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Message from the Moderator:  Indie List Free Stuff Giveaway Contest!!
indieclub in LA
Scarce and other Providence stuff
Ed Hall / Vertigo / Boredoms
IL-literature: Eeyore, Caroliner, Pelt, etc., DIY maillisting
Chris Knox
Th Faith Healers (LP review)
Mecca Normal & Lazyeye in Edmonton
another shameless plug

But first...some randomness from someone who's supposed to be writing
about the difference between alienation of labor and exploitation of
labor - 6-10 pages, due at 4pm on friday :)

1.  Please welcome our new archivist-type-fellow, Chris Karlof.  I'll let
Chris introduce himself at a later date (like when the new FAQ gets
assembled), but just know that he's a loyal reader (and sometime
contributor) and that he's in a band called Analogue (and that band name
alone scores super-bonus-points in my book!).  I'll be reviewing their
tape for next time (it's been a busy 3 or 4 days in these parts).
Chris' address appears in the usual place at the end of the list, and
you can bug him for all your back-issue needs. :)

2.  Just heard about half the new Spinanes LP from the next room over
(my roommate Matthew is reviewing it for our station) and it sounds
pretty darn good.  For those who were wondering if they could keep that
sound interesting for a whole LP instead of just a single at a time, the
answer is THIS KICKS.  (But then again, I made an LP out of the 3
Courtney Love singles and various comp. tracks, and it sounds pretty
great, too.)  *3/4 on a preliminary listen, pending a fuller
investigation by the grand jury.

3.  The Drummers of Burundi.  Realworld Records (distributed by
Caroline).  This is absolutely unreal.  31 minutes of drums and
occasional call-and-response chanting.  41 distinct rhythms in the
drumming (for the trained ear).  Absolutely hypnotic and grooving at the
same time.  There's a 12" from 1981 or so called "Burundi Black" which
has about 4 minutes of this stuff, but you need the full half-hour kick
to make it work right.  "This stuff resonates in your brain for days."
**3/4 (if it wasn't on RealWorld, it would probably get 5 stars - I
have a moral problem with Peter Gabriel, and what this label did to the
music of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan...)

4.  Desperately seeking records by FELT, preferably the Cherry Red ones.
E-mail me directly if you have any leads (where's Caroliner Fuzzbox
Juke-Joint Cakewalk Mindfuck from U. Florida when you need 'em?)
Willing to trade or buy...

Thanks for indulging me yet again...



Message from the Moderator:  Indie List Free Stuff Giveaway Contest!!
From:  Lena

You can win lots of neat Sentridoh stuff (well, a tape or a 7" EP or 
something) if you answer the question:  Name 5 bands Lou Barlow has been 
in.  Send replies to me.  Thanks to Kath for helping out with stuff.


"Why don't you tell me 'bout the mystery quiche
I wanna know about the mystery quiche
Why don't you show me coz I've tried and I've tried and I'm still mystified
I can't chew it anymore and I'm not satisfied...."


From: Michael Lim <>
indieclub in LA

Hi, I hope this is an appropriate place to do this.  This Saturday,
November 6, a few friends of mine are putting on a disco called
"Superstar" at The Auditorium in LA.  Basically, they rent out a club and
play records all night, and you can hang out, listen to tunes, and dance
to your favorites.  I thought it might interest some people on this list. 
I have a flyer for it in front of me, and I will attempt to recreate it
here on the screen: 

just when you thought it was safe to go back on the
dancefloor, it returns....

                        spinning the hits of:
                          unrest, teenage fanclub, sebadoh
     insert               velvet underground, pastels, felt
     picture              stereolab, the byrds, neil young
     of                   beat happening, luna, superchunk
     J Mascis             my bloody valentine, pavement
     here                 big star, tiger trap, flaming lips 
                          dinosaur jr, primal scream, versus
                          bmx bandits, love, mercury rev...

                        real life superstars playing live:
                          diskothi-q and poastal

			              @ the auditorium
                                   6356 hollywood blvd
                                     Sat Nov 6 9PM-2AM
                                (714)858-9523 for info

A fanzine "Over the Wall" hopefully will be availible by the time of
Superstar. It will have a 7" with Further, DIskothi-q, and Poastal, as
well as interviews, reviews, great concert memories, and assorted stuff.
The issue hasn't gone to press yet, so I'm not sure exactly what will be
in it, but it should have features on the above bands, Seam, and others.
For more details on the fanzine or Superstar, please email me. Thanks! 



