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               /  Volume 2, Number 16


From: Mark
Subj: Submission deadline for Fshee! #1

Fshee! is the first-anniversary paper Indie-List we told you about
a few weeks back. If you want to have something published, here's
what I'd like:

* Your article. (Of course.) It shouldn't exceed two pages, but exceptions
might be made for things I really like. Please send your article on a disk
(3.5") if you can. I use a Mac, but I can convert MS-DOS files if they are
plain text. Mac users can send plain text, MacWrite, or MS Word files. If
you don't have access to a PC, send a copy of your article via Internet.

* Your postal address. So I can send you a copy of the zine when it's ready.

* (optional) A black-and-white picture of yourself, to appear with your
article. (It'd be nice to see what some of the readers of this list look

* (optional) Anything else you'd like to submit: artwork, photography, what
have you. I'll even take an ad for your zine/label/etc if you also include a
small contribution (say $5.00 or less) and make it half a 8.5x11 page or

All this needs to be in my house by MONDAY, OCTOBER 4. This is so I can have
the zine out by the end of October (the first anniversary month.)

If you'd like anything you send me back, please tell me so and send some

Send all of the above to: Mark Cornick, 324 S Cherry St, Richmond VA 23220.
If you have any questions before or during the article-collection process,
please call me at (804) 649-7410 (I am usually home from around 7 to around 9
eastern time.)


From: Mark
Subj: I tried, but...

...I couldn't stay away. Yes, it's true, I live, sleep, eat, drink
and breathe this list. Ugh...

Now that the summer of 19 Naughty III is over, I'm beginning to
get things back together a bit. In retrospect, moving to Richmond
was probably a rushed move; I still owe my roommate for two
months' rent. And it was hot, and I'm miserable in extremely hot
weather. And, basically, August sucked a huge dick for me, being
out of work half the month and flat broke. But, things are picking
up a bit. I'm making money again, the weather is cooling off, and
I'm beginning to think that there might be a god after all (don't
worry, I'm Unitarian. :-) I'm going back to school in the spring,
getting that college degree which is meaningless when you're 21 but
quite nice to have when you eventually want to move up in the world.
Friendly is going places (read on.) Maybe now I can drop my defenses
a little more and maybe get my love life going again. I dunno. What
does all this have to do with the list, you ask? Well, I've been
unable to think creatively for a while. It's showed in my writings
here, in my songbook, in my drum playing, in a lot of places. I've
been stuck in a rut of late.

Most of you don't know that I spent most of 1992 battling severe
depression. It hurt me a lot -- I had to leave JMU because my grades
were so negatively affected. Doing Indie-List was one of the few
things I really enjoyed during that time. Once I got control of myself
again, things picked up a lot. I was enjoying myself until things
heated up again this summer. I think I almost relapsed into the deep
dark funk again. Things got miserable for a while. Thus the general
lack of gusto or verve in my writing.

I guess the point of this whole spiel is that you really shouldn't
ignore the signs that something's wrong. I did for a long time, and
it only made things worse. If you need help, talk to a friend, your
lover, a doctor, somebody. Keeping things bottled up may enhance
the creativity of certain goth musicians, but most people find it
stifling and depressing. And try to find the good things in your
life, limited as it may be.

Thanks for listening to my confessions. ObIndie: I got the new Helium
and Small Factory 45s (yes, I bought a Small Factory 45) from Pop
Narcotic, but I'll wait to review them.


From: Robert Jacob <>
Subject: Greetings from Madison, Wisconsin.

I finally got tired of seeing good bands play Chicago and
Minneapolis and skip Madison that I decided to take matters into
my own hands.  I've joined the Wisconsin Memorial Union Music and
Entertainment Committee.  (As a grad student, I can do that.)
The committee makes all the decisions on who plays the Terrace or
the Rathskeller in the Memorial Union on the UW campus.  Some of
you may have heard about it or been there.  Its a great place to
play because there's almost always a good crowd (admission is free)
especially in the summer on the Terrace.

