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Indie-List Digest Tue, 8 Jun 93 Volume 2 : Issue 2

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                       I: 20-Nothing And Proud
                          I: Dambuilder's EP
                               I: Josh
                         I: Reviews (2 msgs)

From: Mark <> Subject: I: 20-Nothing And Proud

Howdy doody! Grocery stocking been bery, bery good to me, so I got
some stuff to listen to:

- BRATMOBILE/VERONICA LAKE, "I Love You, You Little Crocodile"/"Saints
Above" and MY DAD IS DEAD/RASTRO, "Where's Our Reason?"/"Kiss Me"
(Simple Machines Working Holiday - May and June): With _Deep End_
finally out of the way, the Working Holiday series is more or less
back on schedule with these two new singles (but still no record boxes
-- July.) Bratmobile celebrate Asian Heritage Month with a very
typical one-minute-boom-chucka-slam-pow-screech- halt song, with
Alison purportedly singing in Thai, although it sounds like gibberish
to me -- then again, I don't know Thai. Lots of empty grooves on this
side. All I can really say about the Veronica Lake song (celebrating
Ascension Day) is that it's no better or worse than any of their other
stuff.  They have yet to make an impression on me, which I guess is a
criticism.  (Well, okay, my impression is that their singer sounds a
lot like William, The NBC Page With The Fake British Accent
sometimes... y'know, "Chicks diggit, Dyve.") So that's May; June is a
lot better, starting with My Dad Is Dead celebrating -- do I even need
to tell you? -- Father's Day with a song "about letting past emotions
dictate your emotions today." Wow! My experience with MDID is somewhat
limited, but this song makes me a believer. You want angst? Morrissey
is well-adjusted and happy compared to Mark Edwards. An instant
classic that'll have you air-guitaring along. Rastro (not Bastro) on
the flip is a new band featuring DC 'zinist Donna Dresch along with
two girlfriends; their song (honoring the Stonewall Inn gay riot in
1969) is kinda interesting, much like if Lois Maffeo joined Bratmobile
(Rastro and Lois apparently share sleeve design ideas.) So IMO, May is
pretty much forgettable but June is one of the best so far. Damn, that
MDID song, along with Versus (from January) is almost worth the
subscription cost alone.  (Simple Machines, PO Box 10290, Arlington VA

- BICYCLE FACE, "Christafari" 45: The finest Tarheel drifters you'll
ever meet slack on up to Blacksburg for this three-songer. Fun stuff
in a geeky pop trio kinda way, not at all like the Chunky stuff
permeating the Triangle these days. (That's a compliment. As much as I
like Superchunk and their disciples, diversity is a good thing.)
Extreme amounts of stubble on the front cover, which unfortunately is
not hand-customized like all the other Squealer 45s to date. (Damn!) A
laugh a minute, really breaks the ice at parties (heck, they'll spring
for the keg. Have a party with Bike Face today!) And howzabout that
title, too? (Squealer, PO Box 229, Blacksburg VA 24063-0229 - hi &
thanks, Butch!)

- MERCURY REV, Boces CD: After the Rev's last release, the extremely
problematic 10" _The Hum Is Coming From Her_, you might have wondered
if their new record deal (and the expanded possibilities for extreme
slack that come with it) had put the band under. Well, Space Patrol,
wonder no more.  Boces is a fantastic second album, as if _The Hum_
had never happened (although "The Hum Is Coming From Her" (the song)
closes the CD, under the title "Girlfren" -- but you can just skip
that one.) It picks up more or less where _Yerself Is Steam_ left off,
with an expansive, slack-soundtrack, half psychedelic, half
just-plain-fucked-up pop-rock sound. In fact, this might as well have
been titled _Yerself Is Steam II_ with its similar sleeve design and
the next song in what is sure to be a Space Patrol saga, "Continuous
Drunks And Blunders" -- but why tinker with perfection? This
establishes Mercury Rev as one of the few bands whose albums are
better than their singles. (By the way, any accusations of Mercury Rev
selling out to The Man From Sony should be dispelled by the cover art,
which will undoubtedly keep this record off the shelves at Wal-Mart.)
Album of the year so far.  (Columbia)

