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>just tell Sean I didn't mind a bit. Being a convenient target pays 
>pretty fucking well these days. And Sean is a very nice name, whether 
>it belongs to a man or a woman. 


THE INDIE-LIST DIGEST.  "Grunge On Ice!"  

          Volume 2, Number 40

           December 21, 1993

Princeton $ Seattle $ Ann Arbor $ Raleigh


In this issue:
Message from the Moderator
Josh's message!!!
A few Canadian comments
Wouldn't ya know it!
Reviews and shit
Fey and proud!
Mercy Rule
Some Comments [Sean's Yard Sale Stuff]
God Is My Co-Pilot discography
Lena's Reviews: Gas Huffer show, Chris Knox 7"

Ad: Singer Wanted


First, some reports from the front lines...

So, as some have learned by now, the esteemed Gerard Cosloy, maestro of
Matador Records, has finally found his way to the Internet.  WELCOME,
HONORED GUEST!  Your questions, concerns, and interests may be conveyed
to him on for the time being (the golden rule is
in effect for my handing out another's e-mail address).  

Some quick remarks on recent releases:

- I'm sorta disappointed by the new MDID record (Out Of Sight, Out Of
Mind - on Scat Records).  The lyrics are still wonderful, some of the
songs are pretty interesting, but it's THE SAME DAMN GUITAR SOUND on
every song.  A "Shine" treatment to these songs would be absolutely
wonderful.  What makes this worse in my mind is that "Where's Our
Reason" (on the June Working Holiday 7") was a killer song - good
lyrics, good sound, overall, exactly where it was supposed to be.  But
that's been lost temporarily...

- The new single from Chucklehead is pretty amazing.  The band (not to
be confused with shitty ska-party-core folks from Boston) features
Patricia Rowland and Lawrence Crane, both formerly of Vomit Launch, and
the songs continue in that basic direction (though I miss Lindsey
Thrasher's guitar).  The better one, "Pour Yourself A Dream", starts out
like "Tremelo" by Mission of Burma, but builds to a pretty charged
ending.  **  Imp Records, P.O. Box 34, Portland, OR  97207.  

And my activity of the past weekend - 

Jesus Lizard - Tsunami - Brickbat at City Gardens, Trenton, NJ.

Ugh.  Yes, City Gardens is still there, and it still sucks.  But, it was
a decent show, even if someone used my name to get in on the guest list
before I arrived... 

Brickbat is from Boston (I think) - decent hard-rockin' attack but
nothing special.  I played "Whirlwind" during their set (the only
pinball machine at CG).  Tsunami played mostly new songs - they started
with a long instrumental thing called "Slow" which was, indeed, slow,
and then fast, and then slow again.  "Be Like That" and "Le Bride
d'Elegance" were pretty solid, and they played 3 or 4 old ones to keep
the young males in the front row (all staring intently at Jenny for the
whole set) happy. The mix was a little off, but not horribly so.  And
then we waited.  And waited.  And waited some more.  Apparantly, Randy
Now (the club promoter) bought a grand total of ONE CASE of beer for
three bands, one of which being the Jesus Lizard.  This was a BAD IDEA -
the Lizard refused to go on stage until they got more beer.  As a
result, they were pissed and only played for about 30 minutes, Yow
wasn't bouncing off the walls (just crowd-surfing while singing, ripping
off his shirt, and smearing Jenny Toomey's lipstick all over his face),
and little kids were leaving during their set to get home before curfew.
The set they played was still great - much more energy and power than
the last LP, IMO, and more variety than the LPs as well.  "The storm is
over.  You may return to your homes."  Overall, a decent experience, but
I'm not going back to City Gardens again before I graduate if I can help

LAST ITEM: As many of you know by now, there's gonna be a big party in
Washington DC from January 7-9 to celebrate the end of the Working
Holiday series.  Advance tix are almost gone, according to Kristin.
Special Vicious Rumor (courtesy of Jenny) : BRICKS may hold a brief
reunion on Saturday night.  :) :) :)  (That's what committed me to
going, along with the addition of Archers of Loaf and RODAN to the

Anyone planning to go should mail me - I'll collect the list
and mail it out after Christmas (when I'm back at school), and we can
try to meet at some point (unless you all think this is stupid and we
should be anti-social or something). Other activities will inclued
late-night bowling, trips to the Tastee Diner, and much more that I
don't know about yet...



