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      Indie List Digest!

      September 25, 1994

     Volume 4   Number 4


Dambuilders, Barbara Manning Rattle Heater, Etc...
Heterosexual, Sportscasters, Satans, Inhalants, Motards
Veruca v Liz, Ivy, Flower
Smog, Trumans Water
ANNOUNCE: Rodrigue's schedule
INFO: New Releases List 9/23
AD: Animal Review


Scenes(ters) from Bloomington, Ind.: Mule and Pencil at Second Story, 9/24

It's not easy being an aging indie rock fan in a small town.  OK, 
while I'm not exactly doddering at 27, I have found in recent years 
that my going-out capacity is getting more limited.  Or maybe it's that my 
opportunities are limited (insert rant about local music clubs that 
cater to yuppies and cover-band-loving college students here).  Or 
maybe the only thing that's wearing thin is my patience.  At any rate, 
it was a nice thing to be able to go out on Saturday, without having to 
worry about getting up at 6 am the next day, to see an actual 
out-of-town band.

We hung around in the bar for a long time, watching members of various 
bands milling around and conferring, waiting for something to happen.  
After an hour had passed, I found my predisposition to think well of 
Pencil diminishing more with every additional five minutes that 
passed.  Frankly, though, this shouldn't cause them to lose any sleep, 
because I've never been particularly disposed to think well of them, 
and that night was no exception.  I guess I've just never gotten the 
Jesus Lizard thing, as it were, and that's mostly what Pencil, an 
affable-looking group of nerdy-yet-goofy guys, seem to be after.  The 
lead singer, who seeks to disavow nerdiness in favor of a 
'dangerous-guy-with-sneer-and tattoos" persona, talks and shouts in 
desperate-sounding-yet-meaningless phrases.  It all creates an 
unrelentingly serious, dire atmosphere, one which caused something of 
a stir when Pencil first appeared in Bton, but that I haven't really 
seen them progress beyond.

The guys in Mule, as a group, exhibited a sort of thick-necked irony 
impairment that allowed them to play Southern-fried RAWK without a 
flicker of self-recognition.  Oh, the manner is very dramatic and 
intense in that '90s way, the sound is all very bass-heavy and 
distorted, and there's nary a guitar solo in sight, but essentially 
these guys are ripping off Lynryd Skynryd and Black Oak Arkansas in a 
big way.  Their defining feature, no doubt, is the throaty growl of 
their singer, who seems blissfully unaware that he sounds an awful lot 
like a less well-groomed Eddie Vedder.  Many people at the show who no 
doubt think themselves "hip" embraced this kind of chicanery, and this 
is something I can't understand.  All the fire and brimstone did make 
for entertainment (as did the legions of young men who thrashed at the 
band's feet, blurting "MULE!" between songs).  At the same time, it 
was mostly meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

az (who can't call herself "grumpy" lest she receive a lot of 
subscription requests from people who confuse her with Sean.)




Maybe this shouldn't be included in the next issue, maybe you wise 
folks in the Junta can just email some answers to me??

[actually, we don't have the answers.  our fact-checkers have gone on 
strike.  so if anyone would like to answer Leigh's questions 
(remember,there are no stupid questions!), feel free to answer her by 
mail.  or send it to us in some entertaining fashion, like by carrier 
pigeon, or in free verse.-az]

Stupid Question #1: How many Stereolab albums are there? (I have 
_Hooked on Stereolab_, _New Age Bachelor Pad Music_, _Transient..(blah 
blah blah), and the new one (the name of which I can't remember).)

#2:Anybody know if Stereolab will head this way, into the Desert 
Valley of Slick City? Over the past few weeks I've seen several 
reviews of shows along the east coast, but Big Bands rarely come here.

#3:How do you pronounce "Portishead" and what does the name mean? 