Oh, and for those of you who missed out on one or more of the Simple
Machine 45s (you know, Wedge, Wheel, Pulley, Screw, Lever, and
Inclined Plane) the rumors are true: all six of them are being
compiled into an extra-long CD (80 minutes of lala excitement!) Jenny
and Kristin say this will be out in mid-July, but with all due
respect, after the endless _Deep End_ delays I'll believe it when I
see it. Regardless of when it does arrive, though, considering that at
least four of them are out of print, and that all of them are worth
having, this CD will be one of those necessary procurements.  (This
despite Sean "Vinyl Fetishist" Murphy's inevitable objection. :-)

BTW, we are experiencing major difficulty with this new digest system,
so you may see the unusual step of us going back to the original,
stone-age method. Or maybe not. Stay tuned.


Date: 3 Jun 1993 15:38:32 -0500 From: "LePageL/MF"
<lepagel/> Subject: I: Dambuilder's EP

Here's a little somthing for Indie-List.

Record Review: Dambuilders _Tough Guy Problem_ [EP]

Here in Boston, it has gotten to be the thing to run down the local
music scene and talk about how all the really cool stuff is going on
in Austin, or San Francisco, or even (God forbid) Seattle.  This
strikes me as a bit of an overstatement, since I'm originally from
Baltimore, a city with a far less visible music scene than Boston.  In
short, Boston hardly seems dead by comparison.  Which brings me to the
Dambuilders, a Boston band whose hybrid pop/folk/noise sound gives me
a lot to like in one 5-song package.  Joan Wasser's postmodern violin
playing stands out, but the rest of the band is both solid and
inventive on bass, drums and guitar.  These guys do everything well,
writing in a number of styles, concocting unexpected arrangements, and
playing hard.  On _Tough Guy Problem_, they give us two more of their
state songs- a thrash "Louisiana" and a folky "Idaho."  My personal
favorite is "Candy Guts," an exuberant pop-folk thing with a killer
violin break, but all five songs are excellent and extremely enjoyable
to listen to.  Stars make me nervous but in the Indie-List spirit,
I'll say ** on this one.

Released on:	SpinART
		P.O. Box 1798
		New York, NY 10156-1798

Oh by the way, I'm Lise LePage, from Boston, MA.


Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1993 18:07:53 -0400 (EDT) From: Socks
<> Subject: I: Josh

From: Socks <>

Not much going around 'round here, as usual.  Did happen to see Seam
with Mount Shasta on Thursday, and it was a night well spent.  Mount
Shasta is the new John Forbes (ex-Dirt, ex-Phantom 309) project, and
they left a little to be desired.  Like originality, dynamics, and
vocals, for chrissakes.  Forbes still sounds like he drinks fifths of
whiskey every morning - which might be cool - but obviously he's been
drinking on Sundays and religious holidays, too.  Musically, basically
exactly what he did with Dirt (which was cool in a limited sort of
way) minus some, plus some Live Skull tendencies, which I appreciated.
However, it's too damn repetitive.  Hopefully as the rest of the band
(who kinda seem like they just graduated from Jr.  High - they all
played the "am I doing this right?" roles to Forbes's paternalistic
frontmanship) grows, they'll hit onto something good.  It's not now,
though (**3/4).  Seam, however, lulled everyone in with shearing songs
of pure emotion, and I was floating for the entire set.  First time
I've ever seen any project of Soo Young Magnet's (or John Bastro's or
Chris Kava's or Lexi Lil-something's), and I was appropriately
impressed.  A wall of sound, pop, dynamics (yes!)  and energy that was
pure joy.  Don't miss 'em for the world (**3/4)

And - the reviews:

PRIMORDIAL UNDERMIND - "Aenesthetic Revelations" b/w "Day Drained"
(7") [Dionysus/PO Box 1975/Burbank CA 91507] Two more songs from these
purveyors of indie-psych.  A-side is a mellowish, but wonderful song
to behold and the flip rocks out in their grand ol' way.  These guys
skip over the all-too-easy genre mistake of streching songs out
needlessly - it's concise and to the point, and still manages to throw
in cool bridges.  For reference points - think of a nonself- indulgent
Bevis Frond, and you've got an idea of this.  Recommended with a
smile.  Also look for their soon to be released full-length tape on
Shrimper Records.  [By the way, - Eric Arn informs me that Shrimper
has indeed made ventures into the area of vinyl.  Which explains those
7" comps that I forgot about :)] (**)

