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INDIE-LIST #3 "We're no good is what they say, but we just see the world in
a different way!"
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Welcome back to another fantabulous Indie-List. This week some ALL feedback,
plus an unpaid plug for Bill Peregoy's Pop Narcotic Records (because I like
the Swirlies :)

But first this: Can anyone think of a better name for this thing than
"indie-list"? Send your entries to me and I'll award an as-yet-undecided 7"
to the winner.

Brief Head Cleaner update: It has been decided once and for all that there
IS a band called Head Cleaner, in the UK. Not to worry, though, because my
band, which was called Head Cleaner, has changed its name once again, to Ice
Cream Socialists. (Think about that one for a minute, try saying it out loud
kinda quickly, etc. :) Our first show got rained out, but hopefully we'll
have something else going on soon. (We're now practicing in a basement
formerly used by Sexual Milkshake. Let's hope this is a good thing. :)

I bought a few old 7"s this week, plus two new ones which I'll review for
- Cell, "Never Too High" (Ecstatic Peace): This didn't grab me right at
first. It's quite slow, a little grungy, but it sounds like the vocals and
guitars were recorded at different speeds. The drummer is a roadie for Sonic
Youth, which may explain the whole thing. (_Sonic Death_ #1 says "just 'cuz
the drummer is a Sonic roadie does not mean that this does not scorch!"
Whatever, Thurston.) By the way, this is a big-hole 7" that plays at 33.
Interesting, eh?
- Sentridoh, "Losercore" (Smells Like Records): Sentridoh is Lou Barlow,
formerly of Dinosaur (Jr.) and currently leading Sebadoh. This is just Lou,
his guitar, his voice, and a bunch of weird studio effects. "Losercore" is
an acoustic-sounding, almost folky thing, while "Really Insane" is pretty
murky and has a fake ending. Recommended to all Barlow fans, although I
don't know if this will gain him any new ones.

And finally, Tsunami have accepted an invitation to play and be interviewed
on my radio show! More details as they develop. Yay!

Well, that's all from me. And now, as Warner Wolf would say, let's go to the
 From: Joshua John Buergel <>
 Wow.  Somebody mentioned my favorite band on the indie list, and only in
 the second issue.  Well, since somebody mentioned ALL, I'll review their
 latest as well, along with reviews of some other similar material that
 has come out recently...
 ALL, _Percolator_ (Cruz Records, Cruz 021)
 This is the fifth studio release by ALL, and fans of their earlier stuff
 will not be disappointed.  This album continues the trend started in
 their last album, _Allroy Saves_, namely, some songs with somewhat
 darker themes than the girl/food/sleep songs of ALL's early era.  The
 band handles this stuff with aplomb (what a great word) and still finds
 time to rock out ("Wonder", "Minute", "Nothin'").  Yet another strong
 effort with good solid songwriting, which is not surprising, seeing as
 how all four members of the band are competent songwriters.  For those
 of you who do not know (shame on you), ALL is three former members of
 the Descendants (Bill Stevenson - drums, Karl Alvarez - bass, Stephen
 Egerton - guitar) with Scott Reynolds on vocals (they had Dave Smalley
 of Dag Nasty fame for their first two albums).  They play straight up
 melodic punk, and play it extremely well.  ALL's rhythm section is
 perhaps the best of any band in the biz (in my opinion).  If you haven't
 heard ALL, you owe yourself _Allroy For Prez_ (especially the CD release
 which contains the brilliant "Wishing Well" as a bonus track).  You
 really owe yourself one of their albums if you were a Descendants fan.
 If there are any fans of ALL running around out there who haven't
 checked out the Chemical People's newest, self-titled album, go for it. 
 Not quite as varied as a typical ALL album, it still is a good dose of
 well done punk pop that will go down just right.  As an added bonus, the
 occasional horn pops up, making this album sound pretty different. 
 Highly recommended.
 Also, the Doughboys (who I find rarely mentioned by anybody) have been
 producing good solid power pop (notice I've used three different terms
 for the same type of music) for about five years now (by my count). 
 Their most recent EP, "When Up Turns To Down" is really tasty, and the
 album _Happy Accidents_ is also very good.  I also have (what I believe
 is) their debut album, _Whatever_, which is also good, but I prefer
 their later material.
 Although Superchunk has been getting a heckuva lot of press recently, it
 doesn't change the fact that they produce some very good punk pop type
 stuff.  If you added a second guitar to ALL and murked it up a bit,
 you'd basically have Superchunk.  All three of their albums are great,
 but I find myself liking _No Pocky For Kitty_ more than their
 self-titled one, which I like more than _Tossing Seeds_ (although "Cool"
 is a great song).  In a related note, does anybody know if Superchunk is
 back in the studio yet?  I know they have a song on the newest Teryaki
 Asthma, but are they working on a new album?  _No Pocky..._ came out a
 while ago, and _Tossing Seeds_ didn't have any new material on it.

