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      Indie List Digest!

        May 19, 1995

     Volume 4   Number 28


Thrush Hermit
ANNOUNCE: Destroy Amerikkka
ANNOUNCE: TweeFest '95
ANNOUNCE: Sebadoh Australia & NZ Tour Dates 
ANNOUNCE: Karate Tour Dates
ANNOUNCE: Limbo Cafe
ANNOUNCE: You Could Do Worse #4
AD: clunker tape compilation

This week's issue of the Indie List is abbreviated - 'tis the season 
after all, of migration.  Indeed, the IL seems to function this week 
mostly as a resource listing, a map of some of the byways of the 
entertainment jungle.

The astute reader will note that, because of the spaciousness of our 
living quarters this issue, the announcements and advertisements seem 
to run a bit long.  They do.  Sean has mentioned the guidelines before 
- advertisements, in particular, should be limited to around 10 lines 
or so, with a lack of hyperbolic cant.  We're obviously flexible on 
this, but those of you trying to distribute your items should bear the 
restrictions in mind as you put your pieces together.

An interesting appeal for information came into our boxes this week.  
Seems that a group of people at Repression Records are putting 
together a resource guide to independent contacts, which will then 
be distributed in various electronic forms.  If you're interested, 
drop us a line and we can send the PR, or drop a line to 
102041.2546@compuserve.com, the organizers of the project.

And on with the show...



From: austrian@PHOENIX.PRINCETON.EDU (Guy I. Austrian)

The Monsters of Asian-American Indie Rock tour, aka Year of the Dragon 
or something like that went down at Mercury Lounge in NY last 
Wednesday.  After untold travails my friend and I got in, to be 
crushed by the crowd.  By the way, my frien is an Asian-American and 
said his heart swelled with pride at the event, and had never seen so 
many of the "bruthas" at an indie rock show before.  Me either.

Anyway, we missed all but the last 30 seconds of Venus Car Club, so I 
refrain from commenting.  All I know is they're from Toronto and had 
to be smuggled into the country due to some weird border laws.

Aminiature played an enthusiastic set of hard-edged rock with 
Cali-punk echoes.  Only 2 or 3 songs really worked for me, but on the 
whole a fine show.  Good thing they didn't play longer, tho.  
Singer/guitarist John Lee was feisty, repeatedly encouraging the 
Caucasians in the audience to "suck us." I wasn't offended.  Asian-Am 
TV crew on hand to videorecord for several minutes.

Outside between sets: friend makes phone call to girlfriend.  kids who 
look and dress like lou barlow can't get in.  stephin merritt and 
claudia something from magnetic fields show up in taxi.  stephin 
swiftly hides behind a friend as homeless woman asks for money and 
accuses stephin of being "nasty." Claudia gives change and disputes 

Versus.  I've liked this band for awhile now, and the last LP was 
good, but christ, this was the most boring set I've seen anyone play 
in a long time.  plink plink same melody ooh ooh brief noise adoring 
crowd.  I pass the time by watching jon fine gesticulate at a friend 
with beer bottle waving.  (yes, it's a galaxy of stars here 

Seam.  Finally.  Headsparks was the reason I made my first trip to my 
town's "indie" record store.  I listened to it almost exclusively for 
a summer's worth of late nights.  I could go on and on.  The show was 
pretty good, though they acknowledged it was an off night for them.  
They're definitely an inconsistent live band.  Several new songs from 
the upcoming album were heard and they were really good--some snappy 
numbers and some really sad ones including a long twisting silkworm-y 
tune called "Port (or Fort) Charleston" that had Sooyoung so wrenched 
up it was painful to watch.  The new bass player, William Shin, was 
fine.  This new album (which is to be called, "Are You Driving Me 
Crazy" promises to be very depressing and very wonderful.  Sigh.

Okay enough.  

-- Guy A.