U.S. SAUCER - _My Company Is Misery_ (LP) [Amarillo/PO Box 24433/San
Francisco CA 94124] I swear, if I could do it, I'd marry this record.
No joke.  Beautiful twangy songs, all unequivocally great.  This trio
(which includes Bruce Hagman from Thinking Fellers Union Local 282)
belts out western-style songs with care, meaning, charm, and
occasionally feedback.  No patronizing "let's see if we can play
around in this genre" here - this is the kinda stuff that comes from
true love, and this record's hooked me for good.  Doubt that this is
available in digital format, which is good 'cause this takes full
advantage for vinyl's warmth.  Highly, highly recommended. (***)

More reviews to come next week, including (cross yr fingers!) K.K.
Null & Jim O'Rourke, J Church, Art Bears, and no Truman's Water.

Joshua Houk * indie-list co-moderator * neurotic, but silly
* I took that photo from a Marxist magazine.  I took my pens and added
yellow, blue and green.  I wish there was an easy way to make this
photo just a bit more interesting.  - J Church


Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1993 18:12:06 -0400 (EDT) From: Socks
<> Subject: I: Reviews

From: bmacdona@Bonnie.ICS.UCI.EDU
 Subject: I: Recent live shows in Riverside and San Diego and new
   all right, a few reviews and some stuff-uh that I picked up.
    BOREDOMS at Spanky's Cafe in Riverside May 16th
    It was the first time I went to Spanky's and hopefully the last.
    If it wasn't for the Boredoms, I would have bawled and cringed at
     the floor.  Fortunately, I let Eye and the gang do that for
    [Well, a week after writing this, I found out that Spanky's last
      was THIS one.  They are officially dead.  :) Actually they are
     moving to a better place for now... at least a better crowd]
    Anyway, there were 4 other bands that played that night, though I
    never really saw any of them, as people got stamped at the door,
    could go in and out as long as the bouncer saw a stamp on the
    I took advantage of this to its fullest.
   Here was the real lineup that night.
     finally BRUTAL TRUTH.  I believe The Pain Teens, the Boredoms and
     Brutal Truth are alternating lineup order every night.
    Exhume were the first band up, and -- well, Napalm Death would be
    proud of them to say the most.  It was entertaining for 5 minutes
    the rest of their set didn't show much else.  After thinking about
     they were probably the second best band of the night!  (Though
     bird crumbs compared to the best that night) And I only saw them
    5 minutes at the most.  Too many young bratty punks tried to mosh
   ended up leaving people outside.  I should mention that 90% of the
    showgoers wore some death metal band on their T-shirt which was
     BLACK BLACK BLACK and had long hair.  I wouldn't have noticed or
     if so many people hadn't looked alike.
    Next was Mindrot.  For the first five minutes, they looked quite
    progressive and promising.  By then, I had noticed that Steve
    from Redd Kross and Bill Bartell from White Flag had showed up,
     for the Boredoms.  They went up close to the stage, as I did.
     the lead singer of Mindrot came out, and in one big burst, GARBLE
    GARBLE GARBLE GRUNT GRUNT.  Yet more death metal.  75% of the
     retreated towards the exit.  Even the punks!  They did an hour
    set of drawling monotonous sub-sub-par Godflesh fodder.
    The Pain Teens were up next, or at least SUPPOSED to.  However, I
    the Boredoms setting up instead.  At that moment, I advance
towards the
    stage as many others did.
    Well, the Boredoms went on instead.  One of the members of the
Pain Teens
    went on stage to announce that they couldn't perform that night
     the lead singer had a sore throat.  But he gave a really
    intro to the Boredoms, who were to proceed.  Then some young
asshole punk
     Eye who was crouched up in front, calmly uttered "Take it easy",
     was followed by laughter from everyone else.  The Boredoms were
set to go.
    The set up was two drums sets in the back, with Yoshima (the
female of the
    group) on the left with a head-gear mic and (I forget his name) on
    other drum set.  The very left was a long frizzy haired guy with a
    BLUR shirt.  Then Eye, with a fluorescent green rain coat, a
     and some salmon-colored speaker/freshette crotch applicator on
     nether region.  Then it was (I forget his name) with a mostly
shaved head
     except for the bangs, who also had vocal duties and some guitar
     which created a booping sound.  Then Yamamoto on guitar, the
     man in the group.
     Sheer brilliance followed.  They didn't do anything I recognized
     the last album I heard from them was _Soul_Discharge_ in 1989).
     so what?  It was all tight, completely arhythmic free-form frenzy
     the next 45 minutes or so.  I could go into detail, but It would
      too much and spoil the show for you guys who might end up going.
     Needless to say, they had every instrument in the group, for
     both drummers pulled out trumpets for one song and blew towards
     other.  Not to mention, a female friend of mine was excited to
have Steve
    McDonald nearly on her lap.
     The best moment was the encore.  They finally mustered enough
      to do an encore.  I expected an epic.  Eye did a slow countdown
      NakedCityesque song which had EVERYBODY going off the wall.
Before we
      knew it, it was over and the band were already waving goodbye to
      everybody.  A Big Thumbs Up.  Very influential performing in my
      humble opinion.  I never felt so energetic at 1:30 AM before, at
      since finals.
     By now, you probably guessed that I left before Brutal Truth went

