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In this issue:

Molly Winds Up For Giant Slow Friendly Steps Into The Loris House
Message from the Moderator; TeenBeat 100; Comix
indie-x; Jonathan Richman
UCI Concerts for Late October '93
Cop Shoot Cop/Steel Wool/Power Wagon @ O'Kayz 10/19/93
Seam, plus Velocity Girl / Tiger Trap
TSUNAMI in Winnipeg, CANADA!

and more


by Mark Cornick

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Sean Murphy will be succeeding
me as Editor. Sean, as you know, has been writing for Indie-List since the
very first issue, and although I anticipate an occasional grumpy bout, I
promise you have nothing to fear. Sean will be starting with the November 2

It also looks like Liz might sub-contract her job as well, so you could be
looking at an Almost All New Junta before the end of the year. Hold onto yr


Molly Winds Up For Giant Slow Friendly Steps Into The Loris House
by Mark Cornick

Probably lost in the release of new albums from the "big names" (Nirvana,
Squirrel Jam, et al.) was the second LP from the Boo Radleys, _Giant Steps_
(Creation/Sony.) It's a seventeen-track whopper, ranging from 70s California-
esque rock to grandiose noise to spacey dub and more. They get help from Pale
Saint Meriel, Moose (whatever happened to them?) and others. There are some
tracks from recent singles, like "Lazarus" and "Rodney King" (but,
interestingly, neither track from the recent SpinArt 45.) Much like my own
band, Friendly, the instrumentation includes everything but the kitchen sink:
g/b/d, trumpet, fluegelhorn, clarinets, cello, organ, what have you (although
we're much cooler than them -- they don't have an electric eggbeater solo :-)
It's a little much to listen to all the way through, but taken a little at a
time, this is one of my favorite LPs of 93. **1/2

The second issue of Wind-Up Swan Catheter, produced by everyone's favorite
list manager Liz, is out. This time you get interviews with Bailter Space and
Don Caballero, a Coctails/Lollapalooza diary, day jobs of Chicago rock stars,
cooking with Rose Poster Child and Steve Albini, a Shrimper ad (must be some
hip Chicago thing these days) and, naturally, more. The first issue was fine
as far as layout goes, but this one is even better (the photos are a lot
better, especially.) Whether or not Liz thinks she did a good job (she seems
a little happier with this one than the first), I think it's just smashing.
Liz already told you how to procure one, so do it.

Speaking of Friendly, we're recording tracks for our debut EP (due sometime
next year) this weekend, with Rob Christiansen (Eggs, Grenadine) producing.
Future Friendly recording plans include the EP, to be followed sometime
thereafter with a full-length thing, as well as a possible appearance on
the Squealer "Industrial Folk" compilation. Stay tuned... In the meantime,
Friendly will be playing at the Metro in Richmond on October 27, with
Charlottesville semi-legends Mollyhouse opening. It is a FREE show, so anyone
in driving range should come for a night of good music and, of course, the
buffet. (If you're in driving range, you really should get out of the way of
those golf balls :-)

And finally, Mike probably won't tell you so I will: the debut 45 from Slow
Loris is due very, very soon on their own label, which has a very long name I
can't remember. Three songs, one old, two new, worth looking out for. More on
it when it comes back from the pressers.


P.S. Did anyone else notice that the new Blake Babies CD is stickered
"Featuring Juliana Hatfield with Freda and John of Antenna"? Weird...

Mark Cornick *
"[Haile Selassie] will come in very shortly; would you tell him that Marcus
 Garvey phoned?" - unidentified voice, "Towers Of Dub", The Orb

Message from the Moderator; TeenBeat 100; Comix
by K. Lena Bennett

Well, the times they are a changing here at Indie List.  It seems like
Sean is going to be the new editor, I might end up the new archivist while
also remaining moderator, Josh and I are intending to work on the hardcopy
edition of Fshee!, and J.C. is moving right along on the indexing.  The
number of submissions has gone down again, but methinks that's just
temporary (come on, folks, write!). 

I never have time to write reviews so I'll just tell you what I bought
this week.  Not a lot since I don't get my next paycheck till Monday. 
Yesterday I got the TeenBeat 100 7" that has 10 songs on it from bands
like Tsunami and Eggs and Unrest and Blast Off Country Style and
Bratmobile (who I've never heard before but think I might like), as well
as some I've never heard of.  Each song is a minute long.  A good deal for
4 bucks.  Thanks to the influence of my indie list friends, I've started
to be willing to buy 7" vinyl (which always seemed like too much of a
hassle for me before), as well as discovering the wonders of mail order.  
But I still don't know what everyone and their dog seems to see in Unrest.

