On the TV, a building in flames
It was "Towering Inferno" by Irwin Allen
OJ Simpson led the cast in a man-against-nature fight for survival
It was awesome!

OK.  Recently on this very list, Chris Khoury disses Killdozer....a 
band who speaks of one of OJ's most moving cinematic tour de forces in 
their tribute to Irwin Allen.  Within days, OJ's name lives once again 
in infamy across the country.  Coincidence...or something else? YOU 


      Indie List Digest!

        June 25, 1994

     Volume 3   Number 39


I-L Announce: Label Guide goes Paper!
Flying Saucer Attack, Grifters, Mountain Goats, et al.
Big Star in SF
Clutch and Lozenge in DC
Grifters CD and other ephemera
ANNOUNCE: Sick & Tired Mailing List
ANNOUNCE: Crayon & Softies
ANNOUNCE: Cape Cod Music Fest
ANNOUNCE: Prisonshake/ Guided by Voices tour
ANNOUNCE: Liquor Bike tour dates
ADV: Multi-purpose white bread advertisement that is too long...

As the incredibly hot southern Indiana days dripped by, we thought 
each day of the indie-list and its faithful readers, but alas, the 
computer lives in the hottest room in the house. So it wasn't until 
the heat broke that we were able to get back to business.  
[Consepquently, some of the announcements seem a bit quaint.  They 
won;t look so in the future!  -es]

I'm sure Eric & I will end up in some yet-to-be-created Indie Hall of 
Lameness for writing about the gigs we've missed.  So it will surprise 
no one that we were prevented from seeing Guided By Voices in 
Columbus, Ohio, by my friend's wedding rehearsal, which dragged 
surprisingly late into the night.  Did anyone see this 
four-or-five-band extravaganza?

We did, however, catch a band called Glorium at someone's house in 
Columbus last Friday night. We stood on the porch (and sweated) 
while the band played inside (and sweated). The music was a bit too 
crunchy & third-generation SYish for my tastes, but it was all 
competent and enthusiastic. I wouldn't skip 'em if they were 
someone's opening act. They have a 7", "Phantom Wire Transmissions" 
on Undone Records, PO Box 4012, Austin TX 78765, that includes a 
collage-style comic book. 

The evening crawled to a stop when the Glorium guys and some various 
other guests all sat down & obediently listened to a lecture on racism 
by some local activists.  We tried to think global, but retreated to 
an air-conditioned bar instead.

In other news: Thanks to the Magnetic Fields, Walt Records, and Pony's 
new EP, Eric & i can share the same stereo again without having to 
have Labradford vs.  Heavenly standoffs.  I've no idea how old the two 
MF CDs we bought are ["Holiday" on Feel Good All Over, is from last 
year, and "Charm of the Highway Strip" is dated '94 -es] so the 
post-new-wave, drony synth & guitar pop is probably old news.  Still, 
both are hours of fun...  I Like Walt!, the 7" sampler from Walt 
Records, features The Mountain Goats, Franklin Bruno, and Butterglory, 
to name but three of my favorites.  Since I got badly burned by a 
Silver Jews 7", I had sorta feared the 'lo-fi' label, but this record 
is another story.  "The Irony Engine" is one of my new hits of the 
week...  I will probably tire of some of the dingy textures of Pony's 
'Cosmovalidator' after a while, but for now it's still intriguing.  
Watch out, he's a candy striper!

Quick takes: "I, Swinger" is OK, but on the whole, the new lounge chic 
that Combustible Edison is propagating has, to me, all the trademarks 
of some trendy item of clothing that will seem to me a bad mistake in 
a year or two...I loved Sleepyhead's songs on the "Chinny Chin Chin" 
sampler, but twice now I haven't been able to make it through the 
sadly generic-sounding "Starduster." Sorry, but this number has been 
changed.  Please make a note of it...Palace (formerly Palace Bros.) 
sound better than ever to me, what with goofy outer-space noises 
balancing out the rural affectations. Look for an Allman Bros. cover 
soon, I'll bet.



From: stuart <johnson@mail.ph.ed.ac.uk>
IL Announce:The Label Guide goes paper

Announce: An Indie ABC - The Partial Label Guide goes paper.

