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      Indie List Digest!

        July 19, 1994

     Volume 3   Number 43


Contents for this lengthy issue:

Replies to recent discussions
Palace, Pram, Mambo Taxi
Gorky's Zygoti Mynci
GbV, Killdozer, Sunny Day, Cynics, More!
Grifters, godheadSilo, Dazzling Killmen et al.
"Evil Corporate Scum Demos"
Kid's Meal, FYP & Quincy Punx
Grifters (negative)
Ed Hall
Jad Fair, Barbara Manning and More!
Softies & Splashdown 'zine announcement
ANNOUNCE: Minipalooza
AD: Carrot Top releases
AD: Stay Free! zine

esinclai and i had a great time in seattle and olympia, which are 
everything you've imagined and more (fill in your own adjectives, e.g.  
'lumpy!' 'white-walled!' 'green and leafy!').  our report on the yoyo 
a gogo extravaganza is forthcoming (and we'll be offering an extended 
"travelogue" edition as well -es) but not this time.  so enjoy all 
these fine reviews, which we're sorry about having to hold up for so 


and now, for some real content:

From: Steve Silverstein <ST201268@BROWNVM.brown.edu>
Replies to recent discussions...

Sunny Day Real Estate sound like Smashing Pumpkins and every other 
band on commercial radio.  They're good at what they do, but who 
cares.  They wave their guitars up and down even better than 
Heatmiser.  I think all of these bands saw Fugazi and came up with the 
idea that what made Fugazi intense was the way they raised and lowered 
their guitar necks.  They should all have to go see Rodan.

Velocity Girl.  I am sick of seeing comments like "Archie's taken up 
harmony vocals," no insult to whoever wrote it.  This was up there 
with the critic locally who called "Audrey's Eyes" their first single.  
Archie used to sing a lot.  He does lead on "Why Should I Be Nice to 
You" (the B-side of "Forgotten Favorite," a single with 2 absolutely 
amazing songs).  Why he didn't on the first full-length LP, I couldn't 
guess.  Did anyone else know, BTW, that Elektra is distributing this 
album? I really don't care or have any complaint; I think it's a good 
business move, but I was surprised to learn it.

Juicy have a clever shtick, but only one song, "Fuck You I'm Cool" 
really exploits it.  Trying to play straight pop songs that aren't 
that great doesn't make for a good shtick.

As for shtick, Combustible Edison have REALLY honed theirs with a 
month on the road.  The CD release show was more fun, but Mike's 
improved his moves even further since.  They closed with "A Shot in 
the Dark." Wow!



From: James Nash <CCX020@raven.coventry.ac.uk>
Live - Palace, Pram x2, Mmb Tx

Palace Brother @ Leicester Princess Charlotte 11 June 1994

This was the second of a two date UK tour so for, I guess, reasons of 
cost, only the lead singer and his guitar turned up.  He did this 
acoustic thing and everyone sat down.  There's not much to say except 
that he played such beautiful sad songs with a country/blues bent.  Go 

Pram @ ICA, The Mall, London 16 June 1994

Well, Pram were good but the utterly pretentious setting of the venue 
and a sparse crowd (they were supporting Strangelove whom we didn't 
bother waiting to see) didn't help.  The drums were way too 
overpowering, the set was too short, the sound was mixed badly and it 
wasn't loud enough.  Somehow Pram still played well but the Institute 
for Contemporary Arts - not often used for gigs - needs to sort itself 
out.  The cocktail train back to Coventry was much more fun.  So let's 
skip forward a couple of weeks to...

Mambo Taxi/Pram/Superego @ Leicester Princess Charlotte
30 June 1994

Superego opened (quick hint, guys: change your name to super-E-go) and 
weren't very good.  Punky pop with a soupcon of grunge.  Yawn.  One of 
the songs was quite good in a Drive Like Jehu way and it was f'ing 
loud but that wasn't enough to keep me from the bar.

