"Reading a long, long passage in one of his books, one from time to 
time forgets -- one is, by the very language, detached from -- what 
the repeated word "it" refers to, so "it" becomes an impression, an 
atmosphere, a sense, "a harmony without parts."  This "it" was, I 
imagine, the secret that englobed his life and his writing."

---David Platte on Henry James


      Indie List Digest!

       November 28, 1994

     Volume 4   Number 11


recent shows for me... (Slot, New Radiant Storm King, Snowplow, 
 Catherine, et al)
Bar None Night
How happy do you feel?
Giant Sand
ANNOUNCE: Uprising Records on the Web
ANNOUNCE: Mega Pop Show in CT
ANNOUNCE: Indie Label List
ANNOUNCE: WANTED: Your Band Covering the Fall


recent shows for me... (Slot, New Radiant Storm King, Snowplow, 
 Catherine, et al)

Hey! We actually get good shows sometimes here in Vermont! Here's some 
that I went to recently:

slot, the pants, picasso trigger, new radiant storm king
nov. 6th at toast in burlington, vt

slot->wow.  I was really impressed with them.  Great three-piece that 
could put out lots of noise as well as attitude.  Not that I care 
about the attitude, because there were only about fifteen people there 
to watch.  The rest sat in back drinking while waiting for the local 
band.  Great set I thought; to sound stupid, THEY ROCKED!

the pants->A local band.  My mom always told me, 'If you don't have 
anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all.' Therefore no 
comment.  Well wait, I'd like to pose one question: why didn't they go 
on first?

picasso trigger-> They didn't show up.  something about the 

new radiant storm king-> After an extended set by the pants, it was 
time for new radiant storm king, or bed for others, since half the 
place left.  It was fairly late, around 12:30 or so...Remember this is 
a sunday night.  So all ten or fifteen of us got quite a treat.  I 
didn't know who to watch, the drummer with her facial expressions and 
flailing arms (one of her sticks actually flew out of her hands!) or 
the bassist/singer completely hunched over while playing.  I was also 
impressed with the way the bassist and drummer went on with a song 
when the guitar guy had to fix the guitar due to a broken 
string...(sorry, i don't know any of the names here) They thanked all 
of us for sticking around for their amazing set.  Most of us who were 
still there purchased records and such in hopes that we at least 
bought them lunch for the next day.

snowplow, catherine, and velocity girl 
nov. 13th at metronome burlington, vt

snowplow->Another local band.  I don't speak badly of these guys 
though.  I thought they did a good job, but i was just anxious to see 
the other bands.  I was happy they played a good short set.

catherine->After hearing an interview on the radio a few hours 
earlier, I was anxious to see these guys.  They seemed like a fun 
group that would interact a bunch with the crowd.  And that they did.  
At one point they even had a volunteer from the audience go up and 
play guitar.  After the singer/guitarist said something along the 
lines of, 'Believe me, the less you know about guitars, the better you 
are'.  Some people compare these guys to the smashing pumpkins.  
Naahhhhh.  I don't think so.  They sounded like....I don't know, 
catherine? Anyways, they played a great set.  Another fun band to 
watch, especially the facial expressions of the bassist, who actually 
looked like he was in pain at times.

velocity girl->Well I hadn't seen these guys/girl in about two years, 
and I don't really like their recent stuff compared to the older, BUT 
I have to say they put on a great great show.  Lots of fun.  They were 
friendly and seemed excited to be there.  I couldn't help but notice a 
fan up front with a camera (yeah, he snapped a few here and there) 
singing along to every one of their songs.  They did a good job with 
the variety of songs from the old to the new and getting the crowd to 
dance along.  They started out with my forgotten favorite and ended 
with sorry again.  Of course there was lots in between from both 
albums, copacetic and simpatico.  They covered a few songs as well 
(new order and for the encore they did an echo and the bunnymen 
cover).  Super show, and hey, most of the people at this show hopped 
on over to the next...

