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The Indie-List Digest

Volume 2, Number 38

December 14, 1993

Princeton * Seattle * Ann Arbor * Raleigh

In this go-round:

Heiner Muller
flying saucer attack
Pumpkinhead/Headless Chickens/Fugazi/Wad in NZ
an indie-l article if you want it
Baby's First Post To The Indie-List
Credibility (TMBG, Varttina, Wiggly, etc.)
Helmet/JSBE/Barbed Wire Dolls in Pittsburgh

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Canopy/Seesaw split 7"  
Internet Music Archive
Ad/ Drummer (NYC)
*Honeyrider fanzine*

But first... a few notes from the editor...

1. Um, a vague feeling of insecurity stirkes.  Am I doing this right?
Are there things that could be better about the I-L?  Should I just keep
my mouth shut more often?  I seriously want to know - this isn't "my"
list... all comments to <> will be read,
considered, and probably replied to... thanks. :)

2. A pair of reviews, sorta related...

a. Runt fanzine.  (50 cents, or a couple stamps, or something neat and
interesting to P.O. Box 261, Merion, PA  19066)

Lara Cohen is simply the coolest 16-year-old I've ever met.  She's done
19 issues of her zine, went on tour this summer with Small Factory, is
totally interesting and neat to hang out with, and she's figured out a
way to get into all the good shows at the Khyber Pass (a 21+ club).
Runt started out as a monthly zine, and it's been pretty close to that
schedule but dropping off lately.  It's never too long (about 8 pages of
xeroxed 8 1/2 by 11 paper, folded in half), but it expresses one
person's joy in the world of indie-rock through interviews, show
reviews, celebrity recipes, and an indie-rock paper doll (new clothes
for the doll appear in each issue).  And cool t-shirts, too - the new
one is a kindergarten picture of 3 people with the word "RUNT" above it
in large letters - if you've been to the Khyber in the last 6 months,
you've probably seen someone with a Runt shirt.  You might be able to
get back issues - #17 was her tour diary from the Small Factory
west-coast trip (Los Angeles to Seattle), #18 has an interview with
Nothing Painted Blue, and #19 just came out a couple weeks ago.  The
really jaded music folks out there would consider this trite and twee
- it's not anywhere near Byron Coley and old issues of "Conflict", and I
don't want it to be like that stuff.  I just want it to be Runt.

b. Blue Tongue Cassettes - write to One Yorktowne Ct., Princeton
Junction, NJ 08550 for a catalog.

Dave Klein is one of Lara Cohen's best friends.  He has a 4-track, a
guitar, a bass, some drums, and a few friends who want to try making
music.  He also has a fairly complete understanding of the 4-track -
Shrimper Records - early Sebadoh aesthetic.  There are somehting like 15
different tapes now, but the core is about 5 people wjo keep changing
band-names depending on the project.  If you like Shrimper's stuff, give
Dave's stuff a try...I don't know many kids still in high school who can
make this all work the way Dave does.  I highly recommend the "Sip"
compilation's all lo-fi and sorta wacky, but lovable all the
same.  And Lara's "band" Nik-L-Nip is on "Sip" and they're really cute.
(Not all Blue-Tongue stuff is cute - this boy also knows what a
distortion pedal is, and actively seeks out records from Siltbreeze and
Majora... :).  Most tapes are around $2, and his catalog has stuff from
other friends as well.  (Come to think of it, Dave does look a little
like a former bass player from western Massachusetts known for his
living-room-style recordings... :)

One last note - why are people so worried about what's "indie" or not in
their articles?  If you think it's indie, it probably Mark's
mumblings in the FAQ for more on our philosophy...apologies really
aren't necessary... :)


From: Robert M Keefe <>

Re:  Heiner Muller

I have one album based on the writings of Heiner Muller: Der Mann Im
Farstuhl (The Man in the Elevator), it is from his play The Mission.  The
composer is Heiner Goebbels, who does piano & synth. 

Also on the album:  Arto Lindsay--vocals, guitar; Ernst Stotzner--voice;
Don Cherry--voice, trumpet, doussn'gouni; Fred Frith--guitar, bass;
Charles Hayward--drums, metal; George Lewis--trombone; Ned
Rothenberg--sax, bass clarinet

It's catolog is ECM 837 110-1/2/4 (where 1/2/4 is LP, Cassette or CD)
which makes it non-indie; but it is an intriguing album none the less. 

