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Meet our new moderator
Indie-List was born a ramblin' zine...
Life In Hell (The New Music Seminar)
A Dambuilders fan reports
Indie happening in the Delaware Valley...
Millions of Damned Concerts
Indie-Label List
Marijuana experiments (not really)


From: Mark <>
Subject: Meet our new moderator

With Josh unfortunately lost to us, we have a new moderator. K. Lena
Bennett has been promoted from postmodernism consultant to moderator.
Lena lives in Seattle and, in addition to being pretty hip about this
thing we call music, is also a big comix fan, so maybe she'll slip us
some Fantagraphics news now and then. Her qualifications include
being mistaken for Houk on (a unique asset in
anyone's book.) Lena's address is <>. You may
send your articles to her beginning now. (She does her email from
work, so please be patient with her. Thanks.)


From: Mark <>
Subject: Indie-List was born a ramblin' zine...

... trying to continue existing and doing the best we can. Many
apologies for the generally poor state of affairs at Indie-List in
July. Between Josh leaving the net and my problems with America
Online, we've had a lot of problems. I am now back with Delphi, a
company with whom I've had excellent relations in the past. Thank
you for bearing with us. (Special thanks to Liz and Sean for
enduring Josh's and my shit.)

Thank you to everyone who's offered condolences on my house being
condemned, but frankly, I'm glad. Scott, Troy and I have a new
house which is much sturdier, has higher ceilings (for tall folk
like me) and costs less too. We'll be moving over the next two
weeks, and our new address is in the footer at the end of this
digest. Housewarming gifts are always welcome. :-)

A new FAQ file will be on its way as soon as I get some information
from Liz. There are many changes in it over previous editions, so
please read it when you get it.

There would be a live review of Pitchblende and Pelt (ex-Lid) here,
but I had to work. Rats... sorry, Mike G :-)

I wrote last week about the Tsunami/Small Factory split 45, and I must
admit that the Small Factory song is really growing on me. Small
Factory have done absolutely nothing for me in the past, but "If You
Hurt Me" is pretty nifty, it starts out really quiet and eventually
revs into electric (!!!!!) guitar later in the song. And it's a
bad-love song. I tend to like bad-love songs with electric guitars. I
gave it another try and, well, I like it. I still can't get thru that
damn One Last Kiss track, but I'll approach SF a little differently
from now on.

Mark Cornick :


From: skmurphy@phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Sean Murphy)
Subject: Life In Hell (The New Music Seminar)

So, now that it's over and the fallout is headed toward the land of
cheaper venues and 21+ clubs (Philadelphia), maybe it's time for a
quick look at this year's edition of the New Music Seminar.  I did
not attend the whole conference (luckily), leaving that task to our
Music Director, Jen.  But I did make it up to the city for a few

1. Wednesday - Lotion, Small Factory, Monsterland, Madder Rose, TVP's
at the Wetlands.

OK, so despite my hatred of the infamous "eco-saloon", I went 'cause
Small Factory was playing and I was hoping to see the Television
Personalities, too.  But we didn't make it to the end - TVP's went on
at 1 am, and we left during Madder Rose's set, around 12:15.  Small
Factory put on a good show (as usual), although I really wanted to
slap the "Sunny Sunday Smile" people for making the stupid,
conntrived request of "Suggestions" to end the set.  Come on, gang,
the song is over 2 years old, they have an LP full of new songs which
are great, why not learn something new?  "Junkie On A Good Day" will
be the epic anthem of the fall on a good radio station near you.  The
other bands were passable but not special, and the atmsophere and
people really bummed me out at the beginning - only later did some
nice folks show up, and we all sat outside killing time.