From: Aaron Schatz <>
Scarce and other Providence stuff

Hi, I've been on list for a while but I thought it was finally time I
mailed something in.  Providence is a great place to live if you like
indie.  Quite a choice on Nov. 19 - AS220 has Helium, Edsel, Kudgel, and
Laurels, who last time I saw them broke two (count 'em 2) bass strings in
one show.  But as much as I like the Laurels, Brown Concert Agency is
putting on Belly for Brown students only the same night.  Yeah, you might
think they're too mersh, except that it looks like the opening band is
gonna be Scarce, featuring Chick Graining (the soon-to-be Mr. Tanya) who
are the hottest band in Providence right now.  I highly reccomend purchase
of the new 7" Days Like This/Scorpion Tray (I don't quite remember the
label but it was based in Chicago) and see them soon.  They opened for
Shudder to Think and Fugazi and I was very impressed.  Chick always wears
these wierd Tuxedo outfits and Joyce the bassist wears a lounge dress, but
they put on a great show despite (or maybe because of). 

2 more things.  1) Some guy reviewed Versus' Bright Light/Forest Fire 7" a
few days ago.  This came out like a year ago, didn't it?  Also, he didn't
give it such a great review but I highly disagree and I'm starting to
think that Richard Balayut is up there with Roger Miller (Mission of
Burma/no man) as a writer of great guitar anthems. 

[ takes a hell of a lot to rank with, "Let's
Electrify" has a serious Burma edge to it, but I'm still not convinced
on the whole... - Sean]

2) If anyone in Providence or vicinity gets this list (except Steve) my
band Salty Timmy is playing AS220 Friday night.  Brief plug. 

Aaron Schatz                   "The biggest problem with academia
Brown University                  is that you can't grow potatoes in it."
(401) 863-5599                                  - Justin Blumenstiel
P.O. Box 3994, beautiful Providence, RI 02912


From: Joshua John Buergel <>
Ed Hall / Vertigo / Boredoms

Well, I've been slacking off in a pretty big way this semesters with
writing for the Indie list, which is actually okay since other people are
writing so damn much.  Anyway, I'll probably continue to slack off since
schoolwork is kickin' my butt and I'm kind of burning out on writing for
now anyway.  Here's four reviews, tho.  I don't have 'em with me, so I
can't provide catalog numbers for them, or addresses (sorry...if you need
the addresses, check Sean's list of indie labels). 

Ed Hall, Motherscratcher (Trance Records Syndicate)

This is Ed Hall's fourth (?) LP, and it's the first one I've successfully
tracked down despite my trying for a long time.  It's worth it.  Big
muscular sound that reminds me of a heavier Steel Pole Bath Tub, which is
a good thing in my mind.  Solid, beefy rhythms, nicely demented lyrics and
some decent guitar work.  Just good heavy stuff.  I like it lots.  **

Vertigo, _Nail Hole_ (Amphetamine Reptile Records)

Woo!  Ventriloquist was one of my favorite LPs of last year, checking in
just behind the Crystallized Movements and the Jesus Lizard.  _Nail Hole,
their followup, does not disappoint.  This is the best thing AmRep has put
out since the last Vertigo LP.  Now, I wish I could describe what it is I
find so appealing.  Instantly catchy songs that feature some really nice,
psychedelic tinged guitar work.  Well, I guess that does describe.  Rock
'n' roll, man.  ***

Boredoms, _Pop Tatari_ (Reprise (!) Records)

Okay, so Reprise is as mersh as it gets.  You're not going to convince me
that the Boredoms don't belong on this list.  I don't know what Warner
Bros. was thinking, but I'm glad this got a U.S. release finally. 
Completely whacked out Japanese noise 'n' punk 'n' funky wierdness.  Eye
and company deliver a whoppin' great album here.  Gaaa-run-teeed to clear
out parties.  This is essential at a domestic price.  **1/2

Forced Exposure #18 is out and it's great, featuring a wonderful interview
with Chris Knox.  Bananafish #8 is out as well and it's got some great
interviews with Masonna, C.C.C.C., Wingtip Sloat and many others, as well
as other assorted strange interviews and impenetrable editorials.  Both
are recommended. 

