Why do we still live here in this repulsive town?
All our friends are in New York.


      Indie List Digest!

       September 8, 1994

     Volume 4  Number 2


mighty morphin
Tickle, Pee Chees, and Tourettes
Man, Or Astroman
ANNOUNCE: Vineland et al
ANNOUNCE: Some Drag City dates
ANNOUNCE: Free Concert in Poughkeepsie
ANNOUNCE: New mailing lists
AD: Spiffy

One addenda from last week.  Matt Kelly of Cool Beans 'zine, wrote to 
remind us of two considerations when ordering his zine from him.  The 
mail cost is actually $3.00 (not $3.50 as I erroneously listed), and 
he only accepts well-concealed cash, not checks.  Sorry for the 


The compilation blues.  We all have them, don't we? A long road trip 
looms before you, and you know you've played all your tapes to death, 
and there's a ton of vinyl or CDs piling up that you haven't gotten to 
listen to as much as you wanted, and before you know it you're 
monopolizing the living room stereo in quest of filling up that 90 or 
100-minute tape, asking yourself, 'What can I live with having on the 
stereo when it's just me and 100 miles to the next Taco Bell?"

That's where I've found myself now and again this summer, most 
recently finishing a "Culled from Complilations" tape to take to Minneapolis.

Started off pulling some stuff from the year's "definitive" 
compliations, A Day in the Park and Why Do You Think They Call it Pop? 
Plenty has been written about these two, so I'll move along to the 
Jabberjaw Good to the Last Drop Compilation (Mammoth) which somehow 
found its way into our house.  I like these kinds of things because I 
get a chance to hear a three-or-so minute dose of things like 
Chokebore, which I wouldn't normally buy.  I liked the tracks by Hole 
(an oddly invigorating version of 'Rock Star'), Southern Culture on 
the Skids (goofy surf guitar instrumental), Teenage Fanclub (nearly as 
good as 'Everybody's Fool'), Surgery (kinda contrived rockabilly) Mule 
(will scare the rednecked pickup-drivin' dudes who pull up next to you 
at the red light) Beck (weirdly Ween-like hiphop).  This also contains 
stuff by Unwound, Girls Against Boys, Jawbox, Seaweed, and That Dog, 
among others, so be advised.

Breezing right by the eerily pseudo-hip Geffen Rarities 1 that Eric 
was supposed to review for the radio station (I taped the Beck song, 
but that's it. Just don't bother.  I'm glad we didn't buy this.) to 
move right along to Velocity Girl's cover of New Order's "Your Silent 
Face," a 7" on Merge.  Despite the downright cheery tempo they've 
given this song, VG do it very straightfacedly, for which they deserve 
some credit.  I may tire of this soon, though.

A couple of years ago, I was forced to listen to a jazz combo calling 
itself Schwa play drowsy free-form in a smoky pizza joint in Ohio.  
Imagine my delight, then, when finding out that the Schwa va 
responsible for the 'Internalize/Dr.  Mary McClean' 7" on Brilliant 
Records was actually a straight-up pop band with an early '80s 
sensibility.  Since they sound so skinny-tie, it's appropriate that 
they're now called Fashion Central, which may clear up some of this 
confusion, although it might be cooler if they just kept changing 
their name every six months or so.

Decided to finish up with some angry-sounding white people: Envelope, 
whose minimalist guitar buzz pleases me, but whose vocalist, 
remarkably, manages to keep himself worked up to about the same 
general level of sneering irritation throughout the 'Trophy/Try Again' 
single on Remora; Calvin Johnson, who spews all over K's Dub Narcotic 
'Fuck Shit Up' 7" ['waste a pig/Diana Rigg!'] over a great 
bass/guitar/organ groove; and the Smears, whose 'Nutbag woman with a 
fucked-up life/and nothing to do but bitch at me' chorus from their 
Hell Yeah! 7" is somehow reassuring to me on those days when the place 
where I work is more like a loony bin than an office.