The text is rather Kafkaesque, to quote a touch:

I am standing among men who are strangers to me, in an old elevator with a
metal cage that rattles during the ascent.  I am dressed like an office
clerk or a worker on a Sunday.  I have even put on a tie, my collar rubs
against my neck, I am sweating.  When I move my head, the collar
constricts my throat.  I have been summoned to the Boss (in my thoughts I
call him Number One), his office is on the fourth floor or was it the
twentieth; as soon as I think about it I am not sure anymore. 

I'd give it *; but I also haven't given it a real serious listen.  It
sorta sits in my 'Emergency Things to Play on the Air' box that I keep at
the radio station. 

But that's all the info I have on Heiner Muller.  The text was copyrighted
1984, so we can be sure he was alive at least until then. 

In other news, I'm listening to Funkadelic's Maggot Brain; so I'm a rather
happy folk.  I also bought the new cub CD, I'll have to review it when I
get a chance to listen to it (some fool's using the Centris right now to
write a paper or something).  The Capitol Theater's on the back; makes me
a happy man. 


\\  Men who fear to use an electric lawn-mower feeling they could drowse
    off and be dragged by it into a swimming pool.--Elimination Dance,
    Michael Ondaatje \\ \\



Flying Saucer Attack LP

Hmmm, this is my first submission to the List. The first question is what
is the title of this record? Is it self-titled or is it "Rural Psychedelia
", or does anyone really give a toss? 

Anyway, imagine that Eternal had not turned into Slowdive and took a more
mellow and shoegazery path, then the FSA LP would be Eternal's 2nd or 3rd
album. Alien tunes under layer upon layer of feedback distortion and

Alien, yes i have a theory about that. I reckon Flying Saucer Attack are
from another planet. One that picked up old rock radio signals from Earth,
by now heavily distorted. These alien dudes, having street cred (even if
it was alien street cred) thought these weird noises were cool and decided
to emulate them, thinking the distortion was all part of the deal, hense:
Flying Saucer Attack! 

Its not all heaven though. There are a few sub-industrial instrumentals
that do jar after the first 45 minutes, enough noise-pop terrorism in
between to compensate! Especially fine is the cover of Suede's "The
drowners", funnily enough the lyrics are clearer on the FSA version.... 

Ned rating: **

nastyned though really i am:
nastyned is less boring.



Pumpkinhead/Headless Chickens/Fugazi/Wad in NZ

Pumpkinhead and others @ Caledonian Hall 3rd Dec. 93
Headless Chickens @ U of C Students Union Ballroom 7th Dec. 93
Fugazi/Pumpkinhead/Wad @ Caledonian Hall 8th Dec. 9

Well it's been a fairly busy week musically here in Christchurch with me
going to 3 gigs which is strange as I usually go to that many a month.
Anyway the fun started last Friday when Neptune happened. This was a gig
at the Caledonian Hall here (which can hold about 1000 tops, I think)
which included about 5 local bands. I arrived late and missed all but the
last song of the first band and I wouldn't even know there name, but they
didn't sound that inspiring. Next up was a band called Sonnet, now these
people have some talent and could go places if they become a little better
technically. There music is kind of interesting, a blend of distorted
guitar with a sax thrown in for good measure. If the sound engineer was
any good I might have even been able to here the sax but that wasn't the
bands fault. I'll keep an eye out for when Sonnet next play as I quite
enjoyed there set especially the female vocalist which is good to see in
the Christcurch music seen. 

Next up were Poetic Licence. Musically these guys a very good but I cannot
stand the lead singer who in my opinion seemed to think he was Eddie
Vedder and for the band he was in he just didn't suit it and seemed to
take himself far too seriously and basically got on my nerves. A pity
'cause otherwise I did like what they played. 

The last two bands were Supertanker and Pumpkinhead. Supertanker I can
live with or without, just another "Grunge" orientated band that I don't
think are going to go anywhere, they don't seem to havemuch going for
them. But Pumpkinhead are good, very good. They have an interesting sound
and are good musicians. There sound is a cross between punk and on a few
songs a rap sound, mainly due to the lead singer. These guys have quite a
following in Christchurch now and I think most people came to the gig to
see them as it wasn't until they started playing that anybody really
started dancing. The only problem with this gig was perhaps that they
checked flannel shirt brigade was out in force which of course means stage
diving. And my opinions on this side with Fugazi. But overall it was a
good night and well worth the NZ$7 (about US$3.5) that it cost to attend. 

