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      Indie List Digest!

         May 15, 1994

     Volume 3   Number 32


Versus, Kicking Giant, et al.
Mr T experience, Bratmobile, Crackerbash
Pram, Sleeper, Orb
Comments on previous reviews (Crash Worship, Skullflower, Orbital)
C. Brotzmann, Skullflower
Pavement & 3Ds in Cleveland
ANNOUNCE: Road Cone Catalog
ANNOUNCE: Booking Potential
ANNOUNCE: Drive Like Jehu
ANNOUNCE: Combustible Edison


From: Sean Keric Murphy <skmurphy@phoenix.Princeton.EDU>
A solid weekend of music-pickups...

So, I take a weekend off from being in Princeton, NJ...  head down to 
Washington, DC, and fall into a show I didn't even know was 

Versus, Kicking Giant, and Purple Ivy Shadows at the Black Cat, 5/5/94

Purple Ivy Shadows started off with Chris playing a snare and an odd 
set-up of two cymbals lying on top of each other, Eric doing his usual 
guitar noodling, Brian (new, semi-permanent member) playing Chris' 
guitar, and Evan Shurak (of Eggs) on bass.  Chris gave me the 
impression of someone who's been to the edge, lost it, and found 
himself dumped back into the world. this set was totally psycho - 
free jazz slamming into country singing into the old-school PIS 
drone-sound and back.  Evan shifted to drums after the first song, 
with Chris sometimes playing guitar, sometimes sax, sometimes his odd 
drum kit.  Their rendition of Kris Kristofferson's "Loving You Is The 
Easiest Thing I'll Ever Do" was absolutely amazing...  soft country 
tune morphing over time into a post-Galaxie 500 drone with unsettling 
bits dropped in and Chris shouting chord changes to Brian...  if they 
find a full-time drummer (Evan was just sitting in for the night and 
had never really played with them before), this new stuff will totally 
dwarf their recorded material (which I adore).  New single out now on 
spinArt - about the last good thing I see that label doing, ever.

Kicking Giant - Rachel Carns is a wonderful drummer - what she does 
with two toms, a snare, a hi-hat, and two cymbals, while standing up, 
is the stuff that Neil Peart dreams about.  And Tae can play some 
really nice songs.  When he decides to noodle about, though, leaving 
Rachel stranded on one drum beat for five minutes, it can get a little 
tiring.  Particularly when you do it five times in a row without a 
"song" to break it up.  All that said, I did enjoy the set...  it just 
wasn't what I had been hoping for...

...a feeling which lasted through Versus' set.  I'm probably biased 
because I've seen this band more times than I can remember and over 
time, I feel that they've gotten duller and more predictable.  Their 
new LP had just arrived that day at TeenBeat headquarters, and the 
band focused on the new material - it's familiar, but dronier and less 
hook-oriented than older songs.  I hate to say it, but I think I'd 
rather tell them to stop recording and stop playing for a while...  
this band is out of new ideas.  (Or Richard and Ed have been dipping 
back into their old, pre-Versus material - more on that in a 

Overall - I was happy because I got to see KG for the first time in 
three years and PIS in a somewhat stable incarnation which has a 
million cool ideas going on.  Versus was either not up to par or just 
have forgotten what made them exciting.  Maybe having a Pearl Jam 
record named after them has gone to their heads.  :)


KING G AND THE J CREW, "Indestructible Songs Of The Humpback Whale" 
(Automatic Wreckords, P.O.  Box 4759, Louisville, KY, 40204, or from 
Simple Machines, address below)

It's 1991.  There's this band in town that a few people have heard of 
called Slint, and they're about to break up after recording their 
second LP.  You're a little younger than those Slint folks, hanging 
out in the same city as them, and you like Japanese horror films.  So, 
what do you do?