2. Thursday - Candy Machine, Girls Against Boys, Jawbox at Maxwell's.

Due to some absurd bullshit, Maxwell's was not an official venue for
NMS shows (meaning that they would mot be reimbursed for people who
entered with badges).  So, only 50 badges were allowed, and then the
rest of the tickets sold out at 8:30 that evening.  SInce I didn't
have a ticket, I spent my time playing Jurassic Park pinball and
watching someone else rock the Twilight Zone game at our favorite
Hoboken hot-spot, Mr. Big's Deli and Arcade.  So, I missed Candy
Machine, but apparently they put on a great show. A bit of wheeling
and dealing got me into the show for Girls Vs. Boys, and they were
generally great, although the kick was missing from "Bulletproof
Cupid" and they played some stupid song which consisted of the riff
from "You've Got Another Thing Coming" by Judas Priest.  Three 1/2
stars - I'd go see them again 'cause I think that this was an
uncharacteristicly weak performance in places.  Jawbox were good - no
sell-out here, thank you.  The number one topic of discussion was the
fact that Jawbox signed to Atlantic, but I don't really think it will
change them much (famous last words...).

[ The same Jawbox who, two years ago, wouldn't even make t-shirts?
Well, best of luck to 'em. - Mark ]

3. Friday - Kudgel, Deluxx, Pitchblende, Rodan, Crain, Grifters, and
Antietam at the Knitting Factory.

Too much to cover in whole - again, we skipped the last band
(Antietam didn't go on 'til 2:15am) but certainly got our money's
worth.  And this show was well attended by random label reps - some
were fairly cool, but man were there some major-league
sleazeballs...hitting on anything that moved. Blech.  Pitchblende
probably put on the best set, but Rodan and the Grifters were also
great, and I liked Kudgel's noise-crunch.  Major complaint - the club
was just too damn loud.  Even with earplugs, it hurt.

So, I got my first real taste of college radio reps in person (a damn
good reason to stay out of that business...), saw some good shows,
and had an OK time overall.  The shows were a bit weak this year - in
the past, I often found myself torn between 2 or 3 equally solid
shows, but this year there was only one good one per night, in
general, and since most folks are playing Philly this week, I've
still got a chance to catch them without the hoopla.

Oh yeah, there was a sunday night show at my friend Jon's house - no
stupid blue backpacks allowed, no badges admitted.  Plumbing are from
Philly, with former members of Monkey 101 and Ashtray.  OK, but not
too inspiring. Sludgy sound - I'm bound to see them again soon in
Philly, so maybe I'll like them better next time.  Hurl - Pittsburgh,
PA's finest slow-rockers took over and just blew me away.  Wow.  They
played stuff from their new single on DeSoto, they played the track
for the upcoming WPRB compilation CD, many other great songs, and
they concluded with Turnip, the a-side to their first single - wow. 
Now I'm really jealous of people who got to see Slint play live. 
Rodan got into a nasty free-punk groove after some initial technical
problems - some definite full-body-rocking action with these folks. 
I need more music from them, NOW.  Pitchblende delivered their usual
fine combo of wired punk and noise, even if Patrick kept knocking
over his microphone.  Yee-haw.  Codeine just did what they do best -
everyone was ready to fall asleep by the end of their set, but that's
the point.  Beautiful, sad, epic, slow, simple.  Everything you've
come to expect from these guys.  And DO NOT challenge them to
basketball - they're damn good!  Doug (the drummer) was schooling
people on the court both off the dribble and on the pull-up jumper. 
Surprise special guests to end the evening were the Swirlies, and
their set was smooth, without any major problems, but it wasn't as
powerful as the last time I saw them.  Certainly good, but not as
great as their show-stopping performance at the Indie 500.

Yes, I'm substantially rocked out right now...time to go.  One
parting shot - buy the new Terminals CD, "Touch".  It's on a German
label, Raffmond, but distributed by Cargo.  Most of the songs are
studio versions of the live stuff from the "Disease" cassette on
Xpressway, but don't let that stop you - it's essential.  What the
Clean did for 60's pop revivalism in NZ, the Terminals are doing for
60s psych/punk brooding garage music. Wonderful and necessary. 

Sean Murphy


From: LePageL/MF <lepagel/>
Subject: A Dambuilders fan reports

I'm beginning to feel a bit like a Dambuilders cheerleader but they're
so great that I'm forced to forgive myself.  Saw them twice this
month, to my great joy, and they were inspirational both times.