From: "K. Lena Bennett" <>

Message from the Moderator

This week's title comes courtesy of Russ at Fallout.  I guess it was an 
article in some magazine about snowboarding.  Thanks, Russ!

Hey, dudes and babes, how many times can I say it:  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
put the words "Indie"  or "I:" in your subject headers!!!!!  I get lots of
mail every day and you don't want to confuse my addlepated pretty little
head, now, do you?  You don't want your moderator to resign in a frizzled
frenzy, huh?  You don't want me to become like Liz and cuss at you all! :-P


		     -- Lena is a runk pocker --


From: "K. Lena Bennett" <>

Josh's message!!!

[This is an excerpt from a personal message, but I just couldn't resist -- 

From: Joshua Lee Houk <houk@mind.ORG>

Hey - forgot to tell ya - went to Oxford [bookstore], found a book on the
Internet, and there was Indie-list!  Of course, they would have to be
up-to-date enough to print your name and not mine.  Phbbbt! :)



From: "Brooks R. Duncan" <>

A few Canadian comments

Hello, all you Indie hosers...

Anyways, I don't really have anything original to add, I'd just like to
make a few comments here and there:

1) Lena, if you like the (excellent) Eric's Trip LP "Love Tara" I highly
highly reccomend their first EP, "Peter". Its 6 great lo-fi 4-track songs
and is on Sloan's label, "murderrecords". Given Sloan's rising popularity,
its possible that it is available in the U.S., but if it isn't let me know
and I can probably pick you up a copy and mail it to you since its
available everywhere in Canada.. 

2) NoMeansNo: sounds like a great show... being from Victoria BC, I am of
course obligated to worship the Wright brothers.. if any of you haven't
picked up "Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy?" yet, I reccomend it highly. A
question to whoever reviewed the show, when they went into "Hanson
Brothers Mode" did anyone else join them on stage? (ie, the 2 folks from
the Show Business Giants who make up the other half of the Hansons). Oh
and also, who played guitar for their live set? Did you get a name? :)

3) about the "cub" review a few Indie Lists back... they do, of course
rule... not only is the cover art "Josie and the Pussycats" like, its
drawn by Mr. Archie himself, Dan Decarlo! (hmm, Lisa sure looks like
Veronica!). Their debut CD/cassette is on Mint records and should be
available anywhere in Canada, and I'm sure you can find it in the US...
oh, and Adam Sloan has nothing to do with the band Sloan :)

4) I just recently picked up an EP by yet another Halifax band called
"Hardship Post". Its called "hack" and once again, is on Sloan's label
"Murderrecords". Its 6 songs of a great guitar driven indie rock (whatever
that means :) ), with a great Lou Barlowesque acoustic song thrown in...
I, again, reccomend it :)

Brooks R. Duncan                      
           The views expressed here are not those of the NSA
      Therefore, this is going in a file reserved just for me! :)


From: Brian K!z!K MacDonald <bmacdona@Bonnie.ICS.UCI.EDU>

Wouldn't ya know it!

Well, after offering a tape compilation of vinyl rarities, I discover that
indeed one of the tracks can be found on CD.  Well, it's no big deal
anyway, but now the tape is only 97% helpful...  :)

the track in question is Courtney Love's "Shaniko" which coincidently was
released on the Teen Beat 50 CD (which puzzles me as the 7" the song is
from is a K records release.) I would have never known anyway since I
picked it up only two days after completing the tape. 

