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The Sonic Youth/Superchunk/Boredoms show on October 11 at Brown's Island,
Richmond, VA (it's downtown, in Shockhoe) has been declared an OFFICIAL
INDIE-LIST EVENT. What does that mean? Basically that Josh and Mark will be
there, among other people. (Yeh, Josh is coming up from Athens... it's gonna
be that cool.) So if you can make it, we'd love to meet yall. Stay tuned
for more detailed info in the next issue.

BTW, tickets are $12.50 (subject to $0.50 service charge) and can be had
from Plan 9 (Richmond/Charlottesville), Peaches (Richmond), Digits
(Richmond), Disctraxshuns (Charlottesville), Record Exchange (Blacksburg),
Town & Campus (Harrisonburg), Nite Owl (Lexington), RIP (Norfolk), Electric
Smiles (Va Beach), and Band Box (Williamsburg), or you can charge 'em by
calling (804) 295-8728.

See you there?

Final note: look for a possible interview with Kim Gordon in a future issue!


It's been a busy week. This is our biggest issue yet, with a Babes In
Toyland/Polvo/Jacob's Mouse review from the UK, plus lots of reviews from
Anthony Schorr and Liz Clayton, another plug for a list member's label
(Volker Stewart's Penultimate Records), and my usual ruminations. Still
nothing from Josh this week, though. Maybe next week.

I recently got the _Kill Rock Stars_ CD (Kill Rock Stars/Cargo.) To quote
the back cover, "All of the bands on this compact disc performed at the
International Pop Underground Convention or are from OLYMPIA, the birthplace
of rock." You get tracks from Bratmobile, Some Velvet Sidewalk, Courtney
Love The Band, Nation Of Ulysses, Unwound, Mecca Normal, Nirvana, Heavens To
Betsy, Steve Fisk, Bikini Kill, Witchypoo, Melvins, Infamous Menagerie,
Kicking Giant, Fitz Of Depression, Jad Fair, 7 Year Bitch, and Kreviss, plus
an unlisted bonus track that sounds a lot like (and probably is) Beat
Happening (can anyone confirm this?) My favorites are Courtney Love ("Don't
Mix The Colors", yet another Beat Happening cover), Melvins (a 50-second
"Ever Since My Accident") and Steve Fisk ("Strong, Warm And In Command",
another of his tape collages--IMHO, Fisk is the Adrian Sherwood of
indie-rock.) With this and the International Pop Underground Convention
comp, you can pretend you were at the Convention even if you weren't (like
me :)

Also got the new 7" from Rake, "Subterranean Marijuana Garden" (VHF).
Amazing. They learned to play! Their best Happy Flowers-esque noise yet.
(Most of the members of Rake used to go to my school, James Madison
University, which also spawned Sexual Milkshake and Blastoff Country Style.)

Well, enough from me... here's the hardcore info...

From: Lindsay Watt (
Subject: Babes in Toyland/Jacob's Mouse/Polvo gig review

   Edinburgh Queen's Hall, 27th September.  First up were Polvo
from North Carolina.  I've only heard a few tracks from their
LP "Cor-crane Secret" (whatever that means), but I was quite 
impressed with them - their live performance seemed rather more 
forceful than the vinyl version.  Lori from the Babes seemed to
be enjoying the set, she was about the only person in the 
audience who was dancing.
   Next, Jacob's Mouse from Suffolk.  Again, better live than
on record, but a bit lightweight and derivative. 
   The last time the Babes played in Scotland was the middle of
last year, promoting "To Mother".  They sounded a bit jaded then,
but they were better this time round.  They concentrated largely
on material from the new LP, which is more straight-ahead than 
most of their earlier, spikier work.  They put on a good show,
however, and were called back for two encores, which is no small
achievement in Edinburgh.

Lindsay Watt.