[I don't know if the Chunksters have started recording it yet, but they will
have a new album on Matador probably next year, according to someone I know.
They want to record one more album for Matador before inevitably being
snapped up into the mersh world. -MC]

 Big Drill Car has yet to produce a song I don't like.  Their first
 release, _Small Block_ is a great six song EP that is a bit raw, but
 great nonetheless.  _CD Type Thing_ (or _Album Type Thing_ or _Tape Type
 Thing_...supported by Tout Type Thing) is one of the best power pop
 albums I have ever heard (second probably only to _Allroy For Prez_). 
 1991's _Batch_ is a bit cleaner than the other two, but not quite as
 varied.  It has also been a while since any new BDC material has
 appeared.  Anybody know what is up with them?
 Flop is a Seattle band, but don't hold that against them.  Their debut
 album, _& The Fall Of The Mousesqueezer_ is one of the catchiest things
 I have ever heard.  Each song kind of sticks in your mind, which makes
 it kind of crowded once you've listened to the whole things.  Anybody
 who like Superchunk NEEDS to find this album pronto.  Same sort of
 sound, extremely well executed.
 Finally, Pegboy is the band started by John (?) Haggarty from Naked
 Raygun.  A bit harder nosed than some of the other stuff here, it is
 still melodic punk music.  Not quite as varied as I normally like, but a
 good listen notwithstanding.  Once again, what is up with these guys?
 Phew.  That is enough from me.  Sorry if this is a bit long winded, but
 hopefully I've helped somebody.  Now, does anybody know any bands who
 play any similar music?  If so, email me (or post 'em).  Labels for
 these bands are:
 Chemical People, Big Drill Car:  Cruz Records
 Doughboys:  Cargo, Restless
 Superchunk:  Matador, Merge/Touch & Go
 Flop:  Frontier
 Pegboy:  Quarterstick/Touch & Go
 Thanks for paying attention (hopefully),
 Joshua Buergel      | Every time she slit her wrists     | I wish she hit instead of missed. | Every secret family crime
                     | All my love a waste of time.
                     |    - ALL, Scary Sad
[The following is a blatant commercial plug. I think Bill deserves it. If
you don't, well, this is the last article this week, so just stop reading.

From: (Bill Peregoy)

Hi Mark,
Feel free to put this in the next Indie-List mailing if you don't
mind blatant commercial plugs!  I'm glad to hear you enjoyed their
1st single too.

Swirlies Error 7" is still available for $3.50 ppd from:

Pop Narcotic
1085 Commonwelth Ave. #339
Boston, MA 02215

Also, a Pop Narcotic Catalog with 7"s from other labels, Pop Narcotic
T-shirts (4 color!) and upcoming Pop Narcotic release news is available
by sending Email to:

or by sending a SASE to the above address (People who send me stamps
for the catalog quickly become my favorite customers!).

Also look for a new Swirlies EP (on LP, CD & cass) on Taang! Records
before the end of September.  It contains the whole Slumberland 7",
a remixed version of one of the Pop Narcotic songs, 1 new song from
The "Error sessions" and some older 4-track material.  All in all, it
should be a great record.
The following is some information that you may or may not have read
before. If you know this info by heart, stop reading now! :)

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mark & joshua    

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