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       March 23, 1995

     Volume 4   Number 21


teenbeat anniversary shows
this month's all-star selection
Kicking Giant, Number One Cup, Duotron
ANNOUNCE: Database request
ANNOUNCE: indie-oriented CD-ROM 
AD: splashdown 
AD: Lovemeknots
AD: White Bread Empire = Nothing
AD: (help wanted)

we're back, after a rollicking spring break, and we hope you've 
missed us.  i'm also hoping eric & i can get our acts together to write 
about things seen/heard/picked up on our trip to New Orleans and Texas, 
but not this time.  as i typically do (shades of Yo-Yo A GoGo and 
the Olympia Safeway's cold medicine section) i picked up some bug on the 
airplane and will be spending the week glued to my box of Puffs with 
added lotion.  ain't life grand? enjoy this here IL.



From: cutie pie <>
teenbeat anniversary shows

okay, so there were three big shindig shows here in dc this weekend 
(march 2, 3).  it was teenbeat's 10th anniversary! on march 2nd there 
was butch willis, romania, and air miami, and on the 3rd were two 
shows, one with viva satellite, phil krauth, and blast off country 
style! and the other being uncle wiggly, versus and tuscadero....

the first show (free at o'carrol's irish restaurant!) was a bit of a 
disappointment.  a) we all thought we were going to see cath carrol, 
and b) we had to listen to butch willis.  okay, so i really really hate 
romania too, but i found myself actually saying "you know, compared to 
butch, romania isn't bad.".romania did do their cover of "afrika" 
which made me slightly happy.  and as for the piece de resistance of 
the night, air miami, well, i have seen them play a lot better.  the 
set was short, and the sound was bad, but to redeem themselves they 
did do an unrest song....

the second show, held at the sugar shack (under arlington's premire 
record store go!), had viva satellite who FUCKING BLEW ME AWAY.  i 
loved rob christiansen from eggs and grenadine, but with the songs he 
and lauren (ex-air miami) did were just incredible.  they did not do 
their leonardo musical, but the songs were in the same, semi-narrative 
vein.  yay for creativity in indie rock! phil krauth was a lot funner 
in unrest, thank you.  and blast off was the same blast off i remember 
from each and evrey other time i have seen as hell.

and the last show (again free at o'carroll's) had uncle wiggly...whom i 
don't remember much about, and versus, who rock like hell.  they even let 
these two crazy girls dance on stage, and heck, i like versus a 
lot...they are one of those bands whom i have very little recorded 
material from but will go see live every time they come into town.  
and tuscadero was the hard-rockin' band they always are.  they actually 
played a NEW song, which dispelled some speculation that they 

overall, it was a good set of shows....the only thing i am wondering is 
what the 20th teenbeat anniversary will be like....will everyone sit 
around pretentiously listening to jazz and sipping wine and eating 
brie? face it, no one's getting younger.  (just funner.)


From: dann medin kissed manuel noreiga <DLM94001@UConnVM.UConn.Edu>
this month's all-star selection

mum mum mum.  th juliana leucking/danielle howle show i (yikes, that 
sounds really me-centric, er, how about a vague "we"...) put on last 
weekend ended up being th biggest show i've ever had.  great 
performances on both parts, & kudos to danielle fr kickin butt even 
w/a yukky flu relapse that nobody could notice.  that sunday gots to 
see th testosterone primed j.s.  blooz explo-shun @ a sold out middle 
east in boston.  i'm sure that one will write a more detailed (& 
interesting) review of this show, so brevity will be my niche in 
accounting fr his performance: hormones n sweat.  a very phun show 
indeed.  this weekend was a good one indeed fr uconn folks who were 
aware & in attendence fr two very cheap ($3-$5) shows on campus 
(off-campus phans not forsaken, of course).

friday nite provided fr th entertainment of th dambuilders, opened up 
fr by 1 band that was ok but fr whom i was too hyperactive to stay fr 
(holiday from nu haven; cozy pop, i ran down to th radio station & 
went deaf & burned off energy to unwound, second story window, & 
trenchmouth), one i was too bored fr (venus delila sumthin or 
other), & a third that was pretty unique & good to see (providence's 
purple ivy shadows).  th dbs played all nu material soon to be 
recorded to a mostly seated "sophisticated more indie than u" 
audience.  i, fr one, thought that it kicked ass & had lots of phun 
movin my butt.  really looking forward to th follow-up lp.  a very 
tight well-coordinated band.  killer, dood.

saturday nite sent us a pretty good nu local band (th superheros), 
joan & mary (of helium & dambuilders phame), syrup, & th elevator 
drops.  joan & mary hadn't practiced in a long tyme together, & it was 
obvious to & least th musicians in th audience, but weren't bad or 
anything.  they basically did old & nu helium songs w/just violin & 
guitar & this mildly entertaining guy w/no rhythm hitting a tom.  
altho he sounded cool on th saw during a song in which mary's lyrics/ 
voice nearly made me break into tears, as they are somewhat prone to 
doing.  syrup is getting better & better every tyme that i see them.  
will sumbody pleze help them put out music? i get so mad that there 
are so many bad bands that constantly record & put out stuph, & this 
seana ex-swirlies bunch can be so deserving of a record & are too 
broke to put out a 7".  lots of dancing & laughing, moving & grooving.  
great songs, a band to see live fr lots of happiness & turning yr toes 
inward to make cool geeky indie faces.  or sumthin.  th elevator 
drops, um, i got bored of them.  they seemed to be having puhn tho & 
wore interesting outfits.