 From: Liz Clayton <>
 Hidey-ho from Chicago.  First, to respond to a couple of things from the
 three issues:
 Superchunk are rumored to be putting out a new 7" soon entitled "Mower".  
 However, see my review of the Bricks 7" below if you're interested in 
 Mac'n'Laura's antics..
 Scrawl: The SOL 7" is fantastic.  Supposedly they'll have a full-length
 release out on Simple Machines soon, as well as reissues of the Rough Trade
 LPs.  Yay Jenny & Kristin!
 The Int'l Pop Underground CD is two tracks shorter than the LP.  
 Unfortunately, I have no idea what two tracks they are being the digital
 dork that I am.  :-)
 The Pavement early singles comp is due out "at the end of the year" or so
 on Drag City/Touch & Go (yep, T&G are now mfng'n'dist'ing Drag City, too.
 Sheesh.)  Drag City are also supposed to release an Xpressway compilation
 CD entitled _Making Losers Happy_ sometime in the distant future, as well.
 Plagal Grind/Alastair Galbraith/etc will be featured, or at least that's
 what I hear, and what I hope for.  I'd give more names if I could find the 
 second-to-last Xpressway catalog, but you ought to better yourself and
 BOTH these labels for info if you care about any of this stuff.  Write to:
 Xpressway               Drag City
 Box 85			            			Box 476867
 Port Chalmers, Otago				Chicago, IL 60647
 New Zealand				        	USA
 (please send an IRC)
 Pegboy, and what's up with them?  Not much, pretty much just doing what
 always do, and what they probably always will do -- milk a career out of
 the same two or three songs recycled over and over again.  I (not by
 saw them in the beginning of September (with Tar, who were excellent) and
 they only had about two new songs (that's been a year now; workin' real
 eh guys?)  On a tangential note, as to whether Naked Raygun will go on as
 a band is very much up in the air, as they are without a drummer and a
 label. (And much hope musically, as far as I'm concerned.)
 Stuff I've picked up lately:
 Sebadoh: "Rocking the Forest" miniLP (20/20, UK).  This is only eight
 songs long, and what's worse, only four of them are really "new".  The
 CD runs about $17.99 import (at least around here, luckily I got it for
 only about ten) and contains the Homestead single "Gimme Indie Rock",
 the already-twice-released "Ride The Darker Wave" (in the single/b-side
 version), an electrically reworked "It's so Hard to Fall in Love" (same 
 cut as on the latest SupPop comp), and a reworked "Really Insane" from
 the Sentridoh 7", entitled "Really Insane II".  The other stuff is spotty,
 with some great songs like "Vampire", and some other noiseblurgle
 that I can give or take.  I definitely recommend it, but not for $20.
 Bricks: "The Getting Wet Part" 7" (Merge)  Mac and Laura Superchunk
 and a few other people messing around with the pop music monster.  This
 recording is apparently a couple of years old, and sounds it.  The A-side,
 "History of Lies", is a nice song (see: Superchunk, but way sloppier and
 more towards the sparse side rather than the thick), but the flip is
 long, pointless, and just doesn't END.  Nice die-cut sleeve though.
 Tar: "Teetering" b/w "The In Crowd" 7"  (Touch & Go)  New label for these
 guys, and I like it I like it I like it!  The b-side is indeed a Bryan
 Ferry cover, and while that'd usually get me on the novelty alone, the 
 a-side is just great.  Unrelenting yet somewhat playful.  
 The Jesus Lizard: "Liar" LP (Touch & Go)  Oh come on, just buy this.  
 Also, watch out for: New Poster Children CD-EP on Sire/Reprise (Fall); 
 Velocity Girl 6-song CD on Slumberland Records; Sebadoh SubPop LP; 
 Seam 7"; Didjits EP; Peter Jefferies/Shayne Carter 7"; Helmet video on 
 Atavistic; and oh-so-much more, how can you afford it all?

[Although Sire/Reprise is not an indie label, I allowed it to be mentioned
in passing. OK Josh? -Mark]

>From Sat Sep 26 01:09:44 1992

 I felt I had to respond to ALL the ALL-like recommendations/  ALL-
though I have heard the Chemical People, Doughboys, B.D.C. and Superchunk,
I had never heard Flop or Pegboy.  Thanks!!  I hav some comments and 
recommendations of my own.

