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shellac, sf seals, stereolab, scrawl, and other s words
Archers of Loaf @ Club deWash 10/21/93

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EDITOR'S NOTE T MINUS ZERO (It's the Final Countdown!)
by Mark Cornick

This is it. I'd just like to thank some people before I retire into a land
free of MAILER-DAEMONs: Joshua Houk, Liz Clayton, Sean Murphy, Lena Bennett,
Chris Sievanen, Matthew Robb, Joshua Buergel, Lindsay Watt, Rob Vaughn,
Brian K!z!K MacDonald, Kelly in Corvallis, WA, Dan Manning, Steve Silverstein,
Volker Stewart, Bill Peregoy, Dave Datta, and everyone who's sent free stuff.
And, of course, all of you, the readers of this here thing. It's been a lot of
fun over the past 13 months, but the time has come to move on.

To the lovers, the dreamers, the bored, the cynical, the people running a
romance over a phone line late at night, the 9-5 workers with second lives
from 5-9, the owners of turntables, the spinners of vinyl, the users of
Bilinda pedals, the buyers of imports, the hapless optimists, the unhappy
pessimists, the people who use Spin for catbox liner, the KolectorSkum of the
universe, the pop kids, the hardcore boys and riot grrls, the readers of
comix, the instigators of the Love Rock Explosion, and everyone who's ever
sung along with "Gimme Indie Rock!", this has been for you. Here's hoping it
will continue to be.

Good night, everybody!


by Mark Cornick

actually, before I go, here's a few review type things:

The September and October Working Holiday 45s are here. September is Jawbox
and Crackerbash. After noting that Jawbox's song is called "Falk" and that
there was a huge picture of him inside the sleeve (in addition to the
cartoon on the front) I was a little disappointed by the mostly-instro
Columbo salute (good samples, though.) Crackerbash -- punk rock, pure and
simple. Good as such. *. October is Crain and the Grifters. Crain certainly
don't suck, but I've never seen the beauty that a lot of people see in this
Louisville hardcore outfit. Hmm, whatever. The Grifters tune "Under The
Ground", however, is easily one of my favorites from them -- real dark sound,
sort of a spy-movie-theme feel. Yeah. **. (Both are, of course, on Simple
Machines, PO Box 10290, Arlington VA 22210-1290.)

Mollyhouse, who opened for Friendly on Wednesday, have the unenviable task
of being a great pop band in a city (Charlottesville, VA) filled with really
awful metal bands. (More so since I left, apparently.) Their second demo tape
shows a band that's solidified a lot in their approximately six months of
existence. Whereas before they were most definitely Slumberland-ish, now they
fit somewhere in the continuum between Velocity Girl and Superchunk. And, if
you'll indulge me a brief teenybopperism, the singer Beth is *so cool.* (She
nearly beat me at pool. But then she dropped the eightball.) Pop lovers
everywhere are advised to get this five-song gem. **. (Available from the
band at 101 Kent Terrace, Charlottesville VA 22903.)


shellac, sf seals, stereolab, scrawl, and other s words
by Richard J Puerzer

    Here are reviews of some relatively new 7"s and other stuff.

SHELLAC: Uranus 7" and Pictoral History Of The Rude Gesture 7"
    I guess you could call this a super group but I know a lot of people
would call them that just because of the Big Black guy.  I won't say his
name, just buy it if you like the description/sound which follows.  You
will love this if you gain enjoyment from (for the old school) Gang Of 4
or (for the new school) the song "Scentless Apprentice" off of that In
Utero thing.  I think this stuff is great.  The Uranus 7" is the best,
"Wingwalker" being a fantastic blow to the senses song and "Doris" being
rather good as well.  The Rude Gesture 7" has 3 songs, all of which are
good but "Billiard Player Song" is best among 'em.  The bass and drum
production make this great angry driving music.  Plus there is lots of
fun tech info on tapes and microphones with the 7"s.  Buy and Scream
along and Enjoy. (Touch and Go, PO Box 25520, Chicago IL, 60625)
Uranus: **1/2
Rude Gesture: *1/2