I wish I had 30 hours in a day,

Joshua Buergel - -


From: "Mark S. Cornick" <>
IL-literature: Eeyore, Caroliner, Pelt, etc., DIY maillisting,
 Sebadoh/Sabato joke

[Damn, how the might have the course of one week, he goes
from Indie-List editor to someone who can't keep the "Subject" line of
his mail under the accepted 80 character limit...sheesh :) - Sean]

Greetings from Richmond, the land of the fee and the home of the Braves.
Damn it's cold here. Sometime soon we really should light the Eerie House
furnace pilot. But you could care less how cold my house is right now. I
have many 45s from you, the readers, this week, plus some other nonsense
that we probably should get right to: 

I am, due to some horrible mistake, on a mailing list of Caroline retail
buyers, so I get free shit from Caroline now and then. Most recently I got
a three-song advance tape of the new Drop Nineteens LP _National Coma_.
One of their guitarists (Paula) left recently and started a new band
called Hot Rod. Perhaps not coincidentally, the Drop 19s sound has changed
a bit. No longer do they automatically sound like My Bloody Valentine;
they've shaken free of that trap and I don't think many people will accuse
them of that any more. Unfortunately, they seem to have a Smashing
Pumpkins fixation now. It's probably unfair to judge a whole LP based on
three songs, but based on what I've heard I'm only going to predict *
for _National Coma._ (It's on Caroline, whose records you can find in
almost any "rock" record store.)

New from my household is the split 45 from Eeyore Ass Guzzler and
Caroliner Rainbow Fire Tongues On The Fingermill Of The Paste Demon. (Just
Eeyore and Caroliner for short, OK?) Eeyore's "Broken Fence Of The
Battered And Buried" sounds kinda like a bluegrass band with no rhythm
section. Banjo, mandolin, kitchen-sink kinda sound. Then there's a long
pause followed by total chaos in a locked groove. Caroliner's "Wrap Your
Rattler Bring Your Coat, or The Bringing Of Electricity To Monclova
County" sounds much like most of the rest of Caroliner's stuff; frankly.
I'm no expert on them, but if you are, I guess you know what to expect.
This side also ends with a lock groove. (Jukebox nightmare!) All this
comes wrapped in wondrous hand- made sleeves, no two alike (made by
residents of my house.) Fans of either band will love this; as usual,
those uninitiated will scratch their heads and go "Huh?" ** for fans,
* for others. (Write Eerie Materials, PO Box 14592, Richmond VA 23221,
or Mark Melts <>. I am not Mark Melts, by the way.
People sometimes confuse us on the phone. :-)

Also new from O'Hill is the "Pelt(er)" 45 from Pelt, featuring my neighbor
and former Lid-guy Mike Gangloff singing and playing guitar. (Hey, who
knew he could sing? :-) Although Mike sounds nothing like Paul Westerberg
when he speaks, his singing voice recalls Westerburg's at times (fine with
me.) The guitar sounds are great -- in the style of Evol_/_Sister era
Sonic Youth or pre-suck Dinosaur Jr, but slightly understated and not at
all pompous. It's a wall of sound -- not in the Spectorian sense, but in
the sense of the sound being grand, dense, and powerful. A winner, and it
sure beats the crap that passes for ex-Replacements' projects these days.
**1/2. (Radioactive Rat Records, 238 S Cherry St, Richmond VA 23220;
Mike G can be e-mailed at <>.)

The International Pop Underground is alive and well in south California
(hey, they call it La-La land, right?) if the new split 45 by Canopy and
Seesaw is any sign. Canopy's girl-pop tunes can hang with the best by
Heather-led Beat Happ, Tiger Trap, and the Spinanes. Seesaw are a guitar/
bass duo whose lo-fi noise reminded me of TV themes until the hardcore
sections kicked in. I'm a little jaded on indie pop music at the moment,
but regardless of how I feel, this is a fine little 45 for the punk rock
lala kids. ** (Sourpower Records, 7606 4th St, Downey CA 90241)