From: t.hunt@canrem.com (T Hunt)
Thrush Hermit

Well, I just got the new Thrush Hermit CD this weekend, cause they 
were playing in Toronto at the Rivoli.  The new CD called _the Great 
Pacific Ocean_ has recieved some mixed reviews, not about the music 
actually but how Steve Albini did the mix on it, but Steve did at 
least continue in the trend of his fantastic drum sounds on this 
album.  All in all this is a very good CD, Thrush Hermit still have 
the same kind of pop sensibilities that enable them to write 
fantastic songs.  If you would like a copy of _the Great Pacific 
Ocean_ or their previous EP, _Smart Bomb_, then write to Murderecords 
@ P.O.Box 2372/ Halifax Central/ Halifax, Nova Scotia/ B3J 3E4/ 
CANADA.  You can get copies of _the Great Pacific Ocean_ in either CD, 
Cassette or Picturedisk format.  And do it soon, cause after you get 
it, you'll wonder how you ever could have lived without it :) :) :)

- And if you would like a copy of my zine _A Teenager's Guide to 
Redrum_ which is an indie music fanzine (mostly Canadian stuff <which 
rocks anyways>) e-mail me at t.hunt@canrem.com.  Later!


From: bce2@midway.uchicago.edu
ANNOUNCE: Destroy Amerikkka

I have been inspired by Seth Sanders' Nest Of Ninnies & Liz Clayton's 
Wind Up Toy to put out my own 'zine.

The first issue of Destroy Amerikkka, "the PUNK 'zine for outside 
agitators and inside infiltraitors"(sic) is finally out & available.  
This 'zine is about %40 writing about radical, experimental post-punk 
music and %60 radical leftist political rants.  Contributors and 
stories come from all over the world, but mostly from the Windy City.

This issue  features interviews with Boredoms(Osaka)
                                     Lou Barlow(Massachusetts)
                                     Tortoise(Chicago) by Joep Vermaat
                                     My Bloody Valentine(London) by Ted Gray

Plus lots of comix (by Eye Yamatsuka, Barrett Heaton, J.  Little, and 
Stefan Economou) and reviews and ranting about Punk Rock, a letter 
form subcomandante Marcos(the Zapatista leader), a letter from Mumia 
Abu Jamal(the former Black Panther and award winning Journalist who's 
book _Live From Death Row_, a collection of some Mumia's sharpest 
commentaries published by Addison Wesley is now in the bookstores and 
who is currently awaiting execution on death row), some words from 
Lori Barbero of Babes In Toyland, and other stuff.

It's available from
Benjahmyn Ewens 1353 North Dean St. #2 Chicago, IL 60622-210253, usa
for $3.50 post paid (anywhere in the world, except P.O. boxes).

Eventually we should have the whole thing up on the world wide web.




From: TweeKid@aol.com
ANNOUNCE: TweeFest '95

OK people get those travel plans ready because there is going to be a 
TweeFest in New York City on May 20th, that is this Saturday night, at 
the West Beth Theatre on Bank Street in the West Village.  Yes, we 
will have eight bands for you to snuggle up with and all be yours for 
the price of a movie ticket (that is what they charge for tickets in 
New York).  Who is playing I hear you all collectively asking, well 
try these groups on for size:

Magnetic Fields, Sleepyhead, Kickstand, The Legendary Jim Ruiz 
Group, Slow Children Playing, Racecar, Cobalt, Coloring Book...

The gig is being put together by the members of IndiePop-1 which is an 
international internet mailing list.  Don't forget to bring your 
checkbooks and contracts.  Pure pop for all who come by.



From: Kathleen Billus <kathleeb@aw.com>
ANNOUNCE: Sebadoh Australia & NZ Tour Dates 

Sebadoh Summer Australia & New Zealand Tour Dates:

June 29 -- The Roxy -- Brisbane
June 30 -- Phoenician -- Sydney
July 1  -- Phoenician --Sydney
July 3  -- Planet     -- Perth
July 4  -- Planet     -- Perth
July 6  -- Liberty    -- Adelaide
July 7  -- Prince     -- Melbourne
July 8  -- Prince     -- Melbourne
July 11 -- Sammys     -- Dunedin
July 13 -- Warners    -- Christchurch
July 14 -- Victoria University -- Wellington
July 15 -- PowerStation -- Auckland