Where does it end? You tell me.  If the IL submissions don't pick up a 
bit, I may be forced to write more often...and then you'll really be 



From: Julian@sahiber.demon.co.uk (Architect of A Belly)
Portishead - Dummy  (LP review)

Portishead - Dummy (Go! Discs)

As James Nash reviewed the single, I figure I can do the LP! It's 
funny that he mentioned the Tindersticks, as in my review on another 
list I drew the same comparison - despite being a hip-hop LP (or even 
'trip-hop' to use the latest phrase), this is steeped in the same 
late-late-night sleepless atmosphere as the finest Tindersticks, & 
Mazzy Star songs, without sounding like either.

Like the Tindersticks there's a heavy filmic influence to the music, 
particularly John Barry's spy film scores - though it's more 'The 
Persuaders' than James Bond.

There's also plenty of live instruments, and a peculiarly thick 
viscous sound to the scratch mixing (yes, it's back) - it  
definitely does not sound like a 'machine made' record - it's not 
dissimilar to Massive Attack in that, but there's a whole different 

What really lifts it above all that though is Beth Gibbons' voice - if 
Mazzy Star & Madder Rose are understated country & blues, this is the 
perfect understated soul/jazz voice - no showiness whatsoever.

I know it's a cliche to say 'It may be a hip-hop LP but .  .  .' but 
in this case it's true - the reference points & themes are far closer 
to indie culture (post-midnight depression, loneliness & late '60s 
films) than mainstream rap, and it's one of those rare records that 
rather than being a good example of its genre (i.e.  say Heavenly) 
transcends it.

Oh yeah, I've seen a few clips of their Harry Palmer tribute film, 'To 
Kill A Dead Man' and it looks superb - b&w film, stylish old cars and 
assasins in shades.  It's apparently touring UK arts cinemas as a 
support to 'Get Carter.'


From: dann <DLM94001@UConnVM.UConn.Edu>
mighty morphin power rangers & th deodorant they prefer

a new year.  hope that everybody's summer was fabulous & filled w/good 
stuff.  mine was spent in california, as a summer camp counselor fr 15 
year olds w/ masturbation fixations (i.e.  chanting "mas-tur-ba-tion" 
@ th dinner table, writing " viva masturbation!" on walls, etc.).

in between all this i got to go to a bunch of shows, most 
@ th sooperad l.a.  club dey call "jabberjaw"...  bikini kill was th 
highlite & rocked, but only was on fr a 1/2 hr.  heavens to betsy, 
godhead silo, slug & lowercase were also excellent performers on this 
quaint stage, th surprise winner being excuse 17, whom i enjoyed 

got to see throneberry @ th alligator lounge, which was 
fun.  not my favorite type of music, but good songs & an ok set made a 
fun night indeed.  th people were kind & i blow them all kisses; will 
prop & review my favorite l.a.  ones next week/near future.  (it's a 
busy year) saw cheesecake too actually last week in cambridge which 
was big fun.  (they were on th stars kill rock comp & have a new 7" 
out that's pretty rad.) 

nu stereolab, archers of loaf, (10"/cd to be released verrry soon) 
rancid, karp, slug, fifth column & pitch- blende lps highly 
recommended.  (heavens to betsy, karp, cheesecake, & notsonu huggy 
bear -on gravity- as far as 7"s go.) it's so nice to be (gasp!) back @ 
school & back @ th radio station again...really looking forward to 
upcoming kicking giant & small (23) lps, & i hear that mecca normal 
moved to matador.

looking fr an amrep 7" w/jawbox/guzzard/godheadsilo/? & another comp 
(wgns, i think,th studio) w/helium & pitchblende.  has either been 
released yet? please fill me in if you know.

kinda almost done w/zine ("i love you") which 
has been turning kinda bigger than i expected.  as soon as i figger 
out a way to afford photocopies, i'll let you know.  (i don't want ads 
& want to sell as low as possible.) any advice besides getting a job 
would be appreciated.  (i'm already working on that.) 