I got a package this week from Bedazzled Records (PO Box 39195, Washington
DC 20016, <>) with four new 45s. Bedazzled is best
known for releasing records by Strange Boutique, DC's favorite goth band.
So it should come as no surprise that the other bands on the label have
some goth tinges as well. First is "Ghost", the second 45 by local
Retchmond band Siddal (now a duo -- they once had a member of Coral in the
band, and Coral of course has ex-Honor Role guy Bob Schick... and you call
DC incestuous.) This record is real precious -- girly vocals that remind
one of Kate Bush, with lullaby-like accompaniment. The overall effect is
not unlike the Cranes. Unfortunately, it gets sort of Muzak-y at times.
But this is good mood music for the Docs-n-eyeliner set. *1/2.
Ultracherry Violet goes straight for the throat on their 45 -- this is
full-on ultra-goth, with an MBV-influenced rack full of guitar effects, a
Siouxsie-like singer and mucho echo. It reminds me of an 80s 4AD band I
can't quite place at the moment (Xmal Deutschland, maybe?) *. The
Curtain Society has a vocalist that bears an eerie resemblance to Robyn
Hitchcock. Unfortunately, he doesn't posess Robyn's wit. Oh please, I hope
the a-side isn't about Chelsea Clinton. Goth again. **1/2. Viola Peacock,
fortunately, is a little more upbeat than the rest of them (put that Nytol
down!) The guitarist really loves his flanger pedal! The songs are a
little poppy and go down pretty easy. *1/2. (I guess I'm just not a
gothic person. My GF of two years ago would've really liked a lot of these
45s, though. By the way, 3 of the 4 are on color vinyl.)

I never really pictured Saint Etienne as a disco band, but that's exactly
what they are on the "Who Do You Think You Are" CD5 (Heavenly/Warner
Bros.) Just look at the remixes of the title track (a cover):
"Strobelights & Platform Shoes Mix", "Saturday Night Fever Dub", etc.
They've even picked up a second singer on the choruses, for that full-on
Abba effect. Sure, I love the cheesiness of disco like anyone else, but I
can't really listen to this for more than a few minutes before I put on
something without a 16-beat. The saving grace here is the two Aphex Twin
remixes, which (in typical AFX fashion) incorporate almost nothing from
the original tracks. Somehow, I think Etienne could've done better than
this generic 70s rehash. *

One more note: I am currently preparing an idiot's guide to starting yr
own Internet mailing list. (Anyone who's read a.m.a. in the last week
probably knows why I feel it's time to share the 'ledge.) Expect it to
contain most of what you need to know, such as how to mail to a list using
Unix or VMS, the bloofga-matic formula, archiving, publicity, etc. etc.
etc. If anyone else who runs lists has anything to share, by all means
send it to me. 

Well, I guess that's it for now. Anyone with a spare copy of the original
45 of "Sugarshack" by Jimmy Gilmer And The Fireballs that wants to unload
it, give me (not Doug) a buzz. 

"Hey, Rob! Do you know how to light a pilot light?"

Mark Cornick * * look out, he's in love again
"I'm glad the election's over. Now people will finally stop thinking I'm
talking about Sabato when I'm really talking about Sebadoh."

From: Todd Hyman <>
Chris Knox

Hey this is my first submission so be easy on me:(you HAVE to read this!!)

Chris Knox/Ashtray Boy
Lounge Ax, Chicago, IL
Monday Nov. 1.

Man did I not know what I was getting myself into.  And I was really
looking forward to the show, being it Mr. Knox's first Chicago appearance. 
Ashtray Boy opened up with a rather pleasant though I thought
stereotypical Australian "indie" sound if there is such a thing.  Minimal,
playing bad on purpose, kinda catchy.  The leader of Ashtray Boy, Randall
Lee, played with the Cannanes and is also in Nice.  He played with a
Chicago rhythm section which was kinda weird.  He has other guys down
under who play in this band as well. However the real meat of my review(no
pun intended) centers on Chris Knox.  I had no idea how complex this man
is.  It seems every song he writes is from a different perspective to the
point where I don't know what he says he believes or just makes it up to
fit the role.  All by himself with his guitar and electronic Omnichord, he
played for almost two hours.  Throughout the show, he kept telling the
audience that he was unhappy with the fact that there were seats and he
wanted people to get rid of them.  Otherwise, we would regret it later. 
Man, if I only knew then.  So he played some songs dealing with assault
and teenage rebellion which was fine until he chose to do a song
concerning gender issues for his encore.  I still don't know if he really
acted out the lyrics of this song from experience or from imagination. 
Anyway, I think the song was called "What's Wrong with Me".  He roamed
around the audience picking and choosing certain individuals to "attack."
He sloppily kissed some guys, sat on some women's lap while licking them,
and danced with guys while they fondled his nipples.  The whole show was
starting to resemble a freak show of sorts. While a little uncomfortable
around all this, I had no idea the worst was yet to come.  Mr. Knox came
up to me(I sitting), ripped open my pants, and attempted to thrust his
head down in my crotch!  If my hands wouldn't have been there, he would
have got a lot farther with his tongue.  Man, I couldn't believe it! 
Chris Knox had his head in my crotch!!  The show started to get ugly after
that.  He began requesting members of the audience come up on stage and do
whatever they wanted.  No one came up except for this freaky New Wave
dancer guy who had danced in front of everybody throughout the whole show
to the entertainment of all.  Chris then passed the mic around for people
to say stuff, but no one really had anything to say.  He thought we were
all lame cos we didn't have anything else to say. What the hell were we
supposed to say?  We came to see him, not the audience, perform.  It's
great that he was trying to break down the barriers between artist and
spectator, but it became annoying after his harsh persistant proddings.  I
could tell people were itching to leave(myself included) but didn't feel
comfortable until Mr. Knox "really" finished.  This encore bit lasted
almost twenty minutes(too long).  Overall the show was amazing, probably
one of the best I'd seen all year.  Yet the end somehow left a sour taste
in my mouth(and probably another in Chris's). 