IF you said "form a new band called Rodan which will take over the 
known world in a short period of time," you'd be off by about 8-12 

If, however, you said "hey, make a rap record sorta like the Beastie 
Boys, but weirder," you'd be right.  This is what the Rodan folks 
(mostly Jason Noble and Jeff Mueller) were doing before Rodan started 
up.  16 songs, almost an hour long, totally wacked-out thundering 
bass, spastic lyrics, lots of live instruments, too.  Fun and funny 
music - hard to see how these folks emerged into Rodan, but hell, who 
cares about that? **

FLOWER, "Concrete Sky (1987-90)" (Simple Machines, P.O.  Box 10290, 
Arlington, VA, 22210-1290)

Simple version of aural history: before there was Versus, there was 
Saturnine.  And before Saturnine, there was Flower.  Ed and Richard 
Baluyut, along with Andrew Bordwin (now in Ruby Falls) and Ian James 
(now in Cell).  Their two old records (and a song from their debut EP) 
have now been compiled onto one CD.  The sound - well, what do you 
expect a band based in NYC between 1986 and 1990 to sound like? 
Seriously, a heavy debt is owed to Sister-era Sonic Youth (minus some 
of the odd bits), but the songs are still pretty decent.  And it's 
probably the only way you'll ever hear the original of the song 
Tsunami covered on the "Inclined Plane" single.  *3/4 on a first 
listen, this one will probably grow on me.

And I just wanted to finally say that I now understand the 
fascination many people seem to have with Guided By Voices.  My friend 
Bryan sorta woke me up Saturday morning by playing the "Propeller" 
portion of the most recent GbV CD on Scat...  and my jaw hit the floor 
almost instantly.

Maybe I mised the review that talked about Syd Barrett, Skip Spence, 
the Kinks, and the amazing medley in which GbV take on Roky Erickson, 
Jonathan Richman, Stephen Stills, The Who, Neil Young, and a standard 
garage-band-with-an-overactive-wahwah-pedal by writing snippets of 
songs and stringing them together like the sound of someone scanning 
the radio dial for something interesting...  holy shit! I listened to 
this record 3 times today (along with the Rodan LP) and can still find 
very few faults - every time I'm about to acuse them of doing nothing 
more than ripping someone off, they shift the song ever so slightly to 
make it their own while retaining some of the influence.

Simple command - buy this now if you have any understanding of 
pre-1977 music in any way...  or just listen and learn.  **1/2 (Not 
to say that Vampire On Titus is bad in any way, but Propeller just 
fucking rocks my world...  now if only "If We Wait" were pressed as 
something other than a 1000 copy split single on Anyway - I've got a 
copy and will wear it out soon...)

Oh well, enough for now...  maybe I'll find time to review some 
legitimately NEW records for next time...  :)

Sean Murphy


From: cory.gowan@access-info.com
Mr. T Experience, Bratmobile, Rancid, Crackerbash

The Mr. T Experience, Bratmobile, Rancid, Crackerbash

"Our Bodies, Ourselves"- Mr.  T Experience's third full length L.P., and 
they still haven't changed their style.  The vocals are the same, the 
lyrics contain the same ideas, and the dominating drum sounds comes 
through like it always have.  Quite frankly, it's wonderful.  The 16-song
set has a wider variety of the pop-punk they are known for, 
complete with the witty lyrics by Dr.  Frank.  Songs about girls and 
love, to a song about a girl who swallows everything.  I was impressed 
with the way this band seems to crank out good songs, one after 
another, to make you very bouncy and quite happy.
(Lookout! Records, PO Box 11374, Berkeley, CA 94701, $9)

"The Real Janelle"- The new E.P.  by Bratombile, these three girls who 
live nowhere near each other, REALLY impressed me.  I had been 
entertained by their L.P.  "Pottymouth," but "The Real Janelle" showed 
me that the girls have talent beyond screaming.  These six songs take a 
little while to get used to, but once you have heard them twice, they 
stick in your head and you will put it on repeat for hours.  The guitar 
really comes out in these new recordings, and are very eminent 
throughout the whole recording.  (K.R.S.  120 N State St.  #418, 
Olympia, WA 98507)

"Tin Toy"- This E.P.  by Crackerbash may be one of those recordings 
that could be ranked as a 'get this or you won't live very long' 
recording.  I bought it without ever hearing them at all, completely 
based on recommendations by other musicians who told me I couldn't 
live without it.  They were right.  Seven songs that keep you interested 
until the end, in a sort-of Jawbreaker style with meaningful lyrics.  
"Orion" would probably be classified as their 'signature song' if you 
had to pick one.  But I can definitely say this recording is worth 
getting right away.
(Empty Records, PO Box 12034, Seattle, WA 98102)

