity Girl
are too. J Liz  was recorded at the ManRay club in Cambridge MA,
Thinking Fellers and  Velocity G recorded in the WMBR studios in

PITCHBLENDE "Kill Atom Smasher" CD 
Cargo Records

i've been waiting for this and just found it this evening -- 1 
and 1/2 listens through so far and it FUCKING ROCKS! 22 tracks (ok, 
some of them are very short...) lots of distortion boxes, lots of
weird  tunings, guitars that just hum and hum and screech...
alternately chanted  and shouted vocals mixed well to the back
(except on "SUM," which i've heard  on single and have yet to get
used to...), start and stop rhythms, lots of  "what's going to happen
next" changes...but i'm going on too long about this.  i always enjoy
the blenders live and i think this album captures the best of  what
they do.

over and sprout, y'all. eric -- do you know who's in the fireman now?


  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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