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      Indie List Digest!

       January 29, 1995

     Volume 4   Number 16


a dutchman in ohio
Plush, Palace Songs
graduate angst and how to beat it.
The Elusive See-Eye.
AD: You Could Do Worse #3
AD: Debut of RTFM #1 
AD: Chunklet

We had an information request last week that I wanted to open up to 
the collective readership of the IL. mhalpern@lsil.com (Marty) 
wanted  to know something about a band "Weapons of Choice".  He 
thought they were on some label by the name of Loose Groove 
Records.  I don't know anything more than that (except that it has 
some apparent Pearl Jam connection...)  Anyone?



From: "K. Lena Bennett" <keb@u.washington.edu>
More Indie Input Needed on RINGO!

Hey guys -
I've been playing around with Ringo lately and it keeps recommending that 
I listen to Green Day and Ministry.  This is for someone who's selected 
favorites like the Mountain Goats and Built to Spill.  I think it needs 
more people who like indie bands to do some input!  So email 
ringo@media.mit.edu or use the web interface at 
http://jeeves.media.mit.edu/ringo/.  Thanks!

	"I'll stay away from work again today
	and think of all the records that I wanna play." - Fastbacks


From: kingunix@garnet.berkeley.edu (Robbeldebobbel)
a dutchman in ohio

Hi there! Well - since two of my fellow countrymen filled up more than 
half of the last Indie-list [actually, I-L v4n14, but the lag in 
publishing causes these confusions...  -es], I thought this Dutchman 
in exile should perhaps speak a word or two as well.  The occasion: my 
adventures in Ohio! The week after Christmas I spent near Dayton, 
Ohio, and I tell you - there's not a lot one can do there except 
frequent record shops and go to the occa- sional show.  And so I did.  
First off, at Canal St.  in Dayton, I saw two local bands play: 
opening ( 8-( ) was Pretty Mighty Mighty, a band from Columbus who 
have a new CD out on Burnt Sienna records.  They play a mighty mix of 
violin and rock instruments, sounding like a cross between Scrawl and 
the Blackgirls (whatever happened to them, anyway?), with a bit of 
Dambuilders thrown in.  That is: vocal style and simple parts are more 
like Scrawl and Blackgirls, but the frantic, complex parts with 
screeching violin and guitar remind me of the Dambuilders.  Very nice! 
The headlining band, Pastures Green, wasn't as inspiring, although 
they appeared to have a larger following.  Fairly standard alternative 
rock - guitar style, with vocals that were good but just a little too 
un-indie to excite me....  We left early.

Next: New Year's Eve in Cincinnati, at Bogart's.  A big place that, 
for this occasion, wasn't nearly filled to capacity.  The occasion: a 
lineup of three "local" bands (I'm counting Columbus and Dayton as 
being local to Cincy).  First up Honeyburns from Dayton.  A band with 
some promise, although so far they stick closely to other fuzzed-out 
almost-ethereal-noise guitar pop examples.  The main problem that 
night was the sound: the drums were turned up to a ridiculously high 
level, drowning out guitar and bass and some of the vocals.  But they 
could be a band to watch.

Then Lazy, from Cincinnati, played.  They also have a new CD out, and 
they play a somewhat silly guitar pop/rock style.  The silliness is 
mainly due to the girl vocals, singing "I gotta gotta crush on you" in 
high-pitched high- energy manner...  Good simple fun, I'm not 
complaining at all...

And headlining that night were the Ass Ponys, who just released their 
3rd (?) album.  They're from Columbus and have been around for quite a 
while.  On CD they sound a lot like REM at times, especially the 
Stipe-a-like singer, but on stage it wasn't as apparent.  They've got 
a lot of good, slightly country- tinged songs, but by that time, I was 
somewhat drunk, so I'll stop my review.  In other notes - picked up a 
CD by Columbus band "Girly Machine" - I'd bought a 7" when I was out 
last year, and they have a great sound - but I know absolutely nothing 
about them...  Anybody have any extra info? That's all for now - keep 
writing, y'all! Skinny


From: Jay Babcock <jay@DrMemory.nuc.ucla.edu>
Plush, Palace Songs

PLUSH:  "Three-Quarters Blind Eyes"/"Found a Little Baby" (Drag City)
PALACE SONGS: "Hope" (Drag City)

Inside a surreal record cover best described as some sort of weird 
cross between Doctor Who and Dali is a real rarity -- a seven-inch 
single by a new band (Plush) that contains two songs of instant- 
classic quality.

