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      Indie List Digest!

      February 28, 1995

     Volume 4   Number 18



Reviews galore..........
Sydney BDO and other stuff
Lots O' Reviews
Weapon of Choice
Reviews o' Risk
AD: Ba Da Bing!
AD: pop kid records
AD: Smitten; Chivalry
AD: Coctails Tour/New Releases on Carrot Top


From: madnbut@vt.edu (Mad and Butch)
Reviews galore..........

Dish-Mabel Sagittarius EP (Engine)
Dish is a Raleigh, NC, "supergroup" of sorts, featuring noted producer 
Jerry Kee on drums (he produced Superchunk's debut LP, among many 
other releases), Bo Taylor of Motocaster on guitar, Sara Bell on bass, 
and former Blackgirl Dana Kletter on piano and vocals.  It's quite a 
"mature" sound that the quartet has struck, largely focused on 
Kletter's beautiful voice and prominent piano, but with 
folkie/psychedelic touches thrown in.  The rumor is that Dish was 
signed to Interscope along with Motocaster, so a full length should be 
on the way very shortly.  In the meantime, this is well worth it to 
Blackgirls fans (better than anything the Blackgirls did) and also 
fans of like-minded artists such as Suddenly, Tammy (though Dish rocks 
much more).

Jessamine-"Your Head is So Small it's Like a Little Light" 7" (Sub Pop)
Self-Titled album (Kranky)
A couple of really amazing releases from this Seattle band.  The 7" 
has some complicated packaging (more complicated than the Shellac 
singles, I dare say) and some amazing music, in a sort of creepy 
organ-based manner.  The album rocks a bit more than the single, but 
is equally chilling with touches of Opal, early Pink Floyd, Stereolab 
and Can.  You don't hear enough records today that have this kind of 
organic psychedelic tone to them, and the packaging on the CD is also 
really nice and elaborate.  First rate.

Brise-Glace-When in Vanitas...  (Skin Graft) 
I'm not even sure how to pronounce this Chicago combo's name (unless 
the pronunciation is "excellent").  Another record out of the new 
Chicago "school" (Tortoise, Red Krayola [formerly of the old European 
school -es], Gastr Del Sol, etc.), BG includes many of the same people 
that make those other bands tick (Jim O'Rourke, David Grubbs, Thymme 
Jones, Darin Gray and even Henry Kaiser), plus a little engineering 
help from Steve Albini.  If Gastr is the "folk" end of the spectrum, 
BG is certainly the "industrial" end, with the quirky start/stops and 
tape splices characterized by a more machinery-like presence.  Not 
easy listening by any stretch of the imagination, the extended works 
have a quirky tension that is actually pretty soothing if you're in 
the right mood.  Certainly not as scary as Bruce Gilbert's INSIDING 
record, though similar in general atmosphere.

One of my favorite records of the past year.  I'm still disappointed 
that the amazing promise of the first Moonshake single on Creation had 
to be split in two, but I suppose the upside is that we get twice as 
much stuff from each of the seperate parties.  Laika is the "smooth" 
end of the original Moonshake sound, and they utilize marimba, vibes 
and melodica (along with guitars, drums and moog) to create a 
textural, almost african, feel.  Very rhythm oriented; most of the 
songs have a very steady beat that's practically a dance beat.  They 
utilize all manner of interesting production quirks and sounds to keep 
it interesting, but it never gets as frenzied as the current Moonshake 
material.  At times I wish that they would lay the guitars on just a 
bit heavier, like back in the (sniff, sniff) good old days, but I'm 
more than willing to except the direction that Laika has chosen to go 
in.  Good/bad news: Apparently Too Pure has signed a distribution deal 
with American Recordings here in America, so the Too Pure items that 
have only been available as imports up to this point (I'm guessing 
Pram, Laika and Moonshake stuff, but not sure what else) are going to 
get domestic release.  Not sure whether they will be re-releasing 
everything, so you might not want to hold out; rush out and buy the 
excellent Long Fin Killie EP as an import now!