"Radio, Radio, Radio"- Simply the best by Rancid.  Their second E.P.  
after one L.P., and the music has gotten better (and cleaner) 
everytime.  Lint's vocals (former Operation Ivy/Downfall) have gotten 
much better over the palette of bands he has worked with, and after 
aquiring new guitarist Lars a year ago, it seems to me that this band 
knows how to work together to produce uncomparable music.
(Fat Records, PO Box 460144, San Francisco, CA 94146)

"You're not punk, and I'm telling everyone..."- Jawbreaker


From: uhtrd <DLM94001@UConnVM.UConn.Edu>
random leakings of small furry politicians under carpets

ugh.  hello, it's me again, and i hope you are all doing well and 
enjoying yourselves.  i can't think of any nifty quotes, but i really 
like the ones on i-l.....definitely keen.

[aw, gee...blush -az]

anyway, i just saw the dambuilders again last night (5/11) at 
babyhead.  once again, well worth it and a fantastic time; if they 
didn't play them all, they played almost all of encendedor (the new 
one) and did one of my personal faves, louisiana.  it was the 
drummer's b-day, too.  i think his name is dave.  anyway, they're 
great people and put on an amazing show, and i believe they'll be at 
the middle east on the 27th, so check 'em out live if you can.

thanks for the versus and 3Ds reviews, everyfolk.  i think that one of 
the coolest things about this list is the fact that we can talk about 
bands and shows like this that almost nobody else has heard of (at 
least on my campus) and get input on how things are going from all 
over the country and world.  (it was neat to read about monsterland in 
wherever they were; they're from danbury ct, a good scene "city" in my 
lil' old state.)

well, i checked out those cds i didn't know much about from that old 
top 10, but forgot to write down label stuff and details.  o well, 
here goes...jenny anykind is kind of psychedelic low, heavy, guitar 
rock the label or the album is 'etc.'

sammy sounds EXACTLY like pavement, i swear, i thought they were for a 
minute.  it's not bad, but if you're easily offended by that type of 
thing, you might want to avoid it.  then again, if you think that 
every band in the world should sound like pavement, well then, pick up 
that sammy cd and spin some tunes.

oh lameness.  i don't remember the other.  and i didn't get around to 
the wordcore (sue p.  fox's new one on kill rock stars + a couple of 
oldies) thing yet either.  i'm really looking forward to the new 
godhead silo which, i believe, is coming out soon.  speaking of krs 
and conveniently crossing over to pop narcotic's comp.(genius! pure 
genius!), is anyone out there aware of what ruby falls is up to? do 
they have anything coming out or already available?

significantly new tapes i'd buy if i had the money...heavens to 
betsy/calculated/krs...the new polvo on merge (!!!)...david 
murry/saxmen/red baron...and of course, everything possible by milli 
vanilli.  take care, and much love.

dann medin/dlm94001@uconnnvm.uconn.edu/bad joke of the week; what has 6 arms, 6
legs, and two heads? xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxo


From: James Nash <CCX020@raven.coventry.ac.uk>
New Pram. New Sleeper.


Pram - Meshes EP (Too Pure)

Pram continue their ascent to god-like status with 2 new tracks and a 
re-working of an old song; if next month's LP is as good as this EP, 
someone up there likes us.

'Chrysalis' combines an aching cello with playground xylophone, what 
could well be an alien flute, and Rosie's ethereally damaged vocals, to 
produce unutterable beauty.  You won't hear much this year that can 
beat it for warped genius.  The lyrics to 'Life in the Clouds' beg 
that "you'll put aside your fears of flying/ and dance with me in the 
stars".  Who knows the number for Jazz Folk Hippies airline? :)

In each song, the drums set up a stilted but minimal rhythm that 
hypnotises and enhances the weirdness.  Add that to the pained horns 
on 'Legendary Band of Venus' (aka 'Loredo Venus') and you have 7 more 
minutes of freeform joy.