"Three-Quarters Blind Eyes", based around a big half-riff of familiar 
Royal Trux guitar, backed by a weak organ hum and a langurous tempo 
and vocal, is near-perfect.  It's kinda calming in its laziness -- I 
would suggest giving it a spin on the turntable while you're with your 
sweetie, sipping chamomile tea and watching the afternoon clouds just 
drift on by.

"Found a Little Baby" is even smoother, something like Phil Spector 
producing David Sylvian.  It's full of easy-listening plucked-strings, 
flutes, french horns, and slow, quiet "mmm...ooooh" harmonies.  This 
is the song my mom might like...  though I hope I never hear her, or 
anyone else for that matter, singing along to lyrics like "What's so 
bad about dying?" Yikes.

Plush's main man, Liam Hayes, also plays piano, organ, and guitar on 
the new Palace ep release, "Hope." Since I think this was reviewed in 
the last Indie-List, I won't say too much here...  "Hope" is 
essentially Will Oldham with a quiet band; that is, Will's raw, 
quavering vocals in front of restrained drums, piano tinklings, 
background organ, occasional quiet guitars, and mournful vocal 
harmonies.  Though extremely prolific Will's style and subject matter 
is by now something less than the revelation it was on first hearing, 
his music still retains a strange, haunted aura about it, making these 
four new songs and two covers (including Leonard Cohen's "Winter 
Lady") something special.

Jay Babcock


From: Sean Murphy <grumpy@access.digex.net>
graduate angst and how to beat it.

Having the opportunity to rifle through real record stacks (as opposed 
to the token 12" vinyl section) is a wonderful thing.  Finding record 
stores that stock Siltbreeze records with regularity is even better.

Dead C, _Clyma Est Mort_ (Siltbreeze)

This came out almost 2 years ago, but Siltbreeze had the good sense to 
re-press a bunch of copies.  Live Dead C from 1992, with some songs 
from "Harsh 70s Reality," the wonderful and harrowing "Power," and 
your essential sonic soundscapes that the Dead C are known for.  Cover 
art swiped directly from the Fall's "Totale's Turns" LP.  I should 
have had my own copy of this 2 years ago - I'm simply glad I got a 
second shot at it.  **1/2

Birthday Party, Hits (4AD)

Almost every time I'm at the Black Cat, looking to play some pinball, 
someone has just programmed 8 songs in a row from this CD on the 
jukebox.  Never once have I complained about it, except when I 
remembered that I didn't have any BP albums and the CDs were always 
prices as imports.  So, finding a used copy, I had to snag it.  Dark, 
throbbing, pounding, screeching.  Just the way my dream birthday party 
would be.  Think about the phrase "Big Jesus Trash Can" screamed at 
high volume and sounding totally normal.  That's the Birthday Party.  
It's a "best-of" set, meaning that I'll now have to pick up the 
individual LPs to get the rest of the story, but this will do for now.  

Tone - Build (Dischord / Independent Projects)

As always, an IPR record is instantly recognizable for its stellar 
letter-pressed packaging.  And the music is nearly always as good as 
the package.  Tone is a rotating-membership DC ensemble with at least 
5 guitars at any given time, along with a bass player and a drummer.  
Much of the buzz I've heard around this has focused on comparisons to 
Glenn Branca - don't believe the hype.  This has much more in common 
with Mark Robinson's instrumental ramblings (Unrest's "Where Have All 
The Puerto Rican Boys Gone", Grenadine's "777") than Branca's noise 
excursions.  But that's not a slag in any way - I like the jangling, 
shimmering quality of the songs, and the texture you can feel from 4 
or 5 different guitars (instead of multi-tracking one guitar).  **

(On a related note, someone recently had the bright idea of doing a CD 
re-issue of Glenn Branca's brilliant LP from 1980, "The Ascension." If 
you've ever liked a Sonic Youth song, particularly those pre-Dirty, 
then buy this CD post-haste.  This is the album that bridges the late 
'70s no-wave and the mid-80s NYC sound driven by Thurston and Lee.  
***.  I like it far better than Branca's symphonies, but maybe 
that's because it's a rock LP, not a merger of classical concept with 
rock tools.)

