The Indie List Digest

Volume 2, Number 36

December 7, 1993

Princeton * Seattle * Chicago * Raleigh

This issue of the Indie List is dedicated to the memory of Frank Zappa,
who passed away over the weekend.  His musicianship and originality will
be sorely missed by music listeners everywhere.

In this issue:  

Radiopuhelimet/Circle at I-klubi, Tampere, Finland 11/26/93
Compound Red's _Mr. Microcosm_
Mazzy Star review
Bits and pieces (Earl's Family Bombers, the Cleavers, etc...)
Mazzy Star/St. Johnny/That Dog @ The Whisky 12/03/93 (Sold-Out)
dambuilders, scarce, smack mellon
Debut of Bing
Hi, I'm a new guy
CD version of The Fall's GROTESQUE
Ride The Tiger: Yo La Tengo

and...for your prospective purchasing future...


craw advertisment
Drummer Wanted (LA)
blatant self promotion...


1.  Thank you everyone for writing for the I-L - it's amazing how much
more interesting things are when I don't already know all the authors.
BUT, please include the words "Indie" or "I-L" or something similar in
the subject of your mail to Lena - she's a busy person who receives lots
of mail each day.  This little marker allows her to save these messages
quickly and efficiently for your future reading pleasure.  

2.  On a similar note, I promise to always make the subject of an
official Indie-List mailing begin with the words "Indie-List" so that
people with sophisticated news-reader systems can accomodate our
postings and know what's coming - I'm starting to realize how much it
sucks to get caught reading a really long post at 2400 baud...

3.  Indie-List will probably continue to operate during the upcoming
non-denominational holiday season, although at a slower pace.  So, don't
freak if you don't receive a regularly scheduled i-l; the regular
schedule will not apply between December 17 and January 3.  (Yes, even I
need a break and will get to see my parents for a few days...)

4.  With the end of the school semester comes departures from school and
the loss of computer accounts.  To save the already-schized out minds of
Liz and myself, please let us know if you're losing your account by
mailing such information to LIZ.  As much as I care, it's not my job to
update the mail files.  

Not much else to say right now...I've been grooving to all the neat
stuff I bought last week (which I reviewed last issue...) and
alternately mourning the break-up of Tiger Trap (as noted on various
other mailing lists in the last couple days...various net-folk were
present at the last Tiger Trap show...sniff, sniff).


P.S.  Paul, I promise I'll do a review of Runt with mailing address
included for the next issue...really!


From: Sami Rouhento <>

Radiopuhelimet/Circle at I-klubi, Tampere, Finland 11/26/93

Now here's something that's definitely not US-centric:  the two best
Finnish noisy rock'n'roll bands playing at the sleaziest little rock club
in my very own home town of Tampere, Finland! 

I arrived a bit late, Circle were already head and shoulders into their
first song. The first thing I noticed as I entered was how dark it was in
there, no lights at all except for a little one at the bar and a couple of
flashing lights and stroboscopes onstage. Another thing was the volume, it
was really loud, it hurt and it was really GREAT. This unconventional
lightshow and the hideous volume combined with their monomanic and
mesmerizing musical approach is apt to put the receptive listener into a
trance. Actually, they don't seem to be quite as monomanic as they used to
be, they've added a keyboard/sequencer- handling fella and he really gives
a new dimension to their semi-chaotic guitar-driven sound. Circle's debut
album due for release in early '94 on Bad Vugum, I can't say how thrilled
I am to hear this. 

Well, even better things were yet to come because in no time
Radiopuhelimet took the stage and they seemed to be in a rocking form this
Friday evening. Starting off cool as always, the vocalist JA M{ki soon
lost control of his behaviour and went into the spastic in fits -routine,
which is really entertaining to watch. I'll have to say he must be the
most impressing frontman I have ever witnessed, all cool and aggressive
and arrogant at the same time, a perfect antithesis to the rest of the
band who just stand there as if riveted to the spot, expressionless and
indifferent. Musically they never fail to deliver, but make their unique
blend of hardcore, minimalistic funk and pure old rock'n'roll sound always
severe, noncompromising, tight, and abrasive as hell! I tell you, I still
haven't stopped shaking from the sheer power of their encore, a ripping
version of Little Richard's "Keep on Knockin'". 

