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      Indie List Digest!

       December 8, 1994

     Volume 4   Number 12


wonder woman- riot grrrl or corporate sellout? (sebadoh, versus, 
    bunnybrains, et al.)
Mysteries of Life
16 Deluxe, Starfish & etc. at Emo's
DF Hermans, Pale Saints, Wedding Present, etc
CORRECTION: How to join FallNet
ANNOUNCE: Finley Breeze
ANNOUNCE: Some WWW pages of interest, Millan and Kenzie's tour.
ANNOUNCE: NW2noise WWW Server
AD: Great Plains Reunion, 21 December, Staches, Columbus OH


From: dann medin <DLM94001@UConnVM.UConn.Edu>
wonder woman- riot grrrl or corporate sellout?

bonjour.  just finished reading "nausea" by jean-paul sartre fr my 
philosophy class & throw my most voracious (duh?) recommendations to 
those who haven't gotten around to it yet.  great stuff.  also, 
thanks to those who have sent me addresses i've lost; i'm still 
waiting fr a few, so if you haven't gotten a chance, please do try.  
(bob r., i need that fax no.  again!) 

is it just me, or is this compilation thing (over th last 5 months or 
so) getting ridiculous? how many good ones can possibly come out @ 
once? as if those olympia gems weren't enough, simple machines has 
just released a cd compilation of th working holiday 7"s, w/a limited 
edition double disc of live tracks by great bands like pitchblende, 
archers, eggs, & my beloved & sorely missed rodan.  as usual, 
attractive packaging, full of information, nice pictures, & a good 
price.  a tribute to s.m.'s hard work & dedication.

there is a little boy in th cpu lab jumping around & making a ruckus & 
being silly to strangers in here.  non sequitor.

great jazz disc= charlie kolhase's "good deeds" on 
accurate.  (my favorite indie of jazz labels.  black saint is also 
excellent.) juliana luecking's full-length on kill rock stars gets 
thumbs up too.  happy ex-thanksgivin.  bok bok bok.

sebadoh, versus, & bunnybrains @ lupos's/providence 10/23...
a nice night out.  not only was it th 1st time in 3 that we went to 
see a show in providence & weren't hassled, but th audience- which is 
usually pretty frustrating- helped contribute to a nice atmosphere 
that made this show so much fun.  (to make up fr our luck, th 
operation director @ our radio station's car was broken into tuesday @ 
beck) versus, as usual, was great.  they keep on coming up again & 
again in interviews fr my fanzine as bands' favorite live band.  my friend 
made a funny commentary on ed's drumming that actually seemed 
accurate.  if you don't know, he has a sheer look of determination on 
his face while he plays, which makes it look like "he's on a mission." 
you have th right to disagree.  oh yeah, i didn't like bunnybrains.  
they gave me a headache.  sebadoh was so relaxed & silly.  we sat next 
to th stage & just relaxed & enjoyed th music & lack of structure/set 
lists.  nice.

beck & doorag & lupo's 10/25...
shit.  this crowd was shit.  a packed house of mostly jean-clad fratty 
boys w/ possessive arms around their girlfriends.  a batch of 
shirtless sweaty smelly guys from lollapallooza & th last metallica 
show determined to stage dive to even th acoustic only folk tunes.  & 
stinky ladies dressed in black pushing to th front screaming "i love 
you beck!" sheer & utter hell.  doo rag was a pleasent surprise; 
creative & totally into th music.  distorted slide guitars & vocals 
w/a drummer banging on boxes.  they played fr a long time too, which 
seemed to wear a bit on th crowd of "loser" fans.  i mentioned this 
last year & reaffirm strongly my opinion that beck is a wonderful 
asset to th music community.  i'll leave it @ that.  we moved to th 
side after josh's film was confiscated & we got sick of being hit & 
fallen on.  after th show i got a note to beck about th film thru my 
friend jay, who played drums fr jchurch a little this summer on tour.  
(lance is playing guitar fr beck on tour.) they found us outside 
immediately after th show & told us that beck had thought that th camera 
had been confiscated & freaked out.  in th end, he recovered th 
exposed film, & even remembered me from last march's boston show 
w/m.l.lord & that dog.  since he was most definitely NOT th asshole, i 
left w/a bitter taste on my tongue fr mtv & commercial radio.  