[I think it might be an alternate take/rough mix on TB50...didn't sound
quite right to me.  So, you're still at 100% vinyl! - Sean]

I'm probably just being neurotic.  But the offer is still up for a copy of
the tape called safety_through_songs(See IL v2 #39)

    Happy Hollandaise Seasonings                     K!z!K


From: Nat Fowler rm <>

Reviews and shit

Live reviews start now:

Alice Donut/Holy Rollers @ Trocadero in Philly, sat. Dec 11
	Ok. Now seeing that I'm from baltimore, you'd think that I would
have seen the Holy Rollers by now considering the guitarist went to high
school 10 minutes away from me...And I didn't even really know WHY I
hadn't, until saturday. I've developed a name for this type o' music.
SQUARE ROCK. I've been hearing alot of SQUARE ROCK recently. you know the
type, usually four chords in a progression that goes "doo doo dee dee daa
daa doo doo" Like a square, with four corners, 4 beats per measure, 4
chords per measure, etc etc etc. Anyway, the band played many square rock
songs, with lots of that janitor and gas station attendant clothing draped
all over them. I actaully REALLY tried to like them, but their performance
was pretty un-energetic. They just played their songs and about 20 people
nodded their heads to it. [an aside: One of the best lines I've heard was
from the singer of Trusty (a band that was once good but then became
square rock when they moved away from Tennessee) who said "This song is
pretty good: its got a good beat, and you can nod your head to it!"] At
one point I could have sworn they were covering an Alice Donut song, "Rise
to the Skin" because it started out with almost the same bassline. I
thought it was funny that Alice Donut's manager was dancing to this
enthusiastically. And I would actually start singing "Rise to the Skin" to
myself the song was so alike. This would have been okay, but the band
played two more songs with the exact same rhythm. Boring boring boring.
Their jokes weren't very funny either, but they DID have a song about
major labels, but it was done pretty pretentiously (the singer whispers
"major...label....major....label" as drums and bass CASCADE the
	 When Alice Donut came on (well, right before they came on) the guy
who's on their album covers (the cross dresser) came and gave a VERY funny
spoken word about killing himself and being like Jesus. Most of the crowd
got sick of it, but I enjoyed every minute of it. A must see.. So Alice
Donut came on and did their melodic funky-punky-folky thing with way too
many different sounding songs to describe (although they didn't pay "Rise
to the Skin") The highlight was when the drummer and very strange and
always-smiling singer switched and they did a cover of Black Sabbath's WAR
PIGS with a trumpet instead of Ozzy-esque vocals. Or maybe it was the
encore when they did a cover of "Hungry Like the Wolf" by Duran Duran.
Their mesh of blues-noise with comics-like stage presents and outfits. And
to be hard-hittingly sarcastic by mocking those who point out there are
GIRLS and CHICKS in bands, there were 3 guys in this 4-piece. Wow, I'm a
variable laugh riot, eh? 

The Jesus Lizard/Kepone/Brickbat @ 9:30 club, DC dec 15th.
	 Well, you can all sue me and wait till the next review (I'm seeing
these same people on dec 17th) for a review of Kepone and Brickbat because
we got there 10 minutes into JL's set (a.k.a. VERY LATE). I love this
band. Very tight, loud frantic guitar that's played with incredible ease
and skill, semi-distorto-bass and drums combo that meshes together like a
loud train and a rhythmic earthquake, and of course; David Yow's insane
stage presence and drunken-bum lyrics about who-knows what. I
unfortunately only saw them do some of their set (I may have missed more
than 10 minutes, but that's what the guy next to me said) but it was
great: Yow jumped into the audience too many times to count and just sang
his heart out as the band played their non-riff rock, non-square rock mega
media blitzkreig of THUNDER. 