Doughboys: "Home Again"  Overall a decent album, but not as good as "Happy
	Accidents".  Released in '89 on Restless.  "Buying Time" is the best
Green Day: "1,039 Smoothed out Slappy Hours" cd:  Collects all of their 
	releases up to that point(I Think: 1000 hours, Smooth and ?)  I
	recommend them to melodic-punk fan.  Very Catchy.
Samiam:"Samiam":  Another, good melodic-punkish band.  This was released on
 	New Red Archieves in '90, although there is older and newer stuff.  I'd
 	liken it to a hard Descendents (maybe).
Shudder To Think "Funeral At The Movies" and "ten Spot"  I prefer the first
 	album to "Ten Spot", but not much more.  Same type of music, but
 	the vocals are quite high in tone.  Everyone should enjoy it.
D.I. :  The only thing I have by them is "ancient Artifacts"  which is half
 	live, half in studio.  I like it, and everyone I know into this type
of music likes them/  Try it, you'll like it.
Then of course there is Bad Religion, but that's a tad different.
Anyhow, Green Day has a new album, "Kerplunk" which I hear is great!
Anything else, oh yeah....
411: "This Isn't Me" : One of the greatest bands currently in existance.  
 	There is not a bad song on this cd!!  Dan O'Manony of No For An
 	Answer fame is on vocals.  Kind of a harder, melodic-punk with
 	a message, usually.  No One should be without it!!!!

[411 have signed with Interscope Records, a division of Atlantic, a division
of Time Warner, etc. etc. etc., and I thought they were supposed to have
something out by now... anyone know anything else? I agree that 411
(four-one-one, not four-eleven)  are one of the top bands today. - Mark]

[The following is another blatant commercial plug. I will attempt to keep
all future articles of this nature towards the end, so our anti-capitalistic
readers can skip them. :) - Mark]

 From: (Rob Vaughn)
 Volker Stewart, GRUNGE-L member, Baltimore resident, and all-around nice
 also runs Penultimate Records.  Penultimate was formerly located in
 WA and was responsible for a couple of important but virtually ignored
 releases before he (and it) made its way to Maryland.
 Here's the current catalog/ad copy:
 Penultimate Records isn't dead...yet!
 Hot new 45!!
 (UPI) Liquorbike - banned from CMJ, drunks make vinyl!
 Baltimore's own Liquorbike have some bad news for the music world - in the
 form of a 45 RPM, 7" EP!  "Thirstday" b/w "She's Gotta Way" & "Barb's
 has just surfaced and will pop yer eyeballs out.
 A mere $3.50 ppd (a trifle.)
 Derelicts "Love Machine" LP ($6 ppd)
 9 songs from these (now-defunct) Seattle hardcore losers, including a fine
 rendition of the Frantix classic "My Dad's a Fucking Alcoholic" and some HC
 grind to keep you all clenched up... Not for the squeamish...
 Love & Respect - "Love & Respect Record" LP ($6 ppd)
 A brief "Seattle Summer of Love" experiment in the summer of 1989 brought
 together Ed F (of Thrown-Ups and Icky Joey fame), crooner Steve La Rose,
 rhythm section Whiting and Joe (of Big Tube Squeezer) and slide wizard
 Steve Turner (of losercore band Budmoney) for one of the finer moments in
 Rock History (tm).  A dozen songs of anxiety and idiocy, soon-to-be
 classics like "Chlamydia" and "I Hate Recess" included.  Buy or blow,
 boneheads (includes nice woodcut cover, for the artistes out there.)
 Volker Stewart
 223 West 29th Street
 Baltimore MD 21211 (contact me for more info)
 ***The University of Baltimore probably does not condone Punk Rock***  
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before. If you know this info by heart, stop reading now! :)

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