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      Indie List Digest!

        June 19, 1995

     Volume 4   Number 32


Sixteen Deluxe and Ed Hall
Ivy, Soul Coughing, Melissa Ferrick
Emo's ladies night
Rebecca West, Venus Cures All, Wooden Stars, Kat Rocket
All About Chad, Shiva Affect, Tortoise, Thee Headcoats, et al
looking fr a job is as bad as exams 
ANNOUNCE: Annual Pie Festival
ANNOUNCE: Dis- tour dates

No time for idle chit chat, on with the content!



From: Sean Murphy <>
DEAD C.  (oh yeah, some guy named thurston played too)

So, it's finally happened (and by the time this comes out, it'll be 
over) - the Dead C have toured in the US.  An odd tour route (one show 
in SF, then straight to Chicago, wind through Detroit, much of Ohio, 
Pennsylvania, and then the standard northeastern swing), and early 
reports had been less than spectacular.

I caught the show at Maxwell's, in the square mile city, Hoboken, NJ, 
on Saturday, June 10.  Openers were Kustomized and Thurston Moore/Tom 

Kustomized - palatable but not very exciting.  A few songs sounded 
like the Yardbirds, which is fine by me, their last song was generally 
regarded as the best (nice buzzing/ringing guitar parts), but much of 
the set was background music.  I wish I could say better things about 
Peter Prescott's new band...

Thurston Moore/Tom Surgal - two people who were entirely oblivious of 
each other's presence on the stage.  Surgal has played drums with 
Rudolph Grey among others, and he simply did one of those 20 minute 
free-improv drum sets.  Interesting in spurts, but not particularly 
gripping.  Meanwhile, Thurston was scratching at the strings of his 
guitar with his pick.  Wank, wank, wank.  The interesting parts could 
have been boiled down to one good 7", but instead we sat through 30 
minutes of it.  Cindy Frantz says it felt like 7 songs, but I saw it 
as one long pseudo-improv without any direction.

And then our heroes from Port Chalmers, NZ, stepped up on stage.  
Whatever problems they had earlier on tour (not interacting in 
free-form, slightly lackluster performances) were not present.  Opened 
with "Helen Said This," then "Bone" and "Power" - take your fucking 
shit out of here indeed.  Other highlights - "Sky" (where Bruce 
Russell played the whole song with a metal bar jammed up the fretboard 
and a piece of hollow metal tubing), their impersonation of Harry 
Pussy, and a bunch of things I recognized but can't remember the names 
of.  The open feedback sections were extremely interesting, hearing 
the adjusments each player made to the flow of the wall of noise.  
They played for well over an hour, it felt like 20 minutes, and I 
loved every second of it.

So, will someone now convince the Terminals to come to the US (perhaps 
with the Renderers) for a couple shows? Please?

Made a trip to Pier Platters, too, but reports on that material will 
wait 'til next time.

Grumpy Sean

P.S.  I'm now accepting submissions for _Finley Breeze_ #5 - the 
purported topic is "the culture of independent music." E-mail me for 
more details on this occasional collection of thoughts and ramblings 
about music outside the review format (or simply to join the 
subscription list).


From: DONOVAN.B@AppleLink.Apple.COM (Donovan, Brian)
Sixteen Deluxe and Ed Hall

CD Release show for Sixteen Deluxe and Ed Hall.
5/28/95  Liberty Lunch -- Austin, Tx.
This was a major show for two local acts and their big CD releases on 
Trance Syndicate records.  If I may first plug Trance.  King, of 
Butthole Surfers fame, has been an excellent source for promoting the 
all-too-often ignored Austin music scene, and these two bands are 
exemplary rockers on the leading edge of Austin rockers.
Daddy Longhead opened for the show and rocked in their heavy style.  
They remind me of a three-piece Black Sabbath and/or early Ozzy.  
Smoke screens and long sweaty hair lend to the effect.
I could not wait for them to be done because I knew that Sixteen 
Deluxe had just picked up a new drummer and would have the Austin 16mm 
Tape Loop God, Luke, providing visuals for their show for the first 
As an aside I must say that it is a joy to see a band grow over time.  
I have seen Sixteen Deluxe 4 times in the last year and every show 
they are better and better.  It won't be long before they explode on 
the national scene, and I strongly advise seeing them if they come to 
your neck of the woods (especially if they can coax Luke on the road).  
They have two amazing guitarists/singers, a man and a woman.  They use 
loopy and homemade effects with great panache.  They remind a little 
bit of My Bloody Valentine in their technique.  These folks truly 
rocked.  The tape loops were magnificent and really added to the show.  
The entire was video taped (with six cameras).  It was taped for local 
access TV, but judging from the high quality (I was watching the 
producers much of the night) you may see some of these on indie video 
shows.  Their debut CD is out now.  FeedbackMagnetBabe.  BUY it!
Ed Hall are the heirs to the Buttholes.  An excellent act who have 
toured nationally and in Europe.  Their CDs have included Glory Hole, 
Love Spoke Here and Albert.  Their new one is called La La Land.  As a 
three piece they generate a tremendous din! They played a nice mix of new 
material and old faves.  Luke has been doing video for them for at 
least two years and the new footage is always a treat.  They came on 
stage painted with flourecent paint with a team of dancers painted 
likewise.  The energy of the show was incredible.  Especially on the 
last song,  1970 7-11.  A real chanting anthem with various folks 
seizing the guitar and extra drummers arriving onstage. Larry took the 
bass out into the pit.  This too was video taped, so keep your eyes 