The following Tuesday was the day Canterbury Universities results came out
and to help people celebrate, or, as in my case, commiserate they had a
gig at the students union which involved The Headless Chickens. Now the
Headless Chickens are one of the more popular NZ bands in NZ and I think
they deserve it although I do prefer their previous work to their new
stuff, but aside from this the concert was really good. After drinking
quite a lot before I went along and then posing upstairs pretending to be
a DJ I made my way downstairs to check them out. The support band for this
evening was Salmonella Dub, who I can't stand so I was quite glad that
when I went down they had stopped playing, but I missed the first song by
the Headless Chickens. This didn't matter too much as their set was quite
long. They mostly played their newer stuff but I think this is because
their newer stuff has vocals written for Fiona MacDonald who only joined
the band just before the Body Blow album and now that she's a full member
of the band they try to keep her on stage as much as possible. In fact she
was even playing keyboards through a couple of the songs. Anyway the band
were in good form as usual and everybody in the place was really into it.
The local student radio station RDU had set up some video screens and used
in the full U2 effect while the Headless Chickens were playin flashing
their videos across them interjected with other images which I thought was
quite amusing as U2 had played in Christchurch less than a week before.
Anyway all together it was an excellent gig and I'd say that the Headless
Chickens are really worth looking out for. 

The final gig of the week occured the following night which was Fugazi who
are touring New Zealand at the moment. As soon as I heard they were
playing here I had to get a ticket after seeing everyone and their dog
saying that they fucking rock, and I wasn't dissapointed. Fugazi were
supported by Wad and then Pumpkinhead (again) who were both okay but this
evening I was just hanging out to see Fugazi. The band started at about
10pm and kept going till 12:30 which considering the pace of their music
was impressive. The gig started with Fugazi asking the Audience not to
stage dive, as usual, and as usual there are always a few assholes who
have to spoil things for other people. One guy in particular was being
very vocal and annoying, continually calling out song titles from Marked
for Death (that's the lead gituarists old band isn't it?). But you get
this sort of thing occaisionally. Apart from that they gig was excellent,
one of the best I've evr been to and as soon as I get a job I will go out
and buy all their albums. I believe this was there first tour of New
Zealand and according to the band Snifters (a brand of sweets) really
suck. This was about the best $20 dollars I've spent on a band ever and
given the chance I definitely go again. 

That's about it for the moment, and it's a little longer than I originally
intended but shit happens. 

My next submission probably won't be till Febuary when we have the Big Day
Out in Auckland, which will include Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, The
Breeders and Urge Overkill along with other Nz and Australian bands. 

Until then...


From: jordana robinson <>

an indie-l article if you want it

normally i don't use capitals but this is my first post and i don't know if 
there are any laws against that sort of thing so i will use them here.

