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A (hopefully temporary) goodbye to Josh
Tsunami tour dates
Re: NZ bands sounding similar
Primordial Cassette


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From:  Mark <> with assistance from K. Lena Bennett
Subj:  A (hopefully temporary) goodbye to Josh

Our esteemed moderator, Joshua Houk, moved back in with his parents
last week and is, for now, without net access. His chum K. Lena tells
me he's doing fine, just surrounded by more rednecks than usual.

In Josh's absence, I will be handling his duties. Please send your
articles to the new collection address which is <>.
If you sent an article for issues #8 or 9 which did not appear,
please re-send it for inclusion in next week's issue.

Hopefully, Josh will be back with us sometime in the near future. If
not, here's to Houk, the finest drifter you'll ever meet. Bananafish,


From:  Mark <>
Subj:  Yawwwnnnn...

Yay! I got paid! Finally!

- BARBARA MANNING AND FLOPHOUSE, "B4 We Go Under" 7" (Teenbeat, PO
Box 50373, Washington DC 20091): Yummy yummy yummy I've got Bats in
my tummy. Robert from the Bats (one of the few NZ bands I've ever
gotten into, really... sorry, Liz) wrote the A-side to this 45 and it
sounds, well, Batty, but with (of course) the lovely lovely vocals of
Ms. Manning. Perhaps the most perfect poptoon of 93 to date. The
B-side, a Lefty Frizzell cover, is inevitably not as good -- a little
too country for my particular taste -- but that A-side makes it all
worthwhile. Of course, this was originally supposed to have a Jonny
Cohen cover, but who cares? (Speaking of covers, the sleeve for this
45 is simply luscious, sorta like 23 Envelope meets Independent
Project, and it smells good too. :-) **1/2

- SWIRLIES, "Brokedick Car" 12" (Taang!, PO Box 51, Auburndale MA
02166): If you still think of the Swirlies as nothing more than My
Bloody Valentine ripoff artists, you'd better just skip this 'cause
it ain't gonna change yr mind. But if you, like me, realize that all
the rock riffs in the world were used up 25 years ago, don't
necessarily care if a band is derivative -- if they're derivative of
someone cool, and need a good hearty laugh, "Brokedick Car" is 4 U.
You get two new lo-fi things which make for interesting muzak, a
slightly different "Wrong Tube", and a clean (sort of) version of
"Pancake", but the star of this record is "House Of Pancake" which is
(yup) the hip-hop remix of "Pancake." (Yup.) Rocks harder than Cliff
from the IHOP commercials any day. Destined to be a classic of
coffee-shop rock, right up there with "Special Lady At The Waffle
House." Bottom line: if you're a Swirlie-junkie (tm), this is good
food fast. ** (note: there is a 7" version of this which is lacking
the two "Pancake"s, as well as a CD version with everything.)

- STEPPE CHILDREN, "Zero At The Bone" (Torn Chord, 436 Roanoke St,
Blacksburg VA 24060): Everyone in Richmond and their dogma seems to
be raving about this non-Squealer outfit, so I chanced the three
bucks and picked it up. Kinda mopey dopey guitar outfit, more in a
Weddoes way than a Cure fashion (thank god!) Nothing particularly
energetic or exciting here, but it's got a good tension to it, and I
suspect they're pretty good live. Oh-oh, Blacksburg, so much to
answer for... *

- POPSICLE MELTS/COLON ON THE COB, "Taste The Candy" (Eerie Materials,
PO Box 14592, Retchmond VA 23221): Yes, I live with one of the two
guys who run Eerie Materials, which is why I seem to get all their
stuff. The Popsicle Melts are Eerie's pop band, fairly
straightforward but with the typical Eerie (4th-grade) sense of
humor. Elementary-schoolhouse rock, pure and simple. Colon On The
Cob, on the other hand, sound like Sockeye versus the Boredoms --
completely inexplicable earache-ish stuff with a particularly awful
sample from Monty Python's "Are You Embarassed Easily?" sketch. Just
the thing to give to that elementary-school cousin of yours who's
just discovered Playboy. *1/2

- SMALL FACTORY/TSUNAMI, "If You Hurt Me/Kidding On The Square"
(Simple Machines, PO Box 10290, Arlington VA 22210-1290): The August
issue of the ongoing adventures of Working Holiday. (The July issue
is being delayed due to problems with the test pressing.) How
interesting that one of my favorite pop bands and one of my least
favorite pop bands should show up on the same record. Tsunami (I like
them) turn in a nice little song which is probably autobiographical
("You know it, coffee isn't food/though you try and tell yourself
you'll never sleep you always do/In the morning there's mail to do.")
Not sure what holiday this relates to, but it's cool. Small Factory,
well, I've never liked most of their stuff, but "If You Hurt Me" is
okay, I guess, it's about "the first anniversary of Alex's broken
heart." Hi-de-ho. Well, okay. *1/2. And, finally, the record box!
It looks nice and holds a bunch of records. What more do you want?


From:  Mark <>
Subj:  Tsunami tour dates

Hey java lovers, here's the latest scoop on Tsunami's summer tour.
The shows marked * are Lollapalooza dates w/ Sebadoh & Kitten.