steadfast, bunnygrunt, bracket, picasso trigger @ studio 158/ct 10/28...
hurrah! my 1st did-it-myself job.  steadfast, local jawbreaker/old 
lookout influencees opened up.  they're not bad.  not great, but 
they're 15 years old & already have a 7" & they've got serious 
potential.  keep yr ears opened fr them.  bunnygrunt are 3 wonderful & 
adorable human beings whom i luv w/all my heart.  th best thing about 
them is that their music is just as sweet as they are; altho' th 7" i 
have is pure cub-iced pop & they carried it over on stage, they also 
were much heavier than i expected them to be.  hefty recommendations, 
live & on vinyl.  if anyone wants th address fr th "standing hampton 
ep" mail me & i'll get it to you.  oh, & they bought me a hot wheels 
car as a gift.  can you beat that fr cute? bracket totally surprised 
me & th majority of th folks there who knew & luv'd th cd w/their 
energy & sheer fun rockin.  fuck yr $25 green day stadium tickets, see 
them while they're still on tour (they'll be @ bowler's in worchester 
friday) & buy their cd fr less.  th lp on caroline just came out 4 or 
5 months ago & they already have a new one on fat wreck chords due in 
november, from which most of their live selections spawned.  a pop 
punk dream come true, & nice guys to boot.  i had heard horror stories 
about th infamous picasso trigger before & was a little bit worried, 
especially when everyone but 8 or 9 folks left after bracket.  but 
fuck 'em.  p.t.  played hard despite driving all th way from nc that 
same morning & mixed in th old material w/stuff off th forthcoming ep 
"t'aint."  made me feel real proud & th time i put into it worthwhile.  
th nu shit is super/seeing them live will also allow you th 
opportunity to snag one them "picasso trigger sodomized my honor 
student" bumper stickers that alias didn't want to print.  
nananananana nanana.  bratty punk lives.

next time/vitapup, bikini kill (x2), kudgel, & more.  clikitat ikatowi 
demo tape is my nu favorite cassette.  archers of loaf, ivy, 
schroeder, huggy bear, syrup, and much more as well.  i'll be airing 
an interview w/slim moon of kill rock stars pretty soon on my show 
that you might want to check out as well.  email fr info if in th new 
england area.  see you @ th pop festival saturday! oh, if anyone saw 
th boston bunnygrunt/karate show-boston, please mail me & tell all.  
smooches, dann.

account no.- dlm94001@uconnvm.uconn.edu

oh, if anyone has any advice on affordable ways of retaining quality 
in live fotos fr a photocopied zine, i'd appreciate any advice.  
thanks.  xoxoxoxoxoxo


From: Eric Sinclair <esinclai@indiana.edu>
The Mysteries of Life

It's unfortunately rare that there's much I feel is coming out of 
the Bloomington 'scene' that is worth reviewing broadly.  Luckily, 
something wandered into our house recently that stands against that.

I finally tracked down and got a copy of the new single Kira b/w 
Alibi (Egg Records, POB 30253, Indianapolis, IN  46230) from 
Mysteries of Life, a combo comprised of Freda (formerly of the Blake 
Babies and Antenna), Jake (formerly of Antenna) and cohort Geraldine 
providing some delicate cello work to the otherwise standard guitar 
and drums mix.

It's very good stuff indeed.  Jake's songwriting evinces the strong 
personality of John Strohm (leader of Antenna and now leader of 
Velo-Deluxe), which can be good and bad.  It'll cause your songs to 
take on a rolling underdrone that drives them forward with 
exultation.  It could also, if unchecked, lead to albums of great 
flatness, with few peaks and valley to propel the listener properly 

This caveat is not the case here on this single, luckily.  The first 
side has this sound, the jam-drone undercurrent.  Had I gotten this 
7" sooner, it would make a swell track on a summer mix tape.  The 
b-side is darker and quieter, a nice autumn song about loss and lies.


From: Jill Emery <llje@utxdp.dp.utexas.edu>
16 Deluxe, Starfish & etc. at Emo's --Austin TX 11/25/94

I saw/heard the last 3 songs by Starfish...they're local and bit too 
rock-n-roll for me, but have a pretty developed sound.