I'm home and safe now. 
todd hyman
It's a bottom feeder!




Lung/Thorsen - October 29, Town Pump, Vancouver BC

Lung are a band from Vancouver who, in the last year or so, have had tons
of accolades thrown their way by the music press, campus radio, and
several figures in the music scene, including the patronage of Chuck D.
who called them "the best fuckin white band in the world." Last summer,
their "Litany" single, put out by Serial Killer out of the UK, reached the
top 15 on the UK indie charts and quickly sold out (all this with zero
touring in Britain, or anywhere else for that matter).  When their debut
album, Mangnum Opiate (Zulu Records), was released earlier this year, the
press was almost unanimous in their praise of the album and hailed Lung as
heirs to the Skinny Puppy thrown, infering that the people of Vancouver
had this brilliant band right under their noses but have completley failed
to recognize it (on Skinny Puppy's last tour, they sold out almost
everywhere except Vancouver).  Most of the rave reviews have materialized
because of Lung's amazing live shows.  They usually offer an interesting
twist to their shows by having something else to look at on the stage
other than the band.  Often times their manager can be found on stage
playing chess, delivering impromptu sermons, or knocking over equipment to
augment Lung's already caotic sound.  By far the best Lung show I've seen
was in April, at Gracelands, where they had two dancers clad in black
doing this really wild physical dancing (ie tossing each other about the
stage and mimicking wrestling holds) while a video tape of TV channels
being flipped really quickly was projected behind the band.  Mixed in with
Lung's ferocious and demented wall of sound, it was really a sight to

Unfortunately, on this night Lung had nothing special planned, so it was
just the band (and a guy in a Buffalo Sabres jacket who was totally
smashed and attempting to stand up straight while doing a very strange
dance).  They played what sounded like tons of new songs (their songs tend
to melt into one another, so its kind of difficult to tell when one is
over and the next one's started), along with most of Magnum Opiate, plus
oldies "Fuck Generator" and "Mother".  Their Sonic Youth meets Skinny
Puppy noise barrage continued for almost 90 minutes, and they finished of
with show stopper "Litany".  The set seemed a bit long (I don't think they
have enough strong material yet to fill out an entire 90 minutes) and some
songs tended to drag on.  Also, the Town Pump atmosphere seemed a bit
stale, as it was mostly filled with beer monsters and the like who come
only come into the place because its free after midnight. Overall, it was
fairly average as Lung shows go. 

Viking hardcore gods Thorsen opened the show and where quite amusing.  The
trio dresses up in full viking gear and delivers a very tounge in cheek
hardcore sound, bordering on death metal.  Sort of like the Hanson
Brothers except they're playing tribute to Scandanavian metal instead of
the Ramones.  One interesting thing of note is bassist Dave is also a
member of garage punk funsters, The Smuggelers and the Evaporators, and
even played briefly with Cub.  Anyways, rumour has it that a label out of
Tacoma, WA is signing Thorsen for big bucks. 

- Jerry.
----------> J S Gill ---------> <-------------->


From: James Nash <>
Th Faith Healers (LP review)

My first encounter with Th Faith Healers (apostrophe after the Th seems to
have been dropped) and I'm kinda hooked. I know they're signed to "The
Man" in the States but in good 'ol Blighty they're on my favourite label
Too Pure - which reminds me, haven't you bought the Pram album yet? Tsk! 

Th Faith Healers - Imaginary Friend (Too Pure 27)

Seven songs here, striding a number of musical divides but with the centre
of gravity kept firmly in the garage/grunge rock locker. Each track has
its own identity you can learn to love, take 'Heart Fog', a Pixies song by
all but vocal style yet TFH stamp their good-time huggable sound on the
chorus. 'Kevin' evokes SY or maybe MBV with a bastard hangover while 'The
People' go(es) all psychedelic. 'Curly Lips' I can't bring myself to
describe - it's too nice!! I can never remember the singer's name but she
excels herself here. 