Rain Like the Sound of Trains and Light Sleeper @ the "Junction" House 12/10/93

        Wow, two Indie-L Junction mentions. That record is great, even
though they broke up, and you should still buy one especially since Art
Monk Construction is a good friendly label. And I hesitate to call the
house the Junction house but that's what it used to be called and in a
sense still is, so tradition stands. 
        Anyway....this was a basement show in a friend's basement, and
much chatting with bands went on and i'll put that at the end so if you
don't care you can skip it. 
        First played Light Sleeper, their first show. I don't remember the
names of 3/4 of the band but they were all nice guys. The other fourth is
Ben Azzara who was the drummer for Junction a whiles back (three...three
Junction references, ah ah ah). Their sound: great, especially for a first
show. There's room for improvement but there were some super ideas being
thrown around and I'm excited to hear them again sometime. 
        Next, RLT/SOT but first a tale of drama. As the band started
loading in equipment, it stated to...rain! Hah, not funny. Anyway, to get
from the van to the back door of the basement we (of course I helped) had
to carry stuff down a little grassy hill. Nice and slippery. No, I wasn't
the one to fall despite my normal spazz self, though I did manage to trip
over some cords and unplug everything earlier that evening. Nope, Dug Bird
was the lucky one, and in the process he dropped a 200-pound speaker thing
on his knee. After screaming a lot, he got some ice on it and by the time
the stuff was set up he felt well enough to play though he did so with a
bag of frozen vegetables tied onto his leg. 
        RLT/SOT equals danceable, earthy, dare i say funky (not like
p-funk, more like james brown, why am i acting like i know anything about
funk, never mind) with important lyrics (printed on the back of the seven
inches even). very impressive, very tight. i do know their names, though,
partially cause of the singles here in front of me. dug e. bird on bass
that almost discourages me from practicing since i'll never be that good,
josh larue on wicked drums, pete chramiec on guitar and some sincere
vocals, and bobby sullivan on more vocals and davey jones-percussion (you
know, tambourine, bongos, maracas). some of them used to be in bands like
beefeater and soulside, and though i think that's dug and bobby
respectively i again won't act like i know what i'm talking about since
i'm not as up on those definitive earlier dischord bands as you might
        you should definitely go see them if the possibility comes up,
even if the way i described them sounds yucky, or at least try a seven
inch. they have two. the older one has "washington bullets" which is a
clash cover (local version), but so much better than that sounds, and
"what i want" (not an edie brickell cover, i know you were worried). i've
heard this one, it's good but doesn't have bobby sullivan on it. the newer
one i haven't heard yet cause i don't have a record player here. it has
"bad man's grave" and "cooking with anger" and a cover made of unbleached
hemp paper. they're both split releases between rebel music (1 and 2) and
dischord (85.5 and 87.5).  their address/rebel music's address is 1725
irving street nw, washington dc 20010. and i get to see them again in
philadlephia next week, yay. 
        okay, the chat part. dug took off his pants (woooo) to dry them
from the ice wetness, and we got to see his leg which has a _tennis ball
sized lump_ on it! yumm. he said it only hurt on the outside though, and
he could move it all around, and some guy who seemd to know what he was
doing said he should be okay, if the swelling doesn't go down in a day or
so he should have it checked. he was going to name the lump after me but i
made a face so he's going to name it bill instead. after a short nap they
are off to boston to play at noon. gluttons for punishment. 
        so much for my first indie-l contribution. i seem to have lapsed
into my no capitals typing again, sorry, and i hope this isn't a problem. 
after my zine gets printed i can plug that, and if i see another good show
soon i'll maybe be motivated enough to review that, who knows. 

p.s. if this sucks, it's not my fault cause a smelly man and a woman wearing 
spandex pants, cowboy boots, a leather jacket and gloves were sitting at the 
computer next to mine and talking about smurf sex the whole time i was 
writing this.
jordana robinson
remember the episode where the toy store owner made arnold and dudley
watch porn films? 

From: mirov@leland.Stanford.EDU

Baby's First Post To The Indie-List

My list of music that everyone should at 
least be aware of, if not drool over every day:

Polvo-- "Today's Active Lifestyles"
	They write back, plus Dave's brother goes to Stanford as well.
I've played my tape so many times it's worn out, so I need to get the CD.
Potent, schizophrenic guitar madness. I read a review once that said "If
you don't buy this and fuck to it within the next six months, you will
shrivel up like a walnut."

His Name Is Alive-- "Mouth By Mouth", "Home Is In Your Head", "Livonia"
	Okay, so they're on 4AD and Rykodisc. Are they not deemed "indie",
then? They should be, at least. Ambient goth, or something like that.
Alternately called "4AD's first ethnic heavy-metal band" and "an acoustic
version of house music". As if that says anything coherent at all. 

The Spinanes-- "Manos"
	Two most overused adjectives describing this CD: "beautiful" and
"sad". It's only a guitar and drums, but after repeated listens I'm
convinced that a bass would just get in the way of things. It's on SubPop,
but don't let that stop you. 

Fugazi-- "In On The Kill Taker"
	My punk-rock buddy who's at UC Santa Cruz hates this, because it's
slicker and more accessible than their previous stuff. SPIN mag hated it
too, but they don't count. I think it's incredible, though. 

	Okay, so it's on Capitol. Is that any reason to not like it? I
bought "Marquee Moon" the other day, but I don't like it as much as this,
their latest one. I seriously recommend this to anyone who wants to find
out just how innovative the old two-guitars-bass-drums combo can be. 

(Death threats and ransom notes go to:


From: Douglas Wolk <>

Credibility (TMBG, Varttina, Wiggly, etc.)

Yeah, indie cred is a fragile thing, and this is the story of how I lost
mine and then won it again. 

Thursday night was Remora Records night at CBGB: Versus, Babytooth,
Envelope (snicker), Pacer and Alkaline. Unfortunately for them, before
they played, They Might Be Giants did a separate-admission set.
Unfortunately for my credibility, I was there. See, I had this friend in
town who really wanted to see them, and their bass player these days is
Tony Maimone from Pere Ubu, and--OH FUCK IT! I LIKE They Might Be Giants,
okay? I like them a LOT! Flame me if you want--I'll defend myself at
greater length than you'll probably be able to bear. 