    (DOO RAG in the hallway)
     at the Doubletree Hotel, Downtown San Deigo, on May 28th.
    The Doubletree hotel is the exact opposite of a shithole.
     Basically, we arrived to find an exquisite
       hotel with huge 91X posers -- I mean posters (Freudian typo?).
      is the bigtime commercial alternative in San Diego, for those of
      who are not familiar.  My friends and I hung out in the lounge
     had ice water.  We noticed Kennedy (harf, burf, HUUUUUUUUURL)
     into the hotel, apparantly carrying her luggage.  I supposed she
     hoping she could invite John Reis for the night (Nice try,
    We walked upstairs, when they finally let people in at 8:30pm, we
     a huge industry ballroom with stage and everything set up.  My
      question was, How could a band like Rocket from the Crypt, much
    Trumans Water, play music that would come close to perhaps
       possible FITTING the environment?
     Well besides the huge amount of industry shlock there, it was
good to
     watch John Reis (from RFTC) and Glen Galloway (from Trumans
Water) get
    interviewed on 91X.
     So Trumans were about to play.  Right before, Ely jumped out and
      a few breakdancing moves, much to the amusement of everybody.
    went and did an entire set of new songs, except for the last one
     was "Death to Dead Things".  Once again, very spastic and plain
     unnerving to the unprepared.  One song featured a circus waltz
     all the members bellowing animal sounds in the mics.  Then all of
     a sudden they'd burst out into a loud dissonance thrash which had
     took a lot of people by surprise.  They were received quite well.
    In between sets, a two piece called Doo Rag performed out in the
     sitting against the wall.  The percussionist used two sticks, a
    garbage can, and a foam bottle packager.  The guitarist/vocalist
    sang through some tube contraption which somehow registered on an
    encephelagraph as wave frequencies.  Connecting the tube to the
    was a huge metal syphen which the vocalist/guitarist completely
    his face in and sang through.  The vocals came out all distorted
and nasal
    a la Chickasaw Mudd Puppies.  His slide guitar playing was an
   wonder.  I wish the Mudd Puppies were this fun.
   Next up was Drip Tank.  I really liked these guys.  It was the
    time I had ever seen them.  Basically it was somewhat a meld of
    Clawhammer, and the Poster Children -- although I think the band
    comparisons don't do them enough justice.  The lead singer guy on
the right
    was totally untight and would drawl the mic to the side all the
    Basically, they were fun-lovers.  I soon found out, this was one
   their tightest shows, which was surprising because I was CONVINCED
    the lead singer guy on the right was drunk off his ass!  Anyway, I
    forward to listening to and perhaps purchasing Drip Tank material.
    If any of you have any suggestions, let me know.
    Honey Glaze were next, and basically no comment.
    Rage Against The Pearl Jam crapolla.
    I went outside and talked to Trumans Water and Doo Rag instead.
    I readied myself upfront for Rocket.  Minutes before they were
    to go on, people packed the stage.  It was so packed, I had to
face the
    audience sitting on the stage.
    So Rocket came on, and EXPLODED into "Hippy Dippy Doo".  I could
     the Elvis comparisons for John Reis, however I think most of the
    rockabilly comparisons should stop at John's (oh, sorry...
      attire.  The music was anything but a Chris Isaak rehash.  These
     put on one of the most energetic performances I've seen in a long
     while.  They shine.
    Meanwhile, my legs were getting pressed hard by the vice of the
    It got excruciatingly painful after four songs, so I quickly
    to the side.  The roadies were extremely cool and let me watch the
    upfront from the side.
    The material they did was mostly from _ Circa_Now_, with a couple
of songs
    from _Paint_as_a_Fragrance, and an old 7" track.  They didn't do
     new "Pigeon Eater" 7", but they did something I couldn't
     Rocket From The Crypt (or Robert From The Fripp as a dumb
     I made up) are a must-see live.  Period.