SF SEALS: Baseball Trilogy 7" (of CDsingle but they are both the same)
    3 songs about baseball: "Joltin' Joe Dimaggio", "The Ballad Of Denny
McClain", and "Dock Ellis".  "Dock Ellis" is the highlight, sung by the
mellifluous Barbara Manning.  It is a song about when he threw a
no-hitter in 1970 while on acid. True Story.  The other stuff is ok as
well but the one song justifies seeking it out.  Buy or be relegated to
a late-inning mop up role. (Matador, 676 Broadway, NY, 10012)*1/2

STEREOLAB: Lo Boob Oscillator b/w Tempter 7"
    Lo Boob sung in French, Tempter in English.  Sounds like Spacemen 3
with more speed and female vox and twice the number of musicians making
twice as much sound.  Sort of.  I like this band and I like this stuff
but I like "IT" all much more in the context of an album.  Maybe I
should put it all on a tape.  Whatever.  (Sub Pop, PO Box 20645, Seattle
WA, 98102)*

STEREOLAB: Jenny Ondiline CD EP (Promo, same as import single ??)
    I would like to see these guys live, it would be interesting to see
how all the noises translate.  This EP contains two significantly
altered LP tracks: "Jenny Ondiline" minus 14 minutes of the song making
it more managable but less interesting IMO, and "Golden Ball" without
the inbuilt surface noise meant on purpose.  Also, 2 other tracks:
"Fruition (Psycho James Bond)" and "French Disco", both only ok.  I like
this band as I said before, but, they remind me, in ways both good and
bad, of the 80's sound.  Anyone else hear this?  How about live? *

SCRAWL: Your Mother Wants To Know b/w Give UP 7"
    Neat Packaging!  These songs make it clear where at least some of
the inspiration for Tsunami comes from, which is not a bad thing. 
Neither song on this is a killer but both go down very well.  Check out
the Marcy Mays featured vocal song on the new Afghan Whigs album as
well.  She sounds a little like Thalia Zedek to me, again, not a bad
thing.  (Simple Machines, PO Box 10290, Arlington VA, 22210) *

DON CABALLERO: And and and and and and ...  b/w First Hits 7" 
    These are both as strong as anything on For Respect IMO, and were
recorded at the same session.  "First Hits" will hit you like a fastball
to Ray Chapman's head (very obscure baseball reference, anyone?).  You
also get some SCTV sound clips at the ends of the songs,  "He's a
Saint!!!!".  And with these guys, Hurl, and The Karl Hendricks Trio it
can finally be said that Pittsburgh has a "scene".  Lucky us.  (Third
Gear, PO Box 251481, W. Bloomfield MI, 48325)*1/2

    I was gonna do the Yo La Tengo 7" as well but that seems to be
covered territory (BUY IT and SHAKER and PAINFUL).  Note, I love all the
new stuff but nothing surpases "Three Cornered Drone (Crispy Duck)", off
of May I Sing With Me, for me.
    If you are going to the CMJ, go to see Karl Hendricks, it will make
your week.  As a first time attendee, I am hoping that there isn't stage
diving at the Lois show or 10000 people going to see St. Johnny or
anything like that.  
Rich Puerzer


Archers of Loaf @ Club deWash 10/21/93
by Mike Schmelzer

It was a choice between the Archers and Zeni Geva/Dazzling
Killmen/Mudwimmin @ O'Cayz, and I went with the Archers. Let me add my
voice to the universal chorus of praise. They were truly mind bogglingly
awesome, combining the power of Superchunk with the polvoness of Polvo.
(OK, so I haven't yet found a way to describe Polvo, sue me.) How good
were they? I abandoned my spot at the bar and the pitcher I paid for
(although my turn did come last, but I digress) because I had to go up
front and jump around. Unfortunately, it was pretty much just me and Joe
Garden up front. For those of you who don't know Joe, he's one of the guys
who writes all those cool signs at Badger Liquor. He's also known for nude
dancing at Pachinko gigs, with and without an insect head mask. Oh dear,
I'm digressing again. Suffice to say that Joe and I filled the floor up
	Anyway, I admit this posting wasn't very informational.  Think of
it more as a thank you to everyone on the indie-list for turning me on to
an unqualifiedly swell band. Kiss kiss. 

;; Mike Schmelzer,, (608)262-4550. Finger for PGP.
;; Yeah, you're on my list too, pal. - Gravity's Rainbow


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