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Ocelot wildly
Fugazi bootleg


It's another short digest this week. Maybe it's because you people
didn't send anything, or maybe it's because Joshua is MIA. In any
case, please don't be afraid to write. We want to hear from you...
(and give you stuff to read...)


From: Mark <>
Subj: Ocelot wildly

Hi-de-ho, tiddeli-pom-ti-do. Can't say there's much happening around
here right now, but come Labor Day weekend, there's (supposedly) going
to be a big three-day pop festival (yes, another one) down here in
Richmond. Nearly all of your indie pop faves have been invited. More
details on this as it develops.

No new records this week, but I've got a few zine reviews:

- COOL BEANS! #1 (Matt Kelly, 701 Dwight, Berkeley CA 94710): First
issue (now out of print) of this interview/review/stupid-shit zine
put out by Matt Kelly, Coffee Achiever. This issue features
interviews with Lou Barlow, Page (Helmet) Hamilton, the Jesus Lizard
(who save Matt the trouble of interviewing Dinosaur Jr), Aaron
Cometbus, etc. Cool Beans! #2 is on its way according to Matt, and if
it's as well done as the first issue we've got something to look
forward to. I also have to give Matt credit for featuring the
"Hashbrowns 5 Different Ways" blurb from the Waffle House menu, but
in the time since this issue was printed, WH has added a sixth
option, Scattered Smothered Covered Chunked Topped & Diced, i.e. with
onion, cheese, ham, Bert's Chili, and (this is the new item) diced
tomato. Anyway, an easy reading, fully slack piece of lit. (My copy
came pre-stained with coffee, too; I think it's the first instance
I've seen of coffee as ink.) Matt is on the list so you can write to
him at <> for further info. **

- BURPING LULA #1 (Alexander Mundy, PO Box 14738, Richmond VA 23221):
New Richmond zine with ties to the Eerie Materials empire. If you've
ever read the Eerie catalog, you know how much mileage they get out
of a Xerox machine. Burpin' Lula is laid out in a similarly chaotic,
graphic-rich format. This issue has an interview with Velocity Girl,
a guide to participating in medical experiments (make extra money!),
an article on punk rock computing (hell yeah!), and (in case you were
wondering) "The Mystical Connection Between Nick Cave And The Battle
Of The Network Stars." You also get record & live reviews as usual.
Hilarious & easy reading. Wunnerful, wunnerful, let's-uh boogaloo till
we-uh puke. (This is a free zine, but send 'em a buck to cover
postage and give 'em incentive to put out another one.) Ross Perot is
the Pope. **


From: (Mary Taylor)
Subj: Fugazi bootleg

Hi! I'm in search of a Fugazi bootleg. Anyone who'd care to swap I can
swap you a fIREHOSE or a Dino jr bootleg. Unfortunately, I'm leaving
on the 16th to start a 2 year program with the Peace Corps and will
probably have no acccess to the Internet =(. But here's my snail mail
address in the Carribean and hopefully we could do a swap.

Mary Taylor (7/16 to mid august) American Drywall Building, PO Box
123, Castries, St Lucia, West Indies

after mid august--c/o US Peace Corps, PO Box 201, St John's Antigua,
West Indies

Thanks ya'll!


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