From: Aaron Schatz <>
Live reviews of Ivy, Soul Coughing, Melissa Ferrick

Well, they wanted us to write more, so here I am again.  Thanks to 
everyone who answered my questions about country-rock, and I'll take 
everything under advisement.

Saw two shows in this past week.

Sunday June 4, Soul Coughing w/ the Bill Keough Experience.

Bill's a nice fellow but I missed his set cause of the BRU weekly jock 
meeting.  Soul Coughing was even better than the first time I saw 
them.  Much of the music we all listen to these days is good but it's 
not meant for dancing.  Not Soul Coughing.  For all the New 
York-beatnik-poetry and weird sampling, Soul Coughing is really a 
booty-thumping party band.  When they rock, everyone is dancing, and 
that was the case Sunday.  They had a lot of new songs to go with old 
standbys like "Down To This" (now including part of Black Sabbath's 
"War Pigs" in the middle) and "Screenwriter's Blues." I wonder if I 
could get them to come play a party? Soul Coughing, along with Fugazi 
and Scarce, put on the most exciting live show of any band I know of.  
Definitely worth the cash.

Speaking of Scarce, I've heard three tracks off the major label debut 
which comes out July 25th, called "Deadsexy." It sounds like they are 
emphasizing Chick as the lead singer now and giving Joyce more of a 
background role.  Bad move, in my opinion - not only is the interplay 
of the two of them the highlight of the band, but the "Strong girl" 
image for Joyce was what I thought would really take them somewhere in 
the wonderful world of mersh.  I withhold final judgement til I hear 
the whole album, which hopefully will contain the great Bowie cover 
"Ashes to Ashes."

Tuesday June 6, Ivy w/ Melissa Ferrick and Stellar Pop Combo

Speaking as a frat boy myself, I'd have to say that Stellar Pop Combo 
seemed like a real frat boy band with a frat boy friend audiance made 
up of all their local friends.  Plus this was their first gig.  Except 
these guys sound like they've been listening to Velvet Crush, the 
Shoes, and the Posies instead of Pearl Jam, Collective Soul, and 
Soundgarden.  They were tight and the songs were really good.  I was 
very impressed.  If they ever learn vocal harmonies and make some 
connections with some "indie promoters" they could really go places.

Melissa Ferrick is famous for her "Juliana Hatfield" song about how her 
Mammoth labelmate got 37 adds for her record before Ferrick got 1.  
She didn't play it.  Instead, she did an earnest lesbian folksinger 
thing, only with sucky songs.  The one about prejudice was especially 
earnest and, not suprisingly, especially unenjoyable.  Luckily, the 
Babyhead TV monitors were showing the overtime Red Wings-Blackhawks 
game on ESPN.  Ferrick should try it with a band next time rather than 
just her and her guitar, which only works for Bob Mould, Joan Baez, 
and John Wesley Harding.

Ivy: the songs were nice and relaxing as always.  But they broke the 
two rules that Ed my bass player set back when I played in a band:

1) Always play straight through the songs without tuning 17 times and 
taking long breaks.  

2) If it sounds like you are playing too fast, you're not.  Play 

In other words, the languid pace of Ivy's songs was good on CD but not 
so great live.  But it made nice background music for the rest of the 

Oops, gotta go.  Bye all.