I'm going to be trying to book bands that I know are good (from 
reading the indie list, natch) that I see coming to this way.  But
if you or a band you know would like to be considered, just send a
demo and any printed material you may have to:
		Memorial Union Rm 514 
		800 Langdon St.
		Madison, WI  53703

That's all for now.  Actual music reviews/news later.
Robert Jacob


From: Mike Schmelzer <>
Subject: indie list submission

CONCERT REVIEW: Fez Petting Zoo / Action Figures.
At The (newly remodeled) Chamber, 9/9/93, Madison, WI.

I had been telling my friend John for months now that I'd
go see his band, Fez Petting Zoo, and last night I finally did.
It was a simple guitar/bass/drums arrangement, but I'd say they
were just a notch shy of being called a "power trio" because
they just didn't have the heft. Nevertheless, they rocked.
John is originally from Boston, and my friend Scott remarked
that they sounded "like a Boston band." I sort of agreed, but
I'd say they were more like a Boston band which hasn't gotten
up to speed yet. Actually, as the set progressed, they picked
up the tempo and rocked more. I'll definitely follow their
progress and keep you posted, because they had a couple of
genuinely good songs, and the weaker ones were played fast
enough that I didn't hate them.

Action Figures were also a "basic" trio, and they rocked in
the Buzzcocks/Descendents/Fastbacks vein. I enjoyed it immensely.
They were tight and fast, with a lot of those little stop-starts,
tempo changes, and flourishes that set them apart from a band
that just plays fast. I would have enjoyed it more if I weren't
so damn tired, and yeah: I left early, but that's not a reflection
on the band!

Coming up this Saturday: The AmRep Cluster Fuck @ O'Kayz. Stay Tuned!
(Oh yeah, this was my 1st indie list post. Did I do good?)
;; Mike Schmelzer,, (608)262-4550. Finger for PGP.
;; Yeah, you're on my list too, pal. - Gravity's Rainbow


From: LePageL/MF <lepagel/>
Subject: Unrest and others

Hi Lena [Hey, but my name is Bennett, not Bartlett.... :)], 

Last week's list was inspirational.  Made me want to submit - yes submit -
to IndieList.  So here ya go --

_Perfect Teeth_ (4AD) and Unrest at the Middle East

Thanks, Mark, for the manifesto.  As long as this is just Indie-chat, and
not hardcore indie-valuation, then I feel less guilty getting my two cents
in about stuff already reviewed.  So, about the new Unrest record _Perfect
Teeth_, can I say that I think it's treading water a bit?  To me, their
signature sound is starting to sound redundant.  But I liked the record
anyway and my favorite songs on it are: "Soon It Is Going To Rain" which
stands up with anything on Imperial, as do "6 Layer Cake" and "Make Out
Club." I also like both of Bridget's tunes which reinforce the record's
mood of vague longing.  Is Bridget really only 22?  Overall, I'd say that
_Perfect Teeth_ is very good but not great. 

[ I dunno. I guess they haven't really moved forward a lot, but with all
the money the were getting for this record there was a dangerous possibility
of backwards motion, which fortunately didn't happen. IMO, anyway. - Mark ]

Unrest happened to be in town the night before their record hit
the stores, so I got a chance finally to see them live.  Just watching
them was an experience.  Mark seems unreemablely weird while at the same
time being completely normal looking.  Bridget, on the other hand, appears
pretty normal but spent much of the set making faces at Mark.  Anyway,
they were fascinating to watch.  Their set consisted of a lot of new stuff
from _Perfect Teeth_ with a smattering of older songs including two from
_Malcolm X Park_ that blew me away.  Wish it wasn't out of print.  A very
satisfying set, easily worth twice the $5 cover at the door. 

	Magic Hour opened and thanks to whoever noted that Magic Hour is
ex-Crystallized Movements as well as Galaxie 500 cuz I was wondering when
those folks were going to surface in Boston.  Their focus seems to be
noise, but it's nice noise - long, long songs with lots and lots of
feedback.  Very experimental but more like Galaxie 500 than any
Crystallized Movements I've heard.  Their shortcoming is that no one in
the band can sing a lick, and yet, they keep singing.  I'd rather they
drop the vocals or bring `em up so you can actually hear them. 