Clueless and cut off from normal routes of information transferral,

Leigh Fullmer   


From: "LePageL/MF" <LePageL/>
Live Damb'lders/BManning/Rattleheater/records

What is going on with this here Indie-List? Why so sparse, so seldom? 
Is everyone relentlessly busy like me? That's why I found time to 
write three pages of reviews, I guess :}

LIVE: Dambuilders and Barbara Manning at the Paradise, Boston

Barbara was very sweet and I was not offended by her set, despite the 
fact that she suffered from that strange ailment that occasionally 
strikes solo artists and makes them forget the words to their own 
songs.  She started and stopped a number of tunes, apologized a lot 
["this is typical of me, actually," she explained at one point] and 
sang her last tune from about 6 feet away from her mic.  It was ok I 
guess, although I would have liked her to get all the way through at 
least a few of my favorites.  Set list, such as it was, was mostly 
from the new one, _Here Now_, which is really good, in case you 
haven't bought it yet.

Dambuilders had that "We're back in town and we're hot shit" kind of 
bravado going [know what I mean?], lots of energy, giddy banter, giddy 
stage antics, a willingness to play most anything including "Shrine" 
and "Candy Guts," of which they must be heartily sick, and at least 
two encore sets.  Hey, they played `em all, albeit with mighty 
peculiar final chords, but who can blame them? I think the only songs 
they didn't do were "Dose" (no loss) and "Heather" (a personal fave 
but not essential).  In with the crowdpleasers were a handful of new 
songs, which continue the trend begun on Encendedor toward slower, 
less driving pop.  At first hearing, I was not bowled over, and have 
to admit I enjoyed the older ["eclectic"] stuff a lot better.  But 
maybe I'll get the hang of this new sound after I hear a few of them 
again.  All in all, one of their best shows ever, I think.

LIVE:  Rattleheater at the Green Street Grill

So while I'm on the subject of shows, I'll pop in one more.  
Rattleheater are a local band who started up for the hell of it, and 
then decided to get serious (but only after booting my friend Ronnie 
off drums--for sounding too much like Mo Tucker, he claims).  The 
venue, a sit-down restaurant, did not make much sense, but somehow 
they transcended the peculiar atmosphere with a very loose, rowdy mix 
of amiably assaultive punk hop and roll, pleasing some patrons and 
driving the rest out the door.  Rattleheater have the beautiful Jodi 
Sussman on guitar (former Trojan Ponies, but don't hold that against 
her), the handsome Mac Stansfield (former Scruffy the Cat--yes, them 
again), another Iowan on bass whose name I don't recall, and the 
inimitible Al Janik, novice rock personality, ranter, songwriter, beat 
poet, Cubbie librarian.  The Rattleheater sound has a lot to do with 
setting up a good tough rock groove over which Al lays a mostly spoken 
vocal rant that calls to mind improvisational rapper poetry slams on 
Willie Alexander lowlife themes.  Some songs worked better than 
others, but overall, they were above average, some nearing greatness.  
I especially liked their paean to former Lemonheads Evan and Juliana, 
as well as the rockin' "Pick It Up," featuring a rare Jodi guitar 
freakout in five part harmonic distortion! Something to see.  Don't 
look for them out of Boston just yet, but who knows, a tour of Iowa 
could be in the offing.

Singles: [I didn't do addresses because I'm lazy, but if anyone wants 
any, just email me]

The Grifters/Guided by Voices: split single (Now Sounds)
True to form, Guided by Voices squeeze four songs onto their side 
including the standout "Uncle Dave" while the Grifters continue their 
journey down the dark alleys of American life with "I'm Drunk," a song 
about sex, girls, bars, and the utter futility of it all.  Gloomy but 
exhilarating.  Comes with amusing pseudo-academic liner notes 
supposedly written by the two bands.

Lotus Eaters: "Too Late" / "Spit in Your Eye" (Harriet)
A plain voiced singer and exuberantly unprofessional playing may be 
off-putting at first, but these songs undo resistance with serious 
hooks.  Both fall into the country-pop vein, by way of Beat Happening, 
with simple melodies and unpretentious arrangements that borrow from 
the very best of seventies folk-rock.  Dambuilder's violinist Joan 
Wasser, always a plus on any record, guests on "Spit" but keeps it 
low-key.  And if you like this one, they have two more on the shelf 
including last year's excellent "Falling," also on Harriet.

The Breeders: _Head to Toe_ (4AD)
Three great songs on cool, menthol-green vinyl for a winning package.  
The title cut, by bassist Josephine Wiggs, evokes the heady 
punk rock-girl sound of an earlier era but the covers are at least as 
good--Guided by Voices' "Shocker in Gloomtown" and Sebadoh's "Freed 
Pig" are both great pop-rockers.  Finally, if you get bored, you can 
drop "Pig" down to 33 to get a taste of the Sebadoh original, complete 
with faux-Lou Barlow vocals.