Guitar Wolf-"Somethin' Else" 7" (Bag Of Hammers)
The Eddie Cochran song "Somethin' Else" is actually the tune Guitar 
Wolf were doing when I thought they were doing some sort of 
ironic/post-modern take on Half Japanese's "Charmed Life."  More of 
the (excellent!) same from the trio, who bash out rockabilly sludge 
with a Stooges-like inefficiency.  100% pure rock dynamite!

Various artists-FANTASY BAND 7" (Shrimper)
Many of the Shrimper all-stars appear, including the Ah Club, Will 
Simmons, Massengil, the Extra Glenns and Promordial Undermind.  
Furniture Huschle's goofy (and short) "pro-Billy" (as in the Melrose 
Place character) is one of many highlights.  All the songs are short, 
that's why you get 11 on the 7".

Puffy-"Come Home to a House Full of Flame" (Ratfish PO Box 1869 Cambridge,
MA 02238)
Puffy is Dennis Callaci of Refrigerator/Paste/Shrimper, along with his 
bride Catherine Guffey.  Pretty similar to Paste stuff, except Puffy 
kicks the accordion action, which makes for a nice change of pace.  
Still pretty harsh/scratchy/scary/rough sounding, but it's got that 
emotional "other" that keeps you coming back for more.

Soccer-"Trendpiece" 7" (Wee Knee Po Box 372 Chapel Hill, NC 27514)
This is a couple of months old, and the band has already recorded a 
bunch of stuff for a full length.  Soccer is a Chapel Hill 4 piece who 
write ultra catchy songs about the particular milieu they find 
themselves in; the highly regarded and sometimes claustrophobic Chapel 
Hill "scene" (you can't swing a dead cat around without hitting a band 
member in that fine town).  Thus, a song like "Hey Hipster" both 
satirizes and glorifies the (sometimes) ridiculous "scene-making 
machinery", without becoming smug or hateful.  Whether they choose to 
recognize it or not, Soccer are just as much a part of the "scene" as 
anybody else in the Hill; they just have a little more fun with the 
idea of it.

And one live review...

2/4/95 Bicentennial Quarters at the Cellar in Blacksburg, VA
While relatively unheralded at this point, BQ are really one of the NC 
triangle's brightest musical hopes.  A trio made up of bassist Chris 
Eubanks (a former member of Jettison bands Blue Chair (?) and Skeletal 
Remains), drummer Ian Davis (formerly of the Annubis Leisure Society 
and the Mind Sirens) and guitarist Walker Martin (he works at the very 
cool Poindexter record store in Durham), BQ writes amazingly complex 
songs with sturdy dynamics, and pulls it off with nary a misstep.  The 
crowd, most of whom had never even heard of the band before, were 
fully impressed by their jazzy mix.  They brought to mind Fred Frith 
in overdrive (they even covered a Skeleton Crew song) or Jon Spencer 
fronting King Crimson.  The band doesn't have any "legitimate" 
releases yet, and hasn't really moved beyond the Triangle as far as 
touring goes, but they are certainly worth looking out for in the 

Yak! Winter tour '95!
Tues. Feb. 7-Blacksburg-home watching TV and re-itemizing our record
collections alphabetically by the engineer's name
Thur. Feb. 23-Lynchburg, VA w/the Jerry Falwell Fornication Experience and
the Rev. James Cleveland's Ghost
Fri. Feb. 24-Boone, NC w/the NBA Jams Rappers featuring Kurt Rambis
Sat. Feb. 25-Roanoke, VA-w/Gaptooth Slim, Monkeyboy Slim, Memphis Slim,
Hogjowl Slim, Iceburg Slim and Tasty Taste, Tone-Deaf and Ice Cold-N.W.H.!
Tues. March 10-London w/Slaughter and the Dogs and Spizz Oil
Thurs. March 12-NYC w/Fun Boy Three, Hayzi Fantayzie, Wham, Baby
Amphetamine and Jessamine

Self promotion=self immolation


From: Mark Hyland <100241.577@compuserve.com>
Sydney BDO and other stuff

Hi all and welcome to the debut dispatch from your man on the Sydney 
Scene, Big Mark Na-Na.  Hopefully some of this will interest you lot 
out there and maybe I can spread some good words about the plethora of 
talent in this fine harbour city, blah blah etc etc.