Dambuilders, Smackmelon, etc at the Rat in Boston, July 9

The legendary Rat in Kenmore Square has been newly redecorated in a
classy white-on-black skeleton motif, and Joan Wasser, the
Dambuilders' violin player, fit right in with a wide white
Bride-o-Frankenstein stripe in her long dark hair.  She complemented
the look with a paper and glitter tiara that fell off 10 seconds into
the set due to her highly vivacious playing style.  But enough about
cosmetics.  The Dambuilders delivered a furious set that did not let
up for 50 brief but glorious minutes.  It's rare when all the noisy
minimalist details add up to something, but this band makes
everything count.  For as much as they have going on in their music,
they're incredibly tight live, and appeared to be having a fine time
in the bargain.  As for Wasser, she is an exceptional player, with
great chops and energy.  Violin in pop bands usually winds up
sounding folky but Wasser really rocks.  They played all but "Dose"
from the new ep _Tough Guy Problem_, including a very tough
"Heather."  Of the state songs, they ripped through "New Jersey,"
"Kentucky" and "Wyoming" in addition to the two from the ep.  Live,
"Louisiana" was the stand-out with much frenetic screaming and
sawing.  They played a number of other tunes, some new, some old, all
great--I wish I could find those 7"s I keep hearing about.  At any
rate, if these folks come to your town, what can I say?  Also, rumor
has it that a 16 track cd is in the works featuring state songs. 
Judging from this gig, it should be very worthwhile.  And still more
good news, for Boston anyway-they'll be playing the Middle East on
July 29 with the much touted Swirlies!

Later that month: Dambuilders at the Middle East, Cambridge, July 29

This time, Joan appeared with one of her teeth blacked out, a novel
approach to glamor-busting that didn't deter her adoring fans in the
least.  The band played another great set, with fewer state songs and
more older material (I think) than  at the Rat show.  My favorite was
"Antisceptic" which was anything but.  They also did "Dose," my least
favorite song on the ep but killer live, and finally closed with a
very scronking "Louisiana."

Now, I have to admit that the Swirlies headlined and I didn't stay. 
My excuse is: my ride was leaving, with or without me.  Since the
Middle East is hardly walking distance, I walked to the car.  Sorry. 
I would have liked to have heard them.

From: Lise in Boston


From: (Brian Eck)
Subject: Indie happening in the Delaware Valley...

It's been a busy few weeks, so on with the news 'n' reviews...

Plumbing/Hurl/Rodan/Pitchblende/Codeine/Swirlies, Jon's Living Room,

I'm sure there were other indie-listers there, but I didn't meet
any of them.  ;-(  All in all, the day was wonderful - great bands
and great FlavorIce!  The length was a bit extreme, but the price was
right; five bucks got bands and food.  Yay for Jon and his parents!

Plumbing are a four-piece; two guitars, bass and drums.  They are
kind of a friendly cawledge-rock kind of deal, fairly tasty.  The
non-singing guitarist, John, lived in Bryn Mawr (outside of Philly),
but I'm not sure where the band is based...

Hurl are from Pittsburgh, and have five members.  Considering how
young they are (I think the oldest member is 20), they're very
accomplished, but they seemed awfully like Codeine.  Still, they
certainly have plenty of time to develop their own sound.  Plus, the
singer looks like a mini Steve Albini, which is always a plus.

Rodan were very cool; noisy, fun rock stuff.  I can't really say
who they're like, but I dug their set a lot.  Does anyone have any
info on their recorded material?

Pitchblende were, of course, amazing.  Their set was short (six
songs, Ithink) and insanely loud, but muy bueno nonetheless.  I pity
anyone who still hasn't picked up _Kill Atom Smasher_ - imagine Sonic
Youth plus a dash of Superchunk and with generous helping of raw
power, and that's PitchB.  I just love 'em.  Anyway, I heard they
have a new single coming out on Compulsiv, but I could be wrong.

I would have enjoyed Codeine's set much more had it not been so late
on a Sunday the end, about half the crowd was sitting down,
some nearly asleep.  Their music is full of splendor, but avoid them
if you're sleepy and have to drive an hour and then get up early the
next day, as I did...;-)

I left before the Swirlies, as it was already past eleven.  Did
anyone stay?