currently, biggest project is promoting & booking @ lil' known club in 
eastern connecticut called "studio 158." it's an all ages $5 mostly 
punk/indie club less than 2 hrs away from most eastern major cities/ 
musiclands.(worchester, providence, boston, new haven, danbury, 
northampton) less than 10 minutes away from uconn.  my 1st show is fr 
kicking giant, who will be around october 18th.  (it's atues, but th 
show starts a lil early fr hiskoolers & travelers) there will be 2 fab 
opening bands that i am still working on, & it should be great fun.  
other hilites include 5'10" on 9/16 (kevin seconds' new band w/members 
of tiger trap & drop acid) & universal order of armageddon (amazing 
live band) either th 21st or 22nd of october.  th more support, th 
more options i have booking bands.  if yr doin th music touring thing 
& yr from somewhere far away & need a place to play in ct, get in 
touch w/me.  oh, and thumbs up fr "tripmaster monkey", a soopercool 
novel by maxine hong-kingston.  telegraph 2 is highly recommended- let 
mark know how much you want it.

& finally, a quote to leave you w/...  "i'm already th only one 
w/a wiener, why do i need a fanzine?" -sara unwound

dann medin.
*chaka khan is th antichrist*


From: lroberts@bellahs.com (Laurence Roberts RD)
Tickle, Pee Chees, and Tourettes show review

I went and saw Tickle, the Pee Chees, and the Tourettes on Sunday, 
Sept 4, 1994, at the Thirsty Swede (formerly the Nightbreak.)

Tickle are a drums-guitar-vocals (no bass) trio.  The boy singer has a 
high voice, and yells more than sings.  If you close your eyes, you'd 
think you were listening to a riot grrrl band.  They're really good.  
The songs are catchy, if a little limited in variety due to the simple 
instrumentation.  The guitarist and drummer are both technically good.  
Due to microphone problems, probably exacerbated by the singer's 
tendency to sing into the side of the mike; it was hard to hear, let 
alone understand lyrics -- the only one I could make out was "Don't 
pull my hair/don't lift up my dress." Once again, a band of kids prove 
that it's possible to be a great band without being a bunch of old 
geezers with a huge record collection.  They don't have any recordings 
yet, though.

[hey, am i an old geezer yet? -az]

The Pee Chees were kind of a disappointment.  Molly of Bratmobile 
played drums, but this band was nothing like Bratmobile.  The other 
three members were boys, and the singer kind of dangled from the 
microphone like he was drunk.  At one point, It sounded like they were 
messily covering Halo of Flies' "Garbage Rock." Someone else said 
they'd seen them at Gilman St.  and they were much better, like a 
totally different band, and speculated that they were less drunk that 
time.  I haven't heard the single (which is packaged like the school 
folders that are the band's namesake).  I think a lot of the audience 
was expecting a Bratmobile type band, but at least they had Tickle to 
satify them.

The Tourettes were an all-woman band, and were not technically great, 
but were kind of fun.  I think they did a Joan Jett cover, or 
something like that, but now I can't remember what it was.

Queer punk news:
The Outpunk Dance Party compilation CD is back from the pressing 
plant, and the other formats will be soon...  should be in the stores 
in a couple weeks.  Also out is a new Tribe 8 single, and a reissue on 
all 3 formats of the Dyke in the Pit compilation single.  Pansy 
Division have gone on the road again.  Fagbash are rumored to be 
moving to New York.



From: julian@sahiber.demon.co.uk (Julian Lawton)
Man, Or Astroman

The Blocked/Yeti Goose Creature/Man Or Astroman
@ The Legendary TJs, Newport    5th September

Love and rocket science, and a fabulous stage show - definitely one 
NOT to miss, but first .  .  .