Edited and compiled by Steve Niece and Sean Murphy, the printed 
version of 'The Partial Guide to Independent Record Labels' is at last 
available in a very nice green coloured A5 booklet.  An Indie ABC of 
over 300 labels from the USA to New Zealand to the UK, each entry 
gives mail addresses, details of releases, and the occassional inside 

Available from: Stuart Johnson, Flat 2FL, 
                5 South Clerk Street,
                Edinbrugh EH8 9JD. Scotland.
The price(postage paid) is one english pound within the UK, anywhere 
else send either $2.50 in IRC coupons or $3 in concealed cash.  Any 
questions? <johnson@mail.ph.ed.ac.uk>


From: Michael_A._Troutman@tpd.com (Michael A. Troutman)
Flying Saucer Attack; Grifters, Pavement; Mountain Goats, et al.

the overview:

flying saucer attack eponymous **
grifters _crappin' you negative_ **1/2
pavement _crooked rain, crooked rain_ *
scarce _red ep_ **1/2
spent "keeping secrets" b/w "corvette summer", "postage due" *1/2
mountain goats (various stuff, see below) *1/2

the breakdown:

fsa (this isn't really new but it's new to me...) :

yummy! ride-esque psychedelia with my bloody valentine like 
atmospherics.  will do weird things to your mind.  nice and 
grifters :

this is a damn fine album! combines the best elements of their two 
previous lps, i.e., there are haunting dark songs (a la _so happy 
together_) and then there's the down and dirty loud stuff (a la _one 
sock missing_.) they must have been listening to lots of guided by 
voices for this one.

a few more listens and i may well say this is their best so far.  
interesting production (or lack thereof <g>) too.
pavement :

well, after being duly unimpressed with _slanted and enchanted_, esp.  
with all the hype surrounding them, i was sort of reluctant to pick 
this up.  however i guess i ended up swallowing the hooks in "cut 
your hair."  i like this album more than sae but that's not saying 
much; they're still way over-rated imnsho.

there are some very nice moments on this album, though, like "silent 
kit" and "elevate me later" (excellent tunes), "stop breathin'" (esp.  
the second half, after the singing stops.  ironically, the chorus 
sounds like the band whom pavement could give a fuck about in "range 
life".) ..."newark wilder", "filmore jive" (except the solos), and 
"gold soundz" (my favorite track on this disc.)

there are also some not-so-nice moments like the way "5-4=unity" 
recalls any generic phish song (blech!), "hit the plane down," the way 
"cut your hair" isn't really all that different from "sweet home 
alabama" and the boring rock-band politics in "range life" (cheap 
shots: i mean, why even waste one's time attacking such an easy target 
as stone temple pilots?).

all in all, a good album but by no means great, and i still don't 
understand all the hype.

(hope this review doesn't get me booted off the list :)
scarce :

Six-song ep on convenient cd format for weasels like me...  i guess this 
is an anthology of sorts, chronicling their three 7"s to date.  this 
is pop, albeit gritty at times, served to perfection.  excellent 
songwriting and cool, straightforward production (toned down from 
their live sound.) definitely go out of your way to pick this up.
spent :

after drooling over their song "view from a staircase" (***) 
appearing on the now sounds comp., i managed to pick up a recent 7" by 
them.  it doesn't immediately grab me like "vfas" but it's still quite 
good guitar pop.  i'd like to see them live sometime.

pick up the now sounds comp.  first as it is testimony to the 
potential greatness of this band, plus, all the other tracks are 
amazing too.

does anyone know more about this band? --- please email me if feeling 
kind as my interest is piqued.
mountain goats :

well, i kept on hearing good things about them (him?) and i like the 
other shrimper stuff i've heard like nothing painted blue and 
refrigerator...  so i broke down and ordered some tapes: _the hound 
chronicles_, _hot garden stomp_ and their (his?) most recent release 
_taking the dative_.

my first instinct was to say: "this sucks; if i want to hear folk, 
there's much better stuff than this..."

however, i resisted my first instinct and listened to these tapes a 
few more times.  something weird happened and i started to get into 
it.  there's this inexplicable endearing quality that has grabbed me 
and won't let go.  i have a feeling that this music might be better 
suited to a small-scale live performance, though, and probably hasn't 
translated as well as it deserves on captured medium.

my favorite stuff, oddly enough, are the interesting keyboard tunes.  
notable live stuff :

difference engine, atomic fireball, dambuilders, scarce @ lupo's, 
providence, ri

i liked difference engine a lot.  trippy stuff.  guitar drone.

atomic fireball from tokyo, japan, f-ing rock! they are appearing june 
24 w/ dambuilders @ the rat in boston.  yabba dabba doo! (i'm sorry, 
that just spilled out, i didn't mean it! honest!)