am tres psyched fr th trenchmouth/candy machine tour steaming thru nu 
england this week.  two of my favorite current live bands on one bill.  
see it if u may.  oh, and my friend josh & i are starting to play out.  
we're called "june star" & read too many books.  j plays drums & i 
play bass & we do an improv, um, yeah.  don't worry about it.  
anyways, we'll be @ th middle east in cambridge 4/27 w/ th supreme 
dicks & pinball if yr interested.  if u have any advice on booking 
(east coast) shows, any & all would be appreciated.  (i.e.  club 
names, nos., etc.)

ok? oh, and grunge is out, jazz i$ in. yahoo!

"i was never molested by any person but those who represented th state"
-henry david thoreau

dann medin has a fabio shirt. ( exohexohexohexohexoh


Kicking Giant, Number One Cup, Duotron

I am just about to complete my version at a flailing relationship, a 
relationship that did not even exist the last time I saw Kicking Giant 
on October 28.  This Thursday, March 2nd, I am poised for a 
significant "discussion" with what's supposed to be my significant 
other.  I sense doom, and my self-esteem is about to call it quits.  
Is there a better state of mind to see Kicking Giant?

Answer: Probably.


B.  Moritz and I walked in on the first band, Duotron, which consisted 
of a woman on drums and a man on guitar (sound familiar?).  Both did 
vocal effects, mostly to the tune of them yelling various phenomes 
(sp?).  Both played a distinct free style, as if they did not know how 
to play their instruments.  They were loud enough to be enjoyed in the 
back room, where Double Door had that Guns and Roses pinball machine, 
the one that's been banned in some arcades and states.


Number One Cup, a local three-piece, played at Stucco Palace (er, 
where I live) in Evanston three or four months back.  Ironically, on 
that bill was another guitar/drum duo.  In that gig, Number One Cup 
admirably participated in the resurgence of the wacky keyboard, having 
a Farfisa, a Moog, and some children's green Muppet-endorsed miniature 
keyboard.  In this gig with Kicking Giant, they just had two guitars 
and a drummer.  Can I say I was disappointed? Recognizing some songs 
that they did in the earlier gig, one comes to realize that that wacky 
keyboard-thing did indeed work to great effect.  It is a step backward 
for an otherwise solid band made up of solid, well-versed guys.


There was a group of Asian women milling about in front of me.  I 
turned to J.  Solomon and said, "Te groupies." And were there Rachel 
groupies as well? Rachel wanna-bes at least, you can spot them 
wearing the faux fur.  And what of the super presence of Asian guys, 
myself included? Okay, I admit ...  Te wanna-bes.

Getting my bass ale for the night at the bar, I encountered Te, 
waiting to order a tea or coffee -- don't worry, though! It looked 
like he had a "stiff drink" before he went on stage), so I got to 
talking to him, him in his withdrawn "You think I'm introspective!" 
manner, me in my "just don't ask him to play 'Fuck the Rules'" manner.

Kicking Giant had brought along two other performers, one of which 
opened their set.  A soloist by the name of Nikki McClure (sp?) who 
"used to work in the woods", did four songs that I guess she used to 
sing "to scare away the bears." The first song was on guitar: regular 
woman with guitar fare.  The second was a capella, a performance that 
literally quieted the entire bar - an astounding feat, really - 
probably by virtue of her swaying and drumming out rhythms on her 
self).  Her last song was again a capella but very quiet and now the 
back of the bar was already inured to that kind of thing, much to Ms.  
McClure's chagrin - weren't they on her side five minutes ago? Such is 
the way.

The other performer was Sue Foxx, the woman who does the excellent 
rant "Town Idiot" on Kicking Giant's "Alien ID."  She did two pieces 
in front of the stage, one of which was a poor rendition of said "Town 
Idiot." Somewhere while touring she had lost the paper with the words, 
which is a real shame because "Town Idiot," done right, works at one 
level as a great put-down to certain people.  Her first piece was 
about how we all taste like chicken, which was good but sort of 
alienated the vegetarians in attendance.

To the gritty ...  upon hearing that I had seem them open for Dog 
Faced Hermans back in October, Te said that they would be playing 
pretty much the same thing because they haven't had a chance to work 
out anything new.  Fine with me since the first time around I had not 
had a chance to hear their new album.  While most of the songs and 
indeed the set order remained the same, Te kept to his creed of 
performing things differently every time.  With the distinct Te style, it 
was not surprising, but affirming, to see him rock around as he does, 
casting off his guitar and taking the microhpone in his hands, off the 
stand.  (I had read that Michelle Shocked's rather coy manner was all 
but a staged routing.) Rachel, who reminded me that night of a Dana 
Carvey character (sorry), seemed a little tired and at any rate was 
not as great as when I first saw her.  But she was affirming, too, in 
the way that a stand-up woman playing stand-up drums can be 
personally affirming.