The big event of recent months was, of course, The Big Day Out, which 
is kinda our version of Lollapalooza.  A brief history.  It started in 
1992 as one gig in Sydney, headlined by Nirvana and featuring the Violent 
Femmes, Rollins, others I can't remember, and loads of local acts (and 
the only one I've missed - duh!).  In '93 it included Melbourne and 
Brisbane and featured Sonic Youth, Iggy Pop, Mudhoney, Nick Cave and 
Carter USM.  By '94 it was travelling to all capital cities and was 
headed by Soundgarden, Teenage Fanclub, Urge Overkill, Breeders, 
Ramones and Primus.  The '95 edition added New Zealand to the tour but 
was a bit of a letdown with the main acts being Ministry, The Cult, 
Primal Scream, Offspring, Hole, Fun-da-mental, Luscious Jackson and 
the Screaming Trees (thankfully Oasis pulled out at the last minute).  
The event is held at the Showgrounds and features 4 stages, 2 in the 
main arena and 2 smaller ones with mainly local bands on them.  The 
acts are generally staggered pretty well so that you can catch half a 
set of most bands you want to see.  There's also heaps of 
food/clothes/politics/temp tattoos/haircut stalls, a skate ramp, a 3D 
cinema, a rave area, sunscreen at $1 a squirt and an extensive array 
of T-shirts and caps for sale!! My band, Disneyfist, played early on one 
of the lesser stages, so forgive me if I lapse into occasional 
excessive local content and name dropping; ah fuck it, here's my Big 
Day Out:

The day looked good, slightly overcast so not too much sun, not too 
hot, not too cold - cool.  After an extended hunt for a piece of 
string (they gave us the back stage laminates but no string so we 
could wear it round our necks like a REAL band) we got some from a 
reluctant monkey in security (actually, the security was really good - 
no meatheads and very polite) and cracked the first beer (10.40am).  
Ran into our pals Swirl and wished each other the best of luck (they 
were on a different stage at the same time as us).  The crowd was let 
in at 11.

Local lads Drop City kicked off proceedings at 11.30 with a 
storming set.  They're a three-piece who've dropped their shoegazing 
pasts and are now a slinky sexy rock beast with Lou Reed circa 1967 
shades.  They went down pretty well.  I caught a little bit of an act 
I'd been wanting to see for a while, Melbourne's Fireballs.  They're 3 
mohawked metal-rockabilly dudes and were pretty funny.  The PA broke 
down 3 times during the 1st song, so we were treated to several 3-man 
drum solos and yelled jokes.  Time to get ready, we stole a couple of 
beers from Downtime's rider, set up, played a cool set to a building 
crowd (12.30pm at the first stage in through the gates is a pretty 
good spot to be playing), finished, packed up and discovered that 
someone had stolen most of our rider while we were on.  This was to be 
a running gag throughout the day as everyone stole everyone else's 
riders while they were playing.  

Ran to the Green Stage at the other end of the grounds for the end of 
The Verys who were going off as usual - crunching guitars, superb 
harmonies, pounding drums and very bad taste in bass players shirts.  
Front End Loader (affectionately know as The FELchers) were next on 
the agenda, their recent touring through Europe with No Means No 
having put them in fine form, their tongues even further in their 
cheeks than before.  Imagine if Rollins could sing and he got Fugazi 
to back him through a set of Jam songs and you'll still have no idea 
what they sound like.  Had to go and see the reaction to Silverchair - 
THE band at the moment.  3 15-year-old kids from Newcastle who sound 
like Pearl Jam and have been number one for weeks.  As expected it was 
totally packed with lots of young girls being carried deliriously from 
the mosh pit.  One punter was so overcome that he climbed a light pole 
some 30m above the concrete and began swinging from 1 arm, causing 
much anguish for about 20 minutes before climbing back down and being 
arrested (hope you had a good day, pal).