One last note - this may come too late, but people with the 
opportunity should go see the Red Krayola on their current tour.  A 
magnificent sight.  Perhaps a bit quirky, but there's definitely a 
feeling that you can't find in most music today, and when else will 
you ever hear "Hurricane Fighter Plane" with Dave Grubbs playing the 
little ostinato part?

Grumpy Sean

P.S.  Recent radio "guilty pleasures": Big Audio, "Looking For A 
Song"; Bush, "Everything Zen" (except for the idiotic lyrics); Weezer 
(for singlehandedly reviving the Cheap Trick aesthetic for a 
generation that has never heard "Surrender").

Oasis' "Live Forever" used to be listed above, but it has quickly 
passed into the "oh no not that fucking song AGAIN" stage.  If you 
want to hear this type of music done right, skip Suede, skip Oasis, 
and pick up a Bowie LP or two from the early 70s...  Ziggy Stardust is 
the obvious place to go (and the Ryko re-issue has that really nice 
demo version of "John I'm Only Dancing"), but there's other stuff that 
is equally good.

P.P.S.  To hell with bands that think puns about drapery are cool.  
"Can't be the breeders" indeed.

P.P.P.S.  My apologies to those who don't actually recognize any of 
the material listed above.  You're a far better person for it.  I'd 
kill to have a radio station I liked and could receive reliably at 


From: stux@utopia1.com (Stuart What?)
The Elusive See-Eye.

First of all, thanks to those responding to my [severely abridged] 
letter (IndieList Vol.  4 Ish 15).  If any brave soul wants to read 
the original version of the letter, feel free to write me at 
StuX@Utopia1.Com, like if you really want to write, but want to know 
more about her...

But the matter at hand is regarding Chemical Imbalance.  I don't know 
how many readers/fans of CI exist in IndieListLand, but I for one, 
with my one issue, am, in all honesty, deep-down-and-dirty in love 
with this magazine.  I consider it my IndieBible, because it was the 
tome that first brought me into IndieVille a scant 2 1/2 years ago; it 
was the key to the gate.  It's also become my dictionary, I can still 
reference bands, artists, writers, etc.  etc.

Anyway, when the honorable Mr.  Cornick wrote in 2.20, "And whatever 
happened to the magazine?" my heart screamed in a pang of anguish and 
fear.  Could it be that my Bible had just up and vanished off of the 
face of this mother earth? And when Mr.  Wolk, in 2.22 wrote his 
frenzied request for help regarding Mr.  McGonigal's location, it only 
put me in more of a state.

So, about a month ago, I sent a LONG letter to the magazine, telling 
Mr.  McGonigal and staff just what I thought of their efforts, and 
today, Jan.  20, 1995, I received a letter from the aforementioned, 
and was asked to pass on information regarding him, his magazine, etc.  

First of all, for those who still haven't found him by now, and who 
still care, Mr.  Mike McGonigal can, for the time being, be reached at 
Box 11435, Chattanooga, TN 37401.

Okay, to answer the question regarding the absence of the magazine, 
one major factor as to the delay is the fact the Mike was near-fatally 
stabbed in front of his Brooklyn apartment about a year and a half 
ago.  He had to have "open-heart & lung surgery & collapsed lung 
surgery.  Lost 4 of my 8 pints of blood.  Got a permanently herniated 
esophagus; one-sixth of my weekly salary goes to medicine that lets me 
eat w/o nearly choking to death..." And due to some other questionable 
lifestyle habits, the magazine and other written works, etc.  have not 
been too feasible.

But the first bit of good news that Mike wanted me to pass on is that 
he's been totally clean for almost 9 months.  He's playing "Mr.  
PunkRockPromoterguy" in Chattanooga, with past shows including the 
Grifters and Butterglory, and upcoming shows like Kicking Giant with 
Sue P.  Fox and Hazel.