OK, The Blocked have
1) White trousers
2) Ben Sherman shirts
3) Rickenbacker guitar
4) Rickenbacker bass
5) A 3 piece line-up
6) A Small Faces cover
7) A name referring to getting ripped out of your head on Purple 
8) A guitarist who does windmills
9) A kick the mikes & drums over finale 

do I need to get to 10?

Erm, yes, The Jam were indeed one of the best white British acts ever, 
and their shadow hangs heavy over quite a lot of the comtemporary New 
Wave revival, and actually I DID enjoy this lot, but it did leave me 
feeling WHY? This sort of thing is only really good if you actually 
get it WRONG (see Blur; also the Pistols & The Jam were getting it 
wrong with The Who and The Creation).  Still, I'd enjoy seeing them 
again.  And I'd still think WHY? after.

Yeti Goose Creature are one of the more competent local punky bands 
which seem to be clogging up the area - people who long since learnt 
to play still in love with a non-muso image, but not realising that 
they're still boring you, just at speed.  And of course they really 
did not need comparing to .  .  .

Just before I left the house I'd been reading Philip K.Dick short 
stories, not intentionally or anything, and musing at how many had 
probably been quietly stolen & used as 'Twilight Zone' plots.  And lo 
& behold if it's not an old Twilight Zone being projected on the back 
of the stage, PLUS choice '50s B-movie trailers & dialogue over the 
speakers, a band dressed in Rocket Engineer boiler suits, and a great 
grasp of how to 'rock out' (ahem) and maintain a sense of humour all 
the time.  The songs - well, there was the one that sounded like the 
Shadows played at 78.  And the one that sounded like the Shadows 
played at 95.  And the one that .  .  .  Just good old surf'n'sci-fi 
trash.  And I'm pretty impressed by any band that can heckle the 
audience with "I don't like your Cowboy Killers/Dub War split single" 
(two local bands if you didn't guess).

Perhaps the biggest surprise was how many people turned up - a really 
good mixed crowd from the elder punk statesmen to a couple of people I 
knew to be 16, and that the audience was bigger than for SM*A*SH a 
few weeks back - it's nice to see that sometimes a good reputation can 
excede hype.

Julian Lawton - julian@sahiber.demon.co.uk : Work - (0222) 369 369 8 
Fairfield Rd, Caerleon, Gwent, UK.  NP6 1DQ.  : Home - (0633) 422 889 

In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 people - Nick Curry (aka 


From: Prgcore94@aol.com
ANNOUNCE: Vineland et al.

Manhattan-area readers may be interested to know about two upcoming 
Vineland shows.  Those who are not related to me may delete this 
message and move on to something else.

At Brownie's, Smack Dab in the Thick of the Avenue A Theme Park, on 
Sat.  9/10, at 10 PM (with Strapping Fieldhands & God is my Co-Pilot)

At the Cooler, In the Heart of Manhattan's Picturesque Meatpacking 
District, on Thurs.  9/15, at midnight (after Digitalis, Th'Wig, and, 
yes, God is my Co-Pilot)

E-mail me for further information.  Guest list slots are available on 
a first-come, first-serve basis at $10 per.

Jon Fine


From: dragcity@mcs.com (Drag City)
ANNOUNCE: Some Drag City (esp. Smog) dates...

Smog present "Burning Kingdom -- The Tour"

9/22     San Diego        Casbah
9/23     Los Angeles      Jabberjaw
9/24-25  San Francisco    Thirsty Swede
9/26     Eugene, OR       KWVA
9/27     Seattle, WA      Crocodile Cafe
9/28     Vancouver, BC    Scratch records
9/30     Minneapolis      Uptown (with Plush)
10/1     Chicago          Lounge Ax (with Guided By Voices)
10/2     Green Bay, WI    Speakeasy
10/3     Columbus, OH     Staches
10/5     New York, NY     Mercury Lounge
10/6     Philadelphia     Swarthmore College
10/7     Princeton, NJ    Campus Club
10/8     Durham, NC       Duke University
10/10    Cambridge, MA    Middle East Cafe (?)
10/12    Houston, TX          JUST
10/13    New Orleans, LA      FIND THE
10/14    Atlanta, GA          SEBADOH
10/15    Athens, GA           SHOW!