The most intensive live show in '93, no doubt. It may be that most of you
Indie-List readers will never have the chance to see either of these
bands, but I sincerely hope you will. 


Compound Red's _Mr. Microcosm_

Mr. Microcosm CD
Hardspun records

Compound Red is a little Milwaukee phenomenon that have been around for
years, and this is their first full-length.  Elements of bands they listen
to, like Fugazi, Samiam, Jawbox on the Dischord/all ages punk side as well
as some European pop influences, somewhere near Swervedriver though that's
not quite right, are present, too.  (Actually the Euro-pop strain in them
may have filtered through their friendship with Sometime Sweet Susan,
another Milwaukee band that dabbles on the Wedding Present, Swervedriver,
early New Order, side of things.) Put out by their lonesome selves. **

--Rob S.


From: Michael Lim <>

Mazzy Star/St. Johnny/That Dog Live review.

Well, last week was a good one, as I got to see Mazzy Star twice, at the
Belly-Up in San Diego and at The Whiskey in LA. Both nights were great,
even though the sets were nearly identical and the music was nearly
identical to the record. The songs were pretty much an even mix off of
their 2 albums, they played "Hallah" and "Ride It On" off the first album,
which were highlights for me. They played about 6 songs off their latest
album, but unfortunately they didn't play "Fade Into You" or "5 String
Seranade." For the encore, they did, "Into Dust," which is an amazing,
quiet, haunting, emotional starts with acoustic guitar and also
has violin. The Belly-Up in San Diego is sorta a bar where a lot of people
just go to get wasted, and I suspect a lot of the 300 or so people there
didn't even know who Mazzy Star were. During "Into Dust" singer Hope got a
bit pissed, and goes, "If you came here to talk, you should move to the
back...we've been listening to your conversations the whole's
pretty FUCKING annoying!" Classic! Nonetheless, people kept yappin'. 

Does anybody know about the openers That Dog? They were quite good, I've
never heard of them, but apparently they've signed with DGC. I don't know
how to describe them...I suppose they reminded me of Lush, in their
harmonies and song arrangements, but they are not etherial or dreamy in
the least. They have a violinist, which added a great touch. 

St. Johnny were terrible, but I won't elaborate. 

FYI, I saw Courtney Love at the Whiskey show. 

Coming reviews of Spinanes in SF and Teenage Fanclub.



From: Bill Whitson <>
Bits and pieces (Earl's Family Bombers, the Cleavers, etc...)

Lots going on around Seattle right now for underagers like me, hopefully
it will keep up.  Impressions of people I've seen recently: 

Earl's Family Bombers.  I like the Supersuckers.  I like the Fluid.  I
therefore like these guys.  They do absolutely nothing new.  They aren't
very creative.  They won't turn your indie rock world upside down.  They
are fun though.  They played to a crowd of five people and I think I was
the only one who'd ever heard of them.  They did a pretty short set
(understandable I think, under the circumstances) of speedy, high energy
rock.  Sometimes you've just got to forget the politics, the artyness, the
heavy concepts and just rock.  Talked to 'em for a while and it turns out
they've moved up here.  They're gonna take a lot of heat for that. Check
out their new 7" on eMpTy. 

The Cleavers.  Hmm... y'know these guy's are from AZ and so were EFB - I
wonder if this is saying something.  The Cleavers are hillarious. Their
style can be summed up by what the guitarrist said in the middle of the
show "The Cleaver's are known world-wide for their versatility!" They
ranged from jazz to funk to Melvin's style rock to art fuckery sometimes
all within one song.  On top of it all they remained funny as hell -
recruiting members of the audience to sing for them and giving them the
wrong lines, etc.  I seriously doubt I'd buy anything recorded but I'd
definitely go see them live again. 

Hush Harbor.  You're going to be hearing about these guys from people who
get paid a lot to write this kinda stuff very soon.  This is one of those
bands that has such skill and brilliance that they need none of the
traditional gimmicks.  You could probably pin them into the Slint/ Engine
Kid style if you really needed a reference.  More melodic and less
"tempo-varying".  Better lyrics (IMO of course) and very skilled
musicians.  Amazing live. 

