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         May 24, 1994

     Volume 3   Number 33


Shellac Review
Thicker 'Zine
Tara Key Band
Fast Cars...
Elvis Costello
ANNOUNCE: Telegraph #1
ANNOUNCE: Pumpkinseed
ANNOUNCE: Queer Punk Events
ADV: Milkmine & Morsel new releases


It's another, more lean, issue of the Indie-List.  The Summer 
Slowdown is upon us.  But I-L continues apace.  Continue to send yr 
submissions in - we've got the seeds of issue 3.34 germinating even 
as we speak, and your additions will hasten the harvest!

One thing we're going to be experimenting with is the 
digestification of the longer announcements.  While a useful and 
long standing part of the I-L, they've been a player in the 
lengthening of several recent issues.  To that end, try and keep 
your announcements to the point - like adv's - and longer ones will 
be summarized with a contact for more details (perhaps a URL to a 
site, or a name, or whatever).  Just something to watch for.

Got any suggestions on how to improve the Indie List?  Send em along 
to Anne or myself - we love to get mail!



From: imagine doing just what the big bang did <ILION@ac.dal.ca>
cuddlecore? who came up with that label?

Last Monday, the 9th of May, I went to see Cub at the Double Deuce in 
Halifax, N.S.  Opening were Plum Tree and N.F.A.

Plum Tree are a Haligonian band (yes we call people from Halifax 
Haligonians) who have been around for a little over a year.  It's all 
girls, to my knowledge all still in high school.  I saw them about a 
year ago and failed to be impressed.  They didn't sing into the mics 
and seemed to be more or less randomly banging on their guitars.  In 
the meantime they've become a rawkin', wicked band.  Their cover of 
Joan Jett's "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" was excellent and actually brought 
the (traditionally zombie-like) crowd at the Deuce to their feet, 
although they didn't actually dance or anything.  The rest of the 
songs they did were originals and to my untutored eye seemed fairly 
complicated in terms of the guitar stuff.  Some neat riffs.  Best 
lyric probably goes to "When I awoke this morning, I was amazed to 
see, my dog about to lunge at me.  Wouldn't it be scary to have a dog 
gone crazy?" That's probably a misquote but nevermind.

N.F.A.  is from some place in Ontario, is very loud and has the most 
determinedly stupid lyrics I have heard in a good long time.  Most of 
the lyrics of the most of the songs were one line (frequently one 
phrase), repeated mindlessly over the barrage of badly-imitated 
Metallica-like music.  One song the only lyric was a phone number.

[was it 867-5309? cmon, you knew somebody had to ask it....-az]

The bassist seemed very interested in making his hair fly about 
dramatically.  I have to admit, I didn't listen to them too closely.  
I guess they were really well received the last place they played, but 
the crowd heckled them like mad and I found them boring.

Cub came on finally and were, I thought, pretty excellent.  The crowd 
liked them and a grand total of seven people danced (I've seen crowds 
at the Deuce dance before, but it's somewhat unusual), including a guy 
dressed as Jughead Jones.  (For those of you who haven't seen Cub's 
album's cover, it's done by DeCarlo, the guy who does the Archie 
comics.  It's called Betti-Cola after a friend of theirs, and it's a 
lot of fun.  It's on Mint Records.) They were scathingly sarcastic at 
these drunk idiots who were yelling mildly sexist things at their new 
drummer, including a comment "The next song is about how we like to 
follow drunk assholes home from bars and firebomb their houses and 
throw the ashes into the Atlantic Ocean." Other than that they were 
really friendly with the audience, including having free Cub stickers 
and Double Bubble gum.  They did most of the songs on Betti-Cola (23 
in total), and a cover of "Killed by Death" (there's Metallica again) 
that was excellent and is on some compilation album they were selling, 
and a few of their older tunes.  I also bought the book of short 
stories they were selling (3 of the 9 stories are by Lisa Marr, who is 
the bassist and lead singer), it's called The Skinnier Leg of the 
Journey, and it's pretty good.  I talked to Marr after the show and 
she was very friendly, really funny, and she mingled with the audience 
a lot.

Anyway, Cub are still on tour, until the end of May I think, across 
Canada and two or three places in the northern states.  So if you get 
a chance, check them out.  They're just as fun in concert and don't 
start to sound obnoxious after ten songs like on the album.

Joanne Merriam (ilion@ac.dal.ca)


From: Chris Khoury <ckhoury@cps201.cps.cmich.edu>
Shellac SHow Review


Saw Shellac last saturday at Dagobah Square in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  
Along with Brick Layer Cake, Scrawl, and Silkworm.

