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      Indie List Digest!

      November 27, 1995

     Volume 4   Number 45


Urge Overkill, Guided By Voices, and  Thrush Hermit
Quintron, Dirty Three, etc.
mumbo yak takes manhattan
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why am i always writing these intros? i dunno. 

as always, we want to encourage all of you out there (yes, you) to 
send us your reviews of shows, records, thanksgiving dinners, etc. 
lurkers are urged to de-lurk, procrastinators are urged to 
un-procrastinate. i'm tired of looking at URLs in the indie-submit 
box and would like to see some real reviews, please.

yrs in briskness,

p.s. if you're looking for some related reading, the latest issue of 
Finley Breeze (#6: Promotion!) is out and about. contact FB editor 
and I-L Bloofgamanager Sean Murphy at to get 
your copy.

brisker: what is it with yaks this issue?



From: Michael Ligon <>
Urge Overkill, Guided By Voices, and  Thrush Hermit at the Phoenix (Toronto, 
Ontario:Oct 25, 1995)  

To start off, I got there about 10-15 minutes late and I was only able 
to catch about 3 or 4 Thrush Hermit songs at the most.  They write 
great pop songs but you can also hear their classic rock influences in 
the music.  Surprisingly, their classic rock tendencies sound fresh 
and not like some over-rated bar band.  They are on Murderecords and 
their new ep is out which is called `The Great Pacific Ocean.'

Guided by Voices stole the show, in my opinion.  Being only familiar 
with their lp 'Bee Thousand' and nothing else, I was glad they played 
a lot of the great songs off that album like 'I am a Scientist,' 'Gold 
Star for Robot Boy,' and 'The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory'.  
Robert Pollard strolled onto the stage at the beginning of the set 
with a mannequin, which I think was an attempt to get some 'woo woos' 
from the audience. But really, I was just there for the music, and apart 
from the mannequin their only stage theatrics were limited to Rob 
Pollard's perpetual beer guzzling, the Pete Townshend windmills by the 
lead guitarist and Rob's bopping up and down.  The music was great and 
that was all that mattered.

To be honest I wasn't particularly excited to see Urge Overkill.  I 
like their music but I think it was just being tired that made me want 
to leave after GBV.  I'm glad I stayed.  Although I liked the Guided 
By Voices' songs more, Urge Overkill put on the more exciting show.  
They rocked, I mean they ROCKED.  The played several songs from the 
new album, plus some of their favourites from 'Saturation.'  When they 
finally walked off the stage I thought the show was over but after a 
minute Nato strolled from the darkness with a guitar, gave the 
audience a sign of approval (I think this is when an audience member 
yelled out "Green Gay sucks," who were playing down the street, and Nato 
responded "Some of my best friends suck") and went into "Girl, You'll 
Be a Woman Soon.'  And right on cue, the other band members strolled 
onto the stage and merged into the song right on beat.  Now that's an 
entrance.  With the disco light ball spinning, it felt like the prom.  
Of course, they did the obligatory encore (how could they refuse!) with 
Blackie singing `Dropout' and their new band member taking over drums.  
All in all, they put on a great show.  Oh yeah, and I've rediscovered 
how great "Saturation' is.  I think I'll go listen to it now.  Bye.

[duck... -es]


From: (Mad and Butch)
Quintron, Dirty Three, etc.

Charalambides-Our Bed Is Green (Wholly Other)

This Houston, TX trio has put out a nutty record on Siltbreeze, so 
you've got a general idea where they're coming from.  Two or three 
guitars all droning and freaking at once, with the occasional 
otherworldly femme vocal over the top, in a kind of wordless moan 
similar in concept (though not necessarily in style) to the moon-speak 
of Liz Frazier.  It's got that crazy lo-tech sound, which only adds to 
the intimacy you feel as you let these epics wash over you.  Or, for 
those who may remember, there's a similarity to the '60s guitarist 
Sandy Bull, who utilized some scratchy acoustic/electric/etc.  noises 
on tunes of his like "Electric Blend."

Look for a double LP on Siltbreeze shortly.  This CD is a reissue of 
one of the band's earlier tape-only releases (with more volumes on the 
way?), and the covers are each individually done in a very attractive 
(and cost-effective) package.