On the Green Stage, Tumbleweed were going through their usual 
stoned hairy rawk thang and were way cool.  I was so impressed I had a 
kangaroo hot dog, but the less said about that the better.  You Am I 
were truly magnificent as usual, Tim Rogers making an impassioned 
speech about the fact that all these people come to the BDO but never 
go to the pubs to support the same bands for the rest of the year.  
Let's hope he did some good.  No wonder they keep coming back - their 
sets from the last 2 year's set landed them a US tour support slot with 
an impressed Soundgarden (last year) and Lee Renaldo as producer for 
their last few records.  And they just keep getting better.  Big 
things predicted are starting to rightfully happen.  

Highlight of the day came next - Magic Dirt, from Geelong in western 
Victoria (buy an atlas).  Their take on noisy pop sounding truly 
inspired.  Singer/guitarist Adelita's Kim Gordon swagger and Frank 
Black screech (plus the ubiquitous Lou Reed circa 1967 shades) and 
crunching backup from the lads was magnificent.  'Amoxycillin' is 
already song of the year, the new EP is called "Life Was Better," go 
and buy it or I'll kill you.

Heading back to Stage 1 as were most of the people in the 
place for the freakshow that is Hole.  They rocked, Courtney was 
pissed, kept changing guitars and bludging cigarettes from the front 
row and everyone loved them.  I headed backstage to discover that 
beers still cost $3 a can, my laminate didn't get me a free meal and 
Kylie Minogue was wandering around.  I left, stopping briefly for 
Offspring's 10,000 strong karaoke (ya-ya-yaddya-dah!!!!) and Dexter's 
wired pogoing and most impressive water pistol antics.  Went to see 
the Warumpi Band, an aboriginal act from the Northern Territory who've 
reformed after several years off.  Sadly, they are now a country-
tinged trad rock joke now.  Hit the rave for about a minute 
(eerrggghhhh) and began the all too common wandering aimlessly. 

Dork Patrol was some guy on a truck miming to disco hits with about 30 
people jumping up to dance with him.  Hhhhmmm.  Back to backstage, the 
elusive Kylie still not spotted, beers still $3 and the bouncers have 
decided that I wasn't allowed there after all.  Primal Scream sucked 
the big one but went down exceedingly well, my faith in human nature 
somewhat worse for the experience.  More beer (they go so quickly!) 
then a sojourn at the skate ramp where no-one seemed to be getting 
anything right.  Concentrate - take off - approach ramp - jump - board 
goes flying in the opposite direction - get up - shake head - chase 
board - shake head - try again but it was fun to watch.

It's getting a little blurry now.  Fur were great.  They're a young 
band from the Gold Coast (Queensland) 2 girls and a guy drummer.  More 
noisy pop with dreads, but they're really good and pulled an 
impressive crowd as the closing act on the skate stage.  The Cult were 
bizarre.  It was nice to hear 'Rain' again but pretty pointless.  They 
were funny and went down well to a packed main arena.  Ministry simply 
pummelled (Al's first words were to the mixer who was playing some 
disco crap: "get this shit off, we've got work to do").  I was 
standing (stuck) way at the back and the PA wasn't coping at all well 
with NWO so I slinked back to the dressing room and found a pair of 
sunglasses and a straw hat but no beer.  Some pyros finished the day 
with 3 "cars" mutated into metal monsters spitting fire and blowing up 
and rolling over things like LPG filed balloons, mannequins in a 
kitchen setting and huge metal skulls stuffed with straw.  It was 
pretty cool and a pretty good finish to a pretty damn good day.  Sadly 
there was nothing to compare with last year's Fannies/Urge/Breeders 
triple whammy, but it's still the must see event in our year of the 
Rock.  Roll on '96.