Nothing Painted Blue/Archers of Loaf/Trumans Water, Khyber Pass,

I realize this show was on a Wednesday, but it was still one of the
most sparsely attended shows I've been to in a long while.

Nothing Painted Blue are a three-piece from Southern California; they
played twenty-something alternative stuff, but they did it pretty
well. I prefered the distortion-less songs - reminded me a bit of Big

I think I just didn't get Archers of Loaf.  They were loud, and they
certainly seemed to be all worked up about something, but I just
didn't get it.  Hmm.

Five minutes into the Trumans Water set, I thought they were complete
and total wankers.  Ten minutes into the set, I thought they were
amazing.  By the end, I think I reached a middle ground - they are
very silly and I'm not exactly humming any of their tunes, but they
play with such energy and sheer abandon that you can't help but be
impressed. It's good to see a band with zero commerical potential
doing it their way once in a while.  Someone at Caroline must be
awfully open-minded...;-)

Distorted Pony/God and Texas/7 Year Bitch/Unsane, Khyber Pass, Philly

I missed the first band, but I never did find out who played first,

The second band (God and Texas, I think) were noisy and raw, kind
of like Scratch Acid minus Yow.  I didn't find anything really
wonderful about them.

7 Year Bitch, for me, were the stars of the show.  With the Gits
tragically out of the picture, the Bitches are easily the best band
on C/Z these days.  Pro-woman punk rock, and they're great live. 
They have a bunch of new songs, so hopefully there will be a new
album soon; maybe this time the production won't be so awful.  ;-(

Unsane were disappointing.  The music is cool; heavy noise,
definately NYC-style.  But live it got old really fast, especially
with all the violence in the pit.

whew  Haven't purchased anything but used discs lately, so no news
there...upcoming Philly shows include Rev. Horton Heat, Tsunami/Small
Factory, Original Sins, Sleepyhead, and the (rescheduled) Fall. Until


Brian Eck     NEC Systems Laboratory     Princeton, NJ
Anyone who can see through a woman is missing a lot.


From: enriquk@instruction.CS.ORST.EDU (everyday oozer)
Subject: Millions of Damned Concerts

Once again...greetings from the Pacific Northwest!  It looks like
it'll be a happening summer as far as shows go...several shows in the
last month or so. So I have a few reviews...of course.

6/30/93 Jawbreaker and Engine Kid at John Henry's in Eugene

We arrived Engine Kid was already playing by the time we
got there.  They were ok...nobody seemed to be paying much attention
to them and neither did I don't have much to say about them. 
Jawbreaker was great!  You could tell they were all tired (the bass
player kept sitting down between songs and didn't look like he wanted
to get up)...I guess it was close to the end of their tour.  But they
were still very good...played for about 45 mins...and a couple of
songs for an encore (though they didn't leave the stage in between
sets...just sat there looking at each other like "do we really have
to play more songs").  A fun evening in Eugene.

7/1/93  the Gits, Agent 86 and Red Fisher at John Henry's in Eugene

We got there just as Red Fisher was starting.  They were really
good...they're kind of a heavy sounding fast-paced band from Canada. 
They gave my friend,Tom, a tape and a 7" for KBVR (which I reviewed
for the station...and it's really good!).  In between Red Fisher and
Agent 86, Tom and I played a game of pool with the bass player from
the Gits and some other guy...we lost...oh well. Agent 86 is a
hardcore band who recently relocated from D.C. to Eugene.  They were
really good...played for about an hour.  I think they'd do a lot
better with a new bass player (or maybe just better bass
playing)...but other than that they sounded very intense...high
energy.  The Gits played for about 45 mins.  They are great!  The
lead singer, Mia, has an excellent voice. The crowd response was
fairly they didn't do an encore (they were going
to...but then the bar turned the recorded music back on...fairly
rude)  But it was still a great evening of music and entertainment
(and all for only $3...gotta love that)

I just read on a.m.a that Mia Zapata was murdered.  AURRGGHHHHHH!!!!
anybody know what's up with that?  Did they catch the asshole who did