Also, some records I've been playing:

Breeders, Cannonball maxi-single [4AD]:  I liked Safari better than the lp
Pod, and I wonder now if I won't end up liking Cannonball better than _Last
Splash_, in stores now.  Cannonball is the new single from Splash, and a
fine single it is with Kim Deal's transmogrified vocals and a rockin' chorus. 
The other three songs, unavailable on lp, are "Cro-aloha,"which sounds like the
Pixies, Aerosmith's "Lord of the Thighs," and "900."  "900" by bassist
Josephine Wiggs stands out as the least typical song on here, and maybe the
most interesting, a slow, modal thing with dreamy solo strings over
keyboard/guitar drone.  Very nice.  Overall, I give it **.

Seefeel, _More Like Space_ [Too Pure] Four songs from London's Seefeel, a band
I knew nothing about until recently when college radio in my town started
playing "Come Alive" every day.  College radio tells me this is "nice ambient
stuff" and I guess I believe them, except that for me, it rarely stays in the
background.  Basically, it's nothing more than guitar/synth washes driven by
bass, overlaid with occasional unintrusive vocals and other sounds.  "Time To
Find Me" reminds me of St. Etienne.  On the whole, consistently interesting,
hypnotic but never soporific.  **1/2.

I have lots of other new records but been too godawful busy to pay `em much
mind.  Playing Beat Happening ["sigh....." - Lena] instead and trying to stay

--Lise in Boston


From: Julie Carter <>
Subject: CURSE/KCMU news [abridged for non-seattle readers]

@ Depositions are basically complete for the lawsuit brought by former 
volunteers/listeners of KCMU.

@ CURSE continues negotiations with the University of Washington about 
the future of the station.

@ KCMU recently completed a summer fundraiser. No word yet on returns.

@ CURSE mailing address (letters of protest, contributions to the 
escrow account) is still P.O. Box 85839, Seattle, WA  98145.

For more info., as always, call 206/298-CURS.



From: Linda Andes  <>
Subject: Band of Susans tour info for the Indie-List

Band of Susans will be playing in London at the Astoria Two on Friday
September 10 with the Afghan Whigs, Stereolab and Scrawl. 

Then the following U.S. dates:
September 16 Toronto/Embassy
          17 Chicago/Cabaret Metro
          18 Iowa City/Gabe's Oasis
          19 Minneapolis/The Uptown
          20 Kansas City/Grand Emporium
          21 St. Louis/Cicero's
          22 Cincinnati/Sudsy's
          23 Louisville/Uncle Pleasant's
          24 Washington/Black Cat
          25 Baltimore/The Rev

Starting in October, you can see Band of Susans plaing dates in The
Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Greece and the
U.K. I'll send those dates once I get 'em..... 

Linda    u35455@uicvm


From: "K. Lena Bennett" <>
Subject: The issue of reviews, etc. [from Mark's editorial]

Here's a few smatterings of my mobile opinion that I thought of in reply
to Marks' editorial....  Again, nothing set in stone.  And all mine. 

I think it might be good to claim that if people do want to write more
critic-style reviews they are welcome to - that indie list is a diversity
of voices.  I'd slightly take issue with the idea that it's like hanging
out with a friend whom you don't ask why they like a certain record -- we
DON'T all know each other.  If I've never heard a certain strain of indie
music but I know that Mark or Liz likes almost all of that kind of music,
I still don't know what it sounds like or why I should check it out except
for that Mark likes it.  And I don't really know Mark.  For instance, I
have a pretty good idea of Josh's taste because he's sent me some tapes
and I've bought some albums he's recommended, and liked them, so I'd
listen to a review from him.  But I wouldn't say the same for anyone else
on the list, just because I don't know their music.  ..... The kind of
reviews I like to see:  There's a middle ground to walk between "I think
this album is really great, buy it now" [insert finger up nostril and in
general behave like the average a.m.a. post-er] and "academic-type"
criticspeak.  You can say, "so and so is into weird guitar tunings like
Sonic Youth, they use a lot of noise but not as cleverly as Pavement, and
they have really pretty female vocals." I don't think this is pretentious. 
You'd be making references that other people can latch on to.  It's not
hard to give some indication of why the records sound the way they do. 