Pram have turned into a tight funky quartet, or quintet if the 
trumpet/sax player is around, which he wasn't tonight.  The drummer is 
mental and seems to keep 4 simple rhythms bouncing along 
simultaneously.  The guitar/cello player sometimes does guitar solos 
with only the interesting notes - the boring bits left out and nothing 
else put in - and spends half the night hiding cross-legged looking 
like he's eating his guitar.  The bass/2nd keyboard player makes a 
violin bow across a bass sound like the most beautiful instrument 
ever.  And the singer/ 1st keyboard player wore her Bermuda skirt 

Those keyboards are what make Pram.  First off, they are poised on top 
of ironing boards (yes, they have two instead of one on stage now!) 
and they make the most wondrous sounds - from impressions of 
5-year-olds playing xylophones through the Casio VL-Tone right up to 
the last space ship you saw taking off.  How Rosie can reach those 
high monotone notes and play like that I will never know.  And the new 
song they closed with, I had to look twice to confirm what I saw in 
her hand...  yes, it was a recorder! I want the new album.  Slobber, 
slobber.  Pram - funk, jazz, rock, folk, ambient and the kitchen sink 
are all there and they have a Jacques Cousteau fixation.  We are not 

Mambo Taxi shot their bolt in the first 30 seconds; I suddenly 
realised why I have a small liking for this dreadful band.  The 
keyboardist plays 'No Xmas for John Quays' (that Fall song or 
something equivalent to it) for the whole set, regardless of whatever 
rubbish the rest of the band is coming up with.  And she plays 
one-handed with a bottle of Newcastle Brown in the other - an 
admirable trait.  They do have one good song ("Do You Always Dress 
Like That in Front of Other People's Boyfriends?"), otherwise avoid 
like the plague!

--James Nash (ccx020@cov.ac.uk)
Mouth, insert foot... BBC soccer pundit after Romania v
Argentina World Cup game: "That defender should be shot."


From: julian@sahiber.demon.co.uk (Julian Lawton)
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci

Just want to drop a few lines about the best local band we have (John 
Cale's favourite new band too), after seeing two excellent gigs by 
them over the last two weekends (Glastonbury Festival, and Fostrassol 
festival - the latter is a little known Welsh language festival), plus 
the release of a rather brilliant 7" single.  .  .  except I don't 
really know how to describe them - a Welsh language Pavement with 
keyboards? Makes them sound a bit derivative/contrived.  .  .  The new 
single's very much Good Vibrations gone wibbly, backed with a strange 
instrumental which is a little like something from Spectrum's last LP 
with added trombones - except that makes them sound like another 
Spectrum/Stereolab/Spiritualized type band, and they're certainly not 
like that live - more like Sonic Youth.  'Peanut Dispenser,' however, 
is almost a Fall-esque title.  Does it help if I put them with Flying 
Saucer Attack and Prolapse as being great, culty & enormously hip? 
Their stuff is available on Angst records.  Now, living in Wales it 
isn't hard to find, but I don't know how well distributed it is - the 
new single has been sighted in London & Bristol though, so I suspect 
it'll crop up in the usual 7" mail order lists - especially if a few 
people make enquiries.

While you're at it the new Prolapse single is pretty fine too ('Pull 
Through Barker'), heralding the return of the snarly end of C86 (Shop 
Assistants) .  .  cute & surly, like it should be (plus 'production' 
by John Robb of the Membranes, triv.  fans, for that extra tinny shred 
your ears sound).  .  .  they even dare sing 'Stop Killing Me.'

(And even sillier & more C86-inspired is Helen Love's 'Punk Boy' 7" - 
cheap keyboards and novelty lyrics about Adidas tops & the Rough Trade 
shop - yes, it's the New Wave of New Wave answer to the Pooh Sticks' 
'On Tape' or 'Part Time Punks').

Julian Lawton - julian@sahiber.demon.co.uk


From: Mark Bukovec <markb@microsoft.com>
Live reviews: G/b/Voices, Killdozer, Sunny Day, Cynics, more!

Hey! I'm bad! I'm nationwide! I'm new to the list--I love shit like 

Anyway, my record collection is pathetic, but I see lotsa shows, so 
I'll write up a little recap of some recent (or not-so-recent) stuff 
that I've seen to either get you out of the house or to help ya save 
$$$.  You can always sell or trade a shit record, but a bad live show? 
Like sands in the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

All these shows were seen in Seattle.  No, I don't have a tattoo.

GUIDED BY VOICES--These guys have gotten a lot of bandwidth, so I'll 
be short and give 'em the big thumbs up: '60s pop melange, a paisley 
blender with 10 speeds, even frappe.  God bless 'em.

PRISONSHAKE--Disappointing.  I think sitting on the floor is very 
un-punk, but there I was sitting on the floor.  Ok, I sprained my 
ankle, but I did stand for GBV and did some feeble butt shakin' in 
spite of my pain.  So there.  These guys are obviously talented but 
they just think too much, which can be fatal.  However, Matt the bass 
player is forever endeared to me for falling down drunk between songs.