Betty Please: _For Sport and Healthy_ (100% Breakfast!)
Boston's Betty Please favor spare arrangements and a relatively clean 
sound that puts the songs up front, even if the lyrics are a bit 
murky, or obscure, or both.  Both "Radar Whore" and "Styrene" remind 
me of mid-'80s British pop a la the Psychedelic Furs, but in no 
way is this a criticism.  "Radar Whore" is worth the price of the 
record all by itself.  Side B is more conventional indie pop, 
closing with a pretty, minimalist instrumental.  Strong songs and 
angst for what ails ya.

Flying Saucer Attack: "Soaring High" (I forget, some UK label I think)
I got this one off of Bill Peregoy, and you should too.  It's 
"soaring," as the title implies, and there's nothing wrong with that.  
Both feature hummable tunes to go with all that fuzzy guitar.  Very 

Grenadine: "Christiansen" (Teenbeat/Simple Machines)
One each from this tuneful trio, except that only Rob's is anything 
like melodic.  His contribution "The Barnacle" sticks closer to the 
known Grenadine sound while both Jennifer Toomey's "Snuck" (which cops 
its opening line from "Rikki Don't Lose That Number") and Robinson's 
"Screw" are forays into a new brand of weirdness, not to be confused 
with any of the band's other stylistic oddities.  On "Snuck," Toomey 
sings through one of those voice transmogrifiers that's become so 
popular, while Mark Robinson plays patented Mark Robinson guitar over 
some off-beat scraping sound.  Mark's song is even stranger.  I don't 
know if it's good or bad, but it's certainly interesting.

Silver Jews/New Radiant Storm King: "Rocket Scientist" b/w "and Nico" (Chunk)
I like the NRSK song just fine - slow and sad with a touch of the 
Palace Brothers in the vocals and a nice strummy sound.  The Silver 
Jews, though.  What strange boys these are.  I hear Malkmus in the 
vocal so I'm guessing he's in the band (I think I heard that somewhere 
anyway).  The first song is "The Sabellion Rebellion" and the song is 
pretty much summed up in the title.  For their next trick, a stumble 
down memory lane in an irreverant sendup of Sinatra style balladizing 
entitled "Old New York," with lounge guitar and improvised lyrics.  
Our heroes toss off lines like "You never know who's going to show up 
/ in the bar you're going to blow up" and "jolly jolly jolly old New 
York." Come to think of it, it's pretty funny.  On clear yellow vinyl!

I'm almost done here.

Recent CDs I have bought but not listened to sufficiently to review 
properly [Warning: may not be suffiently indie for some readers]:

Neil Young & Crazy Horse: The Kurt Cobain Tribute Album [aka _Sleeps 
With Angels_]
First thing I'd like to say about this is that all the songs sound 
kind of the same, with the exception of the aptly titled "Piece of 
Crap" (OK, the lyrics are kind of funny).  But all the same, the 
record has a nice elegiac feel to it, a wave to the departed from our 
living shores.  I especially like "Change Your Mind" (yes, "the long 
one" weighing in at 14 minutes).  Counter to claims I've been hearing 
lately, this album is NOT the _Tonight's the Night_ of the '90s-he'll 
never top that-but if you like Neil and miss Kurt, Angels might get 

Sebadoh: Bakesale
I miss Eric's weird stuff.  Nevertheless, these are good songs, and I 
like the record; just think it could use some contrast.

Stereolab: _Mars Audiac Quintet_
I love this! I especially like the song where at least every other 
line ends with the word "semblable,"(sung most decorously by Laetitia 
en Francais, of course).  This is the real lounge music, folks.  Too 
bad their show at the Middle East sold out before I could get my sorry 
butt in the door.

One last word: Anyone know anything about Portishead? I read an 
interesting pair of reviews here but all record stores I've thought to 
look in have nothing but Portastatic.

Thanks for reading, eh?  Lise [LepageL/]


From: Jill Emery <>
Heterosexuals, Gay Sportscasters, Satans, Inhalants, Motards

thursday nite...Sept. 15....@ emo's...austin, TX

The Heterosexuals & The Gay Sportscasters

The Heterosexuals are ok...i wasn't impressed & didn't pay much 
attention to them...loud guitar is all i remember.