Other stuff:

REM were disappointing.  What is Mills doing in that stupid suit? Why 
nothing before Document? Why in such a sterile, seated, sober, 
expensive venue? Who are all these idiots singing along with 
everything? Peter Buck is still God, but only just (saved by the 
sideburns perhaps).

SPDFGH.  Debut EP "Grassroots" out on Nic Dalton's Half A Cow label.  
5 groovy toons from 4 young girls from Campbelltown.  Breeders are the 
closest reference but there's some surprise jagged twists and pure pop 
thrown in.

You Am I.  New single "Cathy's Clown" is a taster from the new album 
and shamefully rips-off the Who's "Can't Explain" (which itself was a 
b-side a couple of singles ago).  Damn good.

Pansy Division are touring next week and we've scored a support - 

That'll do it.  Not sorry if I've rambled.  All 
comments/suggestions/death threats to Mark Hyland 


From: Apple-O <adelucia@remus.rutgers.edu>
Lots O' Reviews

One-minute reviews by Apple-O:

Sometimes when I listen to the radio, I jot down notes about what I 
heard just for the hell of it.  Here's a few interpretations I typed 
from several scraps of paper that have been lying around for the past 
month or two:

Meat Beat Manifesto "God OD" 12" - hard, mechanical, funky industrial, 
like Nitzer Ebb on club music? Cheesy generic drum beat, lyrics about 
genocide & LSD references...  This song lasts too long!

Geraldine Fibbers "She's A Blue Cross" (from "Get Thee Gone" 10"), 
written by Beck, this is catchy folk music w/weird lyrics...  cool.  
Features Carla from Ethyl MeatPlow (one of the most intense live 
bands ever).  Her musical switch reminds me of Exene Cervenka's switch 
from the punk X to solo acoustic work.

Bleeding Stone "Reanimate" The silent insanity of a spooky bizarre 
children's nursery rhyme goes into an industrial/techno dirge.  Lyrics 
like "To exist is not enough!" Keyboards like darker Nitzer Ebb.

Sisters of Mercy "Just Walk On In" Dancy English-sounding stuff.  Song 
has some OK guitar but generally lame.

KMFDM "Frita" ("Noise For The '90s" comp) OK, kind of Cure-like keys 
but weird in a stupid way, like bad GWAR!

Electric Hellfire Club "Mystic 44" Electronic hell, indeed.  But 
interesting & fun.  With a Doors reference, even :)

Lorren Green "White Men Can't Rap" A mellow country tale about 
Bonanza and saving the life of Ringo.  A fun listen...

Insect "Religions" Yet more obtuse techno/industrial stuff -> kind of 
like Nitzer Ebb (why do I always compare this kind of music to Nitzer 
Ebb????) but w/funkier bass.  Lyrics like "Tell me the story about the 
difference between heaven & hell!" Metaphysical, indeed.

Richard Hell "Blank Generation" Anarchistic guitar rock'n'roll from 
that guy who came somewhere between Lou Reed & Sid Vicious.

Swirlies "Tall Ships" (from "What To Do About Them") Back when this 
first came out, all I heard were the influences (Sonic Youth, Pixies, 
Dinosaur...) which made them seem pretty derivative.  Looking back 
now, they seem more innovative than I originally gave them credit for.  
Go figure!

Front Line Assembly "Victim of a Criminal" My thoughts upon first 
hearing this: Hmmm, a new Public Enemy song? Some weirder sound loops 
than they usually do...  Metallica-ish guitars, that's standard...  It 
sounds like PE have expanded their sound with some new ideas.  Go 
figure skate.

The Church "Same Time Anywhere" (from new album) Slicker, more 
"modern" sounding.  Still, interesting...

Will Rogers "The Voice of Will Rogers" Spoken word.  The old cowboy 
says some pretty interesting stuff, kind of like the Jello Biafra of 
the Dust Bowl...