Aaron Schatz                           "There are only two races:
Zeta Delta Xi                             the decent and the indecent."
Brown University                   - Victor Frankel
(401) 521-7136                                "Man's Search for Meaning"
P.O. Box 3994, Providence, RI  02912

              America's foremost indie-pop frat boy!


From: Jill Emery <>
Emo's ladies night

Friday, June 9, 1995 Austin, TX: Emo's

It was ladies' nite at Emo's....

First band: Speed Queens...local act with two guitars, bass, drums 
with the guitar players sharing vocals.  Punk riffs & phrasing 
executed extremely well by both guitar players.  I was really 
impressed by this band & haven't seen them advertised around town much 
but look forward to seeing them again.  oh yeah, all women.  They had 
one of the most unified sounds as far as the local punk scene here 
goes and they also don't take themselves as seriously as their male 
counterparts, which I think makes them looser and more enjoyable to 
watch.  I also haven't seen any singles by them, but there could be one 
or two floating around town, I'll try to find out...I highly recommend 
this band to anyone who likes punk & happens to be in Austin when 
they're playing.

Second Band: Red Aunts.  They were being billed as 12 times greater 
than L7 and had two pretty impressive write-ups done on them in two 
different papers.  Well, they just didn't move me.  They played well 
and had a decent stage presence but they seemed kinda flat, as though 
they bored with touring and with what they were playing, and maybe that 
was supposed to come across as cool & distracted but it just came 
across as dull and distracting.  Maybe they are at times 12 times 
greater than L7 but this nite they weren't.

Third Band: Supersnazz....incredible, amazing, truly wonderful, and I 
have to say it, absolutely fabolous.  Definitely 12 times greater 
than Shonen Knife.  These girls can play and play with such energy 
that no one could pull the detached cool, stand and watch the band 
stance once they got started.  They came out in children's cowboy hats 
and the lead singer was wearing a Texas is for lovers t-shirt and they 
played up the Japanese rock-n-roll out of control aren't we sooooo 
cute/innocent/fun act to a T.  and play...  man, these girls could play 
riffs and execute songs the likes of which are only dreamed about by 
most bands in this town.  They were comprised of guitar, bass, drums 
and vocals.  They did a version of La Bamba that has to be heard to be 
believed.  I am still reeling from how incredible I found this band.  
Go and see them if they come to your town, and buy their lps/cds.

Fourth Band: The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black.  Drag Queen Punk 
Revue.  They were all right...again fantastic guitar player...these 
"girls" can really put on a show.  Unfortunately, they've been doing 
this show so long that it's gotten kinda tired and by the 4th or 5th 
song, it wasn't that amusing any more and the lyrics were sophomoric but 
the instrumentation was still good and people were still bouncing 
around and into it.  Best description that I can give is drag queens 
doing the Clash while dancing/ prancing about with 2nd grade props.  
You want a it is.


From: Michael Ligon <> 
Rebecca West, Venus Cures All, Wooden Stars, Kat Rocket at the Rivoli (June10, 
   1995;Toronto, Canada)

Having made it early to the club was a drag but taking a walk for 
about half an hour was even more of a drag.  So finally half an hour 
later I make it to the club just in time to catch the opening act Kat 
Rocket and by then I was itching to hear some good indie rock.

Well Kat Rocket did not disappoint.  They are a five piece band led by 
the strong vocals of Stella who wore dark shades to cover what seemed 
like very bright lights which shone on the stage.  They play a brand 
of melodic pop-rock offset by distorted guitar and cool guitar effects 
like the lead guitarist's use of a beer bottle to do some cool slide 
guitar.  The songs possessed strong melodies which by the end of the 
night convinced me to buy their debut EP and 7-inch (plus the fact 
they were both pretty inexpensive).

Next up were the creative and musically talented Wooden Stars.  It is 
hard to describe their style of music.  They use elements of different 
styles of music often within the same song.  They combine such styles 
as arty rock, quirky pop, hardcore ranting, experimental jazz, and 
believe it or not they even started off one song which sounded like a 
quirky marching band.  They were unique and at the very least 
interesting but by the end of their set I felt I like I could only get 
into their music if I were in a certain mood.