Spinanes.  Well everyone's been writing about how great the spinnanes are. 
I've got a couple 7"s and I think they're great.  I haven't bothered to
pick up the new album yet.  At any rate - I think they're good recorded
but I got bored pretty quick seeing them live.  Yeah, they're good
musicians, and they were witty, and the crowd was really into them but I
was yawning when they were halfway through.  Hm. 

-Bill Whitson


From: "Jonathan L. Tronson" <73543.3230@CompuServe.COM>
Mazzy Star/St. Johnny/That Dog @ The Whisky 12/03/93 (Sold-Out)

First off, we were disappointed to find out that Codeine* had been
replaced (Argh!) by That Dog between the time we had bought our tickets
and showtime,reason unknown. That Dog played 2 new songs from their
upcoming CD that kept their set semi-fresh.  Even though I've seen them
way too many times, as compared to other local bands, they definitely
provide an entertaining half-hour or so of happy, harmony-laden tunes. 
Their double 7" EP on Magnatone/Jamboree is more than worth grabbing up. 
Despite Petra's ongoing battle with some short in her violin's pickup cord
(even analog technology has it's problems!) she, Rachel (4-string) and
Anna (open strings) provided ample tones over which their three-way
harmony was able to muscle its way into every nook and $5 beer cup at the
Go-Go.  Tony, their token male humanoid, remained in his own world behind
the drums. 

* For further explaination listen to the 6-song "Barely Real" CD on SUB POP.

St. Johnny was destined for failure it seemed this night.  To be placed
between two 4AD-esque acts didn't help much either.  Except for a single,
semi-conscious, self-admitted "headbanger," this group didn't find an
ounce of support.  Why I don't know (call it naiveity!?) Their set was
short and tart.  At one point the lead singer asked very cooly, fingering
the person next to me,to "come up here" after kicking off the stage some
sort of spent projectile.  St. Johnny made very clear to the audience that
the song they were performing was the last of the night and probably the
last for la-la land (or at least The Whisky and proximity.) I only enjoyed
two of their songs, even though they sounded like very much like Further

Mazzy Star didn't start till 10:45 (really late for The Whisky), but it
was definitely worth the wait.  Having shedded the bitter memory of St. J
and the disappointment over the lack of Codeine, the sight of Hope sent
warm, fuzzy feelings down my spine.  I must tell you I am a great admirer
of Mazzy Star/Opal/ say the least, so it would be hard not to rave
about their performance. 

However, I will make a comparison between this show and the last I saw of
their's- The Alligator Lounge 10/14 with Heidi Berry & Lotion.  The latter
I would rate a 7+, where as the former would rate a 9/10.  Yes, super
great! I swear David Roback freelances almost all the songs, keeping them
fresh, yet gratifyingly familiar.  Hope Sandoval seemed to keep the crowd
well under her spell & control (unlike the show mentioned previously.)
Their set went as follows: She Hangs..., Bells Ring, Halah, Mary of
Silence, Ghost, Give you my..., Ride It On, She's My Baby, Flowers, Blue
Light, Blue Flower, 1st Encore: Into Dust, Hair and Skin, 2nd Encore: So
Tonight...  As you can see not all of their set was from their lastest CD
"So Tonight That I Might See." Every song was incredible, and each band
member (up to 6) are great musicians in their own right.  Even though
they're on Capitol, as David said in an interview regarding big label
relationships, names are just names, people are just people.  They've
definitely maintained a small label sound, albeit highly polished.  Long
live psychedelic Telecasters and red, contoured, velvety dresses. 


From: spaceboy <TROUTMAN@MIDD.bitnet>

dambuilders, scarce, smack mellon @ middle east, boston 12/02/93
hey all!

ok, i'll admit it, i'm a slut for the dambuilders... their music makes my
knees wobbly and gives me a major case of "the sighs" 8). 

so, after a three-and-a-quarter hour drive, i found myself at boston's
famed middle east restaurant/club. i could feel the coolness in the air as
soon as i walked through the doors; everyone i saw looked cool and looked
like they were all having meaningful and enjoyable conversations about
cool things. argh! i wish i lived in boston... i could easily go broke in
a few weeks. 