Air Miami "Pucker" ("Wakefield Vol 1" comp) :)

Yo La Tengo "The Whole of the Law" ("Painful" LP) Sounds like Ira & 
crew listened to a bit of Mecca Normal that day.  Nice.  The album 

Lou Barlow "Run To You" ("Another Collection Of Home Recordings") This 
sounds boring & contrived, stiff & mechanical.  That's what happens 
when you release every single thing you record: stuff like bad covers 
get mixed in with the real songs.

Bedhead "Dead Language" (from 4 song EP) Mellow, folklike, nice...  
Catchy like Versus.  Lyrics like "And I start to speak back to you but 
with your skin gone, the words fall right through."

Jenny Anykind "She's So Sinful" Strangely obtuse rock with splendid 
high vocals, interesting! Kind of like a Hendrix-influenced blues 
metal band started listening to the Swirlies.

Liz Phair "Dogs of LA" Pretty indie pop.  But what the ** is it 
supposed to be about??? Once you get past the first two songs of the 
album (one horribly repetitious after you hear it 1,000,000 times on 
MTV, the other horrible, period) the record's not half bad, though 
this isn't one of the better tunes.

Smiths "A Rush & A Push" ("Strange Ways How We Come" LP) I've never 
really listened to the Smiths, so I didn't know it was them when I 
thought: Strange & gothic, the Go-Betweens meet the Cure & Current 93, 
with a reggae rhythm.  Hmmmm...


From: Susan Whiting <cjoneill@u.washington.edu>
Weapon of Choice

Someone requested information on Weapon of Choice.  At the risk of 
telling you more than you want to know, here's my review (which will 
probably be appearing in the March issue of DiSCORDER, a Vancouver, 
BC, magazine):

Weapon of Choice, _Nutmeg Sez "Bozo the Town" (Epic/Loosegroove)

Unless you live in an ice cave somewhere north of Yellowknife, you 
probably already know via the Pearl Jam-besotted media that Weapon of 
Choice is one of the innaugural bands on Stone Gossard's new 
Loosegroove label.  You've probably also heard that they sound like 
Parliament/Funkadelic, which is a tempting but lazy way to weasel out 
of describing this strange and challenging South Central L.A.  crew.

The Mothership definitely hovers over some of the proceedings here, 
but mostly in peripheral ways like the strange voices that weave in 
and out of the mix (one of which sounds disconcertingly like Lisa 
Simpson) and song titles like "Iz Funk aroma there 'P' Utik?" But 
elsewhere, other influences dominate.  The fiery trombone work 
throughout the album brings to mind Joe Bowie's frenetic blowing with 
former New York art-funk scenemakers Defunkt.  "Nutty Nut*Meg 
Phantasy" bears the distinct mark of the Artists Whom I Will Continue 
to Refer to as Prince.  And "U Owe It to U" (the Purple title 
notwithstanding) features a blistering guitar metdown that J. Mascis 
could live with.
So although George Clinton would doubtless approve, there's a lot more 
going on here than the P-Funk comparison suggests.  If you demand a 
single hook to hang this on, Fishbone might be a better call, but 
that's not quite right either.  For one thing, for a putative funk 
band, Weapon of Choice is often not all that funky.  For every 
down-on-the-one booty-shaker there's another track you couldn't dance 
to if your life depended on it.  This isn't a criticism; the band 
simply has a wider agenda than the funk label accommodates.

Ultimately, the music takes a back seat in any case to the 
razor-sharp, intelligent lyrics, which are militantly political (the 
anti-Uncle Tom "Uppity Yuppity Doolittle"), absurdly funny (the 
pro-pot "Inhale the Earth") or both at once (the anti-Thanksgiving 
"Mark of the Feast").  The band seems to believe that, while "free 
your mind and your ass will follow" was an adequate credo for the 
'70s, things need to be spelled out a bit more explicitly in this 
benighted decade.

In the end, Weapon of Choice probably offers the best description of 
itself in the otherwise nonsensical sonic collage, "Gee Ga Ga": "This 
is cool and unusual funishment."


Other bands on Loosegroove include Seattle hip-hoppers Prose & 
Concepts and bands called Devilhead and Critters Buggin' that I don't 
know anything about.  Except that none of them sounds like PJ!