the wrens, madelines, 360s, smashing orange
nov. 13th at toast burlington, vt

the wrens->Well, I missed these guys because velocity girl had just 
ended and I needed to go to the atm machine to get more money to catch 
this show.  I heard they did a great job, though.

madelines->Another local band.  I hadn't seen these guys in quite a 
while and they did a great job.  Much tighter and more practiced than 
before.  And hey, the guys from catherine seemed to be enjoying as 

360s->didn't show up. what's going on here?

smashing orange->wow.  These guys were pretty cool.  I didn't get a 
chance to see all of their set, but what I did see I really liked.  
They spoke of how they are a rumoured 'heavy metal band' and wanted to 
put a stop to it.  So: they are not a heavy metal band, but 
uhh...ahhh....great loud rock band, yeah.  Go see 'em if you get the 
chance and help me out with classifying.

Well that's all for now...so long from vermont.


From: Jay Babcock <jay@DrMemory.nuc.ucla.edu>

Palace Brothers
"Palace Brothers" LP (Drag City)

Geraldine Fibbers
"Get Thee Gone" 10-inch (Sympathy for the Record Industry)

The first thing is: These ain't party records, that's for damn sure.  
What is it with the young adults these days, anyway...  all this 
slouching around and acting gloomy...  busily appropriating the music 
of their great-great-grandfolks?

For instance: Out somewhere in the hills of Kentucky, one guesses, is 
Palace Brother Number One, Will Oldham, sitting alone in a darkened 
kitchen with his guitar, a tape recorder, and a bunch of sad songs.  
(Why is he in the kitchen? Because the porch is too public a space, 
friend.) So he makes an album up on the spot -- or at least that's 
what the new Palace Brothers record sounds like to me, what with its 
spare instrumentation and seemingly off-the-cuff lyrics.

So we ask: Where's the banjo, and where's those queasy strings, and 
where are all the other Palace Brothers who yowled along with Will on 
last year's splendid "There is No-One What Will Take Care of You" 
album and are mostly absent here?

And we notice: The songs are good, but different than the old stuff -- 
there's less of that rotgut-whiskey-confessional-at-the-altar- stuff, 
more plaintive folk music strumming and quirky wording ("nighttime's 
the right time to climb on a rocket/nighttime's the right time to pull 
your shoulder out of its socket").

And we are swayed: by an album-opening couplet to rival all comers 
("when you have no one/no one can hurt you" -- too true), by the 
simply beautiful "I Send My Love to You" and most of all, by the 
stunning, desperate "No More Workhorse Blues" -- one of those very 
rare songs that works because it is just barely there.

To get our sad banjo fix, though, we gotta check out "Get Thee Gone," 
the first record from Los Angeles' own Geraldine Fibbers.  The 
Fibbers, led by Carla Bozulich of the late art/industrial band Ethyl 
Meatplow, are a bunch of urban ruralists who make a type of sad, slow 
country music that seems equal parts Dolly Parton (they cover 
"Jolene"), Velvet Underground (check out the Cale-esque violin and 
occasional dirge-y tempo), and, in the record's quieter, more ominous 
moments (I may be reaching here) -- "Burning World"- era Swans.

Things aren't all dour, though; balancing out the darker moments of 
songs like "Marmalade" ("tell me a story/help me forget I'm gone") and 
"Outside of Town" ("I'm ruined for love/I'm ruined for life") are an 
upbeat jingle-jangle singalong number ("Mary"), and a sweet duet with 
fellow Angeleno hayseed Beck.

A promising start from a promising bunch of younguns...