[ Y'know, Liz doesn't like Unrest, and Sean and I both do -- must be a male/
female thing, right? :-) - Mark ]

The big comix news of the week is that Julie Doucet's book _Leve Ta Jambe,
Mon Poisson Est Mort" is now out -- it's a collection of some of the old
Dirty Plotte mini's, as well as some stuff that was previously published
in anthologies, and I think, some new stuff.  I haven't seen it yet (see
paycheck comment above) but it's definitly on the shopping list.  Plus,
Fantagraphics will be publishing Dame Darcy Megan Stanger's _Meat Cake_,
following up on the hard-to-find first issue from Iconographix.  If you've
seen her work in Rollerderby you know how crazy she is.  A must-have. 
Starhead (another Seattle-area publisher) will be coming out with a book
whose name I forget but which has the word DIVAS in it, containing the
work of local Ellen Forney, Canadian Fiona Smyth, and another totally
awesome female cartoonist who I'm totally forgetting now (it's not Darcy,
is it?)...  Speaking of female cartoonists, if you haven't seen Megan
Kelso's Girlhero yet, you are a total loser and should rush right out to
your comix shop now.  Plus I found out at a party last week that Megan and
I have the same birthday.  Finally, in other local news, Aeon will be
putting out _Boom Boom_ by former self-publishing whiz David Lasky, who I
would say is the most promising talent in the up-and-coming under-30
bunch, and not just because I love him to death.  You will not regret
going to your retailer and lying down in the doorway urging him/her to
pre-order this book.  I mean it. 


Grungepuppies Are My Weakness....


indie-x; Jonathan Richman
by Jeff Curtis


The indie-x is going well.  I have the first 10 issues done.  This
will take a while, since I"m mostly doing it on my lunch hours and
when I can get a few minutes here and there.  

IN the meantime, here is my review of a Jonathan Richman show (well
he doesn't seem to fit in, but ... maybe he does) for the indie-list.
If you want it.

Jonathan Richman, 16 October 1993 @ Peabody's Cafe, Cleveland Heights, OH

Well this is the third time I've seen Jonathan play in the last 10 or so
years, and this is the most intimate place I've ever seen him.  The place
is about the size of my basement, and in fact is in the basement of this
club, with the middle of the first floor cut away so people can also peer
down from that floor to see the performer downstairs.  Weird. Anyway,
Jonathan has not changed much over the years.  Playing all by himself with
a big hollowbody guitar plugged into an amp that was facing the wall so as
to muffle its sound, and more often than not, not using the vocal mike. 
He is about as lo-tech as they come, but that is the point I guess.  He
really is quite an entertainer, though.  His songs are really funny and
charming, just like he is, and most of the crowd had a big grin on their
face throughout his show.  The highlight of the show for me, though, was
in the middle of his song, "Down in Bermuda," which explains how he went
down to Bermuda, and seeing how loose and carefree everyone was there, and
the music too, made him see how stiff he was, and made him loosen up.  In
the middle of the song, he stopped and said, "Hey, wait a minute there
Jonathan, what do you mean 'stiff???" And he explained how he and the
Modern Lovers were down there doing a show, and he played a few minutes of
the great M.L. song, "She Cracked" in a very hilariously serious way, with
a totally stiff straight 4/4 beat, and the "guitar solo": 8 bars of
playing the same one chord straight beat!  Well this really made me laugh
since I had been in a couple bands that did a cover of this song *just
like that*.  Then he said, "And they thought we were, ok, not bad, but,
uh, interesting.  Then the ancient 40 year old Bermuda man got up there
and started playing..." some real tropical sunny happy sounding thing
...and he told how everyone started dancing and they loved it!  Well
anyway I guess that explains why it seems like so many of the people who
show up at J.R. shows seem like they'd be as much in place at a Jimmy
Buffet show.  Anyhow, if you want to see where Beat Happening, Violent
Femmes, and numerous other quasi-primative types find their roots, or if
you just want a fun time with a lotta laughs, go see Jonathan. 

--Jeff Curtis


UCI Concerts for Late October '93
by Brian K!z!K Macdonald

    Well, for all y'all who might be wondering around Southern California
    in the near future (or for those who already live here...) 