One big, I'm talking a whole 20 minutes, downside is 'Everything All at
Once', an attempt at Loop's hypnotic repititive reverb which is fun for
the first 10 minutes and then becomes VERY BORING INDEED! before hitting a
suitably noisy lockout groove. Some top lyrics, my favourite being "Go on
conscience, give me a reason". Wow! someone else thinks like that too! If
TFH can start using their influences to create a more original sound, we
could be in for a real treat. This will do nicely for the moment though...
a big sloppy *

Ummm... what else to say here? Well, I'm slowly recovering from the 'flu
that's swept Coventry and looking forward to the "secret" Slowdive gig
next Wednesday. Bought Fly Ashtray, Circus Lupus, Yo La Tengo and Guided
by Voices LPs, reviews later! Does anyone have a DogBowl discography or
simply more info than I know (the one track on the Soluble Fish comp. -
Low Brown Clouds)? Right, I'm off to work on project ARTICHOKE. (yes, it's
'Guess What Book James Has Been Reading This Week While He's Been Off
Sick' time :)

Hey! I only just noticed this lunchtime where the cover of the new
Nightblooms LP is taken from. Cool! Especially if you consider my
surname; no relation... I hope.
--James Nash <>
and a slice of cake... over there!


From: Greg Pohl <>
Mecca Normal & Lazyeye in Edmonton

Greetings I.L. people. First time review here, from Edmonton. As near as I
can tell, I'm the only one on the list from here. Edmonton, that's
Alberta, Canada, one-time home of Wayne Gretzky, and still (unfortunately)
the home of the world's biggest mall. Edmonton used to have a killer scene
about 6 years ago, but things have kinda stagnated of late. But there's
still SNFU and Junior Gone Wild, and a few up'n'coming bands to watch,
like The imagineers. Edmonton's a pretty big place, but we're a bit off
the beaten track, so not alot of interesting tuneage rolls thru town. 
  Anyway, last week it was Mecca Normal, from Vancouver, playing for our
University Radio fund-raising event. I'm not sure how well MN are known
outside western Canada, but they've been around for about 8 years, and
they've got a fair bit of material on K records. They'e a duo - Dave
Lester on guitar (pretty fast and really odd) and Jean Smith on vocals
(sorta like Janis Joplin meets Skinhead OConnor). Altogether they really
cooked especially when Jean picked up a s 2nd guitar to add some atonal
wankage as counterpoint. Great band to check out, for anyone into the
D.I.Y. scene (is that a genre? it ought to be - you know, home-fi
Sebadoh-like stuff)
  Lazyeye opened the show; I'm not sure but I think they're local. At any
rate, they haven't played alot, so they were a bit rough. Nothing they did
really jumped out at me, but they were interesting enough to show
potential.And they switched instruments a bit, which is a philosophy I
appreciate. Tonight, Roots Roundup (also from Vancouver) are playing, so
if I brave the new snow, I'll have another review of that. Anything to
relieve the excitement of identifying beetles all day, which is what I do
for a living. 
  Anyone out there know anything about a band called Lights in a Fat City?
I picked up a CD of theirs yesterday, which is pretty cool. A trio with
didgeridoo, percussion, and more percussion. And they do it all in a very
gothic way. Haven't heard anything from them since 1988 - I wonder if
they're still together. Anyway, back to the bugs...... Fluffy


another shameless plug

yes, another shameless plug for a WXJM show in VA.  I guess this message
only those who are within driving distance of VA, which could be anywhere
on the East coast( if you're adventurous).  Anyway, it's on november 19,
on campus, starting at 6:30.  more directions, question, etc e-mail me or
call the radio station at 7023-568-6878.  Oh yeah, the bands are the
technical jed(a richmond band), the nightblooms, throw that beat in the
garbage can, slant 6, small factory and archers of loaf. tickets are $5 in
advance, $6 at the door.  please come if you can.  Thanks. 

by the way, what do people think about innocence and experience, the blake
babies thing by mammoth.  As a huge BB fan, I wish they had used more
unreleased stuff.  but what's on there is great.  i love it and so should
anyone else who likes jh3 or antenna.  it's much much much much better
than either of those bands could ever hope to be. 


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