Review: UNSANE _Total Destruction_ LP 
	Ha ha ha. I'm saying MATADOR RECORDS, I'm saying GERARD COSLOY.
I'm saying ATLANTIC DISTRIBUTION DEAL. I'm quoting Gerard saying "THEY ARE
MARKET THEM WITH THAT IN MIND..." (not a word-for-word quote, but an
answer to a question of mine from the evil man himself) This is so
violent. I haven't had a chance to listen to it loud yet (finals make
quiethours in the dorm 24-7) but this advance cassette is alreadyt ripping
my speaker to shreds. If you ever want REALLY violent music to listen to,
there are always going to be bands like Zeni Geva, Pussy Galore, and
UNSANE. This album was recorded with Vinnie, who just died last month
(funny since Charlie Ondras, their former drummer, died right before their
last album was released) I smell spinal tap. 12 songs with a pretty much
Boss Hog-esque version of grindcore (considering Pete Shore nd Ondras both
were Boss Hog all-stars) so just wait till it gets to stores. I'm REALLY
itching for the Peel Sessions, which should be VERY good (I find that Peel
Sessions of bands like these are SO much better than albums). Includes a
new version of one of their old singles, "My Right", retitled as "BROKE." 

I must not shit, shit is the serial killer.



Fey and proud!

First of all i must say how impressed i was this morning with the speed of
Indie List! I sent a file of reviews off thursday morning (GMT) off to
keb, and on friday morning that file was included in the indie list in my
postbox! the miracle of modern technology!!! 

Some reviews

Twelve hours fast - A Flying Nun Sampler:

This has already been reviewed, but is so good i must mention it. A CD of
14 songs, all good, for 1 pound 79 pence! I have often wondered what New
Zealand pop sounds like. The JPS Experience i think will become one my
fave bands soon!  ***

Even As We Speak - Blue Eyes EP:

This has been out a while, but is wonderful so i'll mention it. EAWS are
Australian, if we still had a British empire then Even As We Speak would
be a jewel in it. (All you find is) air is especially fine. Cool
sophistocated pop, could even call it cocktail C86!  **

Action Painting! - Mustard Gas EP:

Action Painting! know how to make exciting PUNK pop! The title track
blasts away at a million kilometres per hour. They fall down slightly on
their B-sides though. Still great!  *1/2

(Both Sarah Records, P.O. Box 691, Bristol BS99 1FG - though i think
their records will be easily available everywhere)

Merry christmas!

love and kisses Nastyned


From: Kent Williams <>

Mercy Rule: _God Protectd Fools_

Just when you thought, "there's no indie scene in Nebraska," along comes a
strong new CD from the Lincoln NE band 'Mercy Rule'.  I saw them a while
back opening (for an audience of 20) for God's Favorite Band, and was
bowled over by their live intensity.  The guitarist plays without a pick,
and really bashes that sucker.  I talked to him after the show and his
right hand was bloody ... 

But what about the music? The obvious referents are the other indie
post-punk Guitar-Bass-Drums outfits -- Superchunk, Tsunami.  But the
singer, Heidi Ore has a voice that just won't quit.  The harder songs are
delivered with a rough leatherlunged bellowing tone that smooths out on
the edges to wonderful light vibrato.  And she has depth: just when you
think she's completely blown out her pipes, she gives you more.  She uses
something of Kim Gordon's gravelly squall, but unlike Kim, she has a
pretty voice that doesn't abuse melody.  I admit it -- I'm in love. 

And the songs are wonderful, too.  Simple, direct, emotionally felt lyrics
with what I consider midwestern preoccupations -- life, love, god.  No
weapons, kinky sex or narcotics to be found.  Not that I have anything
against those things as subjects, but it's a nice break to hear songs that
come a little closer to addressing my actual life experience. 

Anyway -- unless you're in a midwestern college town with a good record
store, you'll probably have to mail order this one. 

Mercy Rule "God Protects Fools" CR-6
Caulfield Records
5701 Randolph
Lincoln NE 68510


Subject: Some Comments [Sean's Yard Sale Stuff]

Hi. Old-fart-in-residence here.  Some comments on stuff:

>a. The Greatest Hits of Eric Burdon and the Animals - this picks up the
>later period of Animals recordings, like "San Franciscan Nights" and

I found The Animals "Live at the Club a Gogo" on Charly records in the
cut-out bins recently.  Has them tearing up some classics from John Lee
Hooker, Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley. 