BULLET FOR FIDEL--One guy from P-shake plugged in, some other guy on 
acoustic.  I hate the sound of amplified acoustic guitars.  Clang! 
Ouch! Clang! Ouch! Soon it was time to head back to the bar.

SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE--With the lights out, it's less dangerous! Just 
kidding.  These Sub-Poppers play it a bit more East Coast style.  
Remember emo-core? They tend to keep pushing the same buttons, and 
their earnest delivery begins to chafe after a while, but this stuff 
has power.  Spasmo-guitar build-ups segue into chewy choruses.  Could 
they be the Next Big Thing? Stay tuned.

30-06--I'll see just about anything from Portland, but these guys 
didn't do it for me.  They played some super-fast punk thing.  Hey, 
Mr.  Bass Man, cut that hair! Getting dangerously close to that Flock 
of Seagulls look!

KILLDOZER--I'll let you know what I think when I'm done puking.  Ack! 

STEEL POLE BATHTUB--Oh, what a miserable night.  Who are these guys, 
anyway? I hate when a band has the sound, but no groove.  Soon I felt 
like one those lobotomized humans in the Planet of the Apes: must 
watch show, drool, drool.

THREE-DAY STUBBLE--I think they're from SF.  Ever try to will yourself 
straight when you're really wasted? Doesn't work.  The intoxicants 
just made this seem even longer than it was.  A bunch of guys 
intentionally dressed like "nerds" and playing weird songs.  Sometimes 
acting uncool is, well, just that.

CYNICS--Warning! I'm from Pittsburgh and I'm getting old 
scenester-wise.  So those days of drinking Iron City beer and watching 
the same old bands every weekend (Cynics, Heretics, Half Life, repeat) 
are starting to glow with the soft-focus light of nostalgia.  
Overheard from some dude: "They're ok, but they're not breaking any 
new ground." Fine, I'll just park my ass on this old ground and rock 
out.  '60s "garage" sound, every song starts with a shriek, and it's 
about that chick who's driving me crazy.

FAITH AND DISEASE--I've got a soft spot for 4-AD, and this band is 
ready-made for that label.  Lush, reverb-y, dreamy.  Everyone on stage 
looks like their new puppy got run over by a mulching mower.  Well, if 
that happened to me, I wouldn't be listening to the Melvins.  Hey, 
scene buddy, leave the baseball cap at home, put on some dark duds, 
and do the danse macabre with yer favorite local Siouxsie-wannabe!

BLADE FETISH--SF band who wants to be Bauhaus, but come off more like 
Rush.  What a bunch of geeks.  Even the Robert Smith-alikes looked 
bored.  The tape they were hawking was called "This Ascension".  Ever 
since the Sisters of Mercy's "This Corrosion," goth rockers have been 
sticking "this" in front of everything.  I can play that game, too: 
This Sucks.

MECCA NORMAL--Our friends in Canada act mighty funny sometimes.  One 
dude playing ultra-mega stadium guitar and the singer woman twirling 
around like a kegger-soaked Kate Bush.  Take off, eh!

JUNED--Local all-female guitar-pop band.  Has potential, but it ain't 
soup yet.

7 YEAR BITCH--Haven't seen 'em for a while, but they've got a new unit 
out, so I guess they'll be touring.  Imagine an all-female Black Flag.  
Yeah, you bet we've got something against you.  Plodding fuck-you punk 
rock.  Lead singer Selene Vigil's stage 'tude wears thin as time goes 
on.  L7 comparisons abound, but I don't like them, either.  Stay home 
and play catch-my-finger with the cat instead.