- Jay Babcock


From: JimJBeat@aol.com
Bar None Night

Last Saturday was Bar None Night at Brownies in NYC.  I really want to 
tell everyone about Chocolate USA.  They were great.  They played this 
show with an expanded lineup, adding several friends from NY (and 
called themselves "The Chocolate USA Tea Room Orchestra") - the band 
included gtr, bass, drums, banjo, electric zither, a toy acoustic 
piano, and a tape recorder, and as usual, there was a lot of switching 
instruments around.  Lead singer Julian Kostner has grown into much 
more of an accomplished front man and less of an eccentric nerd, but 
he still has a wonderful little-boy voice and writes some really 
clever, catchy pop tunes.  The band is great - even on a new song they 
supposedly only rehearsed once, they were tight and focused.

The opening group was Wonderbra, which is a joke band composed of 
Glenn Morrow and Tom Prendergast (Bar None's co-owners) and two other 
members of the staff, playing New Wave covers.  There's nothing wrong 
with that in concept, except...

1.  They announced to everyone that the show would start at 9 pm 
"sharp," then didn't go on until 9:40...  

2.  Although they were the opening band (on a six-band bill) and 
really only there as a goof, they played an hour...

and 3.  They all left after their set and didn't hang around to watch 
the other bands on their label or shmooze with their invited guests.  
Not that an evening of shmoozing Glenn Morrow is my idea of fun, but 
still, there is a protocol to these events.

Chocolate USA were followed by the Wallmen, a jocular frat-rock band 
from Syracuse, who were fine if you like jocular frat-rock bands (and 
don't mind their idiot fans, one of whom thought it would be really 
cool to smash a glass mug on the floor, littering the place with 
broken glass, despite the fact that there were a couple of small kids 
running around the place.)

I didn't stay for the Swales or Shirk Circus because I've seen them 
both before - the Swales are boring and Shirk Circus just plain suck.


From: "It's just a little moose." <ilion@is.dal.ca>
How happy do you feel?

19 November 1994, Grawood Lounge, Dalhousie University Campus 
Furnaceface concert, Punchbuggy opens

Wow.  This is the first time I have gone to see Furnaceface, and I was 
blown away.  Punchbuggy opened for them, and they were pretty good, 
competent musicians, fairly decent lyrics, some amusing banter, but 
they were utterly eclipsed by Furnaceface.

Fface had a projector set up that ran film behind them for the first 
hour of their performance (basically everything but the encore).  The 
film was stuff like Environment Canada ice-fishing education films and 
news reels of really old white guys talking and some clip-art type 
photography that the band probably did themselves.

They started out wearing white radiation suits, which the film made 
interesting blotches on.  After about half an hour they said it was 
time to change and took off the radiation suits, and under them they 
were wearing '70s-style track suits that they got on sale from a 
warehouse someplace in Michigan (I think) and on which they had had 
sewn the logo from their new album (This Will Make You Happy), which 
is a bomb.  Their road manager (Squirrel-Boy) was selling track suits 
along with the usual band paraphernalia (and also getting people to 
fill out performance evaluations based on Smitty's and MacDonald's 
ones, which were a masterful satire).

The music was loud and excellent.  They did some of the really classic 
oldies like We Love You, Tipper Gore and My Girlfriend Thinks She's 
Fat, and a lot of new ones (and even one so new it isn't on the new 
album, which came out a mere six weeks ago).  The band is really 
approachable and the stage was set up almost level with the floor so 
there wasn't that pedestal thing going on.  It was really amazing.  I 
highly recommend going to see them if you get a chance.

Joanne Merriam (ilion@is.dal.ca)