My theory as to how and why Pram chose their name is that it rhymes 
with Can.  Yes, that good!


Sleeper - Delicious (Indolent)

Wave goodbye to your femidoms and say hello to your libido,
this is sexy, raunchy, lust-fuelled pop. With an attitude.

'Bedside Manners' is an absolute delight.  It's a pop song about the 
sex life of the singer's parents! "Pushing down his ivory trousers, 
gets on top, 1 2 3 4...  there you are."  'Lady Love Your Countryside' 
and 'Delicious' are twisted come-ons to future bedroom partners.  "I 
want to see you boxing naked to the death" & "Let's go to bed until 
we're sore."  Hot stuff.  And for dessert: "He wished he'd been a 
great man/too fat from the ice cream van."

All this would be slightly boring if it wasn't for the storm of pop 
Sleeper provide; Blondie meets the Undertones is a fair description.  
My one complaint is that they never pull off the adrenalin-hit of the 
chorus with any imagination or stamina.  Still, that will come.  
Oo-er, missus.

For those about to fuck.


Huggy Bear/Prolapse/Marmite Sisters
@ Leicester Princess Charlotte (about two weeks ago)

Check out Julian Lawton's review an issue or two back and it's a close 
description of what I thought.  The Huggies were excellent and, yes, 
they turn me off on record too.  Prolapse were terrible that night.  
It had to be said! The EP is worth getting though.  Marmite Sisters 
reminded me of early That Petrol Emotion.  Julian, we must stop not 
meeting like this.


Been AWOL for a bit, mind on other matters.  Still is really, so 
forgive my insanity.

New Orb album 'The Little Album' (what I've heard) rules.  Never liked 
them before.  Do now.

I'm trying to find out more about a band called Uzeda from Italy.  I'm 
told they have a single out on AV Arts and they may have played the 
Camden Falcon in London last Saturday.  Anyone in the know?

New Rodan and AC Acoustics ('Able Treasury' on Indolent) mini-LPs are 
highly recommended.  Reviews forthcoming if I can get my head around 

And remember, Cosmonauts Hail Satan!

CRAP .SIG dept.
--James Nash <ccx020@cov.ac.uk>
You can lead a horse to water but a pencil must be lead, mate.


From: Miles Egan <cullen@scripps.edu>
Review emendations and comments

I couldn't resist the urge to toss in my own opinions of some of the 
music reviewed in the last issue.

First, Espontaneo is not Crash Worship's only full-length CD.  They 
have another, Asesinos, on an English label (whose name I forget) 
that collects most of the earlier, cassette-only This and some 12" 
tracks.  This disk makes me much happier than Espontaneo, which 
emphasizes the loutish bellowing of their singers/provocateurs over 
their stunningly precise kinetic drumming.  A new studio album is in 
the works.

A lot of CW's stuff really only works live, unfortunately, so you 
should do whatever is necessary to see them play.  More than just 
another show.

Re: Skullflower.  They have many full-length releases.  I haven't 
heard them all, but most of them perch precariously on the border 
between slow, dark, churning guitar atmospherics and tedious, endless 
wanky noodling.  Xaman, and earlier album, is mostly good, but I 
haven't heard their most recent, _Obsidian Shaking Codex_.  Avoid 
_IIIrd Gatekeeper_.  I dunno if any of CW's members ever played D&D, 
but I'm almost certain that Skullflower's did.

Re: Orbital's Diversions.  Not exactly a synthesis of the Peel 
Sessions EP and the Lush single.  The gorgeous Attached from the 
Peel Sessions is replaced with the (to my ears at least) rather dull 
_Imapct USA_.  I also don't care much for the Lush remixes, except 
perhaps CJ Bolland's.  Underworld's mix, in particular is 
disappointing.  It begins beautifully, but gradually enters Miami Vice 
soundtrack territory, finally sinking under the weight of a nauseating 
guitar/sax shit fusion.  Personally, I think the Peel Sessions ep is a 
better deal.  The exclusion of Attached smells like a marketing 
department's strategy to force fanatics to buy everything.

Anyone who hasn't heard their last full album (the brown one) is 
missing out.