So I wanderered out of the show, which ran about an hour over (TMBG played
for an awfully long time), and was immediately met by hostile stares from
Jordan Mamone (my old bandmate and current Max Fish hanger-out) and Grrd
Csly--they figured I was in collusion with the enemy, I guess. Even more
treacherously, I didn't seem to be hanging out for Remora night. 

Which I wasn't. Shamefaced, I snuck over to the Bottom Line to see
Varttina and the Klezmatics. I got in line with Craig and Sharon of God Is
My Co-Pilot. Craig told me that earlier in the day he'd run into a few
members of Varttina on the street and recognized them from photos (this
was the first time they'd played in New York). He'd gone up to them and
said "Hi. What are you doing tonight? I'm going to see my favorite band at
the Bottom Line." "Then--then we are your favorite band!" they'd
replied, delighted, and they'd hung out together for a while. 

So I went inside, and sitting at one of the tables was Jhn Kg*lbrg.
Since my credibility depends entirely on doing the same things that the
people from Mt*dr do, I felt validated and restored, and was able to
enjoy the rest of the show. 

Varttina were just plain great. They're the most popular folk group in
Finland: four women singing, four men and a woman playing instruments
behind them. The singers have a wonderful, strange, bright vibrato-free
tone, and know how to do all sorts of bizarre vocal ornaments I've never
heard before. Their stage presence was a little silly (so many unison
hand-gestures Sharon felt like they were working out on stage...) and the
stage patter needs a bit of work, but whenever they sing, oh my God... I
also realized in the course of the show that GodCo covers about six of
Varttina's songs. Hmmm. The secret Scandinavian folk/no-wave connection, I
guess. Supposedly, they have a couple albums out on Green Linnet--I'll
hunt 'em down and let the list know. 

And last night I was at a show at Brownie's: New Radiant Storm King (who
have a great drummer and no good songs to speak of), Smack Dab (I
appreciate Linda's creativity and originality and everything, I just wish
I liked her band or her songs), and Uncle Wiggly. The Wigglies' set was
about equally divided between unrecorded new songs and very, very old
ones--three or four from the first album, in fact. Totally great, they got
called back for a couple of encores, and why they're not famous yet I just
don't understand. Do people just not like psychedelia? have great pop
songs gone out of style? can people not deal with the instrument-switching
thing? is it just that nobody's yet figured out how to record James's
drumming adequately? what's the problem? 

Couple of good-to-great records this week. I got a large, wonderful care
package from Flying Nun--thank you, Flying Nun!--which I haven't heard all
of yet. The best of the lot is Chris Knox's _Polyfoto, Duck-Shaped Pain
and Gum_, which has 21 tracks on it, at least 12 of which I've been
humming since I heard him play them live once or twice. A real original,
that guy is. If you don't know his records, start with that Meat
compilation, but if you do, this is more of the wonderful same--a little
more Omnichord and a little less guitar this time, maybe. Also nifty is
the AK79 compilation, recommended by, I think, Ralph in these pages last
week ( these screens?). All sorts of pleasant surprises: the
Buzzcocksy stuff by the Scavengers, Proud Scum's goofy "Suicide 2" and "I
Am A Rabbit" (which got covered by the Lemonheads on their first single),
the Toy Love songs, and on and on... 

And someone who shall remain nameless gave me a tape of the complete
Urinals studio recordings plus live stuff, and I'm in love. The Urinals
were this ridiculous band from L.A. in 1977 who decided to start a "punk
band" as a joke, and made three singles on Happy Squid with some amazing
songs on them. If you've heard the Minutemen's version of their "Ack Ack
Ack" or Halo of Flies' version of "I'm A Bug," you know what great
songwriters they were. They eventually devolved into 100 Flowers, then
Danny and the Doorknobs/Radwaste, and finally the mostly-dreadful Trotsky
Icepick, but the Urinals stuff is all pretty prime. I have a bootleg from
a few years ago with the stuff from the singles plus a few live tracks on
it, but this tape has everything, including some unissued songs and the
super-rare and brilliant "She's A Drone," which I'd only heard once
before. Proof that nobody ever has to write a song longer than a minute
and a half, or use more than one chord... I may be doing a 1-hour Urinals
special on WHRB next month, so Boston-area indie-listers, look out... 

Douglas D. Wolk
"Did you give up punk for Lent?" -- Rebecca Gates


From: "Megan E. Dietz" <>

Helmet/ Jon Spencer Blues Explosion/ Barbed Wire Dolls, City Limits,
Pittsburgh, 12/10

When the crowd started moshing to local metal girls the Barbed Wire Dolls,
I figured it was going to be a long evening crowd-wise. And I was right.
Kids were going up on the crowd during Jon Spencer. It was unreal. Anyway,
the music... 