>b. Cheap Trick, _Heaven Tonight_ - if half of your favorite bands choose
>to cover "Surrender" on a regular basis, I figure it's ok to buy the

"Live at Budokan" is STILL one of my favorite live albums.  The drum intro
to Fats Domino's "Ain't That a Shame" is a classic as well as all the
Beatles riffs strung together in the guitar solo. 

>c. Chic, _C'est Chic_ - The debut LP from Bernard Edwards and Nile
>Rodgers (i think) and an essential part of the groove experience.  This

No, their debut album was "Chic" (Atlantic SD 19153).  "C'est Chic"
(Atlantic SD 19209) was their second album.  After that there was
"Risque", "Greatest Hits" and "Real People".  Did you know that Luther
Vandross was on the first two albums? 

When you're scouring the cut-out bins, if you like this stuff, watch for
the Rhino "Disco Hits" compilations.  I have Vol 3. As well as "Le Freak"
and "Good Times" by Chic, it has the classic "Ring My Bell" by Anita Ward
as well as stuff by Sister Sledge, KC and the Sunshine Band, etc, etc. 
Definitely $4 worth of booty shaking. 

>h. Vanilla Fudge, _Vanilla Fudge_ - the 1967 debut displays not a single
>original song, but a wild, warped, acid-blues take on 60's pop songs.

"You Keep Me Hanging On" was found in the cut-outs recently.  It's a live
recording of a reunion concert.  Avoid it! 

>	I recently discovered that Live 105 (a.k.a. Evil 105) the San
>Francisco-area "Modern Rock" station is broadcasting Peel Out in the
>States, the U.S. edition of John Peel's show.  The bad news is that they
>air it at 4 a.m. Sunday mornings (in other words, Saturday nights).  I set

KNON broadcasts it in Dallas at 8:30pm on Monday nights.  Move.  B-)

>my alarm and taped it this week.  (I've theorized that if television
>hadn't been invented, we'd now have tape recorders with timers as "easy to
>use" as VCRs.) 

They do.  If you're looking for a top-of-the-line boom-box, check out the
Sony CFD-260.  The damn thing even has a remote!  Plus de la decadense,
n'est ce pas? 

Happy Saturnalia,

--Rob  aka DJ Stereotype  aka,       Dallas, Texas, USA.
--"The Grey Zone", Sunday(well, Saturday night) 2:30am-4am, KNON, 89.3FM.
--"We hate all DJs, they're making us ill."  KMFDM "Sucks"

[Regarding the John Peel program "Peel Out In The States" - if you get a
broadcast of this program in your town, mail me with the time, day, call
letters, and frequency - I'll compile a list for everyone. - Sean]


From: Steven Silverstein <>


Shows of the days...
Buzzcocks/Doughboys/Fudge, 12/17, Club Babyhead, Providence.
	Whelp.  Buzzcocks seemed to have come out of another era, aged,
but unchanged. The crowd seemed to have come out of another era, but
hadn't.  All these 18 year old kids who seemed to think the world stopped
when they were 3 and they should have stopped with it.  The mall-bought
Doc Martens and mohawks were just too much.  They harassed Fudge, which
was a damn shame.  Dave said it was the first show they've had any
problem; that at least was good news.  Even better news--they played
"Girlwish" with a cool new ending too.  They're still noisy and a bit less
poppy in style, but they songwriting is just SO amazing.  Most of the
songs, despite that my taste is a bit different, and they could definitely
be better I think, were just so catchy!  Yes, a couple weren't but I just
loved the set.  Doughboys were not bad, OK, but kinda generic and un-fun. 
Blah.  Buzzcocks were just really tight and still doing what they do
really well.  Not much loss over time. 