[Lena's note:  I couldn't get K!z!K! to tell me what UCI stands for or 
where it's at (my guess is Univ. of Cal. Irvine).  Am I just dumb or 

[ yes, it's UCal-Irvine, and if I remember right their mascot is an anteater.
Cool, but nowhere near as cool as the Erskine College Flying Fleet... - Mark ]

    Here is the official UCI Concert Series for Fall Quarter '93 so FAR!

  Mon. Oct 25th @ NOON            SEAWEED
                              at the UCI Student Center Terrace (FREE)

  Wed. Oct 27th @ NOON         MARY LOU LORD @ KAIA WILSON
                              at the UCI Student Center Terrace (FREE)

  Fri. Oct 29th @ NOON             TSUNAMI
                              at the UCI Student Center Terrace   (FREE)

  Fri. Oct 29th @ 8:00pm          UNREST and STEREOLAB (and possible IDAHO)
                              at Monarch Bay A&B in the UCI Student Center ($5)

            up and coming in November are the NELS CLINE TRIO and SPOON

        in December, _NOFX_ and openers (possibly) ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT and
                     (probably) FACE TO FACE at UCI Crawford Hall, 
                       December 4th!


  To get to UCI:

     FROM L.A., find yourself on the 405 Freeway SOUTH.  EXIT on Jamboree
    Rd. and TURN RIGHT...

     FROM SAN DIEGO, find youself on the 5 Freeway NORTH, go until it 
     turns into the 405 NORTH.  EXIT on Jamboree Rd. and TURN LEFT...

    Now continue on Jamboree and in a few blocks, TURN LEFT on Campus
    Rd.   Keeping on going pass University and then TURN RIGHT on
    Bridge Rd.  Then IMMEDIATELY get on the left lane and TURN LEFT
    on Pereira Dr.   Then IMMEDIATELY to your left is a parking structure.
    Turn in there and park (you might have to pay) and walk across 
    Pereira Dr. into the UCI Student Center. Go up the stairs then into the
    building.  Go up a few more stairs inside, then exit outside through
    another set of doors and you're at the UCI STUDENT CENTER TERRACE!!!

    To get to MONARCH BAY A&B in the UCI STUDENT CENTER,  use the same
    directions as above to get to the Student Center.  Go up the stairs
    to the glass doors and enter.    NOW... instead of going FURTHER UP
    the stairs to the other side,   go DOWN the stairs to the right.
     Just follow the path and you'll see directions on how to get to

    MONARCH BAY A&B does not serve food or drinks,  so plan accordingly.

    ENJOY!                                                K!z!K


by Steven Silverstein

I think this will be my last submission for awhile, but I figured it was
sort of a good idea to bid adieu until like I feel like writing again. 
This stuff is still taking up a good bit of time in my ears, but I've just
grown a bit weary of being so into it, so Indie List submissions will be
off for a little while.  You can still write me, and I'll still be around
and still seeing far too many shows. 

Anyhow all of that said, a last couple of reviews:
Scarce, Kustomize, and Trotsky Icepick, 10/17, Last Call Saloon

Not only are Trotsky Icepick a Bronze Age SST band, they aren't even
particularly good.  Kustomize was a letdown.  Yukki Gipes (Bullet LaVolta)
plays drums (vs. singing) and Peter Prescott (Mission of Burma, Volcaon
Suns) plays guitar (not drums).  It was a surprise (to say the least). 
They were decent, but forgettable.  Scarce I'd only seen at Lupo's (far
bigger) and this was just fun.  They're really energetic and a lot of the
songs are just very catchy and neat.  (this is Chick from Anaesthasia
Scream and Joyce from Mr. 1000, if anyone cares).  Anyhow, see 'em if you
get the chance.  Not innovative, but quite cool and re-invigorating. 

Bob Mould, Vic Chestnutt, Paul's Beard.  Club Babyhead, 10/15. Paul's
Beard was a dull local acoustic dude.  Vic Chestnutt was amazing from his
wheelchair, despite crowd heckling.  He was funny and interesting and
self-referential and just damn good.  And his bassist and drummer were
excellent.  Mould was in fine form and quite a treat.  He's not indie, and
you all know the deal if you care.  He did 4 new songs and 2 Copper Blue
outtakes, nothing from Black Sheets.  "Walk Away" from Beaster was the big

The more I listen to the new Helium 7", the more I like it.  I think it is
great!  I think I'd reviewed it, but it's grown on me a lot. 

That's all for now.



Cop Shoot Cop/Steel Wool/Power Wagon @ O'Kayz 10/19/93
by Mike Schmelzer

I missed the local band, Power Wagon. Sorry.