From: "Theodore A. Khoury" <khoury@ccwf.cc.utexas.edu>
Caspar Brotzmann, Skullflower REVIEWS

Both of these have been out for a while, but I've had problems finding 
them; the Caspar CD set me back $20 too.

CASPAR BROTZMANN MASSAKER- "Black Axis" This is the follow-up to his 
first album "The Tribe," and it leans more towards his flashier side 
than the more sparse-sounding "Der Abend.  .  " or "Koksofen." There's 
a big difference between his early stuff like this and his two more 
recent releases.  Caspar, son of Peter, is the latest indie guitar 
craze.  All of his albums are recorded live in the studio and are 
mostly first takes, and each album is a flawless deconstruction of 
precision, wank, and melody.  His voice isn't as Swans/Cave-like as on 
his new stuff; he actually sings, and there's a significant backwash of 
funk left in the background of many of the songs.  Half the songs are 
in German, half in English, half instrumental. Anyone who is familliar 
with his stuff knows that the early material is hard to find, and you 
can't go wrong with anything by him.  If you can find this buy it.  

SKULLFLOWER-IIIrd Gatekeeper (hEADdirt recordings) 
I reviewed the 'Ponyland' 7" last list, and I haven't been able to 
peel it off my turntable since--until I broke down paid an import 
price for the album.  These guys are heavy as shit and execute it 
unlike any other band described this way (Monster Magnet, Liquorball, 
Hammerhead).  They're mostly instrumental, with occasional 
melody-shrieks from the drummer.  The guitar is equal parts Brotzmann 
and Spaceman 3.  Songs are long and really intense, and yes, evil.  
The old bassist is on this one and goes from tinkering pop loops to 
sabbath drone.  Might have taken some guitar lessons from Mick Harris 
or K.K.  Null; they could also be compared to Zeni Geva, if I 
wanted to pigeonhole them.  But they do a lot of variety, yet still 
stay heavy as balls on each tune, and the sound is pretty new.  Take.  



From: <jac15@po.cwru.edu>
Pavement, 3Ds in Cleveland OH

Pavement & 3Ds, Peabody's Downunder, Cleveland, OH 12 May 1994

Well, first let me get a couple things off my chest about how this show 
was set up that kinda pissed me off.  First off, tickets were supposed 
to be $11 advance, $13 day of show.  Fine--a little expensive, but 
hey, Pavement are the "next big thing," no? Well the thing is, 
tickets were ONLY available through Ticketmaster...NOT at the club, 
NOT at the various record stores that just have tickets there, but 
ONLY thru Ticketmaster, where you have to pay an extra $2.25 PER TICKET 
service charge! That means that tickets were really $13.25, right? 
Yes, unless you happen to be under 21 (I'm not, but this still pisses 
me off in principle), in which case you had to pay ANOTHER $2.00 AT 
THE DOOR, bringing your total ticket price to $15.25! Plus, I noticed 
that the sign at the door when we got there had raised d.o.s.  prices 
to $14.00.  The bar obviously wants to make money with beer sales, but 
to my mind, I already paid for someone's beer with the extra service 
charge I had to pay for the tickets.  This is a system that truly 


Lots of people dying to see Pavement! We got there shortly after the 
first band was supposed to start, and there was still a huge long line 
out the door.  We thought the doors were closed still because the line 
was not moving, but it turns out the stupid door people were taking 
about 5 minutes with each person coming in, having to check ids, take 
extra money, put on wrist bands (!sheesh!), etc so that by the time we 
were actually inside the club, we had missed the first opening band, 
the Ass Ponies from Cincinnati.  No big loss, probably (if anyone 
knows different, set me straight).  The place was totally packed and 
next to airless, despite the fact that they had numerous large 
electric fans sitting around not turned on.  At least this club has a 
back porch where you can go outside for a breath of air now and again.