From: the critique of pure treason <DLM94001@UConnVM.UConn.Edu>
ANNOUNCE: Karate Tour Dates

well, here's another tour list of another one of them damn good 
northeast bands, karate! if you didn't get to see them last summer 
when i posted dates (if you did, then you probably already know about 
these shows), here's yr second chance.  beautiful music, beautiful 
lyrics, beautiful people.  send yr props out to these folks (and enkoy 
yrself in the process), & drop me a line @ 
-dlm94001@uconnvm.uconn.edu- to let me (and them, if you choose...  
for addt'l info on karate! email eamonn @ -evitt@acs.bu.edu-) know 
what you thought.  their 3rd & latest 7", which has my favorite song 
by them on it, has just been released on art monk construction as a 
split w/ex-hoover boys, crownhateruin.  they also have a 7" on 
self-started records, and a split w/fellow beantowners the lune on 
lonesome pine records.  rock on...

also look for the new karate/crownhate ruin split on artmonk const.

[earlier tour dates removed... -es]

thu 5/18 Cincinnati OH. Basement.
	**EARLY** 5pm w/ The Warmers
fri 5/19 Dayton OH.The Chameleon.
	?pm w/The Warmers
sat 5/20 Columbus OH.  1473 Neil Ave(a house)
	?pm w/The Warmers
sun 5/21 Princeton NJ.  Ind.MusicFestThing
	2pm w/Lenola and 6 other bands
mon 5/22 sit-n-spin
tue 5/23 WashDC.The Black Cat
	9pm w/ Excuse 17
wed 5/24 Richmond VA. TBA.
	?pm w/ The Props


From: limbocaf@ionet.net (Robert S. Boss)
ANNOUNCE: Limbo Cafe

Limbo Cafe is more than pleased to announce our new home page:


Touch yourselves and smile!


From: ycdworse@aol.com (YCDWorse)
ANNOUNCE: You Could Do Worse #4

You Could Do Worse #4 - here at last.

60 measly pages.

Interviews with: Polara, Ashtray Boy, The Goats, The Wrens, Brainiac, 
aMiniature, Vinyl Devotion.

Other stuff: Religion, fiction, OK City, Cobain, world music.

100s of reviews (zine, live, and especially recorded music).

The whole thing is $3.00 ppd. Beg now.

Also available at Tower, Barnes & Noble, See Hear and other nice places.

Previously on You Could Do Worse...

#3 - Pavement, Tsunami, Polvo, Gastr del Sol, The London Suede, The Moon
Seven Times, Barnabys, techno/ambient, no sex. 68 pages.
#2 (the ex-Feelies issue) - Wake Ooloo, Luna, Low, The Connells, Drug War
(part 1), AIDS. 60 pages.
#1 - Tommy Keene, The Loud Family, Grifters, The Hang Ups, rap, computer
software, Kerrigan/Harding conspiracy. 60 pages.

Back issues - $3.50 each ppd. Any two for $5.00.

You Could Do Worse., P.O. Box 74647, Cedar Rapids, IA 52407

Checks payable to Rob Galgano or You Could Do Worse.

Rob Galgano
You Could Do Worse.

YCDW's WWW home page: http://www.magna.com.au/woodwire/zines/YCDW.html
if you can't say anything nice, then you should write for us.


From: IHOP <clunker@eden.rutgers.edu>
AD: clunker tape compilation


	My Cat Can Swallow A Whole Watermelon Tape Compilation

featuring: ann can be..., biscuit, bumblepuppy, the ice cream cones, 
juice tiger, junebug, letterbox, otter pops, pumpernickel, slow 
children playing, suazi, weakling and zaius.

13 bands, 17 songs, crank calls, and an additional bonus track by 
maine's own pelt = 60 minutes of happy, toe tapping, wrist swinging, 
arm twisting indie rock for only 5 bucks postage paid.

send inquiries, cash, cherry coke, sean murphy [?! -es] and/or pop 
rocks to: todd stosuy, 373-b sooy place rd, vincentown, nj 08088


coming soon on clunker records:
slow children playing/bumblepuppy split 7 inch; non pareils 7 inch; 
clunker #3- the love/hate issue

yep, we love you:)


  Coming up next issue:
    Malathion Risk excerpts
    Watt, Versus

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