Wholly Other: 1205 Crocker Houston, TX 77019
Pelt-Brown Cyclopaedia (Radioactive Rat)

Excellent double LP-only set from Richmond, VA, noisemakers under the 
spell of Rake, Skullflower, Throbbing Gristle, Siltbreeze, Forced 
Exposure, etc.  Lots of scraping and guitar grit; occasional vocals 
are actually a distraction.  This is probably incredibly hard-to-find 
(the easiest way to get it would be to write to them directly), but 
for anybody who really wants to get "out there," it's a gem.  It's 
pretty obvious that these guys have their own unique vision, one that 
takes into little account things like "commercial potential" or 
"college charts".  Richmond has always had an active experimental 
scene, and Pelt have gone through a number of incarnations to get 
where they are now.  They started out as a much louder and heavier 
band, working territory similar to Sonic Youth at their most 
bombastic.  Several years down the line, the very tough Richmond 
circuit seems to have worn them down.  Either that, or they've moved 
so deeply into their own heads and their own inner visions that they 
can't get out any more.  This is really chilling; a more pure vision 
of inner hell I've not heard in many a moon.  And that's as strong a 
recommendation as I can give.

Radioactive Rat: 238 S. Cherry St. Richmond, VA 23220
Various Artists-Cognitive Mapping Vol. 2 (Friction Media)

One of two essential compilations of the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill 
music scene released this year (the other is Wifflefist's Scattered 
and Smothered), Cognitive Mapping Volume 2 captures the straighter 
indie-rock side of the scene, while still remaining remarkably 
experimental and refreshing.  Despite wildly varying styles, there's a 
sense of thematic consistency thoughout the 31 different cuts, and it 
paints a picture of the Triangle as one of the most exciting musical 
destinations in the country.

Take, for example, the three way juxtaposition of HMS Cervix, the 
Troubador Squat Trio, and Bicentennial Quarters that takes place 
towards the middle of the CD.  HMS Cervix is making some impressive 
noise, hearkening back to the halcyon days of the Raincoats, the Slits 
or the Bush Tetras.  They're followed by the TST; chamber scronk that 
immediately brings to mind the Kronos Quartet, mainly because there's 
not too many other folks to compare them to.  Finally, the mighty BQ 
finishes off this thread-within-a-thread with their Henry Cow/Jon 
Spencer/Naked City mixture of flailing scronk/punk/dink.  And the 
amazing thing is that it flows as smoothly as silk.  In a way, CM 
echoes the work of the pioneering Chapel Hill radio station WXYC.  
Those weened on the station wouldn't find it surprising to hear the 
juxtaposition mentioned above.  Open-minded listeners will find CM 
just as rewarding an experience.

Many of the bands featured here have released other material on their 
own: Minerva Strain, June, Rebar, Spatula, HMS Cervix, Shiny Beast, 
the Raymond Brake, Tractor Hips (and in fact, all but a few artists 
here) have put out LP's, CD's and 7" singles of their own.  Look for 
them all, but if you want a good place to start in getting a grip on 
the rapidly evolving Triangle scene, CM is an excellent place to 
start.  Not only that, it's a good listen.

Friction Media: PO Box 373 Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Karate!/Crownhateruin split 7" (Art Monk Construction)

Wow!  Karate!  really smokes in sort of a Slint kind of vein-you know, 
lots of dynamics and "heaviosity".  Their half of the split, "Cherry 
Coke," is really one of the best songs that I've heard in a while.  
Slow, slow, slow, and then it kicks in pretty heavily, with crunchy 
guitars that have the perfect amount of bite, without going over the 
top.  They're in the midst of recording an album for Southern right 
now, and it will definitely be worth checking out.  The CrownHateRuin 
includes former Hoover people, and is in that Universal Order of 
Armageddon kind of post-HC vein.  Pretty decent, but the Karate!  side 
is the special one.

Art Monk Construction: PO Box 1105 State College, PA 16804

Money Mark-Performing Chicken (Love Kit)

Here's Beastie keyboardist Money Mark (Mark Ramos-Nishita) stepping 
out with some grooves of his own.  This sounds a lot like fragments, 
which is good; rather than cheese us out with some long funk workouts, 
Money kicks little "thoughts" and "phrases."  Deep organ grooves, and 
an occassional vocal; if you like the heavy organ parts of the 
Beasties repertoire, you'll love this.  This is a great record to 
mellow out and just stare out the window with.  Supposedly, there were 
going to be two other 10" singles to go along with this one, but they 
haven't materialized.  He does have a pair of new CDs out (one from 
Japan which is probably out of all of our price ranges).  Haven't 
heard them, but if they're half as good as this, they'll be sweet.

