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Yo homie don'tcha know me?
*Brian May US Tour


From: Mark <>
Subject: Yo homie don'tcha know me?

Hectic week, what with moving stuff to Richmond, starting a new job,
etc. No new records for me this week, other than the Eerie Materials
"How To Kill Frank Sinatra" comp tape, which is not exactly current
(well, maybe I'll review it next time. It's in Richmond and I'm in
Charlottesville as I type this.)

Changing Address Chronicles: I now have an America Online account. It
came with 10 free hours and three months' free usage. (Damn!) I will
be using this account (and no others) from now on. Besides, I
couldn't figure out a way to access any of my other accounts from
Richmond anyway. SO send stuff to me at <>, or just
"MarkC RVA" if you use AOL yourself. (AOL have assured me that the
random-disconnection problems that caused me to cancel a previous
account have been fixed. Let's damn well hope so!)

I am pleased to announce the formation, such as it is, of Strange
Attractor Music. (Read "Chaos" by James Glieck for the source of the
name.) This is my new label project, starting ala Eerie with cheap
cassettes and moving up to vinyl as it earns money. Plans are
underfoot now for the first release, a split cassette twixt new
Richmond band Friendly (which I am in) and Charlottesville popsters
Mollyhouse (which I am not in.) This has not been recorded yet, but
when it's available (hopefully in a few months) you'll hear about it.
At only a few bucks for sixty minutes of music, this may be the best
entertainment value of the century, or something like that.

Speaking of Mollyhouse, they played their first show with new singer
Stephanie at UVA's ampitheatre last Wednesday night. The crowd
(containing a lot of UVA summer campers) was less than appreciative of
Mollyhouse's pop revolution hurl style now, and the two-hour time
slot necessitated the addition of some covers to the 'House's
otherwise almost-all-original set, but they played it off well, other
than a botched beginning of "Hit You Back" (they've forgotten how to
ride a bike, they say you never do, but it happened.) Interesting
sanitization of "Box Elder" as well (they were under orders from
University Union to not be "too alternative", whatever the fuck that
means, and there were families present. Call 'em sellouts if you
want, but at least they're creative sellouts. Would you have
thought of "I've gotta fornicate out of this town"? :-) If you like
old Velocity Girl, Beat Happening, Tiger Trap, Spinnanes, that sorta
stuff, Mollyhouse are up yr alley. Hopefully UU will pay them.

If you picked up a Friendly demo at Indie-500, I hope you liked it.
My drumming was definitely not as creative as it could've been, but
when that demo was recorded, I was running on about one hour of sleep
over three days, and ended up nearly falling asleep on the fabulous
Belt-space floor. I'll do better next time OKAY? :-) If you didn't
pick up a Friendly demo, Cyndy probably can fix you up with one; her
article and address follow.

The new Kingdom Scum LP _Golden Asshole Legacy_ is out on
Staalplaat/Eerie Materials and man does it look good. The music ain't
half bad either, same general demento-fuzz-rap you've come to expect
from the Scum, but much better recording. ("The Coming Of The Scum"
from _New Dominion_ -- the _SubPop 200_ of Virginia music -- appears
on the new LP, if you want a taste.) They played at the Metrodome
last Saturday, but I had to work. I do live with Mr. Scum, though, so
I know how it went.

Well, that's all for now... read on won'tcha...


From: brian <>
Subject: Brian May US Tour

Hi all,

I'll be in the following places throught August and was wondering if
people could give me pointers on places to look for good gigs (the
right local music rags/college FM shows etc etc..)

Here's where I'll be & when (well, approximately)

Aug5-8  New York
Aug8-10  NJ (coastal)
Aug10-12 DC
Aug12-16 Blacksburg, VA (thanks Bill!)
Aug16-22 LA/SF

Thanks for any pointers whatsoever. If you know Bill Borrie, I might
bump into you anyhow.




From: Cyndy Chan <>
Subject: errata

greetings, list.  i've been reading but not writing, so you probably
never knew i was out here.  i'm cyndy, moving to richmond soon to
quit my old band, hassan chop!, and play in mark cornick's band,
friendly.  i'm a nitpicking wannabe know-it-all and i can't help but
interject some amendments to stuff i just read on the digest:

1) the indie 500 will not be hassan chop!'s final show, but close
enough.  we are playing a couple or three gigs somewhere in the
atlantic seaboard later in july, but it'll all draw to a close by

2) we're playing on sunday at indie 500, not saturday.  but it's
okay.  tons of cool stuff going on on saturday.  like swirlies.