[P.S. on a totally unrelated note, I'm not currently schtupping any
cartoonists or marimba players or grungepuppies or anyone else, not that
it matters, but just thought I'd let you know since my habits are at times
made reference to in this forum.  I'll take applications from Calvin
Johnson, though.]

[ Point is taken (see, as the editor I do get to reply to everything, bwa
ha ha hahah :-) I, personally, have always tried to avoid the "comparison"
type of review. But that was mainly because I used to review records for
a radio station where a lot of people had never even heard of Pavement
[shudder!] and other bands that I know. A comparison review is fine as long
as your comparisons don't get too obscure (i.e. "the new Friendly record
sounds surprisingly like John Coltrane playing bass bouzouki with the
drummer of Wreck Small Speakers On Expensive Stereos and the lead sousaphonist
of the Corsica Philharmonic.") But... hey, why the fuck have I devoted all
this space to this issue? OK, my reviews suck, and that's why I'm taking
some time off to be able to review things more completely. If I have more
time to review stuff I'll be able to do it better. (I'm not angry at you,
Lena. Just so happened that it was your post I responded to. :-) By the way,
the weather is cooling off a bit, finally! I tend to get grumpy and non-
creative in hot weather. Yay! - Mark ]

"If she had half a mind, you'd be about even...." -- Eleventh Dream Day


From: Steve Silverstein <>
Subject: auhfelg;adfje

OK.  All sorts of news this week.  Where to start?  Heavenly/small factory/
Honeybunch.  Last Call Saloon, 9/09, Providence.

Ty Jesso, who used to do Loser Bar at the Church House before it closed has
moved to the quite pleasant confines of the Last Call Saloon, a blues club
(where Alex Kemp said he'd never been before), and will soon be returning to
his old Sunday night show routine.  Anyhow, on to this fine triple bill (Lois
was originally scheduled, but her drummer had school or something).  So,
Honeybunch were on first.  They sounded quite good, playing for over a half an
hour.  Jeffrey wasn't sure how much they'd be playing for awhile after last
night's New York show, if anyone is hoping to see them soon.  Next up was small
factory.  In fine form, a bit tighter than their fun, sloppy selves can be.
Opened with "Scared of Love", then ran through about 8 other songs, mostly from
the new album ("Keep on Smiling", "Lots to Do", the song from the Working
Holiday single, etc.).  Ended with "Valentine", after apologizing for Lois's
not being there.  After the quite short set (~35 mins), everyone cheered for an
encore and got one, in "Junky on a Good Day".  A bit restrained but a nice
show.  Heavenly were just amazing, playing over an hour of just tremendous
pop songs.  A few things from the new EP, which is of course due in the States
9/12 I think, so that's after the show.  They found this funny.  But they
still did new tunes like "Attagirl" and "P. U. N. K. Girl", the latter they
introduced as a disco tune sounding like Gloria Gaynor or someone.  They
were just wonderful.  Amelia kept talking about having spots on her face, and
thinking of possible reasons.  Someone at a previous show had guessed that
she's 9 years younger than Matthew (her brother, the drummer), which would
make her 13; I don't know how this could cause spots (I didn't even see them,
but she kept talking about them so I'm guessing they were there), nor her
large meal at the Silver Top Diner, but they were funny stories, anyhow.

Other stuff.  New small factory CD.  I'm still not amazed yet, but it is damn
good.  I Do Not Love You.  The 13 tracks include longtime personal favorites
"Keep On Smiling" and "Come Back Down", plus a noisy "What to Want", a cover
of Lois's "Valentine", a soft 1 1/2 minute sound montage "Our Deseret" (titled
from Versus's "Deseret"), "Junky on a Good Day" with a big feedback coda as the
last tune, and 8 minutes of random soft conversation at the end.  Fun.  48 mins
in all, and quite swell.  Give a listen.