[ObNitPick: the Middle East is located in the People's Democratic
Republic of Cambridge, MA, not Boston proper.  :) - Sean]

well, after paying my $8, i proceeded downstairs and plopped myself down
at a table in front of the left loudspeaker with a perfect view of the
stage. i missed the very first band but arrived just in time to see scarce
go on. they are a highly enjoyable three-piece and what they lacked in
tightness, they made up for with energy. the bassist is a crazy woman,
dancing around and just generally enjoying herself. it was very fun,
guitar pop music which brought more than a few smiles to my face. i'm not
sure about what they've released since this was my first introduction to
the band. i can see them as a band that (if they stay together) could only
get better. (**)

next, smack melon went on. again, prior to entering the middle east, i had
never heard of these guys. one thing i will say in their favor is that
they were very tight. however, their music just seemed to lack
something... i wasn't really moved either way by their performance. the
were pretty hard but still in the guitar pop/rock mode. i flip-flopped
back in forth between liking and hating the singer's voice. i liked it a
lot when he was being melodic but disliked it when he was shouting. i
guess the main reason i couldn't get into these guys was that they didn't
seem to have a unifying element in their sound (except for the fact that
they played it very tight.) i found that their music was very sporadic.

well, next up were the dambuilders <sigh>. it was a record-release party
for their new single on rockville records: "new jersey" and "wyoming" b/w

the band seemed at ease and it truly was a party type, informal
atmosphere. they only played for about an hour (including encore) but they
can do so much in such a short period of time. i think the highlight of
the set was a song which i assume is called "antiseptic" cuz that's what
it sounds like they're shouting during the chorus. also kevin handing out
cookies was fun (that's probably just my stomach talking though.) overall,
a fantastic performance. (***)

got to talk with eric and dave for a little bit before and after the show.
they are now going to hawaii to mix a new record. no recording contract as
of yet but dave says, "it'll get out somehow."

as for the single itself, it is very good. "new jersey" and "wyoming"
are incredible, in the same vein as the stuff of the tough guy ep. i don't
know what to make of "oregon" at this time. it wallows... more so than
even "idaho". this is not necessarily a bad thing as i'm a big fan of
lament-rock (e.g. american music club) but i'm not sure if it works with
"oregon"... more listenings might be in order here. 

wow, this was longer than i had originally intended... sorry.

take it easy,

p.s. i have fallen head over heels for the new tiger trap 10"! (***+)

----------------------------------------------------- "groovin' to a new sin", troutman@midd.bitnet


Subject: Debut of Bing

Hi everybody.  I'm Bing.

I've been lurking off and on for some time.  I've decided to forcefully
inject myself into the indie list community.  I don't have a heck of a lot
to write about content wise for this article, but I thought I would just
take the opportunity to introduce myself.  Hopefully this will lay the
foundation for some semi-regular articles from the land of Bing. (I make
no promises)

Some of you may know me from my BBS.  I run a punk/indie rock BBS called
Bing's Haus of Soft, Creative, Non-Violent Playthings.  (Yes, it's also
the record label responsible for bands such as Lack-a-Daisy and Swiss Army
Tractor.  Look for a big ol' box-set in the near future.) We've got
message areas for discussion of things like indie gossip, reviews, and
indie theories. (That's my pet term for discussions such as, "I don't buy
major label stuff because..." and "Major labels discourage originality in
music because..." etc.) We also have more traditional BBS discussion areas
for things like religion and politics (with a slightly anarchist slant to
it thanks to the efforts of myself and a few of the users).  I've made an
effort to keep the BBS focused on indie rock, and not let it get dilluted
to the point where it resembles a general-interest BBS.  I think I've been
somewhat successful in that respect.  (pat, pat)

The file areas are all text.  We've got all the punkesque lyrics from
CS.UWP.EDU available, as well as the complete Indie-List archives
(finally). I just finished setting up the archives so that they can be
read and searched while online.  I'll be making the Punk-List and
Grunge-List archives available in the near future. 