16 Deluxe--Another local band who have recently appeared on the 
scene and have quickly developed a rather large following.  Two 
guitars, bass & drums and they are being hyped as the next band to 
come out of Austin into mainstream alternative music.  A friend of 
mine refers to them as the next Smashing Cranberries, but a more 
appropriate description would be the next Smashing My Bloody 
Cranberries.  The male guitar player does seem to have the Smashing 
Pumpkins guitar sound & look down pat, while the female guitar player 
has the more swirling, droning My Bloody Valentine sound going.  While 
extremely derivative, they are also extremely talented and do hold 
the promise of developing into something really big.  They did one 
Brian Eno cover that was all right and a My Bloody Valentine cover 
that wasn't so hot, but overall their songs are well executed and 
wholly enjoyable.  The female vocal/guitarist has a great stage 
presence and when they let loose, the whole band really lets loose.  
As far as I know there aren't any singles out, but hopefully there will 
be soon.



From: Mark Bukovec <markb@microsoft.com>
Live reviews: DF Hermans, Pale Saints, Wedding Present, etc.

Suddenly, there are tons of good shows in Seattle.  I saw all this in 
the span of about three weeks.  Sorry, Mum, I'm not moving back to 
Pittsburgh just yet.

HYPERLUNG--Art school, ahoy: intoned Lizard King vocals, 
not-one-but-two film screens (I admit, the one with the donuts frying 
got me hungry), power tools, and firecrackers.  Left us all with a 
sulphur-tinged malaise.  Had to gargle with Bushmill's to get it out.

TRENCHMOUTH--Upbeat Chicago group, with a heapin' helpin' of ska, 
funk, reggae, and punk.  Hmmm, that sounds like Fishbone, but they 
don't sound like that.  Bizarre vocals that actually work.  Could 
stand to loosen up a bit, but a good show nonetheless.

DOG-FACED HERMANS--Like an unending sugarbuzz.  Propulsive and 
relentless, experimentation rooted in a primal punk wail.  The lead 
singer is a surprisingly good horn player.  However, I probably 
admired this more than I dug it.  Comprende?

SOURMASH--Another forgettable punk rock group.  You'll meet one of 
these guys in a bar one day.  Him: "I used to be in a band." You: "Oh, 
yeah? What band?" Him: "Sourmash." You: "Never heard of 'em."

SPELL--L.A.  trio: shared vocals between male drummer and female 
bassist (weak voice here) plus some rather mundane guitar work.  Songs 
coulda been cut in half and it wouldn't have made a damn bit of 
difference.  I smelled record-company money, and the freebie CD 
singles passed out after the show confirmed that my sniffer's as sharp 
as ever.

THE WEDDING PRESENT--Pop masters. Do yourself a favor. Enjoy.

JESSAMINE--This Seattle band's new single "Secret" is wonderful.  
Distant femme vox over Moog drones kept lively by good drumming and 
urgent guitar.  However, they need more good tunes like this to boost 
their live act, which aspires to (but falls way short of) a hypnotic 
effect a la Stereolab.

LISA GERMANO--She's gotta great voice, but when you play the 
singer-songwriter game, yer shit's gotta be a lot smarter than this 

PALE SAINTS--Fans of moody Brit pop will have this with their tea and 
crumpets.  I enjoyed the darker tunes the best and was adequately 
charmed by the more uptempo stuff.  Not bad at all.

DANGER GENS--Seattle trio, vocal duties split between the female 
guitarist and bassist.  Nothing too tricky, but rocks just fine.  
(Related note: I'm getting wary of these "CD release party" things: 
the show's always over early and the playing's always a bit subpar.  
Kinda like being late for a house party: the keg's kicked, the 
evening's couples have already paired off, and anyone else hanging 
around is too wasted to bother with.)

--M. Bukovec


From: jac15@thor.INS.CWRU.Edu (Jeff Curtis)
CORRECTION: How to join FallNet for real!

I posted incorrect information about joining FallNet in my post about 
bands wanted for a Fall cover tape.  Here is the long-awaited CORRECT 
information!! Sorry for any inconveniences and bounced messages!

>Send a message to "listproc@gibbs.oit.unc.edu" with 
>"Subscribe Fall <your address>" as the body of the letter.



From: Sean Murphy <grumpy@access.digex.net>
ANNOUNCE: Finley Breeze


(Apologies to all who have already seen a version of this message...)