As for written work, he's got two articles for the Village Voice 
coming up, a monthly column in Pretty Decorating, and a monthly column 
in Time-Warner's subscription-only magazine, Huh, as well as 
prose/poetry works.  Also, the "best thing I ever wrote's" is in a new 
Grove Press anthology called Low Rent, edited by Kurt Hollander.

And finally, as for CI, the first new issue in about 2 1/2 years is 
due out around the 3rd week of February, along with a full-length (67 
min.) CD, (mentioned in IL-2.22) with some stuff by: Ruby Falls, 
Sleepyhead, Lou Barlow, Paleface, Red Red Meat, Sue Fox with Kicking 
Giant, Grifters, Built to Spill, Hot Monkey, Spitters, Kreamy 'Lectric 
Santa, Hazel, and more...

So, the future of IndiePress isn't as bleak as at least I thought, 
despite all the hardcomings.  For all of those still thoroughly 
confused, take a look at ILs 1.24, 1.25, 2.15, 2.20, 2.22, and 2.28 
for mentions of Chemical Imbalance; mebbe that'll give you a little 
more of an idea, mebbe not.  Take care anyway, everyone.  And write me 
once in a while, dammit.  I'M needin' some pen pals, too.  I suppose 
since I've been doin' so much writin' to the IL lately, there's no 
need to quit.  Look for more stuff from me soon.

Schtooie [StuX@Utopia1.Com]


From: Rob Galgano <0005338863@mcimail.com>
AD: You Could Do Worse #3

You Could Do Worse #3 is out - like you care.

68 big pages!

Gastr del Sol
The Moon Seven Times
Jeff Buckley
The London Suede

250+ music reviews, plus zine & live reviews

and...drug war (part 2), humor, and our first techno/ambient column. so there.

$3.00 ppd to
You Could Do Worse.
P.O. Box 74647
Cedar Rapids, IA 52407

subs - $7.50 for 3 issues

checks/money orders/whatever payable (in US $) to Rob Galgano

back issues for $3.50, 2 for $5.00

#1 - Yo La Tengo, Tommy Keene, The Loud Family, The Hang Ups, Grifters, Buffalo
#2 - Luna, Low, Five-Eight, The Connells, Possum Dixon, Wake Ooloo



From: Rob Thornton <rt@clark.net>
AD: Debut of RTFM #1 

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce RTFM #1, a 40-page 
full-size zine that features:

   --15 pages of D.C., Baltimore and Richmond "indie"-ish music reviews;
   --An illustrated short story by John Sizemore called "Welcome to 
     Middle-Age, Charlie Brown!" It takes a satirical look back at the 
     lives and loves of CB and the Gang as they hit 50-plus; 
   --Two columns about Movies for the Midnight Hour and Strangely Wonderful
     (and Recommended) Non-Fiction; and some 8 1/2 by 11 art.

It's available for $2 in well-hidden cash from: RTFM, P.O. Box 10254, 
Rockville, MD 20849-0254.... Thanks much. We now return you to your 
regularly scheduled program.


From: "Henry H. Owings" <HOWINGS@uga.cc.uga.edu>
AD: Chunklet (zine)

Hey, Here's a shameless plug for my zine.  
Lookin' for good shitter reading? Send me stamps to receive CHUNKLET, 
the last vestige of indie-ness in Athens, GA! So far we've done 
completely irreverent interviews with Tabitha Soren and that lead 
singer from Counting Crows, real interviews with Muffs, Helmet, 
Arcwelder, Guzzard, Chokebore, Shellac, Gastr' del Sol, Archers of 
Loaf, Man or Astroman?, Tar, Gaunt, Air Miami, Oblivians and more! 
We've got our own in-house advice columnist, Noser, piles of record 
reviews, how-to-manage life tips, self deprecation, ding dongs, 
casserole recipes, water balloon fights, cure for cancer, altoids, 
smashed guitars, lawn mowers, and your mother.  That's right!!! None 
of this is available via email.  So yr gonna hafta get off yr butt and 
go to the post office and get some stamps, put 'em in an envelope and 
send them to: POB 2814, Athens, GA 30612-0814 (706)549-7908 or you can 
wimper to me at: howings@uga.cc.uga.edu Whichever, you can't lose, 
punk.  hwa! h20


Next issue:
          Hotel X
          Rocket 455
          and more...

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