    in Solano Beach (just north of San Diego), Memorial Day (May 31st)
    All in all, a very good show.  Although the sound system for the
    Belly Up is too big for the place itself.  They use arena sound
    system equipment for a club/bar.
    My friends and I walked in during Powerdresser, much to our
    as we really wanted to catch these guys when they began.
    Powerdresser are probably some of the amazing musicians around.
   a jazzy, progressive jazz/rock outfit recalling the Minutemen.
   it's a very homegrown sound, not an Elliot Sharp excursion.  It was
    surprise to actually see them do a song in 4/4.  Great set.
    Trumans were up next and rocked to the max as usual.  There were
    problems with the bass, however, hence the slight downside.  But
    this night, they chose to do all RELEASED songs, with the
    of one UNRELEASED song.  (If you recall, three days before, they
did a set
   of all UNRELEASED songs except for one RELEASED song).  Here's what
I can
    remember from the set list:
     Soar Ossinaxx at Long Last
     Death to Dead Things
     Deep Grub Yonder
     Girler, Too
     La Jolla My Armpit
     Hey Fish
     Yakboy = Nurturer
     (new song)
     The Aroma of Gina Arnold
    I was excited to hear them do "La Jolla My Armpit" and especially
    "The Aroma of Gina Arnold" as I've never seen them do these live
  "Aroma" climaxed to the last note, where Glen violently destrung his
    guitar and pummelled it to the stage floor at the last note.
    brilliant show from these folk.  Talk about a hard act to follow.
    Up next were Heavy Vegetable.  More or less the entire show was a
    big problem.  The band somehow never got to soundcheck, thanks to
    a tardy soundman for the Belly Up.  The band took more times
    and checking sound in between songs than the actual song lengths!
   So after each song (around 2 to 3 minutes each), they'd always take
    a subsequent 5-6 minute break to retune.  It was obvious the band
   were not in a good mood, at least the lead guitarrist and vocalist.
    I tried to get into the songs when they did them, and was very
    with their work.  Although I knew this wasn't their best show, I'm
  excited than ever to get a hold of their merchandise when it comes

    And now the coldrockindistuf:
    PHLEG CAMP _Ya'_Red_Fair_Scratch_ CD (Cargo)
    First, this is very different than the strait-ahead funk rock
   on Allied records.  This pounds along a la Mule, Jesus Lizard,
    The keep it simple, if you like either Mule, Jesus Lizard, or
    (or all of the above) this Phleg Camp release is a MUST to pick
    I like this new style tons more than the Allied material.

    THE JERKY BOYS CD (Select/Detonator/Atlantic)
    Eh, clean up ya fuckin keyboards, jackasses!  Frank Rizzo, here.
    Just to let you in on something, this here Jerky Boys CD is all
    need in your collection. I'm GOOD like that, ya know.  I EAT this
    shit.  I put mustard on it and eat the shit, OK sizzlechest?  OK,
    fruitcake, bye the CD and may God bless ya and the lord answa ya