---M. Bukovec


From: Chris Khoury <ckhoury@cps201.cps.cmich.edu>
Some Record Reviews... (Grifters, godheadSilo, Dazzling Killmen)

Here's a few quick reviews of some records i picked up recently:

Grifters: She Blows Blasts of Static 7" (Shangri-La #002)
This is an older Grifters release with two songs.  She Blows is a 
great country-blues tinged song: think Elvis and Railroad Jerk..  Side 
B, the name escapes me right now is more of the same stuff.  If you 
haven't heard the Grifters yet, they have a great knack for really 
deconstructing a song half way through and turning it in a totally new 
direction.  This 7" definitely shows the "fun" side of the Grifters as 
compared to the other single i have of them, "Holmes/Junkie Blood." 
Highly recommended.

godheadSilo "The Scientific Supercake" LP (Kill Rock Stars)
This is a bass and drum combination out of North Dakota.  Really 
really bass-heavy, complicated noisy songs, primal drumming, samples, 
effect pedals, distorted vocals, the works.  Sinister songs with funny 
vocals, bassist sings about his hometown Fargo, etc.  Warning on the 
sleeve insert to turn the bass response down on your stereo when you 
play this.  Hate to repeat the standard line, but these guys ARE 
noisier and heavier than the Melvins and the likes of Unsane.  Highly 
recommended also

Ford "33%" 7" (Blackjack) 
All-girl band out of San Francisco (I think).  This is much more my 
style of girl music, as compared to Bikini Kill or Tsunami.  Again 
primal Unsane drumming, bass drivin music with well-sung vocals.  Pick 
this up if you see it cheap.

Dazzling Killmen "The Face of Collapse" LP (Skin Graft) 
Four-piece here on label that's been putting out a lot of good stuff 
lately.  These guy's weapon of choice is noise also, except in a much 
more defined and structured way, point of reference could be Jesus 
Lizard.  I don't know if the term has been defined yet (jazz-noise?) 
but these guys have a nice jazz element to them, which is displayed 
nicely on the last two songs of the album (together which take up one 
full side of the album).  Heavy heavy precise drumming, buzzsaw dual 
guitars, demented, but not annoying, slightly monotone, vocals that 
seem to come from beyond.  They also have a "Skin Graft 7" + Comic" 
thing out.  Highly recommended.

On the CD player right now: Mazzy Star "She Hangs Brightly"




From: "Kent Williams" <cadsi.com!kent@elvis.cadsi.com>
Evil Corporate Scum Promos

At my friendly local record store they were shaking their heads over 
the huge stack of promo CDs they'd gotten from Sony Music.  So I took 
a couple and hey, they weren't bad, and the packaging was great.  I 
know NOTHING about these artists, but you might enjoy them also and 
they're free.  Is this a great country or what?

XC-NN "Young Stupid & White Promo E.P."
Young Stupid & White
Esther's Letters

Who the fuck is this? The first cut starts out with a sample from 
"Diamond Dogs" by David Bowie, ("this is RAWK 'N ROLL!!!") and then 
cuts into some gut-bucket Kiss style riffing.  The singer seems to 
imitate John Lydon and David Bowie at turns.  I guess the effect is is 
supposed to be parody.  It is funny, but I don't know if it is going 
to stick in my head like, say, "Send In the Clowns."

America is a little like a jokier Ministry.  Lots of samples 
('America' from West Side Story, Frank Sinatra singing 'I feel the 
world closing in').  Fuzzy machine-gun guitars.

Esther's Letters is something else entirely.  A string quartet, 
acoustic guitar and drums.  Unrhyming lyrics about a young girl dying 
of a congenital disease ...  not maudlin -- but a little whacked.  
This one does stick in my head.

Perhaps the best part is that it comes in a jet-black unlabeled jewel 

Sponge "Promo Single"
Neenah Menasha
Rotting Pinata

I think we'll all breathe a sigh of relief when the record companies 
give up on the quest for the next PearlvanaPilotsGarden.  This band is 
solidly in the camp; the vocals sound like Soundgarden, the guitars 
crunch and sustain just like Soundgarden.  But these two songs are as 
good or better than anything on SG's last two records.  The first is a 
6/8 guitar fest with great production values.  The second is a 150bpm 
thrasher with a great chorus -- "I will rot away, I will rot away, 
like a rotting pinat..."

This one comes in a slide out tray in a paper box -- the front is a 
photo of one of those bright yellow kitchen sponge.  The back is a 3M 
Green scratch pad.  Too cool!

 /    If you're a kickass X11 programmer and \   These opinions are cursed,
| you want to move to Iowa, drop me a line    |  and not those of my employer,
|         Kent Williams -- kent@cadsi.com     |  whose are blessed.
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Hello?  Enema Bondage?  I'm calling because I want to be happy, I guess..