					Craig O'Neill


From: Malathrsk@aol.com
Reviews o' Risk

greetings from the house of risk

what i'm listening to as i type this:peter jeffries-electricity
here's some records i think you might like:

cardinal-s/t lp (flydaddy):cardinal is apparently the brainchild of 
one fellow,  an australian moved to the states.  he plays guitar and 
sings.  his friends help him.  he plays "In My Room" by the beach boys 
every night before he goes to bed.  every morning he plays that 
horrible brian wilson solo record.  only he doesn't think it's 
horrible.  in between he takes Xanax and writes perfectly wonderful 
pop songs.  oh yeah, on his lunch break he listens to robyn hitchcock 

honeybunch-count your blessings/tapeworm (K): why are honeybunch 
singles so few and far between? who are these people? where have i 
heard guitars that ring like that before? velvet crush? small factory? 
do you have this yet? you oughtta!

hushpad-from here to there (bus stop): a 3-song ep by a duo from the 
heart of lincolnland (well, close anyway). very quiet, featuring a 
little guitar and nice harmonies.  perfect if you don't want to wake 
the neighbors or bother your girlfriend as she sits across the table 
from you reading a zine.  easily slips into the bedroom-pop mode.

incredible force of junior-stronger/walter(cher doll): pure psychedelic 
pop! as this began to play i felt my head begin to swim; i grabbed 
the table to keep myself from falling.  buy this record so cher doll 
can keep putting out these groovy singles.

philadelphia phreedom (proteen records): a 4-band sampler of sounds 
from the philly area (no kidding!). i think that there are a few 
relatively unknown bands from this area that are quite good.  i found 
this collection to be ..  uh..  ok.  the first side is good with no 
real surprises, but the second side makes it worth owning.  two 
bands(?), julie trend and kimbashing, stick out.  it's records like 
this that i would never normally run across that make getting them so 
much fun.  seek this one out.

flydaddy po 4618 seattle wa 98104
bus stop po 3161 iowa city ia 52244-3161
proteen records po 60363 harrisburg pa 17106-0363
cher doll po9609 seattle wa 98109
we also play this stuff to death around here;
built to spill-there's nothing wrong with love
palace songs-hope
silver jews-starlight walker
east river pipe-shining hours in a can
bunnygrunt-standing hampton ep

a last thought: i'm about as concerned with OJ's guilt as i was about who
shot JR!


From: BEGOLDBERG@vaxsar.vassar.edu
AD: Ba Da Bing!

My name is Ben and I started up this label called Ba Da Bing! Records.  
So far, we have two seven-inches out, both from bands in the 
Poughkeepsie, NY area (home of the future Indie Rock Hall of Fame):

SALTEEN: Standard two guitar, bass and drum setup, with female vocals 
and songs which range from energetic and poppy to minimalist emotional 
angst.  Kind of Polvo at times, kind of Codeine at other times.  3 

RECEPTIONISTS: A blend of accordion, pennywhistle, tambourine, 
guitar, various toys and the talents of three young women to make you 
simultaneously hum and sigh.  Poppy twee fun.  6 songs.

Singles are $3.50 ppd.  or you can get both for $6.00 ppd.  The 
address, until May, when I graduate and have to relinquish the PO Box, 
			Ba Da Bing!
			Box 1976
			Vassar College
			Poughkeepsie, NY 12601



From: sister@sizone.pci.on.ca (Jeremy Rotsztain)

Another issue of Toronto's PUMKINSEED fanzine has just been finished.  
It contains interviews with Stereolab, Sebadoh, Heavenly, Doo Rag, and 
a trip to New York City story.  We also have a few copies of issue 
number six which has interviews with Superchunk, the Grifters, Lois, 
Velocity Girl, and Versus.  Issues are a dollar or a whole bunch of 
stamps (we take US and Canadian dollars and stamps).  If you are 
interested please write to:

        28 Tarber Rd
        Willowdale, Ontario
        Canada M2M 2Y2

Or e-mail me at sister@sizone.pci.on.ca. Thanks a lot. 