Love Kit Records: PO Box 861565 Los Angeles, CA 90086-1565
Quintron: The Amazing Spellcaster-Live at the Pussycat Caverns (Bulb)

This is totally wacked!  A (mostly) one-man organ jam, much of which 
acts as background for a puppet show!  The Pussycat Caverns is a now 
defunct performance space in New Orleans that did all kinds of crazy 
stuff, including the aforementioned puppet shows.  Quintron was 
apparently a regular performer, and he still does his thing around 
N.O.  when given the chance.  What is "his thing," you ask?  Well, 
imagine Jimmy Smith when he was just starting out, and exploring the 
organ keys as if they were his momma's fingers: imagine Money Mark if 
he had gotten into European "art music" instead of funk: imagine an 
otherworldly recorded sound similar to the crazy anti-recording found 
on the first Guitar Wolf album.  If you can picture all that, then 
you've got an idea of all the mystery, fever and soul that Quintron 
brings to the organ .  It's spellbinding and laughable all at the same 
time.  This is another one of those inexplicable records that make it 
all worthwhile.  Beg, borrow, steal: find it and get loose!  Plus, the 
album cover art alone makes it worth it.

Bulb: PO Box 8221 Ann Arbor, MI 48107-8221
Dirty Three-Self Titled (Touch and Go)
Dirty Three-Sad and Dangerous (Poon Village)

An Australian instrumental trio consisting of a guitarist, drummer and 
violinist, the 'Three manage to conjure up some firestorms of 
intensity, as well as plunging the depths of melancholy.  It's quite a 
unique record, and is sure to stir some sorts of urges.  "Indian Love 
Song" kicks off the Touch & Go release with a modal feel similar to 
John Coltrane's "India."  "Better Go Home Now" spits fire, while "Odd 
Couple" and the ever-so-slowly evolving "Kim's Dirt" bring the mood 
down.  "Kim's Dirt" sounds like the world unfolding in aching steps.  
No, no-I mean it.  Beautiful.  The overall tone reminds me of some 
Fairport Convention stuff (especially Fairport's "Sloth"); sturdy 
dynamics that keep you interested despite the lack of vocals.

Sad and Dangerous opens with another version of "Kim's Dirt" that, if 
possible, unfolds even more slowly than the version on the self-titled 
album, plus it has some nice thumb piano work.  The overall tone is a 
bit more "experimental" on this recording; the band recorded all the 
tunes live, and that gives it a certain "something" as far as the 
recorded sound and feel go.  Despite whatever differences went into 
the recording process on each of these, they are both highly 

Touch and Go: PO Box 25520 Chicago, IL 606225
Poon Village: PO Box 9102 Waltham, MA 02254


Looking for info on Refrigerator, Geezer Lake, June, Rake, Yak!  and 
thousands (or tens) of others?  The Squealer Home Page is your 

"A man's a man, a yak's a yak. Understand, a fact's a fact."
                                --King Kong, '95


From: dann <DLM94001@UConnVM.UConn.Edu>
mumbo yak takes manhattan

hi.  um...  3.11 tt bears in boston: meghan opened up, she used to be 
in sk-70 & did a great solo set.  i saw her a long time ago, she was 
just as good as remembered.  while shiva speedway was playing we were 
going to hook up a 40 (sidetracked by the news of rabin's death: i'm 
israeli & a lot of my family lives there, it was pretty heavy news...  
felt really strange) before we remembered the "no re-entry" signs.  we 
ran back and they we were nice enough to let us back in.  shiva 
speedwy, now a 3 piece, was not as bad as i remembered them being.  
they were actually ok.  the drummer is really nice.  nice people are 
good.  somebody made a good comparison of someone they sounded like, 
but forgot both.  useful information, eh?  i had wanted to see turkish 
delight for a long time, and had to unfortunately resignate 
disappointment.  creative, yes.

the guitarist was rad and most of the elements seemed in place...  i 
dunno.  the singer just kind of hopped around unenthusiastically and 
in someone's words i do remember (no offenses intended to anyone) was 
simply too "white." whatever.  i hate writing bad reviews of bands 
because it's other people's time and effort and love & then stupid 
little me comes around and in a bunch of dumb words- poof- judge judge 
judge.  anyways, i assume that you all (duh) keep in mind that as 
selfish as i may be, i try to express my personal tastes and opinions 
(no, i mean ben weasel's) in my reviews and that anything i say that 
you take seriously (i suppose that that can relate to good stuff too) 
is yr own problem.  ick, please excuse all this, much less a 
milkcrate/ soapbox then self-affirming guilt trip for writing bad thing 
about bands.