New England gossip for all who care.  Ben is no longer a Swirlie, and departs
soon for Portland, OR.  After recording an album with which all were unhappy
with Bob Weston at Albini's studio, Pie Wagon are taking a long (probably
permanent) hiatus.

And count my vote in favor of Perfect Teeth, which I forgot to mention last
week (I think).  Did everyone else know that Cath Carroll sang for Miaow, whom
Unrest covered on that Factory covers 7", and that Durango Santiago was the
guitarist for Big Black?  I didn't until recently.

That's all for now, I think.  It's more than enough.



From: Douglas Wolk <>
Subject: What an indie weekend...

[As you might guess, this is for the indie-list.]

Yeah, it's been a very indie weekend here in New York.

Last night was the Chickfactor party. Gail and Pam have been having a
bigger party every time they put out a new magazine, and this one was so
big they couldn't hold it in Gail's apartment any more, so this time it
was at Under Acme. Dress code was that everybody had to wear the little
plastic barrettes that come with the new issue of the magazine. They
caught on--quite a few people were still wearing them tonight, men and
women both.

Lovefish played first--we did more or less okay, except when we tried to
thank Hamish Kilgour for letting us use his amps and attempted to play
"Flowers," which neither of us knew, in two keys at once. Mercifully, we
were followed quickly by Purple Ivy Shadows, who have a new and very good
bass player and attempted somewhat more successfully to play "Proud
Mary"--kind of a stretch for them.

By this point, the room was so full of indie-scene personalities that I
mentioned to Jon Fine that if somebody dropped a bomb on the building, an
entire subculture would be gone. He said "Yeah--Simple Machines would take
over the world." I went upstairs to find Jenny Toomey arriving...

The Mad Scene were next, in their two-person (Lisa and Hamish)
incarnation. They're fantastically good--everything that Royal Trux should
be but aren't--and the legendary days and days of practice time spent
working only on guitar sound have paid off. See them if you ever get a
chance. Then Lois played with her new drummer (Amy?). Lois is Lois and
will always be and we will always love her. The new drummer wants very
badly to be John Bonham, and while that's sort of a nice change from the
Pat Maley/Molly Bratmobile vibe, it's a little disconcerting to have every
Lois song played in half-time and sound like "When The Levee Breaks."

By this point, people were checking out and gossiping about the issue
itself. Apparently Mark Ibold (of Pavement) is very upset about the
multiple "Pavement Boy" cartoons about him in the new issue...

Glo-Worm did a short but very, very pleasant set--they're Terry from Tree
Fort Angst and Pam from Chickfactor, ex of Black Tambourine. Since it was
indie cover night, or at least seemed that way, they did Velocity Girl's
"Crazy Town" as a present for Pam's boyfriend, Brian of Velocity Girl, who
was in the front row cheering her on. They were followed by Fontaine from
Versus doing about three songs with a friend of hers, all excellent (she
should really sing more and play more guitar). Then Tree Fort Angst proper
played. I was so weirded out by hearing a "proper" band at that point that
I went out into the lobby to talk to a couple of friends I hadn't seen in
a while, so I can't say anything much about the performance.

The Lilys were next. People tend to dismiss them 'cause the album was such
a blatant MBV ripoff, but man! does Kurt write great songs. He would have
had to do the gig solo, but Jeff Cashvan (Remora Records headguy, Versus
roadie, Sleepyhead booster, Salmonskin leader, ex-Dustdevils bassist,
Sound-Go-Round Orchestra guitarist and Barney Rubble lookalike) offered to
play feedback, and did so through the set. I can't wait for the next Lilys
record--the songs are much longer and more complicated than indie-rock
songs usually get, and they're totally distinctive by now.

Small Factory played their usual jumping-around kinda set, marred by a bit
of indie-backstabbing that was going on--email me if you want details.
Honeybunch were next, and this may have been their final gig. Sniff. They
had Claudia Gonson of the Magnetic Fields playing drums, and they did a
totally apropos Magnetic Fields cover (what did I tell you?), "The Saddest
Story Ever Told." I had to go home before Heavenly closed out the evening,
but I was told that they were superb and covered the Cramps' "Goo Goo
Muck" with current Small Factory roadie Erin Smith (of Bratmobile fame)
playing guitar. 