From: Jill Emery <llje@utxdp.dp.utexas.edu>
Kid's Meal, FYP & Quincy Punx

Kid's Meal, FYP & Quincy Punx at Blue Flamingo, Austin TX Sun.  10 
July 1994

First a word on the Blue Flamingo: it's a small place but suited for 
loud, rocking noise...It's almost always the best club in town to see 
bands, esp.  when they are starting out and the owner tends to be 
supportive of local acts as well as roadshows like this one.

Kid's Meal--missed them, but by all accounts they are young and play 
really well.

FYP--they had a good sound going, but the antics of the guitar players 
got in the way of the show to the point where they had to almost stop 
playing at times until the guitars were untangled.  Overall, this band 
sounded like an average punk band.

Quincy Punx--rocked! They played a tight, together-sounding show of 
punk that blew the place away....No one got bored, no one left to go 
outside, they held the audience throughout their whole show.  They are 
from Minneapolis but their album was released on one of the California 
labels (sorry, don't have the name for you).  The album 'We are not 
the Quincy Punx but we play them on TV' contains 23 songs and is well 
worth listening to.


Grifters - _Crappin' You Negative_ review

REVIEW: Grifters - _Crappin' You Negative_ (Shangri-La)

Who are you, and what have you done with the Grifters?

I've seen nothing but rave reviews for _Crappin' You Negative_, from 
both friends and critics whose opinions I respect, without a single 
bad word to be found anywhere.  Yet as many times as I've spun this 
CD, put my own judgement in doubt, and as many times as I've dug deep 
and relaxed passively to try to find its reported charm, my bottom 
line remains that _Crappin' You Negative_ gets my vote as 
disappointment of the year thus far.  Worse yet, it just might get my 
vote for the biggest album-to-album fall from grace of any band I've 
enjoyed has ever done.

_One Sock Missing_ was my favorite CD of '93: a great low-fi sound 
backed with a good mixture and solid songwriting.  _Crappin' You 
Negative_, in contrast, mostly slugs along with somewhat repetitive 
low tempo songs interspersed with a handful of worthwile cuts and odd 
mistakes.  A good song like "Black Fuel Incinerator" would have been 
the closest thing to a standout on `Side One;' however, even it is 
overshadowed by the painful "Arizona": a cut called "gorgeously 
drifting" in some reviews, but to me comes off as a joking send-up of 
the items that must have fallen on the editing room floor for some of 
the 80's more unsavory synth bands.  Scarier still is how serious the 
effort comes across, and there's nothing more insulting to a musician 
than playing music where it seems that only the band isn't in on the 

"Get Outta My Spaceship and Fight Like A Man" reminds me of so many 
songs that I wish were half as good as their titles.  "Felt Tipped 
Over" and "Bronze Cast" are more aimless wandering that never seems to 
go anywhere.  "Junkie Blood" isn't half bad, but sounds like it would 
have been performed better by Codeine.  Songs like "Holmes" and 
"Cinnamon" prove interesting in parts and mark two of the better songs 
on the CD, yet cuts like these are few and somewhat marginal in 
comparison to some of _One Sock Missing_'s better attempts.

The result isn't a terrible CD per se, but for the most part its 
attempt at dark moodiness results in a droning, forgettable release 
with baggage tags destined for the big cut-out bins in the sky of 
American indie rock.  It's so rare that a band I have such high regard 
for makes a release that turns my feelings towards ambivalence, 
causing me to reevaluate if I really like the band that much or not.  
This is a textbook example however.

You can buy this CD from Shangi-La for $9.50 ppd, but I wouldn't pay 
more than $5 for it used.  If you live for stars: * 1/2.  Cleansing my 
ears afterwards with something like RFTC's _All Systems Go!_ is such a 
liberating experience.

greg sherwin                             |   Pro Child
gsherwin@nyx.cs.du.edu                   |   Pro Family
gregs@slac.stanford.edu                  |   Pro Wrestling


From: 6500ljn@ucsbuxa.ucsb.edu (Leonard Nevarez)
Ed Hall live at TacoLand, San Antonio (7/8/94)

Austin-based trio Ed Hall made their first San Antonio appearance in 
nearly two years Friday night at Taco Land, bringing with them a stage 
show and sound as absurd as Taco Land's monniker.  Taco Land, of 
course, does not sell tacos -- and Ed Hall, being sludge rockers, of 
course does not rock.

In other words: Ed Hall scared the natives, cleared the room, and 
couldn't have cared less.

