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From: Mark Cornick, i-l co-moderator <stu_m1cornic@vax1.acs.jmu.edu>

This week's digest is a little slim because only two people sent in
anything! If you really like the digest, make it your own by writing stuff.
If you just want to read and enjoy, I have no problem with that, but it
wouldn't hurt to contribute something/anything once in a while. Help out
your poor moderators! (On that note, thanks a lot to Sean Murphy, Chris
Doomgirl Sievanen, Joshua Buergel and Lindsay Watt, who along with Liz,
Joshua H and myself have written most of the last few digests.)

OK, enough rant. To the goods:

Stuff spinning on my turntable this week: Arcwelder "Raleigh" 7" (Touch &
Go), Gravel "As For Tomorrow" 7" (Estrus), Pitchblende "Weed Slam" 7" (Jade
Tree), "Teriyaki Asthma 8" 7" (C/Z), Baby Igor "Zero" 7" (Squealer). Older
stuff rotating through my CD player recently: Seaweed "Weak" (Sub Pop),
Alter-Natives "Group Therapy" (SST), Jawbox "Grippe" (Dischord), Fugazi
"Repeater" (Dischord). And the new Edsel CD, "Strange Loop" (Merkin).
Everything I just mentioned is great.

Before we get into the digest, here's our revised schedule for the rest of
the year:

11/7  (i-l 8): you got this on Saturday.
11/14 (i-l 9): this will also mail on Saturday.
11/20 (i-l 10): our special 10th issue (zow!) will mail on time! (zow!x2)
11/28: there will be NO digest during Thanksgiving week!
12/4  (i-l 11): will mail on time unless something happens.
12/11 (i-l 12): will be the LAST ISSUE of 1992!
12/18, 12/25, 1/1/93: No digests during Mark's winter break.
1/8/93 (i-l 13): and we're back on schedule.

Articles must be in by 5.00PM US Eastern time (2200 GMT) on the day of
publication (see the above schedule) in order to appear in any given digest.

Well, let's get to it, shall we?


From: Ara Hacopian <ahacop@wam.umd.edu>

>What are the different ways a band can release a 7" single? Is it
>always the case that the band pays for the pressing of the records,
>and then the label does the distribution... or do labels like
>Slumberland actually have MONEY to pay for the pressing too, if they
>take on the band as their own?
Actually Mike Schulman (owner) of Slumberland is a real cheapskate. I know
for a fact that Velocity Girl payed for both of their singles on
Slumberland. As for the other bands, I don't know, but I assume they pretty
much payed for most of their singles on Slumberland. And however evil that
seems, you have to understand that paying the money for the record is
nothing compared to dealing with distributors and putting up with pressing
plants and all. But it does seem a bit odd.

[ Mike is known as a cheapskate, but he has agreed to start sending my radio
station free records, so I'll refrain from saying anything evil about him. -
Mark ]


From: Mykel Board <MQB8130@ACFcluster.NYU.EDU>

Yo buckaroos!
Some new non-political stuff:
1.  I'm working on the next issue of NOTHING BUT RECORD REVIEWS
($3 for current one, address below).  I need folks to review
records.  No pay, but you get free records, tapes and CDs.  If
you're interested send me a disk with some sample reviews. 
You've got to keep in mind the following:
     A. All reviews on WordPerfect DOS version on disk (5 1/4 or
     3 1/2.)  All reviews must include band name, record name,
     label name and address.
     B. No bad reviews. If you don't like something describe it,
     if you do like it say so.  You can criticize specifics, but
     no THIS BITES, USE IT AS AN ASHTRAY kind of reviews.  I do a
     zine to support indie music, not cut it down.
     C. No major labels.  I'm only interested in reviews of bands
     on indy labels.  That's who I want to support.  The more
     obscure the band, the better.
2. Starting next issue NBRR will have auctions-- especially punk
auctions.  GOLDMINE kind of misses the punk and New wave
collectors audience.  I won't.  The starting cost will be cheap. 
$10 a type written page, all pages will be reduced nine of them
on an 8 1/2 x 11 page.  Make sure the ads are clear, in good type
(laser is best), and not to small.  Send as many or few pages as
you want.  I'm limiting the auction to 8 pages of the zine, so
act fast if you're interested.  Send your camera ready auction ad
and $10 a page.  (Don't forget to put your name and address
somewhere on at least one of the pages.
3. I'll pay 20% commission for any label or other advert (except
auction).  If you know someone who wants to advertise in NBRR E-
Mail me for display ad rates.  You keep 20%.
4.  My band ARTLESS plans to tour around THANKSGIVING.  If you
have any booking connections, please E-Mail me info ASAP.
Except where it says E-MAIL, all correspondence should be done
via the post office.  You can reach me: 
Mykel Board, PO Box 137-I, Prince Street Sta, New York NY 10012.
                                      Thanks,  Mykel Board



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