dambuilders - yay!   \
                      > they keep getting better, and better, and better... 
scarce - yay!        /
take care,


From: Wilson Smith <neslon@panix.com>
Big Star SF Review

Big Star / "Shatners" (Counting Crows) / Gigolo Aunts
The Fillmore, San Francisco, June 5, 1994, 8pm

   People kept saying to me, "What's this about a Big Star 
   reunion?" And I was like, "It's not a Big Star reunion." 
   Then this record company came along and said, "I think we 
   could slip some money your way for a record of this Big 
   Star reunion," and I said, "Call it whatever you want! And 
   what songs did you want me to play?"
   -- Alex Chilton to Gina Arnold in the San Francisco Chronicle

I'd read that quote before the show, and really, I get a major 
kick out of the AC I'm-a-whore ethos, and I laughed aloud at that 
one, but still, ya know, this was billed as *BIG STAR* which, 
whether he likes it or not, is gonna be the guy's flippin' LEGACY. 
So hey, I'm naive, sentimental and a fool (parted with $17.50), 
but I was hoping for more than the faithful and professional run-
through of Big Star standards supplied by AC and Jody Stephens 
and the two Posies guys, Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow (subbing 
for the 15-years-daid Chris Bell, and the couldn't-get-the-day-
off-from-his-aerospace-gig Andy Hummel).

They played mostly tunes from the first two albums (perhaps at 
the record company's behest), and two or three from Sister Lovers 
(nothing too dark, puleez, tho' "Big Black Car" got snuck in 
there). The only real excitement came from trying to identify the 
fairly inspired covers they'd selected: T Rex's "Baby Strange," a 
truly out-there and obscure tune from the '60s called, maybe, 
"Patty Doll" that played on the evening's recurring subtheme of 
child molestation, plus the kinda-sorta-predictable Kinks' "Til 
the End of the Day" from the latest incarnation of the amazing, 
ever-expanding Sister Lovers, and their likewise sorta 
predictable selection of Todd Rundgren's S-L-U-T, pointedly 
dedicated by Jon Auer to some lucky gal, which appears on the 
Columbia, Mo. live re-union album.

But, really, this was for the most part just BigStarMania, an 
incredible simulation... which was fine fine fine and fun fun fun 
for most of the folks there, hep kidZ singin along with 
"September Gurls" and "Feel." I'm not sure what I was expecting: 
probably exactly what I got; and not sure what I was hoping for: 
some sorta risk taking or innovation or other sign of life -- 
only evidence of that came from the two Posies, who clearly had 
their hearts in it, but who wouldn't or couldn't push AC very 
far. I've run into this sensation before -- there was a Buzzcocks 
reunion a couple of years back that left most folks on hand all 
hopped up and giddy, but kinda depressed me cause they didn't 
manage to bring anything more than professional competence to 
material that was at that point 15 years old. 

Honest and true, I don't think there's any real difference 
between reunions like Big Star's or the Buzzcocks' and, say, a 
Band or an Eagles reunion. If ya love the Eagles, chances are 
you'll be thrilled to see em up there in their withery old flesh, 
maybe augmented or pumped up by an admiring youngster or two, 
runnin thru faithful reproductions of all them familiar toonz. I 
love Big Star, and therefore, of course, wouldn't have missed 
it... But still...

Two other bands shared the bill with Big Star: Gigolo Aunts and 

Gigolo Aunts were up first and started promptly. They were 
pretty groovin, actually: young, earnest, tight, and clearly 
totally thrilled to be up on stage at the Fillmore opening for 
Big Star.  There's an element of Redd Kross at work there, tho' 
maybe minus the yucks, so it didn't surprise me to see one of the 
McDonald brothers on the scene (or to note on their CD, which I 
picked up used based strictly on their performance, that they 
thank Redd Kross (and the Posies)).

Up next were "Shatners: Like Punk Never Happened," which is how 
San Francisco's Counting Crows bill themselves when the urge 
strikes them to assemble 13 or 14 musicians and have a few 
brewskis and play repeated covers of Bruce Springsteen's "Sandy" 
and "Spirit in the Night" from The Boss's first two albums. Or 
maybe that's what they do as the Crows too, I honestly don't 
know. They sure did suck, tho. I kept sorta hoping they'd at 
least break into "Rosalita" or "Blinded by the Light," but no 
such luck. It took 'em a long, long, LONG time to call it a 
night, but finally Adam Duritz gave up and announced, "Sorry, I 
don't think I'm gonna come," and the house lights came back up.