Saw most of their set, which consisted of two guitarists, a bassist 
and drums..  Both guitarists and the bassist took turns singing on 
their songs..  One of their guitarist's voices grabbed my attention 
the most though.  They had a lot of good noisy pop songs but were a 
little uneventful on stage.  From what I understand they'll be 
recording some stuff with Albini, so look out for 'em..

Brick Layer Cake 
Consisted of Todd Trainer playing guitar, along with some other guy, 
and Corey Rusk on 3rd guitar..  Steve Albini played drums on some 
songs too..  Someone has to tell Albini to stay away from drums, 
because he is terrible.  Anyway, these guys really aren't that 
great, playing some boring, long, high emotion songs..  Corey Rusk did 
some cool guitar work, though..

Having been told that Scrawl sucked in concert, I was pleasantly 
surprised that they were good.  I enjoyed 'em a lot, and the main 
singer has a really nice voice to listen to, with some interesting 
songs..  Other people didn't like 'em, maybe it's just me..

Shellac RAWKED the house..  They played, from what they said, all 
their songs, except 'Doris.'

[too bad. i've always loved doris day.-az]

Todd Trainer is a great drummer and one of the most interesting to 
watch from what I've seen.  The drums were set up front on stage, 
right in front of the crowd, so he was kinda in your face..  At one 
point someone threw a firecracker on stage, right behind Trainer, and 
he got pretty pissed..  during "Wingwalker," they all stoped playing 
their instruments and did their plane ritual, spreading their arms..  
Trainer, again, was the funniest to watch just because the guy is 
pretty gruesome in the first place.  Overall, Shellac put on a great 
show and should not be missed if they come near you..


: Chris Khoury			     :
: ckhoury@cps201.cps.cmich.edu 	     :


From: searles@uvm-gen.EMBA.UVM.EDU
Thicker mag recommended...

A couple issues ago Mr.  Eric Bradford from San Fran posted a message 
about his brand new mag 'Thicker'...Well, I just picked one up at a 
local shop here in Burlington, VT...and this thing is amazing.  Really 
nicely designed, free Ken Chambers (Bullet Lavolta guy) 7", great 
reviews, a bargain.  This 'zine deserves massive readership...  and 
I'm really not saying this because I DJ'd at the same radio station 
Eric did...Honest!

This first issue has Shellac and Superchunk interviews, too...  
Contact Thicker at P.O.  Box 881983, San Fran, CA 94188-1983.  He 
didn't pay me to write this.  I just really like the thing, ok?


From: "glenn susser" <p01400@psilink.com>
Tara Key band

Mercury Lounge, NYC
Sat, May 14

The night was the stuff fantasies are made of.  It was the Tara Key 
band, which translates into Tara backed up by some friends who happen 
to be some of the most happening musicians around.  The all-star band 
consisted of fellow Antietam-mates Tim Harris and Josh Madell, Ira 
Kaplan, Georgia Hubley, Wolf Knapp (co-founder of Antietam and Virgo 
soul mate), Sue Garner (Fish & Roses, Shams, and currently Run On with 
Rick Brown and Alan Licht - Tara sez check 'em out!)

Tara is the guitarist for the NYC-based band Antietam.  Just back from 
Louisville for a reunion with her "first love", Babylon Dance Band 
(and having won "only" $20 on the Derby), Tara seemed right at home 
with this makeshift band.  Actually, everyone on stage contributed to 
the recent "Bourbon County." Therefore it was no big surprise that 
seemingly over 90% of the songs came from this remarkable album.  
Although I've listened to the album 1 or 2 bazillion times, it seemed 
to come alive in concert.  "Bourbon County" is a very tuneful and 
melodic album and perhaps on the quiet side.  It lost none of its 
charm in live performance and gained handsomely by some raucous guitar 

It is not hard to understand why Option called Key the best living 
American guitarist.  Tara played acoustic guitar for the majority of 
songs, just as she did on "Bourbon County." The acoustic guitar only 
served to prove how skilful she is.  And 'acoustic' does not translate 
to 'quiet.' Not only did Tara do phenomenal things with the guitar, 
but the electricity between Tara and Ira and the rest of the band was 
truly breathtaking.

If you haven't heard anything by Tara or Antietam, "Bourbon County" is 
a great place to start.  And the next few months should see a lot of 
action.  A Babylon Dance Band album featuring their songbook and some 
new stuff is due out the first week of June on Matador.  In September, 
a new Antietam album will be released, followed by a tour.  And 
according to Tara, a gig with BDB is a distinct possibility this 
        *- glenn susser -* 


From: "dann l.m." <DLM94001@UConnVM.UConn.Edu>
those inconsiderate people w/fast cars that run you over