Interested parties can e-mail us at dragcity@mcs.com

Also Gastr del Sol in Chicago on Sept.  10th, opening for Stereolab, 
and a rare appearance of The Red Krayola, in Chicago, Sept.  20th.   

Drag City P.O. Box 476867 Chicago, IL 60647


From: BEGOLDBERG@vaxsar.vassar.edu
ANNOUNCE: Free Concert in Poughkeepsie

For anybody who is going to be in the Upstate NY area.......

Our radio station is holding a free, outdoor, day concert on Sept.  
17th at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY (a one and a half hour 
drive/two hour train ride from NYC).  The show starts at 12 noon and 
will have the following bands (probably in the following order):

	Garden Variety
	Mind over Matter
	Harmony Balloons (has members of Mercury Rev)
	Saturnine 60
	Magnetic Fields

In addition, there will be a "second stage" (thanks for the idea, 
Perry!) which will feature DJ bands which include, among others, the 
Kartuli Ensemble - an a capella all mens choir who sing songs from 
13th century Soviet Republic of Georgia, the Receptionists, Salteen 
and more.  The concert should go to around seven and, again, it's FREE 
so you only have to pay for transportation and whatever.  Anybody who 
would like directions or whatever can get in contact with me - come 
out if you'd like.


From: julian@sahiber.demon.co.uk (Architect of A Belly)
ANNOUNCE: New mailing lists

ANNOUNCING a couple of new sort of mailing list thingys
Transoma - the list with no idea how to define itself and Indiepop - 
the mailing list for even sadder pop losers than the US indie list.

Not being one to do things by halves, and since there's been mutterings 
about the non-existence of these two, I've decided to get the ball 
rolling and see what happens.

So first up, the provisionally named 'Transoma' - after a Stereolab 
song, but more because it's a good sounding meaningless word.  The 
concept behind the list is a forum for all the stuff that's 
off-the-subject on other lists - those easy-listening/jazz-folk/German 
experimental/ambient, C20th classical, early post-punk, bossa nova, 
etc., obscurities that seem to go with a certain attitude floating in 
the air at the moment.  Martin Denny meets Martin Duffy & Sandy Sendy, 
I suppose.  .  .  and yes I hope there is some duplication with the 
indie-list as there's plenty of decent 7"s to introduce to the people 
who are going to join this.  Something informal where books, films, 
artists, comics & the local weather outside are discussed too, but 
maintaining a central musical basis.

And yes, I know this place is sometimes like that, but there was a 
'NO' vote by most people to big discussions, and the intention is that 
this is the place for rambling :-).

Using the pioneering model established by the Indielist Infotainmemt 
Junta, I shall gather together & edit the digests, while my partner in 
crime will distribute the digest - this is YOUR chance to make 
history.  I need someone capable of cc: ing mail, and operating their 
mail package well enough to easily maintain a group alias - preferably 
someone who also has permanent mail access rather than term based, 
although in the short term it doesn't matter.  I also need someone 
with plenty of storage space to archive the list, during its trial 
period - hopefully if it takes off we can then try getting it 

Send messages to

Please include SUBSCRIBE in the Subject line to, well, subscribe
(otherwise just send a posting and I'll subscribe you anyway).


The second list is another one that's been much mooted, and never 
started - the US & UK indie lists SHOULD cover this area, but what 
with everything else on there, people seem to come & go, such that no 
one list has become the forum for the discussion of what's known in 
the UK press as indiepop .  .  .

Again I'm not imposing any major rules on the forum, but the suggested 
areas of discussion are Sarah Records, Slumberland, Bus Stop, Pop Bus, 
early Creation, Postcard (heresy to link them, I know), 53rd & 3rd, 
A Turntable Friend, Summershine, the numerous similar