PS.I'd like to appoligize to those who wrote to me via e-mail for the 
previous issue.  It turned out that I wrote the wrong e-mail adress 
and did not realize it.  Don't worry, this time I gave the correct 


From: bh813@freenet.carleton.ca (Jon Georgekish-Watt)
AD: pop kid records

pop kid is a new label based in ottawa (ontario, canada).
we're so new in fact that our first release is a mere
three (or so) weeks old:

pop kid 001: girl afraid 7"ep (5 songs, 11 mins.)

it has been described by a relatively impartial person as:
"lo-fi indie rok, kind of like cane sugar - raw yet sweet..."

it is available through mail order for:

$5 cdn (ppd), or $4 u.s. (also ppd).

if at all interested, send cash (cool but risky, hide it well!),
cheque (canadians only), or money order to:

pop kid, 2-90 charlotte st., ottawa, on, K1N 8K2.

please make cheques or money orders out to me, jon georgekish-watt,
and not to pop kid...thanks...

questions? concerns? e-mail me!

later friends,


From: Smitten@aol.com
AD: Smitten; Chivalry

********************* Chivalry ... Smitten *******************************

hi.  Smitten is my record label, and chivalry is my zines.  lets start 
with smitten.  i am putting out a compilation tape, called fontanelle, 
once i get my tax return back.  so far the bands that have atleast 
said they would give me a song are: The Silly Pillows, Tugboat:3001, 
Kicking Giant, Emily's Sassy Lime, Six Cents And Natalie, Bagpipe 
Operation, Poastal, Black Fantastic, Wimp Factor Fourteen (the last 
recorded song left by them!) Pretty Face, Pumperknickel, and i'm sure 
there are others (i am making this up as i go along.) i am looking for 
more bands, so write to me.  damn.  i have used up most of my space it 
seems.  write me for info on chivalry, its a zine.  Joel, 90 N.Lowell 
rd, Windham nh, 03087-1602.  thanks!!


From: patrickm@mcs.com (patrick monaghan)
AD: Coctails Tour/New Releases on Carrot Top

Coctails West Coast Tour/Carrot Top New Releases

The Coctails "Don't Wreck the Van Again" Tour
February/March 1995

2/24   Seattle, WA  Moe#
2/25   Vancouver, BC   Starfish Room#
2/26   Portland, OR   Satyricon
2/27   San Francisco, CA   Great American
2/28   Los Angeles, CA   The Roxy (2 shows-early and late)#
3/1    San Diego, CA   The Casbah
3/2    Los Angeles, CA   Jabberjaw
3/3    Phoenix, AZ   Hollywood Alley
3/4    Tucson, AZ   D.P.C.
3/5    Albuquerque, NM   Golden West
3/7    Norman, OK   Cafe 66
3/9    Austin, TX   Emo's
3/10   Houston, TX   Emo's
3/11   Dallas, TX   Orbit Room
3/12   Wichita, KS   Kirby's
3/13   Kansas City, MO   Grand Emporium
3/14   Lawrence, KS   The Jazzhaus
3/16   St. Louis, MO   Cicero's
3/17   Iowa City, IA   Gabe's Oasis
3/18   Madison, WI   Club DeWash

#with Pizzicato 5

New Releases on Carrot Top Records:
SAKI005  Handsome Family "Odessa" CD
--Sorta (insurgent) country, sorta not.  Out now
SAKI006  Disco Inferno-In Debt  CD
--Compiles their first album "Open Doors, Closed Windows" &
first two singles "Arc in Round" & "Science". Factoryesque.  Ethereal.
SAKI007  Slipstream-s/t  LP/CD
--New album by limey shoe-gazing popsters. (cf. Spectrum, Darkside,
Both out March 13.

Send e-mail to patrickm@mcs.com for mail order catalog.

patrick monaghan
carrot top records-chi il us
312-665-2055 fx
"I have a life, I just choose not to enjoy it."  mockd


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  Air Miami
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