Wilson Smith (neslon@panix.com) is alienation and dislocation 


This was written for, and in my dreams will actually appear in, 
<#1 Issue> of "Back of a Car," Judith Beeman's groovin new Big 
Star zine, which is taking shape nicely, it seems, and is due out 
mid-summer! Send submissions and inquiries about orders ($3.00 or 
so - cheap cheap cheap) to beeman@mindlink.bc.ca.

Wilson Smith


From: gregt@porsche.visix.COM (Greg Thompson)
clutch and lozenge at the black cat in dc.

this'll be my first submission to the indie list.  if this stuff is 
old hat, then enjoy the lovely prose...

i just got back from seeing lozenge and clutch.  actually, i got back 
from the show, and blew off some adrenaline by lifting heavy things.  
very helpful.

anyway, back to the show.  after a good dinner and a bunch of beers 
down around U st.  in DC, we headed to the black cat in plenty of time 
to have more beer and get great seats at the benches along one of the 
walls.  lozenge wasn't what i was expecting.  having never heard 
anything by 'em, or anything about 'em for that matter, i was 
expecting a regular musical type of band.  wrong.  they're a quirky 
four-piece.  two percussionists, a bassist (these three made a great 
rhythm section), and an accordion(ist?)/vocalist.  lots of noise.  
great beats.  screaming lyrics.  i enjoyed 'em quite a bit, actually.  
being a drummer, i thought they had some really pleasing rhythms.  the 
percussionists were playing everything from what looked like a 
standard 14" ludwig snare to a few floor toms, some cymbals, some 
steel pipes, and a pair of 55 gallon drums.  nice noises.

so after a while they finished, and black sabbath started blaring out 
of the club's system.  lights freaked out.  the stage converted.  the 
crowd converged.  clutch arrived.

lemme start by saying they were about 30 times better than i had 
expected.  more energy than you can shake a cadillac at.  they played 
lots of old stuff, lots off of transnational_speedway_league..., and 
some newer tunes.  the crowd was insane.  it was the first time i'd 
seen people go completely crazy at the black cat.  usually, everyone 
stands around and appreciates the music, which i happen to like doing.  
tonight, though, everyone was lettin' it all out, and good thing, too, 
'cause clutch was demanding it.

there wasn't very much banter between songs at all.  rather straight 
forward, actually.  one bone-crushing tune after another.  i wish i 
could remember more of the set list, but some of the tunes they did 
were: rats, binge and purge, a shogun named marcus, living in the 
great shining path of monster trucks, uuuh, and a whole lot more.  

so the show's over now, i'm tired, and there's a blood stain on my 
shirt.  i'm pretty sure it's my blood, too...  that's enough for the 
moment.  if clutch comes your way, don't miss 'em for your life.



From: "LePageL/MF" <LePageL/MF@hermes.bc.edu>
Singles, eps, and the Grifters cd

Now that my life has reached an apex of busy-ness, I thought it would 
be a good idea to take a few minutes to write up my latest favorite 
records.  I never know what I'm buying, and half the time there's no 
date on anything so a lot of what follows could be old news to many of 
you.  But on the chance that it's not:

Guided by Voices: If We Wait b/w Jennie Mae Leffel: Red Chair 
(Anyway Records, 118 E. Patterson Avenue, Columbus OH  43202)

This split -7" features a heavily Beatlesque full-lengther from GBV 
that starts out as ultrapop and then disintegrates into a delightful 
guitar meltdown at the end.  And as if that weren't enough, Ms.  
Leffel contributes the contrasting "Red Chair" on side b, another 
fully realized popsong more in the achingly pretty vein of the genre.  
Harmonies beef up Leffel's slightly tentative vocal but the song is a 

Guided by Voices: Clown Prince of the Menthol Trailer (Domino records)

Seven songs on one 45 RPM slab of basic black 7" vinyl, and even 
though they're really short and tend to trail off, what a great little 
collection.  I especially like the one minute raveup "Matter Eater 
Lad" about a guy who ate a factory, and furniture, and some other 
stuff I think, with the killer chorus: "O he's bad, the matter eater 
lad" or something like that.  Love it.  "Johnny Appleseed" is good 
too.  Hell, they're all good.