Neon glow-in-the-dark (or daylight for that matter) orange and green 
covered the drum kit, drum sticks (whose orange color, combined with a 
strategically-placed strobe light, left strange orange traces in the 
air all evening, an effect so eye-pleasing that one wonders "Why 
doesn't every band do this?"), and various stage props and audience 
members.  The men who are Ed Hall ("Hallbillies"?) resembled a group 
of Australian aborigines who had been ambushed (and lived to tell the 
strange and wonderful tale) by body paint-wielding fashion-marauders 
under the influence of KISS-style kabuki and OP Beachwear.  The 
drummer was a special case: for the entire show he possessed a sick/ 
blissed-out smile -- suggesting that he had convinced himself (perhaps 
with the assistance of some pretty heavy drugs) that the fantastic 
green female breasts attached to his torso were in fact real, that he 
in fact had morphed into a woman JUST FOR THE SHOW, and that that was, 
well, pretty swell.

Ed Hall is good at their particular take on the sludge-rock (see Butt- 
hole Surfers, Killdozer, etc.) -- that is the "I feel kinda sick" 
Flipper-esque sinking bass ugliness and (perhaps in the "B-b-but we 
were there first" category) White Zombie-esque non-melodies.  Warped 
guitar lines...unintelligible lyrics...rudimentary "choruses" of the 
"ha ha ha" and "UH! - uh - UH!" variety.  It's music that causes your 
knees to buckle, your Steiner Bock-addled head to spin off its axis, 
and your girlfriend to ask "Can we go now?" after the second tune.

- Jay Babcock


From: "K. Lena Bennett" <keb@u.washington.edu>
Eric, Anne, Jad, and Barbara

I met our Esteemed Editors, Eric and Anne, this weekend, during their 
stop in Seattle on the way to YoYo-A-GoGo.  Review of editors: They're 
hell-o cool, and so's their groovy pal Mike.

We ate at the Ernie Room and then headed down to the Crocodile to see 
a show - an opening band called The Passengers who were okay but no 
great shakes ('80s jangle-indie-pop sound) [I say they were less than 
that - Lena has neglected to mention the really intrepidly annoying 
cover of "Baby Blue" (Bob & Roky Erickson are both "spinning in their 
bathtubs...  -es] and then Jad Fair came on.  I was really excited to 
be in the same room with the Nerd-King of Rock.  He played a lot of 
love songs and Frankenstein Must Die, pulled strings out of his guitar 
and howled into some weird voice-changing thing he'd bought at a toy 
store.  The band (guy guitarist who kept things in line and cool hot 
female drummer whose face contorted wildly) were groovy, too.  One of 
the best shows I've seen in a good while.

Barbara Manning came on with 3 members of the S.F.  Seals who are also 
in Thinking Fellers and Three Day Stubble and some other band.  I had 
read a quote from her somewhere that she was sorry not to be with the 
female members of her band on tour so she hoped lots of women would 
come to the show, and the audience was almost half women, who really 
seemed to appreciate Barbara's no-image/no-attitude/no-bullshit style.  
They did lots of songs from all different periods of her career, 
including Haze is Free, some stuff off the solo albums including a 
much more vicious rendition of Straw Man, and some stuff I didn't know 
so I figured it was either obscure old stuff or else stuff off the new 
record (which I ended up buying yesterday).  they also did a Led Zep 
cover (forgive me for not remembering the name of the song, the one 
that goes "many dreams come true, and some have silver linings") - 
which is something I never thought I would cheer, but it truly rocked, 
especially when she belted out the words.

I also heard from Larry-Bob this week, who was also on his way to YoYo 
(possibly), and we had a weird coincidence where he knew someone who 
knew someone who I know, who I was supposed to get in touch with on 
behalf of my friend.  Anyone else who's planning on passing through 
Seattle, you're welcome to get in touch with me - I love meeting 

Lena 						keb@u.washington.edu 

"A creative [person] among scholars feels like
a sodomite at a convention of proctologists."  -- Paul West


From: Darth Vader <pgreen@Emerald.tufts.edu>
stuff (almost an AD)

SOFTIES 7" ep (slumberland): Well, 
Rose from the dearly departed Tiger Trap, is in two new bands now: 
Softies and Go Sailor.  Here's the first taste of Softies on 7" that 
looks like a fried egg (white vinyl, yellow label).  Anyway, Rose has 
teamed up with a long-time Tiger Trap fan and now her good friend Jen.  
The 7" is absolutely beautiful....They both sings harmonies and play 
guitar.  So it's a very simple recipe: 2 voices, 2 guitars, incredible 
lyrics, and perfect pop melodies we've come to expect from Rose.  Are 
you a softie?