I was glad to see the next band who were Venus Cures All.  I had only 
caught their last song when they played the kicked off the Ear of the 
Dragon Tour at the El Mocambo in Toronto.  What I noticed about the 
show at the Rivoli this time was how much more clear I could hear the 
vocals.  Their vocals at the Ear of the Dragon show were virtually 
drowned out by their guitars.  Venus Cures All consist of 3 females 
who play guitar, lead guitar, and bass as well as a male drummer.  
They played songs which ranged from pretty mid-tempo to energetic 
punkish outburts, all the while maintaining some type of melodic 
structure.  It was a great energetic set which came to a ear-blowing, 
drum-pounding, guitar churning climax.  Excellent.

Then came the headliners Rebecca West who are a female-led trio from 
the Seattle of the North, Halifax, Nova Scotia.  To compare them to 
the two other melodic-based bands that night, Kat Rocket and Venus 
Cures All, Rebecca West came somewhere in between, sparser than the 
former and not as heavy as the latter.  All the songs had great 
melodies and were greatly played by the sparse yet energetic guitar 
work of Rebecca West (I think the group name is her name but don't hold 
me on that) and the competent rhythmic drumming and the intense bass 
work of the other two band members.  They even did some cool Jimmy 
Page impersonation when Rebecca and the bass player started to play 
their instruments with something which was suppose to be like a violin 
bow.  They ended their set with a encore of a pretty song which 
Rebecca sang only accompanied by her guitar.  (But Rebecca, what 
happened to the Abba covers you said you would play? I know you were 
only joking when you yelled out for requests, but then a little of 
`Take a Chance on Me' wouldn't have hurt.  HA HA HA!)

All in all, it was an excellent evening of music for the paltry price 
of $6 CDN.



From: (Julian Lawton)
All About Chad, Shiva Affect, Tortoise, Thee Headcoats, et al

All About Chad - Chad's Got An Earring (Oh! It's Only Pop Music) 
First & only release (so far) on the label run by my favourite current 
'zine writer. Label manifesto 'Sucess us how many people you annoy, 
disease, fuck-up. Success means the right to create turmoil, anxiety, 
fucking great noise'. Words backed up, Sarah style, by a pop gem, rather 
than hideous/tedious noise-noise. It's all I know about Chad - maybe I 
should order that tape. Maybe you should get this single?
Shiva Affect - Road Movie 10" (Frog)
Recorded at the legendary Toe Rag studios, this sounds nothing like the
Toe Rag sound (generally the rawest garage). Their debut single was 
produced by Bark Psychosis's Graham Sutton, and with that band's departure 
into the realm of pure electronica, I guess they're natural succesors to 
the early B.P. sound, with a strong Talk Talk circa Spirit Of Eden 
A nice step from their 'Yahweh' LP, this has a soft pattering slightly jazz 
inflected ryhthm over the top of some ancient keyboard, with stoned white-
boy blues vocals just about keeping their head above the mix - the B-sides 
are slightly less chill, 'Pitch Black' being reworked guitar squall from 
the first single, and 'Meek' isn't.
Fans of Spacemen 3 circa 'Perfect Prescription' or Darkside's 'All That 
Noise' will love this.

Tortoise - Gamera (Duophonic)
Oh yes, now this is the business. At last an American band that isn't part 
of that too arty Bill Laswell New York type crowd that isn't afraid to 
embrace some of the ideas floating around the 'post-rock' gene pool - dub space, 
repetition, hip-hop & house influences. . . it also sounds uniquely 
UK indie bands taking on dance culture influences seem to have a need to 
prove themselves to their dance peers (or at least Seefeel do), and I think 
make the mistake of becoming slaves to techno form - exceptions being MBV
& Laika, who have the intelligence/vision to be able to take what's 
radical/ new & apply it to their own ideas. Tortoise sound more organic & 
live/lithe than any of their UK peers, and as much linked to the tradition 
of bands like Can (accesibly experimental) as to modern sounds. What I love 
though, is the way the bass rolls like Grand Master & Flash, the guitar 
loops like a simple house riff, while sounds slide up & down like early 
Neu! - motorik music for open country roads. . . 
Helen Love - Bubblegum (Damaged Goods) 
'You're stuck to my shoe/I need a stick to get rid of you'
'You should put an ad in the music press/
sensitive boy wants girl in flowery dress'
More toy keyboards play the hits of the Ramones cheese-style pop music. 
It's summer!! Black vinyl though (natch).

Kyra Rubella & The Shanks - Orgasm Addict/Love In A Void (Damaged Goods) 
= Guitars - Dick Skum & Rod Vomit, Bass - Basil Bile, Drums - Vic 
A double B-side by Headcoatees 'singer' Kyra and fine 
entertainment it is too - Love In A Void out-screams Siouxsie Sioux's 
most atonal moments, while 'Orgasm Addict' won't sound the same again. 
Oh yes. . .