Pavement: Garrulous (Goodtimes records)

This is the four song 2nd Peel Session 7" from 12/15/92 with the photo 
caption "Gary didn't show up." Someone wrote it up recently as "sounds 
like a bunch of songs they wrote that day" or words to that effect.  
It's a mess, no doubt, but I've come to the realization that there are 
a couple of really good songs on here: the instrumental "Ed Aims," a 
retro guitar/breathing exercise which should, but doesn't, segue into 
"Drunks with Guns," a truly touching song about someone's dead sister 
(I think) and her killer, Ed Aims (I think).  Hard to tell, but when 
Malkmus barks out "I did the crime, but I'm doing the time, Chief 
Investigator," I don't know, it's something special.  So buy it, and 
then tape those two songs back to back, and you'll have a 
mini-theme-ep, like me.  (Just a suggestion).

Tsunami: Be Like That b/w Newspaper (Simple Machines)

Everyone knows what Tsunami sounds like so I won't go on about this.  
Suffice to say, I don't always love them, but I like both these songs 
quite a bit.  And the packaging! it's so beautiful, with the 
adulterated flags of the world cover against that gorgeous scarlet 
background, and the cherry red vinyl.  So, so nice.

Archers of Loaf: The Result After the Loaf's Revenge (Merge)

This 7" could be old - I just happened to run across it.  But since 
they are newly famous (and even got a Pick Hit from Christgau!), I'll 
just mention for fans that both these songs are great, as good as 
anything on _Icky Mettle_.  I especially like "Ethel Merman" on side 
B.  Very worthwhile.

Grifters: _Crappin' You Negative_ (Shangri-la records)

I've been a fan of the Grifters since _One Sock Missing_, a record 
that grew on me relentlessly over a long time.  Their latest cd has a 
more homogeneous sound than Sock, thanks in part to the fact that 
they recorded the rhythm tracks in a parking garage (I think I have 
this right) in order to get "natural reverb." In any event, there is a 
noticeably murky quality to much of this record, a sense of the 
underworld seething below, and some really eerie vocals.  "Junkie 
Blood," which was released previously on the "Holmes" single, is one 
of the loneliest songs I've heard.  Also gripping are "Bronze Cast" 
and "Get Outa That Spaceship (and fight like a man)" which have actual 
pop hooks.  Like other Grifters efforts, the rest of the songs are 
less defined with a fragmented sense of song structure graced by 
moments of brilliance where the guitar lines actually rise up and 
declare themselves.  If you like the band already, you'll probably 
like this.  Otherwise, I'd start with _One Sock Missing_.

Sorry for the length of this post.  I've been saving myself for just 
this opportunity to spill.  Meanwhile, is it just me, or does the NE 
seem to be over-represented on this list?

Lise - in Boston
LEPAGEL/mf@hermes bc edu


From: kbillus@world.std.com (Kathleen Billus)
ANNOUNCE: Sick-n-tired Mailing List 
+++++++++++++++++ THE SICK & THE TIRED ++++++++++++++++++
TIRED of choosing between mailing lists whose topics are so vague
that they have become filled with mindless drivel and lists whose
topics are so narrow only the zealots can enjoy them?  
SICK of fighting an inner battle between your secret attraction
to a good piece of gossip & your own repulsion at wagging
SICK of an "indie" scene that gives lip service to thinking for
yourself and then condemns you for doing it (unless the
appropriate established "indie" bigwig has given his OK)
TIRED of choosing between lists that offer the immediate
gratification of automatic re-posting & digests that publish your
brilliantly insightful reviews in a format where they can be
easily saved for posterity. 
If SICK & TIRED describes you, than you'll be pause between yawns
to subscribe to this "indie" mailing list.   
To Subscribe:  It's a Majordomo list so:
Majordomo@world.std.com  subscribe sick-n-tired-l yourmailaddress
Questions?  e-mail
     insider info- tour dates, record release dates
     reviews & interviews
     summary of whats going on in those other lists you don't
have the patience to wade through
     guest columns from people we like
     other indie related stuff like films & print
     questions & queries for info

Kathleen Billus
Jeanne McKinney

[I recommend adding this list if you have room for a bit more mail - 
it's a fine trolling of the nets and scenes... -es]


From: Steve Cook <sbc@clark.net>
ANNOUNCE: Crayon & the Softies tour dates

I can't believe they aren't coming to DC. Oh, the humanity.