*hello again..phew! one more final to go, and the year's out.  hope 
all is well everywhere, and that you've all subscribed to telegraph so 
you can read fabby articles by marc and eric, an interview w/the 
matador man, an article on...well, i don't want to say the wrong thing 
and mislead you about the purpose of her piece, but check it out.  it 
explains frank sinatra and elevators.  plus an interview w/aaron 
oppenheimer of the lovely combustible edison.  it's lovely and totally 
rad.  if you're not signed up, give sean a "ring" at his grump access, 
and he'll square you away w/some good reading on "the man" in/or the 
industry.  yummy.

o well...lemme tell you, the last week and a half has been amazing for 
new releases.  we've gotten the ivy e.p.(seed), portastatic/supermac 
on all instruments (merge; this is really amazing, i've only heard it 
once fully, but it totally rocks my world), and magnetic fields 
(merge).  this is gonna be the last top ten from the station i send 
in...i realized that the last thing we need is another cmj listing, 
etc.  i only get really excited when i see lists like this because it 
makes me love our djs and staff for getting/playing such cool stuff.  

tin...charles brown superstar 7"...w.i.n.  i dunno.  the one time i 
      was about to hear it, something went wrong.  but w/a band name 
      like that, how could it not be good?      
nin...sonic youth-experimental jet set trash + no star...'nuff said.
      you know them.  you love them.  we got this in on l.p.  nifty, 
ate...elevate 7"- independent...  beats me.  o wait, i remember, 
      they're that out there band.  i think.  duh duh duh.  you need 
      this, don't you?      
svn...tindersticks- marbles for those...bar none...  if you like nick
      cave, you'll love this.  then again, you probably will even if 
      you don't know who nick cave is.  or maybe you don't care 
      because you listen to nothing but minor threat.  how should i 
six...dynomutt- handbook for young scientists...farrago...it's been 
      finals week.  gee whiz.  i'm not doing well here.      
fiv...unwound- new plastic ideas...krs...  yay! yay! buy me! listen to 
      me! one of the coolest recent releases.  or subrecent.  
      grindingscreaminginsane yet strikingly distant and 
      cleartoney.  if that's a word.  killer.      
fur...cannanes- short poppy syndrome...ajax...  really nice.  poppy 
      w/pretty vocals.  i'm not positive, but i'm pretty sure 
      they're from australia.  or new zealand.  whatever. 
      [australia, i believe.-az]
tre...jennyanykind- etc....no.  6...this album is doing really well 
      here, and i've had the good fortune to find out why.  why 
      don't you?      
two...3ds- venus trail...merge...a great great album.  seeing them 
      this week- end, i KNOW that they're from new zealand.  
      pixieish in places. 
won...polvo- celebrate the new dark age...merge...what's up w/merge? 
      they are turning out the most incredible shit this year! a 
      great album, kind of short, but still really cool.  better 
      than the instrumental on pop narc (tho' i'm not knocking 
      that).  groooovy 

also in the top 25/stuff i really like...

ivy 7" on seed...voodoo glow skulls (ivyish psycho skapunk) lp on dr.  
strange ...helium's pirate prude on matador (tracks 3 and 5 are 
amazing and just as good as lucy)...sunny day real estate's 'diary' on 
sub pop (super personal hmmm, not really pop punk at all.  just good.  
eat it up)...and the small 23 e.p.  on alias (they're just getting 
better and better)...

in concert news, i finally get to see this famed rodan show in boston 
this weekend w/a great opening lineup: kudgel and ruby falls.  plus 
the helium/3ds/ superchunk gig.  makes this week worth it.

last saturday i saw quivver/kamlung/ kicking giant/versus at the 
middle east.  i hadn't planned on writing about it, but it was such a 
great show,(k.g.  admitted to it being one of the best all tour) it 
would be rude to let it to go by unmentioned.

quivver opened up, an all-female trio, local i think.  they weren't 
bad, i just wasn't into them.  the drummer was having a good time, 
though.  as was this one guy in the audience who ran halfway across a 
half-filled room to get a drumstick she threw.

kamlung consists of dave of dambuilders on guitar/vocals, his 
girlfriend (i believe) on bass, and a fill-in drummer for mary from 
helium (one of my favorite musicians of allever).  she couldn't show 
up, though, and some guy filled in at the last second for the drummer.  
neat love songs w/cool chord structures...look for the new 7" on pop 
narcotic this summer.

kicking giant was intense.  they just kept building and getting better 
each song, and the guitars never got loose for this show,(maybe he 
learned?) the two were tight as all hell and kicked butt.  yes, so 
good that i could use a dumb adjective like that for it.  nobody 
wanted them to go, and they got two extra songs in, plus a large 
swarming horde after the set to purchase recodings and nifty 
shirts/buttons, etc .  one of the most original and exciting sets i've 
seen in a looong time.

versus cleaned up and managed to keep the high adrenaline level up 
despite wading in a pool of their own sweat.  i'm assuming that most 
of the set was new, although i did recognize a couple cuts from the 
e.p.  (i haven't heard the full-length yet).  the crowd was dancing, 
dave derby was jumping up and down, and the upstairs room was just a 
big happy mob.  a real feelgood show w/lots of busted strings from 
band after band.

and that's about it, unless you know anything about a punk list; if 
you do, please send me a note.  i'll love you forever and mow your 
lawn.  if you're local.  take care.  xoxoxo, dann.  
send to: dlm94001@uconnvm.uconn.edu xoxoxoxoxo.