Thee Headcoats - Action Time Vision (Vinyl Japan) 
A.T.V. by Alternative TV. . . punk classics a go-go.
Prolapse - When Space Invaders Were Big/Love Like Anthrax (Cherry Red) 
And this lot too . . . 'Love Like Anthrax' was originally by Gang Of 
Four. Green vinyl, Peel session, nice cover. But what is this growing 
obsession I note here? Early post-punk cover versions and retro
arcade game references! More Prolapse-like inexplicable tautness, 
apart from where 'Love Like Anthrax' breaks down into Mick & Linda 
just talking, where it sounds plain silly. Though not in a bad way, 
but I'm not sure it was the point of the song.
Cornershop - 6AM Jullandar Shere (Wiiija) 
One-sided 7" to trailer the LP I can't find yet, but what an excellent 
trailer. Distorted Punjabi vocals over the top of one of those one-chord 
riffs Sonic Boom specialises in, with lovely 'whoosh' noises - I'm thinking 
particularly of Spacemen 3's 'Why Can't I See'. An Asian reply to all the hip 
borrowings made of 'drone' styles by musicians since George Harrison.
scrawled into the vinyl on the B-side -

Julian Lawton


From: dann meidn <DLM94001@UConnVM.UConn.Edu>
looking fr a job is as bad as exams 

greetings.  been off and about since the end of school, first leaving 
fr a new york and dc escapade immediately after the semester ended, 
and more recently (last night) returning from wisconsin & chicago.  i 
mentioned in my last entry reviewing fugazi & a bunch of other shows, 
but its been long ago, so i'm going to try to make them brief.  i'm 
putting together a tape of my favorite area bands (new england & york) 
including karate, vitapup, and syrup usa.  if yr from another region & 
haven't had the opprortunity to hear any of these bands, let's hook up 
a trade fr yr local music.  i'm lucky enough to work @ a radio station 
where i have the opportunity to explore (to a certain extent) good 
shit from all over the country, and i'm sure that stuff is still being 
left out.  lately been getting into some of the stuff coming from the 
midwest & crank! records.  a lot of it seems to be in a jawboxy vain, 
but has its own sound as well.  some of these bands include vitreous 
humor, boys life, and sideshow.  i've liked some songs on the shiner 
cd, been uneffected by others.  right now the only thing lacking that 
i would like to hear from that region is women in bands.  if yr from 
that area (or any other fr that matter) & wanna do the tape trade 
thingy, email me.

today is the day in new haven, ct; tune inn: amazing intensity.  one 
of the most insane and sweaty shows i've ever seen.  very happy and 
loud, my favorite amrep band by far.  plus, the vocalist not only 
drooled and spit all over himself, but shaked hands w/the audience 
after set and thanked them for coming.

fugazi, lois, unwound in hartford, ct; west indian social club: the 
weakest show fr fuagzi & unwound that i saw (which isn't necessarily a 
criticism or complaint) that week, so i'll describe their 
performances @ their respective best sets.  although fugazi w/out a 
doubt is almost always on,  lois simply kicked ass.  i finally got to 
see her play acoustic, w/heather on drums.  she broke a string (duh), 
bled, and told off the inconsiderate folk in the audience heckling 
long drawn out "fooooo-gaaaaaaah-zeeeeeee"s very well.

weston in north windham, ct; studio 158: the funniest band in pop punk 
right now.  it doesn't matter that all of their songs sound the same, 
they are worth seeing for their humor alone.  and just cuz the songs 
sound the same doesn't mean that they're bad.

vitapup, kaia in middletown, ct; wesleyan university: will do a better 
review on vitapup from ny show later on.  on this particular night, an 
excellent rapper that they had never met before performed w/them on a 
song & it sounded like they had practiced it aplenty.  vitapup rules 
like that.  kaia was nice.  y'know, acoustic 1/2 of team dresch 
vocals.  weirdness was her insecurity.  anyone who has seen team 
dresch can attest to insecurity not being a particular attribute of 
band members during their shows.