Scarce/Backwash/Delta Clutch/Wiseacre, 12/18, Club Babyhead, Providence.
	Survived 2 nights in a row at Babyhead, which despite renovations,
is still an accomplishment.  Wiseacre from Chicago first.  Rockabilly with
proficient jazz-influenced playing, but unamazing.  Delta Clutch next. 
Pip from Haymaker's new project (though Haymaker are still together) with
a guy from Anastasia Screamed and some other folx.  Countryish and loud;
solid but unamazing.  Closed with a nifty cover of "As Long as I Can See
the Light". Backwash, though a bit redundant, were solid.  Sort of
Mercyland at their loudest mixed with some '70s metal and that Cheap Trick
thing that runs this damn city.  Finally Scarce.  Man these guys are gonna
be huge.  I don't know if that's good or bad, intentional or not.  But
it's inevitable.  They're a bit generic, but most of the songs are catchy
and memorable, and they have a fun on stage no other band could ever

	I'm going to wait to review a couple of local 7"s til I have the
addresses of the labels with me.  But, anyhow, there is a neat new local
cassette comp out Mummer's Tales compiles an assortment of local weirdos. 
Haymaker may be the best known, and there's also a side-project thing with
Jeff Toste from Laurels (bassist) playing guitar.  It's a holiday comp
with people doing some traditional and not-so-traditional Christmas things
(plus a Hanukkah song at the end).  Well-packaged, especially the holiday
giftwrap in an assortment of colors and patterns that each one comes in. 
Basically, these guys have done a really nice job.  If you're interested
in getting it, or if you want to get in touch with Hope St. Tapes (they're
looking to put lots more comp cassettes and other nifty stuff out sometime
soon) about putting out some stuff, do so.  They're swell folks. Hope St.
Tapes/413 Hope St./Providence, RI 02906, 401/454-8031 (Andy Reuland, Tim
Harrington, Shawn Greenlee). 



From: Douglas Wolk <>
Subject: God Is My Co-Pilot discography

By request of Lena, and for reference of all interested parties, here's a
brief list of everything in GodCo's ungodly productive career. 

_Songs Of Praise_ 7" EP (The Making Of Americans) 1991
4 songs. The sleeve and record just say "God Is My Co-Pilot"--no title.

_Refused Medical Attention_ 7" EP (The Making Of Americans) 1991
4 songs. Very rare--only a few hundred were pressed.

_On A Wing And A Prayer_ 7" EP (Funky Mushroom) 1992
5 songs.

_I Am Not This Body_ CD (The Making Of Americans) 1992
34 songs.

_Gender Is As Gender Does_ 7" EP (Funky Mushroom) 1992
4 songs. There are two different sleeves; only 500 exist of the
boys-kissing-boys sleeve, at least three times that many of the
girls-kissing-girls sleeve.

_How I Got Over_ 7" EP (Ajax) 1992
6 songs. First pressing has green/orange sleeve; second has yellow/black

_Speed Yr Trip_ CD (The Making Of Americans) 1993
25 songs.

_Pissing And Hooting_ 7" EP (Seze/The Making Of Americans) 1993
4 songs. Available only by joining the fan club or buying it from the band
on a foreign tour.

_When This You See Remember Me_ 7" EP (Dark Beloved Cloud) 1993
5 songs.

"Role Model" on _State Of The Union_ compilation CD (a couple of labels) 1993

two songs on Mudflowers compilation cassette (Riot Grrrl NYC) 1993

_My Sinister Hidden Agenda_ 7" EP (Blackout) 1993
5 songs. Alternate title _My Sinister Secret Agenda_ (the sleeve was
printed wrong). First 100 copies have sleeves handmade from East Asian
porno magazines.

_Getting Out Of Boring Time, Digging Into Boring Pie_ 10" mini-LP
(Quinnah) 1993
14 songs. Back cover lists title as _...Biting Into Boring Pie_. An
acoustic recording, with intonated instruments on only one track.