[at this point i digress.  special advance review of new swirlies
single goes here:]

Swirlies, _Broke Dick Car_ a.k.a. the "Wrong Tube" single

Please don't call it an EP.  This latest Swirlie release, while sure
to become required property of all Swirliemaniacs, college radio
stations, and record collectors, is not intended to stand as an
independent artistic unit, and should be listened to and appreciated
in its proper context.  What you have here are a remix (of "Wrong
Tube"), a reworking (different groovy version of "Pancake") and a
tongue-in-cheek dance mix ("House of Pancake"-- yes) of tunes from
the album, plus two neat, cool, but, well, lo-fi, admittedly
had-to-be- there kind of livingroom/4-track previously unreleased's,
"You're Just Jealous ('cos I've got cookies)" and "LaBrea Tarpits." 
If this is the only Swirlie product you own, you're missing the point.
As an appendix to the latest album, however, this single provides a
unique glimpse of the goofy chimprockness underlying the Swirly
aesthetic -- something you might've missed if you'd only just boarded
the train at _Blondertongue Audiobaton_. Bottom line:  go get the
last coupla releases, educate yourself, and decide how badly you want
to buy into the esoterica.  Some may want to sit this one out and
wait for a more coherent next release. If so, do make sure at least
to tune into your local college radio station, where "House of
Pancake" is sure to become a fly-by-night novelty hit.

A note on format:  The 7" has everything mentioned above but the two
"Pancake"'s.  The 12" vinyl will be very hard to get, perhaps limited
to import/promotional distribution.  The CD is the likeliest choice
for us the consumers.

3)  i heard that gerard cosloy's band, envelope, is playing at indie
500.  and that brandon stosuy, the event's organizer, made mr. c.
submit a demo tape to him for listening same as everybody else before
he would decide whether or not to book them.  i know the classless
society must be just around the corner.

[ stuff referring to things to look for at Indie-500, which has
already happened, deleted - Mark ]

see y'all in nj.  thanks, sean, for the invite to crash; i think i'm
camping, tho'.


      new address:  queer nation of islam house
        (7/9/93)      502 s. laurel st.
                     richmond, va 23220
                       (804) 648-3405
         housewarming 7/14/93.  all invited.

           new bizness:  spambake bookings
              new band:  friendly
           new fanzine:  burpin' lula


From: Liz <>
Subject: Indie-Demographics

In the interest of "holding up a mirror" to the indie-list community,
not to mention filling space, I've compiled a number of subscriber
statistics for this week's issue.

at least..

74 of you..     are doing this from work.
15 of you..     live in Canada.
8 of you..      live in New Zealand.
8 of you..      work at Microsoft.
5 of you..      are at James Madison University, where Mark started this.
4 of you..      are in HASSAN CHOP!
3 of you..      run your own record label.
1 of you..      works at a popular teen magazine.
1 of you..      has been mistaken for Josh in

[ 0 of you...   are Billy Idol. - Mark ]

Best sub requests of late:

"The man from Delmonte he say yes to Indie List." <>
"hook me up wit dat indie-list action G!" <REN5726@RITVAX.BITNET>
"Give me Indie List or give me death!" <bdtaylor@athena.MIT.EDU>
"Gooi mij ook maar Indie List." <>

[ now c'mon, Liz, that might actually mean something in a non-English
language. winkel is writing from the Netherlands, ya know. :-) - Mark ]

and lastly:
"Dear Indie-List, I want it all." <>
(and the funny thing is, we've HEARD THAT ONE BEFORE!)

[ Best unsub request of late: "Please remove me from the Indie-List;
there is not enough Royal Trux coverage for my taste." Straight outta
the FAQ. Hardy har har. - Mark ]

on the hitlist this week:
helium / liz phair / fugazi / the bats / palace brothers / stuart
moxham / magnetic fields / renderers / dead c. / cannanes / gastr del
sol / shorty / american music club / don caballero / king kong /
barbara manning teenbeat 7"



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