7/26 CHAPEL HILL NC Local 506
7/27 COLUMBIA SC Club Normal
7/28 ATLANTA GA Masquerade w/ Arcwelder & Tar
7/30*NEW ORLEANS LA UNO Soccer Field
7/31*HOUSTON TX Houston Raceway
8/ 1*DALLAS TX Starplex Amphitheater
8/ 1 FORT WORTH TX Mad Hatter's w/ Sebadoh
8/ 2 AUSTIN TX Emo's w/ Sebadoh
8/ 4*PHOENIX AZ Compton Terrace Amphitheater
8/ 5 SAN DIEGO CA Casbah w/ Sebadoh & Trumans Water
8/ 6*LOS ANGELES CA Santa Fe Dam
8/ 7*LOS ANGELES CA Santa Fe Dam
8/ 9 RIVERSIDE CA w/ Sebadoh & Nothing Painted Blue
8/10 LOS ANGELES CA Whiskey A Go Go w/ Sebadoh
8/11 SAN FRANCISCO CA Brave New World w/ Tiger Trap
8/13 TUSCON AZ Downtown Performance Center w/ Nothing Painted Blue
8/14 ALBEQUERQUE NM Golden West w/ Nothing Painted Blue
8/16 LAWRENCE KS The Hideaway w/ Nothing Painted Blue
8/17 ST LOUIS MO w/ Nothing Painted Blue
8/19 MILWAUKEE WI Shank Hall w/ Nothing Painted Blue & Coctails
8/20 CHICAGO IL Lounge Ax w/ Nothing Painted Blue & Coctails
8/21 DETROIT MI w/ Nothing Painted Blue & Veronica Lake
8/22 CLEVELAND OH Grog Shop w/ Nothing Painted Blue & My Dad Is Dead

More dates to follow in October...


Subj:  Re: NZ bands sounding similar

I think your problem with not being able to distinguish nooziland
bands is because they all come from the same place. Most of Nz's
"popular" (well..known would be a better word) come from
Dunedin...way down the bottom of the country (and the location of one
of the countries bestest universities as seems that you can
divide the country into different zones based on what music comes out
of the area....Auckland (the top of the country, and largest
population base) tends more towards funk/rap, dunedin more towards
"wall of noise" type bands...JPSE, the Bats, StraightJacket Fits (not
futs :) )...and Wellington (the capital, and where I come from...)
...well...we do have some really good metal/punk bands (Shihad,

And talk about frustration...I went with some friends to see JPSE a
couple of months to the club, and all the tickets had
sold. That was ok though...I managed to see SJF the following
week,,,they were very excellent, and well worth the sub card
discounted ticket price :) It seems, however, that every time I see
SJF I get totally exhausted...something about jumping round for two
hours or something... Then I tried to see the bats before they
buggered off on the international tour stuff....and yet again all the
bloody tickets had sold! arrrgggghh! There was nothing else to do but
play pinball (got my personal high score as well, so it wasn't a
wasted evening...)

Speaking of Shihad, they have just released their new album (and
their first one), following up on the EP "devolve" a couple of years
back. And have they gotten better or what? (yep! They have!) They got
the album produced by Jaz Coleman (of Killing Joke fame) and the
first single (and vid) "I only Said" has been released to local
acclaim. Watch out for it, because with any luck it will get an
international release (Jaz is working out US and European release at
the moment)

More info could be forthcoming when I remember the damn name of that
new Shihad album (damn brain...this is what too much computering does
to you...)


ps: and speaking of completely excellent zines etc, a group of
anarchists down here (well...some of them are anarchists) have
started a new comic book...called Pisstake. It's very cool, and has
one of the mostest amazing strips in it called StraightJacket
Ninja...definitely worth a look at (but seeing as it is a small
comic, it's not likely that it will be seen anywhere else....


"Love. Light. Life and liberty. Unite a paramount of life.
 Guided by the light of hope. Yeah. The light of hope.
 But Fools. Your reward is neither here nor out there."
 The Nefilim, "Chaocracy"

   Jono Baddiley (Internet :
   The Open Polytech of New Zealand
   Information Services
   Phone (64 4) 560 5679 <or>
         (64 4) 566 6189 (Ext. 5679)


Subj:  Primordial Cassette

In case anyone out there has been holding their breath, you can exhale
now because the newest *Primordial Undermind* release is officially
out and available from indie-darlings Shrimper Tapes (and records)!

It's 40 mins. long, with 11 unique psyche/punk/pop/noise songs culled
from studio scraps, radio broadcasts and live shows over the last
four years plus a bunch of other silly stuff we found on tape.
There's prime examples of all the different Primordial lineups,
including a special appearance by the Bevis Frond.  So how can you
get one, should you desire to do so?  It's simple - just send a
measly $3.00 (includes postage) to Shrimper, PO Box 1837, Upland, CA 
91785-1837 and ask for SHR43 "And All Tall Monsters Stand" by the
Primordial Undermind.  That's all!  Oh, and make sure to ask for a
free catalog too as there's bound to be plenty more Shrimper releases
you'll want to own.

If you'd like to review the tape for some publication (electronic or
printed) we've got a limited number of promos so just email and
convince us why you should get one. Or if you're associated with a
radio station that plays cassettes but isn't on the Shrimper promo
list already - same idea.


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