_Straight Not_ CD/LP/cassette (Outpunk) 1993

"Su Vot Vot Esta Su Voz"/"We Signify" 7" (Dark Beloved Cloud) 1993

_Tight Like Fist: Live Recording_ CD (Knitting Factory Works) 1993
38 songs listed, several extras hidden. Recorded at the Knitting Factory
over 20 or so months' worth of live shows.

_What Doctors Don't Tell You_ cassette (Shrimper) 1993
16 songs. Very early studio recordings, plus a live version of "I Pulled
Up To Park."

AS THE HATTIFATTENERS (with various additional members):

_Constantly On The Move With The Hattifatteners_ 7" EP (Funky Mushroom) 1993
5 songs

_Vogue Bambini_ 7" EP (Dark Beloved Cloud) 1993
5 songs


3 songs on split 7" with Fifth Column (Outpunk)
_Mir Shlufn Nisht_ CD (Avant)
single on Rough Trade
_How To Be_ CD (Project A-Bomb)
single on Ajax
_Puss 02_ CD (Catcall/The Making Of Americans)
single on Noiseville
new 10" mini-LP (Quinnah)
single on The Making Of Americans
and probably lots of other things too.

Douglas D. Wolk
"Are you doing what you did two years ago? Yeah? Well, don't make a career
out of it." --Mark Smith


From: "K. Lena Bennett" <>

Lena's Reviews: Gas Huffer show, Chris Knox 7"

Went to see Gas Huffer play on Saturday night.  Was looking for
Indie-Lister David but didn't see anyone who was tall and looked like J
Mascis (we were thinking of looking like Lou Barlow just to annoy you). 
Anyway, we missed the opening band, Lorraine, because we'd been at the
COCA Cabana watching David Greenberger read from "Duplex Planet," his
little magazine about the things people said in a nursing home where he
worked.  The one-liners were my favorite, like, "I don't want to drink too
much because I'll wake up in the morning with a big head," or "I could be
smoking but I just want to drive around in a stick-shift car," or "when I
see you I lose all my clothes."  There's going to be a book of Duplex
Planet stuff in January, I can't wait. 

Anyway, the other band was the Meices.  Scott called them "grunge by
numbers."  They had gas station attendant shirts and they were drunk and
had a bad attitude.  The singer sounded sortof like early Paul Westerberg. 

Gas Huffer was really good, this was the first time I'd seen them live
(this was at the Crocodile, by the way).  They just looked like they were
having a good time.  The lead singer was cute and danced around a lot and
did silly things.  They did a lot of songs I hadn't heard on record.  Some
English guy in a turtleneck and sweater came up to me and said, "do you
like this stuff?  It sure is monotonous."  I guess either you get good ole
Amurrican 3-chord rock-n-roll or you don't.  Chugga-chugga.  Anyway, I
didn't really have enough energy to get into the show as well as I could,
because I didn't sleep that much, someone had called me on the phone in
the middle of the night the night before..... ;)

Oh, what else did I want to talk about?  I got the Chris Knox 7" "Under
the Influence/Stasis" on Flying Nun at Fallout.  Side A is a kind of
Turkishy-sounding love chant with cheesy programmable keyboard (what do
you call that thing?) that I distinctly remember him doing when he played
here.  Side B is a kind of schizo-paranoid 4-tracky thingy that I can't
say much about because it hasn't really sunk in yet.  This man writes
songs.  They are simple and direct and they sound good and stick in your
brain.  He writes many of them and they are all different.  I like him a
lot.  I'd recommend this record if you haven't heard him before. 

Sorry these reviews are so lame.  It's Monday and all I can think about 
is the holiday coming.  :)  I got a shitload of 7"s this weekend so maybe 
more reviews later.



"I'm just looking for one divine hammer...."


From: Leo Artalejo <>

Ad: Singer Wanted

Singer in Seattle needed for soulful groove band.  Originals a la Sly 
Stone, Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder.  Definite funk.  We're looking 
for a hip frontman/woman with smooth but hefty vocal presence.  Rap 
abilities and congas a plus.  Respond to <>.



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