    HEROIN "Leave" 7"
    THIS is punk.  No other comments.
    POWERDRESSER 7" "If You'd Scream/Humor Me" (Negative)
    Once again, the musicianship of this band is purely phenomenal.
    never heard anything quite like it.  I suppose if you like the
    jazzy Minutemen or Meat Puppets, this would throw an exciting
wrench in your
    musical tastes.  And they don't have to be noisy to do it.
    THE PRIMORDIAL UNDERMIND "Anaesthetic Revelations/Day Drained" 7"
    The PU (no PU-n intended... ooh boy) are quite underrated.
    no reason why the Undermind shouldn't be on SOME upstanding indie
    label right now -- that is, of course, assuming the band WANTS to
    be on one.  Both sides of this gleaming metallic lavender licorice
    chock full of passages containing everything from some vintage
    guitar progressions, to fueled up, loud, , er,... well indie rock.
    The idea is that you can't predict the beat of the music.  It'll
    change before you know it, not to mention some cherry melodies
    HOOKS'o'rama! That plus an excellent recording bring you something
    should be in your very hands at this time coordinate. One of my
picks of
    the month.
    (THERE! I TOLD you I could avoid using the word "psychedelic"!)
    HYPNOLOVEWHEEL _Piece_of_Mind_ CDEP (Alias)
    Overall, a tad disappointing compared to the supreme _Angel_Food_.
    But GOOD nevertheless.  I really feel "Piece of Mind" could be
    a supra-alterno hit on the bigtime airwaves.  One of those quirky
   hip "Like la-la, dude" type songs.  Other good gems of this
    are "Diet of Worms", "Joy De Vivre" and the epic "Smokey"
    HYPNOLOVEWHEEL _Altered_States_ CD (Alias)
    Now here's the REAL disappointment.  None of the good songs on the
    EP save "Piece of Mind" ended up on this album.  For the most
    it's bland.  The production is still good (Lou Giordiano
    with Hypno) but the songs really lack.  Pass this review by my
   former favorite NYC popsters if you can.  Get _Angel_Food_ (1991),
    _Space_Mountain_ (1990), or if you can find it, _Candy_Mantra_
(1989) or
    _Turn!_Turn!_Burn!_ (1987) instead.
    HYPNOLOVEWHEEL Sybil EP-double-7" (EW)
    Of course, there's always an alternative.  This double 7" offers
    material from each member of the band.  Each member gets one side
    a 7" to use.  My favorite of all of them is Stephen Hunking's
    "Beside Inside Me" should have been on the album, as I like this
     than anything else recent.  KING MISSILE's Dave Rick plays guitar
     this track.  Actually, now that I think about it, "Beside Inside
     is my favorite Hypno track since _Angel_Food_!  Get this for that
     THE DAMBUILDERS _Tough_Guy_Problem_ CD-EP (Spinart)
     The Dambuilders' pop sensibilities are right on, with 3 7-inches
     to back it up.  Here they go for a little excitement as well.
     the track listing
         4.Candy Guts
     Where songs like "Pop Song = Food" or "Shrine" were full on pop,
     "Louisiana" is a sonic excursion.  Fortunately, they didn't leave
     their pop hooks on the front door.  The violins kick in on this
     one without draining the energy.  The rest continue on the same
    except for "Candy Guts" which you've heard on the
     7" before.  I wholeheartedly recommend this to ANYONE.  I like
    better than the past material.  If you don't mind some noise, this
     should not disappoint.

    Some Catch-ups:
     UT _Griller_ CD (Blast First! UK)
     For those who thought Throwing Muses sold out with _Hunkpapa_!

     THE TINKLERS _Casserole_ CD (Shimmy Disc Europe)
     I never thought a song with lyrics "turn the screw on the
    turn the screw on the crank...  turn the screw on the crank...
   turn the screw on the crank...  turn the screw on the crank...
   turn the screw on the crank..." could be so much fun!  For those
    who like the Residents or early King Missile.
     KUDGEL "Alphabet song/Eskimo Pie" 7" (K)

     TRUMANS WATER and possible the SWIRLIES will playing live on
       KUCI, Friday June 11th.  TRUMANS WATER are confirmed at 9:00pm.
     The SWIRLIES are unconfirmed but definitely possible in the
     If not in the afternoon, then before or after TRUMANS WATER at
      to Irvine, Friday June 18th.  The deal is that they want to play
     a party some where in the vicinity that night.  At least one of
     above will probably play live on the air.

    If anyone knows anyone knows anyone around Orange County or
    in Pomona, who'd want to convert some space to a temporary venue
    (with as few chances as possible of police coming around), e-mail
     me as soon as ya can.
    Please don't tell your friends.... at least yet.  It's still not
    yet and no one will know anything until a few days before.

   DOn't FORGET:
    The new NOTHING PAINTED BLUE full release
      will be coming out before you know it.


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