The Gay Sportscasters...these guys are like the living legends of 
Austin Evan Johns, formerly of the Tailgators & various other sundry 
pursuits heads up the guitar tour de force of the band...Jeff Smith as 
lead singer is crude, tacky & lots of fun to watch...he used to be in 
the hickoids.  jeff daniels plays sax & harp and hails from the now 
defunct jack o'fire.  jeff sets the blues tone that electrifies the 
whole venue. let's see, there are two other guitar players, Ed Cute and 
Bill Wise, a drummer named Tennyson Lemaster & a bass player known as 
Andy Thomas & 2 go-go dancers...their stage presence is big...big & 

their sound is Texas blues played fast & mean & quite frankly I 
haven't heard a riotous blues band this good in a long,long 
time....their single "the Gay Sportscasters" is available on Only Boy 
Records, P.O. Box 309, Austin TX 78767-0309 and was produced by Jeff 
Smith...the single is on gold vinyl which is impossible to play on a 
linear arm turntable

sat. nite...Sept. flamingo...austin tx

line-up: The Satans, The Inhalants, The Motards

The Satans are the latest, cutest thing to hit Austin's punk scene. 
four guys all sixteen/seventeen who can play punk riffs like nobody's 
business...they musta been playing since they were 8 to sound as good 
as they singles out yet but after this show there were all 
sorts of negotiations going on...

the Inhalants with a new drummer (who used to be with the Hormones) 
sounded ten times better than i remembered them...the bass player sang 
2 songs this time out & had the audience screaming for more...all 
three members ripped thru the set like they were on fire...their 
latest single is on bag o'hammers label.

the Motards while no longer considered the cutest band around since 
the advent of the Satans, are still the most likely to get the crowd 
riled up enough that anything can happen....& it usually does...they 
have five or so new songs that were amazingly performed & had everyone 
screaming for more. they are well on their way & are currently wheeling 
& dealing a couple of singles.

For local just couldn't ask for anything better.--j


From: "Harris, Terry J." <>
Tone in DC

Just a brief review of Tone, yet another minor-league, 
obviously-a-side-project, seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time 
indie band coming from the DC area.  All-instrumental Tone, who opened 
for Stereolab at the 9:30 Club 9/17, are a drummer, a bassist, and six 
guitars.  (Okay, sometimes they're five guitars and two bassists, but 
really, who's counting?) They say they have a CD coming out on 
Dischord in October.

Tone sounds as if they just heard a Band of Susans instrumental and 
thought it'd be great if there were a few extra guitars.  Not that 
that's a bad idea says this guitar lover, but Tone substitutes the 
squalling intensity of the Band of Susans with, well, a few extra 
guitars being simply strummed in unison.  Okay, I guess, but I'd have 
dropped a guitar or two for a little more energy.

And, although the band was uniformed in black trousers, white shirts, 
and snappy ties, stage-presence-wise there wasn't really all that much 
more than that to look at.  (I suppose maybe seven guitarists are a 
couple too many for the smallish 9:30 stage.)

It all reminded me somewhat of long-ago days in the college dorm, 
when my old roommate would play guitar with the next-door neighbor.  
The two of them would strum away, neither of them ever even attempting 
to sing.  For hours and hours, they would play their limited and 
simple Neil-Young-only repertoire without leads and without vocals -- 
just because the two guitars strummed together sounded very nice.  And 
as everyone knows, two guitars sound better than one.

P.S.  Non-indie Stereolab was quite excellent, but not as much so as 
postings on some other lists would have one believe.  (And beware, the 
baseball-capped, frat-boy, I'll-pogo-to-anything crowd is closing in 
quickly.) Going along with the Washington Post (p)reviewer, I am 
quickly tiring of the (paraphrasing the Post) faux-samba coctail-y 
thing.  Otherwise, however, they were loud, intense, and precise.  
But, and this is the true measure of S'lab for this reviewer, they 
were trance-inducing only twice.