The latest addition to Bing's Haus is the addition of UseNet newsgroups.
Thanks to a local BBS which set up a UseNet/Fidonet gateway, we now have
29 of the more (umm...) punk-related newsgroups online as message bases. 
That's no biggie for those of us in the internet community, but it's a
real treat for the users without net access. (plus it's nice to have my
favorite newsgroups on my own computer.) Unfortunately, we don't have
e-mail ability on Bing's Haus yet, but we're working on it. So...  If
you'd like to call th' Haus, the two numbers are (304)291-3046 [14.4K
baud], and (304)292-4054 [2400 baud]. 

<whisper mode on> There's a little trick which will let you avoid the
long-distance costs by telnetting to the West Virginia University dialout
modems, and then placing the local call to Bing's Haus.  It's perfectly
legal of course, but WVU doesn't like it.  If you'd like to do  
some experimentation for me, e-mail me and I'll tell you how it's done.
<whisper mode off>

What else do I do?  Hmm...  Sang for a couple of bands.  Reflexive
Repetition (artsy new-age folk punk shit) and The Red Oak Conspiracy (rock
shit consisting of people from Admiral, Moon, Encounter, One, Tooling for
Bovines, Karma to Burn).  Neither did much outside of Morgantown.  Red Oak
did a disasterous tour with Jade from Baltimore (the rock band, not the
R&B group) where we went from Morgantown, WV to San Diego and back,
playing a total of 3 shows ($75 altogether).  Some guy from Trusty (heh...
how ironic) booked the tour for us. I think his name was Mike, or Dave or
something (selective memory).  Anyway. He told us that he had booked 30
shows in 31 days for us.  It wasn't until we got to San Diego that we
found out that he hadn't even contacted half the clubs.  We came home
$2000 in the hole.  Jade supposedly sued him.  I don't know what happened
with that.  The moral of the story?  DO IT YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I
learned the hard way.  Anyway, those bands are all broken up, so don't
look for me in a town near you any time soon. 

Sorry for the big self-indulgent article about me.  I just felt like I had
to get all those little details out in the open so that you all know where
I'm coming from.  Now that all that nonsense is out of the way, I can
concentrate on music in my future articles. (of course, I'll also keep
everybody posted on any signifigant changes in Bing's Haus.)

Thanks for hearing me out.  I'll be seein' ya.

Bing Hypotenuse (aka Curtis Duhn) - UN050077@WVNVAXA.WVNET.EDU
Bing's Haus: (304)291-3046/(304)292-4054

[Quick plug - those Lack-A-Daisy singles are really cool, and I'm still
trying to find copies... - Sean]


From: Chris Khoury <>

Hi, i just joined the indie list a few days ago.. and got hte first issue,
and i must say, its much more impressive than GRUNGE-L which i'm going to
sign off of. 

[You mean it's working again?  Last I saw, everyone got kicked off, then
invited to rejoin, and the level of discussion didn't improve any... and
then there were reports this summer of the list being locked - nobody
gets in or out...weird.  At least there are options for post-GRUNGE-L
types... - Sean]

well, anyway, my name is Chris, and i'm in a Michigan rock band called
Gimpknuckle.. and i play bass.. but thats just a side thing. I'm a student.

my brother runs a record company out of Ann Arbor, called Uprising Records,
that puts out a lot of cool stuff, so send e-mail if you want info..

right now, on my record player i have Pussy Galore "Feel Good About Your
Body" playing.. darn good.. today I went shopping and bought a Laughing
Hyenas album "Crawl" and a king kong LP (former members of the legendary
god-like Slint.).. 

I'm also a very loyal and faithful fan (despite the brakeup) of Nation of
Ulysses. (All praise is due.), although i think the cupid car club sux.. 

Has anyone heard the new Hammerhead EP? how about Pain Teens 'Destroy
me Lover"

[No clue on new Hammerhead - any thoughts, Josh B.?  New Pain Teens
kinda sucked IMO. - Sean]

see ya ---Christopher


CD version of The Fall's GROTESQUE

Last night I was reveling listening for the first time to my new CD copy
of the Fall's early masterpiece, Grotesque (after the Gramme). My vinyl
copy is practically worn through from overplaying, so I was really happy
to find the reissued cd of it.  It's put out by a label I never heard of,
not Dojo, not Line, some other company, _____Classics is the name, forget
the ___ part.  In conjunction with Cog Sinister, that is. 