Finally the 3Ds from New Zealand came on, a real rag-tag looking 
bunch, but seeming to be already having fun.  They dedicated their 
whole set to Tom Herman (or Tom "Heearman" in NewZealandese), of Pere 
Ubu, for some reason (probably because they were in Cleveland, I 
guess)...I'm sure it was a real obscure dedication for most of the 
kids there.  Anyway, they started playing, and almost from the git-go, 
they had me smiling and bobbing my head & tapping my toe with their 
great mix of pop-noise-rock, great guitar sound, cool melodies & good 
beats...  They were thoroughly enjoyable, even though I had never 
heard more than one of their songs on the radio. About halfway 
through their set I came to the conclusion that I was probably going 
to end up liking them better than Pavement that night, which....well I 
don't want to spoil the end of this review! Anyway, yeah, they were 
great! Lots of interesting odd-sounding guitar chords, some nice bits 
of drone etc, all without sounding too Sonic Youthy, or sounding too 
much like anything but themselves really.  And the people in the band 
(including the female bass player--see some of my previous reviews) 
all seemed real nice and natural and charming really.  Unfortunately 
most of the audience were steadfastly NOT there to see music they have 
not seen on MTV or heard on the local commercial "alternative" music 
station, and stood and yelled at them.  I really don't understand that 
mentality.  They just don't realize.  Poor young kids these days 
sigh no conception of musical history.  Go see the 3Ds if they come 
to your town, ok?


Yeah, Pavement.  The more I listen to Crooked Rain X2, the more I don't 
like it.  I like some of the stuff on it, but something about it just 
bugs me, I can't figure out what.  Maybe it's the mix or something, I 
dunno.  I like all their other stuff a lot though.  Anyway, so they 
came out and played some new things, some things on CRCR that the 
crowd LOVED, some older stuff that was ok, like a slow version of Box 
Elder, Debris Slide, Summer Babe, etc.  Range Life with the new lines: 
"Out on tour with the Gin Blossoms/They've got brains as big as 
opossums" which made me laugh.  Overall though, man, they were just 
really mellow, they played all these laid-back slow songs, and the 
exciting songs were not really exciting...they seemed REALLY tired.  
It's real near the end of their tour, so that's probably why.  

The highlight of the show was when a bouncer took some poor kid's Fuji 
disposable camera from him, and Mark Ibold threw his bass down and 
yelled at the bouncer to give the kid his camera back, and the whole 
band nearly got into fisticuffs with the bouncer over it and stopped 
playing for about 10 minutes while the audience yelled "Give his 
camera back!"...Finally they got it back and Steve Malkmus took a 
picture of the kid from the stage and gave it back to him.  Yay.  
Indie rock yeah.  

Hit the Plane down was way too short.  Two States was dull.  Cut Your 
Hair was ok.  Actually, all of the stuff they played from CRCR sounded 
better live than it does on the record, which made me feel a little 
better.  The show had its moments while it lasted, but overall it was 
unsatisfying.  They did a pretty cool new song in their encore, "Fight 
This Generation," that really built well, had pretty cool dynamics, 
and got actually pretty exciting toward the end, but it was not enough 
to save the show.  I enjoyed it at the time, but the more I think 
about it, the more I wish that they would have either played longer, 
or more excitingly, or SOMETHING.  Or let the 3Ds come back on and 
play some more! So you see, my premonition was right.  I hope the 
Pavement boys get a good rest before they have to go play again.

EPILOGUE: I had wanted to buy a copy of the 3Ds 7" Hey Seuss after 
they played, but I thought if I got it before Pavement played, someone 
might knock me over or something and make me break it, so I waited til 
after Pavement played and went to get it...and they were all sold out!!! 
Bummer.  But I guess it's a good sign for them...


PS : A request: Does anyone know an address I could write to to get 
ahold of one of those cool blue lightning bold Versus t-shirts?? Every 
time I think about it I wish I had bought one when I saw them play 
here a while back.  Thanks!



From: folta@netcom.com (Steve Folta)
ANNOUNCE: Road Cone catalog by WWW/FTP/email

I've made the Road Cone catalog available over the net.  Road Cone is 
a label in Portland with releases by Bugskull, Loren Mazzacane, 
Junket, Shoeface, etc.  Also, the catalog of my own Tube Alloy label 
(which includes the Speed Bumps cassette reviewed in the last 
Indie-List) is now in HTML format for you Web/Mosaic users.  Here's 
how to get this stuff:

    WWW:   file://ftp.netcom.com/pub/folta/RoCo.Catalog.html
    FTP:   Anonymous FTP to "ftp.netcom.com", cd to "pub/folta", and get
           the files called "RoCo.Catalog.txt" and/or "TuA.Catalog".
    email: Email me at "folta@netcom.com".