From: kingunix@garnet.berkeley.edu (Robbeldebobbel)
Giant Sand

Ah yes! I'd been waiting for Giant Sand to come 'round to SF for quite 
a while- the last time they played was last year at the Bottom of the 
Hill (small stage, and that night, sound problems).  Much as I dislike 
Slim's for a number of reasons, the big stage and good sound system 
were a better place to see Howe Gelb and his band of roving minstrels.  
This time featuring his wife (?) Paula and his daughter (looked about 
7 years old), who was way too shy to actually sing or say anything 
(she appears on several Giant Sand records), but was fun to watch as 
she alternated between hiding behind daddy and moving forward, looking 
worshipfuly at how Howe was the star of the show (not really- Grant 
Lee Buffalo was headlining, but I left before that...).  At one point 
in time she actuated an effects pedal, sending a strumming guitar into 
a screeech of feedback.  Which brings me to the music - classic Giant 
Sand, if there is such a thing: guitar sound shifting from acoustic 
strum, via rockin' and rollin' to total noise attack and rhythmic 
clanging sounds.  And all the time there's the pedal steel in the 
background, functional drumming (often using brushes rather than 
sticks) and bass and second guitar blending in nicely.  The bursts of 
electric organ playing by Howe wouldn't appear to fit in at all, but 
somehow they did...  I didn't know a single song they played, but they 
rocked! Go see 'm when you can!


From: Chris Khoury <ckhoury@cps201.cps.cmich.edu>
ANNOUNCE: Uprising Records on the Web

Hello: for all those interested, the independent record label Uprising 
Records is on the World Wide Web.  Uprising's diverse catalog includes 
the Urban Farmers, Grout, The Deconstruction, Day 28, Lucky Pierre, El 
Smasho, Lovebox, and more! We also distribute items from other labels.  
Check out our catalog (photos included!) at: 

Technical questions can be directed toward me: khoury@uiuc.edu
Label-related questions can be directed to: khourymi@student.msu.edu

Cheers -chris.


From: snow@minerva.cis.yale.edu (Matt Holiday)
ANNOUNCE: Mega Pop Show in CT

On Saturday, December 3, there will be an all-day pop festival at the 
GPSCY club at Yale University in New Haven, CT.  The show starts at 1 
p.m.  and the lineup (from first to last) is Mistletoe, the Cups, 
Jason Morphew, DeLux, Detour, Holiday, Syrup (featuring ex-Swirlies), 
Versus, Helium, and the Magnetic Fields.  So that's 10 bands, and it 
only costs $4 for the whole day.  If you need directions or a place to 
stay or more info, you can e-mail me or the show's organizer Calvin 
Chin <chince@minerva.cis.yale.edu>.

Matt Snow <snow@minerva.cis.yale.edu>


From: es229@eng.warwick.ac.uk (Tony)
ANNOUNCE: Indie Label List

For those interested there's now a WWW version of Sean and Steve's 
"Partial Guide to Independent Record Labels." I know these things are 
probably becoming pretty passe, but the list is definitely worth 
taking a look at and hopefully in its Web form should be an 
informative and useful source ...  then again, I would say that ...  
anyway, if people would like to take a look and maybe add some stuff 
or just pass comment it'd be appreciated ...  ooopppss nearly forgot 
the URL
... try:

[For those of us on this side of the Atlantic who want "just the 
facts" (not the very nicely formatted restructuring of the announced 
list, nor the forms-based add an entry stuff), you can conserve some 
intercontinental bandwidth, and use 


as an alternate.  But Tony's list is a very nice Value Added version 
of Steve's work.

For a hint of other I-L Stuff on the web, I've got a couple links in 
my bookmarks file at

which all should feel free to check out.  -es]


From: (Jeff Curtis...) <jac15@po.cwru.edu>
ANNOUNCE: WANTED: Your Band Covering the Fall

I am posting this for folks on the FallNet list.  Please respond to 
them (addresses below), not me.  If you're interested in subscribing 
to the FallNet list, send subscription- type mail to: 
fall-request@listserv.unc.edu.  I think that will work!

Wanted: Your bands doing covers of songs by The Fall
We are looking for cassettes of your bands doing Fall covers, plus 
some originals.  We ask that you not send more originals than you send 
We plan on distributing this tape "at cost" to anyone who wants it.  
If you send in a tape we can tape over it and send the compilation 
back to you for the cost of postage.
If you want more details, e-mail:
Jonathan Kandell (jkandell@ccit.arizona.edu)
Andy Halper      (ahalper@cs.arizona.edu)
Tucson, Arizona


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