Right. So tonight was Walt Records acoustic showcase night at CB's
Gallery. Franklin Bruno played first (I had to leave before Fire In The
Kitchen and Railroad Jerk played), and was brilliant. For some reason, I
like his songs much better played solo than in the context of Nothing
Painted Blue. He played a bunch of new and excellent songs (even if he did
rhyme "E-mail" with "female" and "subtle as a raw fish" with "wasn't so
standoffish"), did a couple of songs from the new single and the older
tapes, covered some Mountain Goats song that I didn't recognize, and
played the old NPB song "Fitted Sheets," whose hook is one of the cattiest
disses I've ever heard: "all she left me was a reason to bleach my fitted
sheets." Totally marvelous. 

I zipped over to Maxwell's in time to see Lois again. As usual, her
between-song dialogue was so great it threatened to eclipse the actual
songs. Somebody has to put out a dialogue-only "Having Fun With Lois On
Stage" single. (Anybody remember that "Venom Live" record on Ecstatic
Peace a few years ago? "Yah fuckin' pretty loud New Jehsey!") Phoebe from
Small Factory came up and sang "Valentine" with Lois (she does it on the
forthcoming Small Factory album, too). 

Heavenly finished off the evening and were just great too. I'd never seen
them before--other than the new EP and a couple of singles, I'd slagged
them off as a watered-down version of their former Talulah Gosh glory. Boy
were they good live, though. Having three guitarists will do that
sometimes, I guess. For the Calvin parts of "C Is The Heavenly Option,"
Ira Robbins (yes, the former _Trouser Press_ editor, now pop music editor
at Newsday) came up and sang...

Anyway. I'm exhausted and I've rambled. Anyone who's got a copy of the
Fall's "Kicker Conspiracy" double-pack they feel like parting with should
let me know.

Douglas D. Wolk


From: Rod Sayer <>
Subj:  in Dunedin, New Zealand

Anyone planning to visit us down here? (if your rich uncle dies maybe) 
Bring your band!
Here's what was on at the Empire Tavern last week: King Loser on Thursday 
and the 3Ds (with Jay Clarkson opening) Friday. After 8 years overseas 
it's been reassuring for me to come back and find the Empire still 
promoting live music, and as if that's not enough, there's now free pool 
in the back bar.  

King Loser swear they've never heard of the Sub Pop "Loser" t-shirt, so if 
you've got one hidden away that you're now too embarassed to wear, sent 
it to them and they'll wear it with pride (or irony, or something). 
They're a three-piece, or rather Chris & Celia with high drummer 
turnover.  Noisy jazz/surf/punk fusion with lots of distorted guitar 
indulgence - but mostly they warm my heart for being an island of 
humour, glitter and sleaze in this sometimes-too-cerebral town.  They 
were true to form tonight, Celia was resplendent in fish-nets and some 
kind of swimsuit deal (I'm lousy at describing women's clothing) and 
their backdrop could only be understood if you're from a country which 
still has milk bottles with aluminium tops. Their first LP (vinyl & CD) 
is coming out next month, "Sonic Super Free HiFi" on Turbulence 
(Belgium) and you might be able to get a copy via Cargo in the U.S.A. or 
else you could write to Chris & Celia, at 451 Princes Street, Dunedin.

The 3Ds show was opened by Jay Clarkson.  She's just moved down here from 
Christchurch and seems to be going through a productive writing and 
performing phase.  Anyone that has the Tuatara compilation will know her 
band the Expendables and their song "The man with no desire". She didn't 
play this tonight and there were (I'm told) a few she was playing for 
the first time. Sparse, clever and very cool but then again not 
something I'd want to listen to all night.  Well I didn't have to - the 
3Ds followed with a set that crunched and squealed throught the next 
hour and a half.  Actually it might have been longer counting a fifteen 
minute delay towards the end, caused by an amp fire (yes there were 
flames and and an extinguisher was hurriedly produced by the bar staff). 
 Sorry I can't remember which song did the damage but any of them would 
have been appropriate.  The 3Ds are one local band I've been happy to 
see repeatedly since I've been back - for me they stand out clearly from 
a pretty sorry crop of Dunedin traditionalists who have plugging away 
since the early eighties (I'm disillusioned with some of my old heroes 
from that era).  The 3Ds' new album is due out next month, I think it's 
going to be called "Venus Trail" or similar.