From: Aaron Schatz <>
Veruca Salt vs. Liz Phair, part II, also Ivy and Flower

I'd like to semi-apologize for my ranting about Liz Phair and Veruca 
Salt from a couple of weeks ago.  There I go, talking about how Veruca 
is getting no press, and about a week later the press juggernaut 
begins.  Many people sent me angry messages.  So, with both bands 
being hyped, I still prefer Veruca.  Meanwhile the Liz Phair media 
onslaught continues, with Rolling Stone about to declare her the 
messiah (now that M.  Schneerson is dead, there has to be one).  As I 
predicted, Liz got the front record review in the Jerry Seinfeld as 
Elvis issue.  This week she's on the cover, along with "women in 
rock," yet another interview where they sit down with random women 
musicians (Madonna, Tori Amos, that bald bass player babe with the 
funny name, Kim Gordon, and Kate Schellen- bach among them) and ask 
them what it's like to be women in rock, and the women all say that 
they don't care about women in rock, they just wanna play music 
without being part of some lame movement.  Anyway, if you want to know 
about Liz's childhood sex fantasies (Mr.  Greenjeans, apparently) then 
pick up Rolling Stone, and if you want unhyped rockin' good music, try:

Ivy - lately EP (Seed)
The first time I listened to this, I thought it was okay, but it has 
steadily grown on me and at this point I listen to it at least once a 
day.  Five songs done by a three-piece, with a female lead singer 
(Dominique Durand) and male backups.  I don't know who plays what 
instrument 'cause it doesn't list it.  Dominique's French accent is way 
cool.  The music is jaunty jangle-pop, soft rather than distorted, and 
the melodies are emminently hummable.  The last song is an acoustic 
cover, very calming, called "I guess I'm just a little too sensitive." 
If anyone knows more about this great band, I'm curious.  ** 1/2

Flower - Concrete Sky (1987-1990) (Simple Machines/Bear)
I think this has been reviewed already, but I'll do it again for good 
measure.  This is the band that evolved into Versus, while other 
members left to form Ruby Falls.  As the first review of this said, it 
is very late '80's Sonic Youth sounding.  The interesting thing, 
however, is that it actually consists of two rereleased albums, 
"Hologram Sky" from 1990 and "Concrete" from 1988.  The first half, 
the 1990 stuff, is almost all sung by Rich Balayut and sounds much 
more like Versus - softer parts, more textured guitar, drop-D type 
stuff.  The second half, the 1988 stuff, is more punk, less melodic, 
and sung by a different guy (the guy from Ruby Falls, maybe - I've 
never heard them).  As a Versus fan, I much prefer the first half.  
The second half shows the Mission of Burma influences more, but that's 
because it kinda sounds like all the old MOB demos that didn't make 
the albums, like on the "Forget" compilations, whereas the first half 
of Flower (and Versus) sounds like the classic MOB singles ("That's 
When I Reach for my Revolver," etc.) But the first half is so good, it 
makes up for the fact that I usually don't listen to part II.  
"Hologram Sky" * 1/2, "Concrete" **, total *

By the way, I got this CD from Pop Narcotic.  It was the first time I 
had ever ordered by mail, and it came in LESS THAN A WEEK for only 10 
bucks.  Bill Peregoy rocks! I recommend Pop Narcotic to all...

Aaron Schatz                             "When will come the time when
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From: Jay Babcock <>
Smog/Trumans Water at Jabberjaw

Trumans Water, Smog
Jabberjaw, Los Angeles
Friday, September 23

A couple years on, after the "why, they're the new Pavement!" hype is 
gone and the initial John Peel thumbs-up has lost its luster, Trumans 
Water are still doing their mix of stutter-stop skronk and sub-sonic 
youth droning.  At Jabberjaw on Friday night, the band, now reduced 
(for religous reasons?) to a three-piece attack of drums and two 
guitars, soldiered on as they always have, eschewing old material for 
songs they'd written just days before, at times locking into a 
peculiar Trumans non-groove that would momentarily border on morphing 
into a conventionally-structured song until they realized what they 
had done -- and then it was back to what one friend succinctly 
described as "early-SST time."

This may be stretching it...  but Trumans Water and other bands from 
San Diego's art-rock wing (I'd include Drive Like Jehu here) are kinda 
like them darned French theorists who seem to hover around arguments 
instead of making them.  You think the Trumans could write a catchy 
song if they put their minds to it, but they just don't seem 
interested -- they're intent on ringing their guitars around songs' 
edges instead.