For the most part it sounds really great--you can hear some really quiet
stuff between some of the songs, tuning up, mumbling, etc.  And the sound
of the instruments is quite amazing: the sound of the acoustic guitars (!)
on C 'n' C-Stop Mithering at the beginning is beautiful (!!) and when the
drum come in with that incessant 1-2-X-1 beat---so cool!! 

You can really hear a lot of stuff going on deep in the
of the cool things about analog recording, I think, is that you don't
really filter stuff out the way digital recording does (ahh--I know I am
not really up-to-snuff in my knowledge in this area, but I know about
things like "noise gates"--ugh!).  In between the loud bits, there is a
lot going on MAN. 

One minor complaint, and this was brought up earlier on the Fall list, is
that some of the songs are slightly cut off at the end--I noticed this
especially at the end of C'n'C, where they cut out a whole drum-beat that
is on the vinyl version, so the segue into Container Drivers comes just a
split second too soon...there is a small small gap in the original, but
not here.  Same thing after W.M.C.-Blob 59, there is supposed to be a
brief pause there before The N.W.R.A. starts (I love all these abbreviated
song titles!! hilarious!)(For non-Fall list-ers, C'n'C=Cash and Carry;
WMC=Working Mens Clubs; NWRA=the North Will Rise Again) that is missing
here.  These may seem like minute complaints, but I just think it's odd,
like they had to remix and reedit each song seperately, and when they
glued them back together they had to trim the edges or something. 

Also--- It kind of pisses me off that they reissued the Slates 10" ep in
combination with the live "Parts of America Therein".  "Parts" is really
not that great of a record, IMO,..nothing really new or different about
it.  It's ok, but not even close to how great Slates as a seperate entity
is.  If anything, they should have put Slates together with Grotesque,
whose style more closely resesmbles that of Slates..that would have been
great, I love Slates nearly as much as I love Grotesque.  Too bad they
couldn't have put Slates out on one of those 3" cd's! 

Thank you for your time. JC (biting the hand that stabs me)


From: Glenn Susser <>
Ride The Tiger: Yo La Tengo

Either everyone's zoned out, or I'm the only deprived sob who's only
getting to hear Yo La's first album now.  Ride the Tiger was only released
as vinyl (1986) and has only been available (or rather unavailable) as a
German import (Twin/Tone.) The cd reissue (1993), strangely enough, is 
also an import -- City Slang. 

The reissue has FOUR COOL bonus tracks, and waywaycool liner notes,
written by the critic, Ira Kaplan.  But first, a word on the original RTT. 
It's produced by Mission of Burma bassist Clint Conley and contains some
fine guitar playing by Dave Schramm.  And it ain't TOO obvious who Ira's
big influence is, Lou Reed.  There's a cover of that great Kinks song, Big
Sky (doesn't Ira pick the coolest songs to cover??,) but Forest Green, The
Cone of Silence, and the 1st version of The Evil That Men Do really make
the album a shear pleasure. 

Cooooooooool liner notes!  Check out those photos of Georgia -- one on the
elk statue outside Hoboken's Elks Club.  Check out the original ads put in
the Village Voice for help wanted.  Check out the posters from Maxwells
and Folk City (yep!) with YLT gettin' second billing to The dB's --
ummmmmm, $3! And check out the less than rave review from The Columbus
Dispatch (12/8/85) of their 1st single.  (What the fuck is the Columbus
Dispatch doing reviewing the first YLT single????) And the best for last
-- the liner notes by Ira where be does a bio on early Yo La. 

The 4 bonus tracks include the first single -- The River of Water/A House
is Not a Motel recorded 5/85 and 2 live cuts, Crispy Duck/Closing Time
recorded live on cassette 4/86 and previously unreleased.  No offense,
(maybe a little since I spent 4 culturally deprived years there) but the
Columbus Dispatch is a no bit no class rag.  The River of Water/A House is
Not a Motel is great.  House is a cover of Arthur Lee's (Love -- ya
remember them anyone?) great original.  And The River is better than any
tune on Ride the Tiger.  The live cuts are kind of mediocre. 