The name of the CD by Shihad, the Wellington band who got mentioned a few 
weeks ago, is "Churn" (Wildside/Festival).  It's at the metal/industrial 
end of grunge (though I'm sure they'd disclaim the g-word) and I really 
liked this CD a lot and played it frequently for a while, so check it 
out if that's your thing.  Live - well, kind of annoying I thought, when 
they played here last month - for a number of reasons I needn't harp on 
about.  Well one thing, perhaps.  Has anyone ever done a study on what 
smoke machines do to lungs?  I mean this was seriously overdone - it's 
just ludicrous that a band which claims concern for the environment 
forces their audience to breathe an incredibly dense fog of suspended 
oil droplets for the whole show. Not a place for asthmatics to be.

Finally, if anyone's having trouble finding music from here I'd suggest 
you make a penpal out of Roy Colbert, at Records Records, 213 Stuart 
Street, Dunedin (Phone 64-3-4740789). He's a really helpful guy and I 
think feels flatttered by any overseas interest in the local music scene 
(he likes to collect reviews of NZ bands from foreign 'zines etc).  Of 
course he likes to sell stuff too. 


From: Ara Hacopian <>
Subject: INDIE-LIST POST: Bunch o' stuff

Hi, with the new school year comes a new college radio show. Well,  
not really that new. noon-3 mondays on 88.1 WMUC-FM here in college  
park. Its called the Pop Loser Show. 

The first show went a little something like...

Eugenius-Breakfast * * * Swirlies-House of Pancake * * * Beat
Happening-Sleepyhead * * * Tiger Trap-Supercrush;You And Me;Hiding * * *
Unrest-So Sick * * * Th' Faith Healers-Oh Baby! * * * Even As We
Speak-Getting Faster;Blue Eyes Decieving Me * * * Stereolab-Eloge D'Eros *
* * Heavenly-Escort Crash on Marsten St. * * * Teenage Fanclub-Free Again
* * * The Ropers-Cool Self * * * Veronica Lake-Saints Above * * *
Warm-Flute * * * Lush-Fallin' In Love * ** Breeders-Cro-Aloha * * *
Eggs-In State * * * Astrud Gilberto-Summer Samba(So Nice) * * *
Medicine-Wrought * * * Tsunami-Gold Digger * * * Pastels-Sittin'
Pretty;Swerve * * * JPS Experience-Into You * * * Pale Saints-Throwing
Back The Apple * * * Damon & Naomi -E.T.A.;Little Red Record Co. * * *
Lilys-Elizabeth Colour Wheel * * * My Bloody Valentine-Cupid Come * * *
Velocity Girl-I Don't Care If You Go * * * Unrest-Hydroplane * * * Yo La
Tengo-The Asparagus Song * ** Sebadoh-Brand New Love * * * Big Star-Sept.
Gurls; Way Out West * * * Sleepyhead-Play (there only good song) * * *
Some Velvet Sidewalk-Pumkin Patch ** * Beach Boys-Wild Honey * * *
Vaselines-Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam * ** 

Got some compliments from the new music director..

I saw Heavenly play at the 9:30 club in D.C. and at the Rev in  
Baltimore. I'm in love with Cathy (the backup singer)...they were  
really great, a lot of there songs that sound kind of wimpy on record  
are rockin' live. I also got a radio id from Amelia and Cathy, I got  
them to sing "Bop Bop Ba Da Da Da, you're listening to WMUC <pause>  
FM <pause> College Park" (to the tune of Escort crash on Marsten St.)
Lois also played and she was pretty good, though I don't really like  
her new drummer. Small Factory played a rocked out set and I was glad  
to see them, since my only record of theirs is the Slumberland 7".
I also saw Unrest and Versus play, and I got a cool Unrest shirt...

-Ara (services)


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