From: Jill Emery <llje@utxdp.dp.utexas.edu>
Subject: E. Costello

Elvis Costello  live at the Backyard  May 19, 1994  Bee Caves, TX

Lucky me, we were late & had some trouble parking and missed just 
about all of Crash Test Dummies! I know that Elvis Costello is not 
independent any more, at least as far as labels and production go, but 
there is something very independent about him.

I'm not sure if this discussion took place here or not, but unlike 
most of the major music stars, who come out play maybe 5 old songs and 
then all of the new album, E.  Costello only did it in reverse.  He 
played maybe, maybe 6 new songs of the new album and the rest of the 
almost three-hour show consisted of old songs ranging from the 
inception of E.  Costello to presently before the new album.

I have not seen a crowd this enthused over "an oldie but goodie" in a 
long time and have to admit that I was feeling pretty excited too.

I highly recommend going to see him even though he is old news.  He's 
Elvis, you know.

[and he IS everywhere.-az]

[at risk of losing any indie-cvred we have (whatever THAT is...) AZ 
and I had designs on seeing him in Chicago.  But at $46 (including 
the "service" of Ticketmaster), it's a no go.  Yo-You costs less... 



From: Mark Cornick <mcornick@nyx.cs.du.edu>
ANNOUNCE: Telegraph #1 hits the net 

the Indie-List Infotainment Junta and the Telegraph Pioneers Of 
America are pleased to present the debut issue of

| T ++ _ . ._.. . __. ._. ._ .__. .... |
+---+|    t/ e/ l/ e/ g/ r/ a/ p/ h/   |
( critique and entertainment for the adventurous indie geek )

* interviews with Gerard Cosloy and Combustible Edison
* Music and the Man
* obligatory corporate-rock bashing
* no reviews
* swimmin' pools, movie stars

-> issue #1 mails May 22, 1994 <-

[mailed, at this press date - and it's a fine thing for you to get! 

if you haven't subscribed yet, now is the time
a subscription is >FREE< and gets you one issue each month
to subscribe, send your name and e-mail address to
Sean Murphy <grumpy@access.digex.net>

we love unsolicited submissions - for information please mail
Mark Cornick <mcornick@nyx.cs.du.edu>

more to come...

          << Mark Cornick >> mcornick@nyx.cs.du.edu
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From: sister@sizone.pci.on.ca (Jeremy Rotsztain)
ANNOUNCE: pumpkinseed/superchunk

hello Indie-List readers!

My name is Jeremy.  I'm new with this, if you couldn't tell.  I just 
wanted to say that there is another issue of a nice Canadian zine 
called PUMpKINSEED.  This issue has interviews with Trumans Water, 
Bridget Cross, Edsel, Unwound, a story on the Queers, reviews and much 
more.  You can e-mail me for more information at 
sister@sizone.pci.on.ca.  And to add to all the fuss about Superchunk 
(a great band indeed), we just interviewed them today (May 17), so the 
next PUMpKINSEED will have a nice long interview, because Jamie and I 
talked to them for a long long time.  Other interviews should include 
some of the following: Silver Jews (I gave Bob an interview March 25th 
- where is it), Sebadoh, Ween, Fifth Column, Swirlies, Beat Happening, 
and surely lots more.  Sso write to me.  Thanks.  Also, if anybody has 
a copy of the Superchunk "Freed Seed" 7" or an origional 1st print 
copy of Sebadoh's "Weed Foresting," please get in touch.  thanks, 


c/o: "K. Lena Bennett" <keb@u.washington.edu>
ANNOUNCE: Queer Punk Events

I read this on alt.music.alternative and I thought some of the folks 
on this list would be interested in this.

Lena 						keb@u.washington.edu 
"Time sometimes tells but it doesn't say what it means." - Treepeople

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>From: gust2057@elan.rowan.edu (SEAN GUSTILO)
>Subject: homocore at stonewall 25

Homocore Nights at Stonewall 25
Bruce LaBruce of JDs magazine invented the word Homocore.  It's a term 
for those who think homo music can be more aggressive than Judy 
Garland or Holly Near and faster and louder than disco.  The Chicago 
Homocore Organization, NY Riot Grrrl and Mykel Board are presenting 
(at least) two nights of homocore