There is a new electronic zine in the works, by the name of _Finley 
Breeze_.  This publication will take the place of the recently 
deceased Telegraph, continuing in the spirit of open discussion of 
music beyond record reviews.  There's a lot of issues hidden behind 
the labels and pigeonholes, and this is an opportunity to discuss some 
of them.

The theoretical topic for this issue is "RADIO." Define it as you 
like, write something, zip it off to me, and I'll include it.

It's a one-stop address for subscriptions, submissions, comments, 
questions, and entries for the ever popular "Coursing Through The 
Wires" segment: <grumpy@access.digex.net>

Issue #1 of FB will be published around December 15, so get crackin, 

Sean Murphy


From: Chris McMahon <libcm@emoryu1.cc.emory.edu>
ANNOUNCE: Some WWW pages of interest, Millan and Kenzie's tour.

Millan & Kenzie, The Most Peculiar Acoustic Band In The World, has a 
couple of WWW pages for your enjoyment:

http://tswww.cc.emory.edu/~dsaxe/millan-kenzie.html (lotsa pictures 
and lyrics)
Also see the pages for Rainy Day Records, who distributes M&K as well 
as a bunch of other Atlanta acts:

http://ipac.net/HW/RDR/rdrhome.html. (sounds will be here soon.)

Soon to come is another set of RDR pages at Monsterbit:


And here's Millan & Kenzie's January tour schedule, all E. coast, as 
well as the rest of the stuff you get when you finger me:
                        _SHRINE_ IS HERE!!!
     It should be available at your local record store, or call Rainy Day 
Records to order: 1-800-636-6166 or (404)636-6166. (Or to get it to your 
                       local record store!!)
                            TOUR SCHEDULE:

Dec. 31 Atlanta GA/Eddie's Attic (New Year's Eve!)
Jan.  6 Columbia SC/Annie's
Jan.  7 Chapel Hill NC/Crescent City Music Hall
Jan. 10 Atlanta GA/Oxford Books-Pharr Rd. COMPLETELY acoustic!
Jan. 11 Augusta GA/The Post Office
Jan. 12 Fairfax (DC) VA/TT Reynold's
Jan. 13 Richmond VA/Memphis
Jan. 14 Va. Beach VA/The Jewish Mother
Jan. 17 Alexandria VA./Bad Habits(z?) w/Eddie From Ohio
Jan. 18 Auburn AL/War Eagle Supper Club (TENTATIVE)	
Jan. 19 Auburn Al/War Eagle Supper Club (DEFINITE)
Jan. 20 Atlanta GA/Eddie's Attic
Jan. 21 Rock Hill SC/(I don't know the name of the venue; e-mail for details)
Jan. 27 Pensacola FL/Sluggo's (New location, I think)

Feb. 10 Atlanta GA/Eddie's Attic
Feb. 25 Black Mtn. NC/The Grey Eagle


From: Richard Payne <dirk@savoy.maires.co.uk>
ANNOUNCE: NW2noise WWW Server

New Ways to Noise.
Serving Cricklewood, London and the World.

NW2Noise for the discerning lover of all things loud.
Point yr Browser at:

Featuring music, pics and info contributed by: Huggy Bear, Headbutt,
Fabric, Bumgravy, Cornershop.....

More info from:

dik					noise@maires.co.uk
NOP Research Group Ltd                  (+44) (0)171 612 0421 (phone)
Tower House, Southampton Street         (+44) (0)171 612 0574 (fax)
London WC2E 7HN


From: pnini@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
AD: Great Plains Reunion, 21 December, Staches, Columbus OH


Most of you indie-listers are probably too young to have experienced 
first-hand Columbus' Great Plains, who ruled the underground in the 
mid to late 80s with their very own brand of Rolling Rock-fueled, 
smart-assed, cheesy organ and guitar-driven indie rock.  They 
recorded many fine slabs of vinyl for Homestead in the US, Shadowline 
in Holland, and even had a compilation released by Diablo in the UK.  
Anyway, here's your chance to see what you missed, as the Plains 
reunite for one night only on December 21 at Staches in Columbus, 
Ohio.  Thrill to the sights of Ron, Mark, Matt, Dave, Jim, and 
alternately Don, Mike, Paul, and Bill (more complicated than a Guided 
by Voices lineup!) as they prove that they're not too old to rock.  
Big names will be in attendance; so should you!

Thanks much.

Paul Nini


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