Ok, here's the part where i shamelessly plug my zine.  Well, my zine 
is called SPLASHDOWN and issue #2 has been out for a few months 
now....it has interviews with UNREST (Mark tells why they broke up), 
SWIRLIES (Seana explains why she left the band), SLOWDIVE (Rachel says 
why've their 5ep displays a new sound), LORELEI (Slumberland), and 
BUNNYGRUNT (perfect pop, Sillymoorecords, dist.  by K).  Plus, there's 
loads of interesting record and zine reviews.........games.....and 

*So, if you're interested, please mail $1 and 2 stamps by snail mail 
to: Splashdown, apt.  3204, 188 East 64th St, NY NY 10021* thanks :)

p.s.  Splashdown #3 will be done in August and will have interviews 
with SLOWDIVE (everything you ever ewanted to know), TATTLE TALE 
(intelligent, rebellious, indie-punk-folk, Kill Rock Stars), KICKING 
GIANT, and "How To Run A Cool Indie Label" by Bill from Pop Narcotic 
and Mike from Slumberland, also "The Nite Tiger Trap Broke Up," "My 
lame-o internship at a major 'alternative' radio station," shitloads 
of new record and zine reviews, and lots more............
-keep on smiling, peter


From: nefastus@netcom.com (Brent Stickels)
ANNOUNCE: MiniPalooza

Minipalooza tour dates...most shows offer free or discount admission with 
your lollapalooza ticket stub. Features GUMBALL, RUST, and INCH:

July 21	Indianapolis     the patio
     22	Detroit	         st andrews
     23	Grand Rapids     reptile house
     24	Cleveland        peabody's
     26	Montreal         fofounes
     27	Toronto          lee's palace
     29	Pittsburgh       metropol
     30	Buffalo          blind melon
     31	Albany           Saratoga winners
Aug   2	Providence       club baby head
      3	New York         CBGB's
      4	Hoboken          maxwell's
      5	Boston           local 186
      6	Baltimore/Philly ??? (tba)
      7	Washington DC    9:30 club
      9 Raleigh          the brewery/cat's cradle (tba)
     10	Charlotte        pterodactyl club
     11	Atlanta          masquerade/groove yard (tba)
     12	Columbia         rockefella's
     14	Miami/Ft Laud.   the edge
     15	Tampa            brass mug
     17	New Orleans      tipitina's/howling wolf (tba)
     18	houston          shimmy shack
     19	Dallas           tree's
     20	Austin           Liberty Lunch/Emo's (tba)
     22	Santa Fe         la Luna
     23	Phoenix          mason jar
     24	San Diego        casbah/soma (tba)
     26 San Francisco    slim's/dna (tba)
     27	San Jose         the edge/cactus (tba)
     28	Reno             little waldorf (tba)
     29	Seattle          tba	
     30	Portland         tba
     31	Santa Barbara    tba
Sept  1	Los Angeles      tba

See y'all there...

Brent Stickels
Inch tour manager... (shameless plugging)


From: patrick monaghan <patrickm@phantom.com>
AD: Carrot Top

Hey gang and felicitations from Casa de Carrot Top. 

New Coctails CD called "Peel" is out now, finally.  A year in the 
making.  A pop rock sorta gem.  No horns.  No vibes.  Just the boys 
playing rock n roll with some knob twisting and silent gestures from 
Bob Weston and Stuart Moxham.  Check your local retailer or e-mail me 
for the mail order catalog.

Also started distributing some other label's stuff recently so the 
catalog's grown significantly.  Thanks for playing.

Carrot Top Records
3716 N. Greenview
Chicago, IL 60613
312-665-2055 (fax)


From: Carrie McLaren <cpalmati@gibbs.oit.unc.edu>
AD: Stay Free! zine

New issue of Stay Free! zine (#8, July/Aug, bimonthly and quite local) 
is out.  Interviews with COCTAILS, CRAYON, KICKING GIANT, and really 
short RODAN one; books, breakfast cereal, etc.  Available for $1 or 
four stamps (actually I'd rather have the stamps since it only costs 
98 cents to mail) from:

P.O. Box 702, Chapel Hill, NC, 27514. 

A couple extra stamps get you back issue(s).



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