fugazi, unwound, makeup in providence, ri; lupo's: i don't want to 
talk about makeup.  disappointed is pretty much it.  really 
disappointed.  unwound was quite good.  in short moments, they even 
played like they did a year ago @ 158 when they went totally bezerk.  
plus they played broken e strings.  envelope & valentine card were the 
highlights, and the new material showcased (now on "the future of 
what") was quite good.  the crowd surfing was bizarre.  they even 
looked confused.  fugazi was amazing and played for an hour & 1/2, a 
good mix of new and old material.

fugazi, karate, makeup in providence, ri; lupo's: the jocks seemed to 
enjoy makeup.  karate is so good now, their live shows are excellent 
these days.  the audience didn't seem to know what to make of them, a 
few swayed, most stared.  fugazi was once again very powerful.  by 
this time i was pretty familiar w/their new material & eagerly 
anticipate their new cd.  lots of fun.

archers of loaf in hartford, ct; trinity college: the weakest archers 
show that i have ever seen.  still had the energy and everything, it 
just seemed to be lacking in something.  wanted to hear "nostalgia," 
and someone was yelling fr it, but they didn't play it.  this was a 
night or two before flaming lips tour.  i hope (and assume) that this 
band will not be fucked by -relative- fame.  we'll see, lollapallooza 
tests em this summer.

seam, versus, azure in middletown, ct; weleyan: azure were excellent 
musicians, but only interested me during their percussion jams.  this 
was one of the best versus shows that i have ever seen, they played 
every single favorite song of mine, new & old.  seam was good, but we 
had to leave after 3 or 4 songs.  of course, this makes me feel like a 
moron now that i recewntly aquired their 2 releases on touch and go, 
which i dutifully listen to most every day.

ok.  next time i'll try to catch up w/godhead silo, sonic youth, cub, 
tizzy, excuse 17 on tour & more.  der.  been listening to the june of 
'44 a lot.  rodan was w/out a doubt (alongside w/slint) a band that 
made quite the dent in impressions as a musician, so i was pretty 
happy that this came out so quickly after the breakup.  you probably 
know about the all star cast already, basically the recording sounds 
like a meshing of the three bands, rodan primarily.  it seems hard to 
believe that most of these songs were written in the last 7 or 8 
months- they're very good, but i'm also looking forward to this band 
sticking around and getting even tighter.  i like the new seam & 
rocket from the crypt as well...  if rftc ain't a big thang by next 
january, i'll be quite surprised.  more babbling and etcetera next 
week.  if yr into the mix tape thang, drop me a note.  and remember, 
combustible edison is recording the new soundtrack fr quentin 
tarantino's next film.  tee hee.  (this is actually true).  xoxo.


ANNOUNCE: Annual Pie Festival

The First Annual Pie Festival will be at the Empty Bottle(1035 North 
Western Ave.) on Thursday, June 22nd.

The event marks the release of two new recordings from Westown's 
Humboldt Pie (re)Productions:

The new Frontier CD, one song, 73 minutes,19 seconds.

and the debut 7" from Halcyon, "Spilling My Milk" b/w "Exile in 

Frontier begin the evening performing music from their CD followed by 
Orgelspieler Christian Martin playing works of the aged J.S.  Bach.  
Halcyon perform next with throbbing meaty bass overcoming the pungent 
stench of Twin Axe Drive.  Special guests Tanner perform next before 
Frontier once again take the stage to perform new works from their 
upcoming record release and the pounding favorites for which they are 

for more info contact

Humboldt Pie Productions; 1235 North Campbell Ave. Suite 200; 
Chicago, IL 60622; 312.489.5350


From: Rob Sieracki <>
ANNOUNCE: Dis- tour dates

Dis- will be out and about opening for these bands this month:

Thu june 22 Lawrence, KS  at the Bottleneck  w/ Poster Children
Fri june 23 Manhattan, KS                    w/ Sufferbus
Sat june 24 Des Moines (tentative)           w/ Poster Children
Sun june 25 Minneapolis                      w/ June of 44
Mon june 26 Milwaukee     at the Globe       w/ June of 44 and Loomis
Tue june 27 Louisville    at Butchertown Pub w/ June of 44
Wed june 28 Champaign     at Blind Pig       w/ June of 44
Thu june 29 Madison       at the Univ. of WI w/ June of 44
Fri june 30 Chicago       at Lounge Ax       w/ June of 44 and Crain

For more info contact Rob of Dis- at or 
Chris of Dis- at or call 414-562-2034. 

Dis- will record a full-length record at the end of summer for fall
release and tour midwest to east with Sicily's Uzeda September 20-30. 

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