I remember laughing at Asian rockers Loudness back in high school.  I 
sided with Paul Westerberg back then.  Lucky for the youngsters of 
today that there is Kicking Giant.

A song I had not heard them play before was a song that repeated the 
lines "Live life for yourself." He repeated this phrase over and over 
and even now, at work the next day, I am remembering it.  I wish I can 
take this message to all my friends breaking up with all their 
friends, but I probably could not convey the conviction Te had.  As 
with a lot of things, you had to be there.

Kicking Giant are making their way back to Olympia, and this gig was 
in Chicago.  As Han solo once said, "Now's our chance, GO!"


ANNOUNCE: Database request

I'm trying to create a database of indie/punk zines/radio stations/lables
from the North East USA and Canada
specifcially(in order of importance to me)
        Upstate NY
        Western Ohio
        Eastern Canada(Tornoto especially)

I am most especially interested in zines who whould review records etc. from
other nearby cites.  Everyone who replies will get a complete database when
compiled and also probably a copy of my zine Suck! which primarily talks about
the scene in Rochester, NY, but also includes reviews and such from NYC,
Pittsburgh, Chicago and NC among many other things, such as Steve Albini's
Galagher 2 review and Jon Fine's Branca review....

Blah Blah Blah

Thanks in adavnce for any help anyone can give me



From: Ted Dively <>
ANNOUNCE: indie-oriented CD-ROM 

My pal, Eddie Sutton, and I are accepting submissions for our new 
interactive CD-ROM 'zine/sampler disc, which is dedicated to 
showcasing "indie" bands of all stripes.  If you're interested in 
sending us stuff, or if you're a label looking for a promotional 
outlet, please drop us a line.  If you know of record stores carrying 
indie titles, please mail us their addresses so we can include them in 
each issue.  Send private mail for more info, and thanks! --Ted 
Dively, editor

snail mail:  B.I.G., 1645 Page Street, # 4, SF, CA 94117-2086
fax: (415) 861-0722 <---- Lawyers call this a telecopier; how pretentious....


AD: splashdown 

just writing to let you know that Splashdown #2 and #3 are still 
available, before Splashdown #4 comes out in July, even bigger than 
the others!!!!
#2: interviews, Bunnygrunt, Lorelei, Unrest, Swirlies
#3 interviews, Versus, Kicking Giant, Slowdive, Tattle Tale
              Mike from Slumberland, and Bill from Pop Narcotic
 please send $2 for #3, $1 and 2 stamps for #2, or just $3 for both!!

for info, write
splashdown, apt. 3204, 188 east 64th street, ny, ny 10021


AD: Lovemeknots

Advertisement-New From Favorite Street: The Lovemeknots "Full Tilt" CD 
sound recording.  Songs about Hope, Despair, Leopold & Loeb, Race Car 
Drivers and Love.  $10.00 postpaid from Favorite Street Mailorder- 
4907 West 36th St., Indianapolis IN 46224.  Also available...the 
Knots' "Gary's Dog" CD ($10.00) and "Home Tonight" single ($3.00) 
still available, as well as releases from other Indy/indie bands.  
Cash or checks to Brad Shelor.  For more info e-mail to


From: "[messyjerk]" <>
AD: White Bread Empire = Nothing

an advertisement.  white bread 13 is 50-something pages with lisa 
carver, pork queen, noggin, insane people in my town, carbonation, my 
gross stepfather, childhood in detail (denial), p*nk crud, and no 
reviews.  it comes with a 19-song cassette called, "will you please be 
quiet, please?".  this has six cents and natalie, sisterhood of 
convuluted thinkers, treiops treyfid, pork queen, gearik gearman, 
pumpernickel, zaius, drag king, help me, tummy ache, paste, juice 
tiger, passenger, etc.,  and then some.  zine + tape = $3.00 ppd.  
issue 14 of white bread will be out soon with a four song 7" (al 
larsen w/the pastels, tully craft, cuppa joe, and one mystery band).  
that issue is gonna have reviews (argh), al larsen, college retrospect 
and tons more.  zine + 7" will be just $3.  white bread = no profit.  
write brandon at: po box 255; new brunswick, nj 08903.  get issue 13 
at a fine record store today and send proof of purchase.  cass is just 
$1 if you do that.  gosh, what's a proof of purchase? cut out the pic.  
of me in the bathtub.  deal?


From: Apple-O <>
AD: (help wanted)

Cassette label seeks help promoting/distributing/marketing music
(basically getting it out there.)  The musical slant fits somewhere in
the SST, Teen Beat, Drag City, Matador, 4AD, New Alliance,
KillRockStars family. Position paid if money made! Otherwise it's a
good opportunity to get experience working for a record label.


Next Issue:

  More on the TeenBeat anniversary,
  et al.

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