Smog in Los had to happen.  But seriously, Mister Smog 
and his cohorts (a too-loud drummer and female 
vocalist/multi-instumentalist) played songs so charmless that the 
atmsophere within Jabberjaw's four lime-green walls became positively 
grey and dreary.  A few songs really stood out (one that mentioned 
"wine-stained lips", and, of course "A Hit," with the great line that 
goes -- I think -- "it's not gonna be a hit, so why even bother"), but 
much of the set was hurt by the presence of "is this a 
contempt-of-the- audience joke by Smog"/ridiculously ponderous 
keyboards and silly/pointless lyrics about Prince being alone in his 
studio or Mr.  Smog's exercise regimen.  Yawn.

Jay Babcock    


From: (Jodi Shapiro)
ANNOUNCE: Rodrigue's semi-official schedule

Every year I shoot my mouth off about Rodrigue's, the on-campus 
coffeehouse at Fordham.  Yes, it's true that Edgar Allen Poe slept 
there (he wrote many of his stories/poems there, notably "The Bells").  
Yes, it's true that there is no alcohol served.  Lots of cool bands 
have played there.  The shows are free, whether you're a Fordham 
student or not.

That said, if you live in New York, these shows may be of interest to 
you.  They're official as of today.  Most shows start at 9 PM.

September 25th- Doo Rag
October 5th- Sunny Day Real Estate
October 10th- Antimony/Pitchblende

Rodrigue's is a better place than CBGB to see bands like these, IMHO, 
just because it's not too crowded and has those neat-o wooden floors 
that carry the vibrations through your body (I'm a sucker for that 
kind of stuff).

Okay, I'm off the soapbox now.


Jodi Shapiro---CIMS Fordham University (Lincoln Center).  113 West 60th St.
								NYC, NY                            Rowers do it on the water!
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From: (John J. Magee)
INFO: New Releases List 9/23

Here it is, edition 9/23/94. Quick comments:

1) The old new releases list is back.  Do you want me 
to continue this? I will if demand is there.

2) Formatting leaves something to be desired still.  I slapped this 
together really quickly and haven't had time to tweak.

3) Thanks for all the comments so far.  I'll take action on them next 

4) I'm leaving releases on for two weeks past their date so you can 
see what's recently out.

Enjoy & keep submitting. The guidelines are attached.