7/3/93  Crackerbash, Hazel and Slot at La Luna in Portland

What a great line up!  And all for only $ doesn't get much
better than that.  Slot is a somewhat mellow, grungey/distortion band
from Ann Arbor. They were surprisingly really good.  It was quite a
crowded house by the time Hazel took the stage.  As always...the
music was excellent.  Hazel consistently puts on a great live show. 
And of course Fred was there to add his interpretive dancing.  Some
of the guys in the crowd had testosterone overloads...I don't usually
mind slam pits...but this one was particularly unreasonable.  Anyway
Hazel played for about an was pure heaven...even if I was
getting slammed in the back every few minutes.  Crackerbash a recent review I said that Hazel was my favorite band
out of Portland right now...well I might have to change my mind. 
Crackerbash is incredible live!  (And they're latest cd "Tin Toy" is
pretty damn good too)  The lead singer has an incredible amount of's a wonder he doesn't get whiplash the way he swings his
head around.  The music was just full on energy...great stuff!  Yet
another incredible evening of music!

7/7/93  Bratmobile, Heavens to Betsy and the Creeps at X-ray Cafe in

The Creeps weren't in the lineup...I think they just showed up to
play just because they had nothing better to do.  Anyway...they were
a lot of fun. The Creeps are 5 guys from San Diego...playing crunchy,
disorganized, fast- paced stuff.  They only played for
about 20 mins.  Then Heavens to Betsy played.  They were broadcast
live on KBOO...the dj was trying to talk with Corrinne while they
were setting up...but she was giving him a lot of shit (it was kind
of funny actually).  Heavens to Betsy played for about 45 minutes (a
lot of the time was spent while they were exchanging instruments
about every other song).  The singing was great...the music was worse
than what I had expected (ok...I realize that they probably don't
give a fuck about playing instruments...and that's ok...but it does
get a little old). Bratmobile played next (Roger Nusic was actually
headlining...but I didn't stick around to see him...I've seen him
play before and wasn't that impressed).  Bratmobile was a lot of
fun...the lead singer is fun to watch (her dancing is great). Again
the music wasn't all that impressive...but I guess that's not the
point. Bratmobile played for about 40 minutes.  Not a bad
evening...not great, though.

7/9/93 Seaweed, the Supersuckers and the Meices at La Luna in

I got there a little I missed the first band (Big F).  The
Meices were just starting when I got there.  They're basically what
you would expect from an eMpTy records pop-punk 
Fun stuff...but nothing incredibly inspiring.  The Supersuckers were
fun...the lead singer kept saying that he had laryngitis...but you
couldn't tell.  He was able to scream without much difficulty.  I
hadn't seen the Supersuckers play for about a year. So I don't quite
remember if they're heavy-metal-stage-antics are old or new. It was
pretty funny watching them get the kids in the crowd to do the
"horned hand"  Anyway...they sounded great!  Seaweed headlined...they
were incredible. I hadn't seen them play in a long I wasn't
expecting them to be that great...but they were.  Very high energy
(almost as energetic as Crackerbash but not quite).  They played for
about 45 minutes and a 2 song encore.  Was I hallucinating or was the
lead singer from The Meices playing drums for Seaweed?  Hmmm... 
Anyway...another great show in P-town.

[ The Big F, aren't they the Cult tribute band featuring former members
of Berlin, who gave us that Top Gun classic, "Take My Breath Away"?
Hmmm. - Mark ]

well...I guess I won't review any records this week...maybe later. 
Oh...I did go to a Pansy Division show in San Fran a few weeks ago. 
Fun stuff!  I think they're coming here to Corvallis in the fall. 
Should be interesting.

see ya,


From: Sean Murphy <skmurphy@phoenix.Princeton.EDU>
Subject: Indie-Label List

Well, for those of you who don't read a.m.a. (and you know, you're
probably better people for it - I really wonder why I waste so much
of my time there), I post this little message in the hopes that you
can help me in some way. I've inherited a "master-list" of
independent record labels.  After the better part of a week, I've
weeded out the dreck, got a nice list of stuff I know about, and a
long list of labels which I know nothing about.  The end result,
which should be ready by Friday, will be a list of labels with short
descriptions of each label and mailing addresses.  If you would like
to peruse the "unknown" list to help me out, please drop me a line. 
(I'm being polite and not posting it here since it's about 150 lines
long.)  Otherwise, I'll let people know when all this is ready to go.
It will be posted to a.m.a. regularly, along with a few other lists
(Grunge-L, maybe 4AD-list, Hypnodrone, etc.).  Suggestions and ideas
are welcome, as are requests for the list once it's finished. 