But I was most thrilled to see Empty records recording artist Steel Wool.
They played a true Pacific Northwest kinda sound (ie Sonics, Girl Trouble,
Gas Huffer rather than the g-word) which provided me with a lot of joyful
jumping up and down. I talked to them afterwards, and they were a swell
bunch of guys. One of the guitarists, John, has an incredible rock'n'roll
wail of a voice. The moment I heard it, I gave the band two thumbs up, way

Next up was Cop Shoot Cop. Now, it may just be that I was kinda low on
energy, but my friend Jim confirms that their show was a little weak
tonight. As I (probably errouneously) recall, the last time I saw them,
they were two bassists, no guit, and drums. I know for a fact that they
kicked total throbbin ass that last time, though. Alas, this time, their
sound was diluted by the presence of more personell, including a guitar
and a pots-n-pans sound sculpture around the drums. Something was just
plain missing, and I don't know what. Only on their very last song did
they match the intensity of last time. 

Coming up Thursday: Archers of Loaf! (I hope I'm motivated enough
to report on that one. See you then...)
;; Mike Schmelzer,, (608)262-4550. Finger for PGP.
;; Yeah, you're on my list too, pal. - Gravity's Rainbow


Seam, plus Velocity Girl / Tiger Trap
by Tim Wicinski

Seam, some other stooped bands, on a bad night in SF

I wanted to see Seam the last time they played SF but i hate the club they
played, didn't think it was really them (why would they play the
Paradise?) and was busy. i lost, so this time i wasn 't going to miss out.
i head down a little late, but three bands i should only miss the first
part of the first band, no big deal right? wrong.  Seam opened for two SF
bands. why? i have no idea, other than the same night was some
weeekly-paper sponsoring of something called "the soma crawl" (where soma
stands for south of market) an excuse for washed up hasbeens to wander the
streets going in and out of bars drinking and going ya-hoo a lot.  too
fucking bad for me cause i ended up in the middle of it all. the club
where seam played was one on the "tour" and as i got in line to get in, i
saw that in facty Seam was playing in front of my eyes. turned out they
were 4-5 songs into their set, so i watched them from behind thru this
door. the sound was good too, due to the back of the stage being a rollup
metal door. i sat there with a pile of other people looking at the packed
club, and refusing to pay the $4 cover. they did a pile of stuff, but
since i don't own their LP i just know of their touch & go single and
something else.  i liked their sound, very crisp (despite the door and the
mobs of unruly spazzalots) and melodic. i should buy their record. i left
after they finished, and didn't look back from the drunkard throngs. 

Velocity Girl / Tiger Trap @ Slims, in SF

i hate this club - it's too...nice. clean, good sound. everything which
makes it a place to see bands as opposed to a club to visit.  anyway,
tiger trap were pretty excellent, per usual. i liked their shows at
smaller places like Gilman or Brave New World rather than a big stage like
slims. what can you say about them that hasn't been said? they change
instruments as part of the K tradition, their drummer is manic in the
right ways, and they enjoy themselves. 

velocity girl were a LOT better than the last time they played in SF -
this time the sound system worked for a change. they played some new tunes
(labrador was one of them) which sounded good, as well as the old ones.
they were very sacreligous when they so flippantly threw around copies of
their slumberland single. one can not do such things to vinyl and not have
the chi' thrown in a bad direction. i do not wish them forboding, but such
things can have bad effects.  still a fine show. 

now for unrest to appear....



TSUNAMI in Winnipeg, CANADA!
by Red Glenny

Two recent occurences have come to make me believe that, in fact, there
exists a Music God.  The first was the Unrest Vibe Out/So Sick 7" that
showed up with my Tean Beat order (along with Unrest T, combs, Eggs old
CD, TB 100 7").  The second was such an epiphany that it's worth setting
up a little, although the article title kind of killed the suspense.  I
was looking over the stuff Joanna at Simple Machines sent me (Machines
Comp, July & Aug WHS) (Oh, Joanna's filling in for Pat) and saw a listing
of Tsunami's Tour Dates.  Out of curiousity, I decided to see whether they
were playing Minneapolis (approx. 8 hours away) since I KNEW SADLY that
Tsunami would never play Winnipeg, Manitoba.  This was Friday October 15. 
Tsunami played here, in Winnipeg, yesterday (Monday, Oct 18). Good Gravy!
And I nearly missed them! 

So anyways, I no longer have to be insanely jealous of USAers (yes you!)
who get to see bands like Tsunami frequently.  I Am