09/13/94 5ive Style         Waiting on the Eclipse  7"         Sub Pop
09/13/94 Hardship Post      Slick Talking Jack      7"         Sub Pop
09/19/94 Smog               Burning Kingdom         MiLP/CS/CD Drag City
09/19/94 The Red Krayola    The Red Krayola         LP/CS/CD   Drag City
09/19/94 Evergreen          Pants Off               7"         Hi*Ball
09/19/94 Number One Cup     Indie Softcore Denial   7"         Sweet Pea
09/19/94 Dame Darcy/Coctail|Tardvark                7"+comic   Hi*Ball
09/19/94 Mountain Singers   Chicken EP              7"         Generator
09/20/94 The Supersuckers   On the Couch            7"         Sub Pop
09/20/94 Liz Phair          Whip-Smart              LP/CD/CS   Matador
09/20/94 TFUL282            Strangers From The Uni. LP/CD/CS   Matador
09/20/94 Heavenly           Decline and Fall of..   LP/CS/CD   K
09/26/94 Coctails           Peel                    LP         Hi*Ball
09/27/94 Jon Spencer BluesX Orange                  LP/CD/CS   Matador
09/27/94 Pizzicato Five     Made In USA             LP/CD/CS   Matador
09/27/94 Eric's Trip        Forever Again           LP/CASS/CD Sub Pop
09/30/94 Blowhole           Uncoastin'              7"         Apraxia
09/30/94 Come               Don't Ask, Don't Tell   CD/LP/CS   Matador
09/30/94 Dragking           Backburner b/wJazzmo..  7"         Trixie
10/01/94 Gapeseed           lo cell                 CDEP       Silver Girl Records
10/01/94 Royal Trux         Mercury                 7"         Drag City
10/08/94 Poster Children    Just Like You           CD         Sire
10/10/94 Bardo Pond         Bufo Alvarius           LP         Drunken Fish
10/11/94 Red Red Meat       Idiot Son"              7"         Sub Pop
10/11/94 Juned              ?                       ?          Up
10/15/94 The Clean          Late Last Night         7"         Dark Beloved Cloud
10/15/94 Trane/The Honkies  split                   7"         Dark Beloved Cloud
10/18/94 CRAW               Lost Nation Road        CD/LP      Choke, Inc.
10/18/94 Hairy Patt Band    Buford's Last Pusser    CD/CS      Choke, Inc.
10/24/94 Silver Jews        Starlite Walker         LP/CS/CD   Drag City
10/24/94 Various Artists    Hey Drag City           2LP/CS/CD  Drag City
10/24/94 Flying SaucerAttackDistance"               CD         VHF
10/24/94 Skullflower        Carved Into Roses       CD         VHF
10/24/94 Doldrums           XA                      7"         VHF
10/25/94 Fastbacks          Answer the Phone,Dummy  LP/CASS/CD Sub Pop
10/25/94 Poison 13          Wine is Red, Poison i...CD         Sub Pop
10/25/94 Poison 13          Love Me                 7"         Sub Pop
10/??/94 Hooker             tba                     7"         Sweet Pea
10/??/94 Tart               tba                     7"         Sweet Pea
10/??/94 Balloon Guy        tba                     2x7"       Generator
10/??/94 MOTO               tba                     7"         Hi*Ball
10/??/94 LeftyLucy          tba                     7"         Skinnie Girl
11/01/94 V.A.               Sympathy For Count Poco.7"         Dark Beloved Cloud
11/08/94 The Grifters       TBA                     7"         Sub Pop
11/08/94 Jessamine          TBA                     7"         Sub Pop
11/08/94 SM*A*SH          Barrabas                7"         Sub Pop
11/14/94 Mecca Normal       TBA                     LP/CD/CS   Matador
11/14/94 Kustomized         TBA                     LP/CD/CS   Matador
11/14/94 18th Dye           Done                    LP/CD/CS   Matador
11/14/94 18th Dye           Crayon                 10"EP / CD  Matador
11/15/94 Gastr del Sol      Mirror Repair          12"EP/CDEP  Drag City
11/15/94 Palace Songs       Hope                   12"EP/CDEP  Drag City
11/??/94 Coctails           tba                    0"/MCD      Hi*Ball/Carrot Top
11/??/94 Handsome Family    tba                    CD          Carrot Top
11/??/94 Number One Cup     tba                    7"          Sweet Pea
11/??/94 Log                Light fuse and get awayCD          Anyway
11-12/94 New Bomb Turks     (live)                 LP          Anyway
11-12/94 Jenny Mae Leffle   ?                      CD          Anyway
11-12/94 Moviola            ?                      10"         Anyway
11-12/94 V.A.               Cowtown 4 & 5          7"          Anyway
12/01/94 Wingtip Sloat      Chewyfoot              LP/CD       VHF
01/15/95 Rake               Art Ensemble Of Rake   2xCD        VHF
01/??/95 JAKS               Hollywood Blood Capsul.CD/CS       Choke, Inc.
02/14/95 Poster Children    Junior Citizen         LP/CD/MC    Sire
out      Belreve/GbV        ?                      7"          Anyway
out      Rick Sanford       Volume 1               CD          Dental Records


If you know of a new release date, either approximate or definite, 
please send it to me ( in the following format:



DATE: If you know the day, submit it.  If you only know the month, 
that's fine too.  Year is unnecessary.
ARTIST: Please try to adhere to the standard last-name-first, 
articles-last deal.
TITLE: See artist
FORMAT: Use one of the following: LP; 12"; 10"; 7"; CD; CDEP; MC 
(cassette).  You can combine formats .  .  .  see the example.
LABEL: Obvious.


9/30 | Come | Don't Ask, Don't Tell | LP/CD/MC | Matador

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AD: Animal Review #7

Animal Review #7 is available.  Since that should be enough to move 
anyone in the know to action, I'll only mention that it is a special 
parasite edition.  Record reviews too.  Send $2 to Animal Review/Nell 
Zink, 81 Grand St.  #4, Jersey City, NJ 07302.  The cover is very cool 
this time.


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