P.S. obShowReview - go see the Television Personalities if you get the
chance - it's not a captivating, action packed show, but it will make
you feel nice and warm inside, and that's a good thing.


From: Steve Silverstein <ST201268@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU>
Subject: Marijuana experiments (not really)

I tried writing Joshua like 2 weeks ago, but the mail got lost in his
shuffle.  So here's try number 2.  The big thing, I suppose, is the
latest news from small factory.  First, the Simple Machines 7" seems
to be out, though I haven't snagged it yet.  They'd originally
planned to put "Theme from small factory" on it, if I recall
correctly, but instead chose the album outtake they ultimately used. 
Everything else is coming soon, so hold your breath.  The Slumberland
single with "Scared of Love" and the slow B-side, which has been due
forever, continues to make progress.  Bi Joop finally finished the
covers.  The big reason small factory was so excited about Bi Joop
were their great silkscreened covers.  But this time, they think it
is terrible.  It is a drawing of a sad little kid which looks nowhere
near as nice as the older covers.  Plus, Mike S. is irritated that
they messed up the Slumberland logo.  They may still redo the cover,
adding more delays.  Cover art has also proven a problem with I Do
Not Love You, the spinART LP/CD.  The guy doing the cover art
complained that he had nowhere to put a UPC code, and just was a pain
in general.  Now that they're back from the tour and he's wasted a
month, that's finally been smoothed out.  So that will be out within
the next 2 months also.  The selections on that favor new over old
(including a song Liz really liked when she recently saw them), but
do have a different, rockin' "What to Want", plus, finally, "Come
Back Down".  "Hopefully" was relegated to 2 compilations.  The first
is a cassette, part of the Burning the Midnight Firefly #2
compilation ($5 + $1.50 postage, 41 Fanning Lane/Greenville RI 
02828).  It'll also appear on a CD comp at some later date (sorry, I
missed that title).  The Pop Narcotic 7" seems not to have had
problems, but Helium's had to be re-mastered, slowing the release
dates for both.  They'll both be out soon too.  (Check out Bill's
cool ad in the newest Option).  Finally, the big tour news are some
shows with Heavenly, who are in the States 9/03 to 9/11. While small
factory play the Brilliant fest in Richmond (as do Eggs, and a
billion other bands I haven't had tell me they'll be there), Calvin
has booked afew shows for Heavenly.  The dates from about the 5th or
6th to 11th will be Lois, small factory, and Heavenly.  Sounds like a
Heavenly triple-bill (sorry).

Also, DC is brimming with free shows, so I thought I'd alert anyone
nearby who hadn't heard.  By the time you receive this, you'll have
missed Slumberland's Ropers with new locallers Swoon, but there are a
couple of nifty shows coming up at Fort Reno Park (near the
Tentleytown Metro stop, at Chesapeake between 41st NW and Nebraska). 
Call Natasha at Fort Reno, 202/282-0028 for more info about upcoming
shows or location.  Future shows include Fugazi (8/09) and Shudder to
Think (8/30).  Mondays and Thursdays all month.  Also, Positive Force
is doing some sort of Martin Luther King thing with a Salvadoran
band, agogo band, and Fugazi, on 8/07, at the base of the Washington
Monument.  Noon to 6.  Call Positive Force for more info,

Finally, sorry about the title, but I have just learned that Stu from
Shudder to Think administers odd testing as a job.  Recently, he ran
a study of sobriety tests, which a friend participated in, and he's
been known to study crash helmets in the past.  I just thought I'd
mention that.



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