ANNOUNCE: indie band booking possibilities

i'm in charge of getting bands to play at my school.  send any indie 
recordings and i'll see if i can hook you up next year!

everyone wants to come to farmville, virginia; it's a quaint town, and 
of course we do pay bands when they play here.

send tapes, records, whatever to:
jennie fennell
200 laurel path road
yorktown, va 23692



From: Eliot Shepard <eliot@barclay.harvard.edu>
ANNOUNCE: Drive Like Jehu tour dates

                     DRIVE LIKE JEHU
                     Yank Crime Tour 

      Opening on all shows:  Tanner
      Opening June 8 - 18: Custom Floor
      Opening June 20 - July 1: Doo Rag

May f  27	Phoenix, AZ	 Mason Jar
    s  28	Tuscon, AZ	 Downtown performance Center
    su 29	Albuquerque, NM	 Dingo Bar
    t  31	Dallas, TX	 Galaxy Club
Jun w  1	Austin, TX	 Emo's
    th 2	Houston, TX	 Harvey's Club Deluxe  (w/ Superchunk)
    s  4	Atlanta, GA	 Somber Reptile
    su 5	Carborro, NC	 Cat's Cradle  (w/ Coral)
    m  6	Richmond, VA	 Twisters      (w/ Coral)
    t  7	Washington, DC	 Black Cat
    w  8	Philadelphia,PA	 Khyber Pass
    th 9	Hoboken, NJ	 Maxwell's
    f  10	New York, NY	 CBGB
    s  11	Boston, MA	 Middle East
    su 12	Montreal, QUE	 Woodstock
    m  13	Ottawa, ONT	 5 Arlington
    t  14	Toronto, ONT	 The Rivoli
    w  15	Clevland/Columbus, OH
    th 16	Ann Arbor, MI	 Blind Pig
    f  17	Chicago, IL	 Lounge Ax
    s  18	Minneapolis, MN	 7th Street Entry
    m  20	Boulder, CO	 Fox Theatre
    t  21	Salt Lake, UT	 Cinema Bar
    th 23	Portland, OR	 La Luna
    f  24	Seattle, WA	 MOE
    s  25	Bellingham, WA	 3B Tavern
    m  27	San Francisco, CA  Slim's
    w  29	Los Angeles, CA	 Whisky a Go-Go
    th 30	Costa Mesa, CA   Our House
Jul f  1	San Diego, CA	 Tim Maze show

Eliot Shepard 
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory


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ANNOUNCE: Combustible Edison Tour Dates (fwd)

Hey Swinger!

The Combustible Edison Touring Ensemble will be appearing in 
your town soon - wear a tie!

When    Where             At

5/16    Toronto, ONT      El Mocambo
5/17    Toronto, ONT      Lee's Place (w/Superchunk & 3Ds)
5/18    Montreal, QUE     Woodstock
5/20    New York, NY      Mercury Cafe
5/21    Washington, DC    9:30 Club
5/22    Richmond, VA      Grace St. Cinema (w/Coctails)
5/24    Columbus, OH      Stache's
5/25    Cincinnati, OH    Sudsy Malone
5/26    Detroit, MI       Burns Room @ St. Andrews
5/27    Chicago, IL       Empty Bottle
5/28    Madison, WI       Club DeWash
5/29    Minneapolis, MN   Uptown Lounge
6/1     Seattle, WA       Crocodile Cafe
6/2     Vancouver, BC     Starfish Room
6/3     Seattle, WA       (TBA)
6/4     Portland, OR      (TBA)
6/6     San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall
6/8     Las Vegas, NV     Huntridge Theater
6/10    San Diego, CA     Casbah
6/11    Highland Park, CA Fuzzyland
6/12    Los Angeles, CA   Jack's Sugarshack

6/13-6/20 Several Southern Stops (TBA)

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