Barbed Wire Dolls were pretty great for the metal crowd who came to see
Helmet. Not only are they all girls who rock, they also do interesting
things with song structure, deviating from the standard
verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge thing. They weren't indie-rock, but they
were good for what they were. Although the lead singer has a great
screechy metal voice, her prancing around the stage and hitting Bon Jovi
poses beside the bassist and guitarist got tiresome after about 3 minutes. 

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion came onstage and proceeded to kick every
single last ass in the roller rink which served as our venue that night.
Their beautiful lovely wonderful punked-up blues-rock just pushed all the
right buttons for the crowd, who went nuts. The way Jon leaned into his
mike and yelled "Blues Explosion!" just killed me, as did the liberal use
of harmonica. I don't really remember everything they played because it
was so great I forgot to think. Honestly, this set rivaled Don Caballero's
opening set for Tar last Valentine's Day as the best hour or so of live
rock I've ever witnessed. Don't miss them if they come to your town. 

Helmet was, you know, Helmet -- of course they were good, of course they
were tight, and of course Page Hamilton was charming. One friend pointed
out to me that last time they were in Pittsburgh, someone requested
"Repetition" and they couldn't play it, but Page said they would when they
came back. And they played it Friday night. That's pretty cool, I think. 

Records I just got and liked: 
1) Bikini Kill _Pussy Whipped_: They sound better than ever, mostly
because they're doing more than just screaming obvious (though
inspiring) lyrics over obvious punky music.
2) the new Zeni Geva record, the title of which escapes me presently:
More big, chunky, scary, wonderful music from Japan. "Disgraceland"
gives me nightmares about Godzilla.
3) J Church 7" "Tide of Fate" b/w "Panama" and "Birthday": Really nice
punky pop from a trio out of the San Francisco area, I think. Vocal
lines work really well with the music, and you can't beat this for
lyrical genius: "A man, a plan, a canal -- Panama". If anyone has any
info on this band, let me know, ok? Thanks.

[Quick info - former members of Cringer, Lance writes for MRR on
occasion, a cut above the standard "east-bay-Gilman St.-emo-core" scene.
- Sean]
Megan Dietz


From: Paul H Williams <>


	I'm compiling a list of favorite things of the year. So send me
your opinions to <>. Include: 20 of your fav. songs, 10
fav. albums, fav. books, fav. movies, fav. concert. Offer good only til

[Please note: send responses to this question to!!! If
you send them to Lena or Sean or Liz or anyone else from junta, they will
be DELETED!!!]

Paul Williams <>  "Indie-rock ain't noise pollution"
				      "Make Love Rock, Not war"

[ads start here]


Canopy/Seesaw split 7" on Sourpower Records is now available for
$3 ppd from P.O. Box 66561 Los Angeles, CA  90066.  Crazy
(blow)pop noise meets two boys from Catholic School in Downey,
CA, home of the Carpenters.  "We're doing it for the kids, man."


Internet Music Archive

[This is a shorter version of a much longer announcement.  Mail the 
address given in the posting for more information.]

Internet Underground Music Archive        

   Since November 1993, the Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA) has
provided music distribution on the Internet by compressing audio with the
internationally standardized MPEG Audio format. Our goal is to maintain a
publically accessible, fast Internet site that archives the music, artwork
and information of any musician, group or band that wishes their music to
be internationally and freely distributed. 

contact:       or



Ad/ Drummer (NYC)

	Well, since there have been two drummer wanted ads recently, I
thought I might add my own:  DRUMMER WANTED to join noisy improv duo
F.E.R.R.E.T. Bass and Guitar who play very loose and, often, very noisy
songs with some vocals and frequent distortion.  We live in NYC (Jersey
City actually).


From: John Genovese <>

*Honeyrider fanzine*

Its my first issue so y'know, bear with it. 16 pages of all kind of stuff
realated to the indie/punk rock thing. Featuring Interviews with SCHWA,
records. 81/2 x 11 xerox. Dec 1993. 

Send 1.00 (.50 for printing, .50 post) to:
c/o George Vlaho
20 Maple St. APT 2A
New BRunswick NJ 08901 
please send well  hidden $. Thankyou!


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               Tue, 14 Dec 1993 10:26:32 -0500 (EST)]