So, is this all old news to everyone and am I talking to myself? 

And speaking of Lou Reed, he's gonna be live and in person (so they say)
in a conference on compuserve on december 17.  If anyone wants to ask him
anything, and NOT like when are the Velvets gonna do a US tour cuz Lou
already told ya in 37 years (on 120 minutes) - send me email. 

[Glenn later sent this correction:]

The vinyl was originally released by Coyote -- the cd format was the
import. I'm not 100% sure on this, but it looks like City Slang in Germany
originally released the cd version, as well as the reissue. 

I snatched up Ray Gun today when I saw Yo La on the cover, not to mention
L7 and Moby and, on further inspection, "I Dig Redd Kross" by Thurston
Moore, and an interview with the spinanes rebecca gates.  (i try and try
and try to hate this pretentious, gaudy rag, but they seem to pack every
issue with great interviews.) I won't spoil it, except -- did y'all know
georgia and ira were married? i feel pretty dumb.  Oh, and guess who
Georgia and Those Guys was (is!) And sue me, but I gotta tell ya, georgia
and ira appear on the new solo recording by tara key (antietam.) Alright,
now i'm gonna completely blow it -- only cuz i wanna know -- who heard of
sleeping pill?  described in rg as an avant garde PERCUSSION (for those
who commented on chugchanga that yo la is a cool drumerLESS band at times)
ensemble featuring georgia and james BOTH on drums, and ira on, er,

georgia: it's a very noisy sort of arty thing that goes on for about 
40 minutes.

what's next?  people?


From: "R. Brockway" <>
craw advertisment

The debut CD by Cleveland's CRAW is out now and available in stores
nationwide. If unable to find it and want it, write to :
		1376 W. Grand Ave.
		Chicago, Il 60622
Be aware for shows in your town. 
"Listening to CRAW is the aural equivalent of being hit upside the
head with a brick." - The Music Corner
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From: Larry Jacobson <>
Advert:  Drummer Wanted (LA)

Drummer wanted by The Bunny Rabbits (in Los Angeles).  Like Mekons, Big Star,
Television Personalities, Gang of Four, Superchunk, Yma Sumac,
but different.  If interested, please E-mail:

Thanks very much.

        -Larry Jacobson

From: searles@uvm-gen.EMBA.UVM.EDU
blatant self promotion...

greetings once again from's time for some blatant self-
promotion of my little label (and band)...

the label is Club Fub, and we've put out a bunch of tapes so far, mostly
of my band, hover, but also a couple cool compilations, and a couple other
bands, too.  We've got our first 7'' coming in the new year.

The big news is that this week, hover's new tape 'thinsilverhorizon', got a
pretty good review in the futures column...and we've been getting
calls from labels and stuff.  

[There was more of this, but I had to delete it because WE ONLY ACCEPT 
ADS IF UNDER 10 LINES!!  Let that be a lesson to all of you out there!  
Anyway, write to the address of the poster for more information.]

One question before I go....does anyone know how much I should send to
Shrimper for the new Sentridoh tape?  [As far as I know Shrimper tapes are
usually $3 - Lena] Oh, and what's up with the reissue of the early unrest
albums on CD?  

Sorry, I had to mention Unrest somewhere in this message...

[Story with Unrest re-issues: The first LP and first two singles will be
on one CD, a Matador/TeenBeat split release, originally scheduled for
January 1991, probably available in the new year in the next batch of
Matador releases.  The second LP, _Malcolm X Park_, and third LP,
_Kustom Karnal Blackxploitation_, are supposed to be compiled on one CD
to be titled "Black Power Dynamo."  Caroline Records holds the rights to
these recordings, and supposedly wants to cut a couple songs to make
everything fit easily onto one CD (sorta bullshit, since the two LPs
together are under 80 minutes, but that is getting near the limit of CD
time-length...).  Mark refuses to authorize an incomplete re-issue.  The
saga continues... - Sean]



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