6/24	Ann Arbor		House Party IV
6/25	Morgantown, WVa    House Party V        w/ Vehicle Flips
6/26	Durham             Duke Coffe Shop
6/27	Chapel Hill, NC    Cat's Cradle
6/28	Wilmington, DE     TBA, I guess...      w/ Versus
6/29	NYC	               Under Acme
6/30 	Boston             Middle East          w/ Twig & Desk
7/1	    Montreal           Jailhouse Rock Cafe  w/ Pest
7/2	    Burlington, VE     242 Main
7/3	    Providence         SS220
7/5	    Portsmouth, NH     The Elvis Room
7/6	    New Brunswick, NJ  The Fontanoy Lounge
7/7	    Pittsburgh         Bloomfield Bridge    w/ Vehicle Flips
7/8	    Iowa City          Gabes Oasis          w/ Milo
7/12    Off to Yo Yo a Go Go...

Steve Cook                                        sbc@explorer.clark.net
"I know that mess spelled backwards is ssem and I felt much better armed
 with that knowledge." -- Tori Amos, introduction to _Death: THCOL_


From: Bill Peregoy <peregoy@maelstrom.timeplex.com>
ANNOUNCE: Cape Cod Music Fest

I just found the lineup for the upcoming Cape Cod Music
festival.  It's happening June 24,25,26 at The Beachcomber in
Wellfleet (near the tip of the cape).  Here's the lineup.

Friday 6/24
Syrup (featuring ex Swirlie Seana)
Grace Budd

Saturday 6/25
Atomic Fireball (from Japan)
Speed Queen
Overnight Sensation

Sunday 6/26
Philth Shack
Lester Bangs
Flying Nuns
Betty Please
Miles Dethmuffin
Mark Erdodi's Lounge Explosion

Admission is $6/day.  for more info call 508-349-6055


c/o: rob@msc.cornell.edu
ANNOUNCE: P'Shake / GBV tour

By: dmackta@panix.com (Daniel Mackta)
Subject: Re: guided by voices/prisonshake tour dates

Si, senor -- Cobra Verde, feat.  John Petkovic, Doug Gillard, and Dave 
Swanson all ex- D.o.S.  The band will be putting out their debut LP on 
Scat Records in a couple weeks and indeed joining GBV / P'Shake on the 
following dates:

Jun 25	NYC         Threadwaxing  [w/ Bullet]
Jun 26	Hoboken     Maxwell's     [w/ Bullet]
Jul 8	Cleveland   Euclid        [w/Franklin Bruno & Bullet]
Jul 9	Chicago     Lounge Ax

Other GBV / P'Shake dates:

JUn 30	Seattle     Crocodile
Jul 1	Eugene      U of O
Jul 2	SF          I-Beam
Jul 3	LA          Jabberjaw      [the above 4 all w/ A Bullet for Fidel]
Jul 6	St. Louis 	Cicero's
Jul 7	Madison     U of W         [w/ Franklin Bruno]


From: Michael S Khoury <khourymi@student.msu.edu>
ANNOUNCE: Liquor Bike Tour Dates

Liquor Bike will be touring in a few days, so catch 'em if you can.
For those unfamiliar with Liquor Bike, they have put out 7"s on
Merkin, Uprising, and Penultimate records and have recorded a cd/lp
for Merkin/3rd World Underground.  They just got signed to Grass and
will be recording at the end of June.

6/24    Des Moines: Hairy Mary's(w/Ritual Device)
6/25    Minneapolis: Uptown     (w/God's Favorite Band)



From: blue slurpee junky <whitebrd@eden.rutgers.edu>
the multi-media all for one ad

brandon stosuy's multi-media ad is as follows:

[note:  this is a long one...  -es]

1) out now is issue 12 of white bread zine with the usual trendy
self-loathing stuff as well as interviews with grifters, low, dave klein,
trumans water and teenage velvet. also includes stuff concerning
children's youth organizations, dead pets, AIDS, clothing reviews, ice cube
stuff, etc...50 pages and just $1.50 ppd from me at rpo 4601; po box 5063;
new brunswick, nj 08903-5063. nice cover photo by mike galinsky...

2) "never ever refer to your band or yourself as 'seminal'"-j'boy tip #2

3) crayon, the softies, and junebug are playing in my basement on july
6 to help ring in my 21st birthday...should be fun.

4) indie 6 million is saturday, august 13. i haven't quite come up
with the lineup, but...i'm busy. i'm still booking bands at a snail's

5) "never say, 'send demos for consideration.'"-j'boy tip #3

6) "for the record, i hate ska"- j'boy tip #4

7) email for brandon (jiffy boy, white bread) at: whitebrd@eden.rutgers.edu.

8) the end of my indulgent ad


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