[oh dann, i write bad things about bands all the time. don't you 
worry your head about it.-az]

anyways, godhead silo was very good and very loud and there were a 
very lot of people there to see them.  a bunch of new songs & fewer 
silly dances.  mike (vocals, bass) had a slayer "spill the blood" 
t-shirt which i hadn't seen in years.  i was (need i say more) very 
impressed.  the next day we walked around in boston and did intern 
work.  there needs to be a good all-encompassing record store in 
boston-cambridge.  altogether, its ok, but that's counting the 
inventories of some 15 stores.  i was really upset that a lot of 
places were charging over $10 for some used jazz records.  fuck 
colector bullshit, the damn thing isn't going to play for more than 10 
times if at all if it's that friggin' (friggin?  huh?) old.  i was sad 
and mad.  i ended up getting a used tape of miles davis's "on the 
corner" and picked up "sketches of spain" (my last roommate had it & i 
never had a chance to copy it) & sonny rollins' "tenor madness" for 
really good prices.  we ate lots of cheap pizza.  well, not lots.  
when we were in the subway i hit on jo through a crowd of people.  i 
hope that they thought that i was being a dirty boy, but whenever i 
was able to do something really good (wink @ her under some stranger's 
armpit & see her over someone else's shoulder) too many people would 
notice & it was hard to be really serious.  note for tourists: a record 
store that you should visit when you're in boston is pipeline.  the 
selection is only average, but!,  who did the artwork on the 
kudgel 10", painted a super rad mural on the wall.

so it was sunday night now, we went to see karp @ the middle east 
where caterpillar & el tiante (speaking of kudgel) played.  
caterpillar was good, only i was antsy for unknown reasons and kept 
leaving to walk around.  el tiante was mark e.  & a drummer & were 
really fantastic.  i think that they've finished a tape.  the songs 
weren't heavy like kudgel (although a couple were w/the limitation 
that guitar & drums might present).  a thoroughly entertaining set.  
hopefully playing soon again.  boston is nice.

karp was good, extremely loud.  like last year, i thought that i knew 
all of their material, but i only recognized half of the songs that 
they played.  the singer has a lighter that says "soundgarden" on it.  
whenever he lights a cigarette (the guitarist singer i mean) he starts 
singing "outshined" & sounds really good.  well, you know what i mean.  
it was a good night & i saw lots of beautiful people i hadn't seen in 
a long time.  then we went home & ran into a lot of trouble, didn't 
sleep for another 24 hours, and the rest of the week sucked.

that tuesday night (when i wasn't working on a paper-07.11) the sun 
ra arkestra played a free show here @ uconn.  lots of fun.  they 
played my favorites ("face the music" & "space is the place") & went 
on to prove that as long as there are 20 80-year-old men who will put 
on gold robes and sing and dance to songs about outer space, there is 
still hope & soul left in this world.  a great evening, until after 
the show when it was back to tennessee fucking williams (not like i 
haven't read "glass menagerie" a billion times already anyways, why 
not write a paper on it too?  lots to learn there...).  blah blah 

yesterday was too weird.  we went down to wesleyan to see karp.  the 
last article that i wrote described my fear for wesleyan & the people 
we ran into.  so we drank 40s on the way down (someone else was 
drivering, der.  why did i have to be defensive there?  hm.  
whatever).  we got there & things were bizarre from the very 
beginning.  i couldn't tell if the local band was sound checking or 
playing, but no one was @ the door so we stamped & marked ourselves.  
then we found scott & went to get something to eat.  it was pretty 
cold outside, but i ended up getting a waffle cone of grape nuts ice 
cream from baskin-robbins (splurge!).  it was yummy.  we came back & 
josh got lost.  scott went somewhere else & scot & i (our friend who 
drove) went for a walk to get away from all of the people who looked 
like they were in brainiac.  we stopped in @ a pizza parlor & i 
ordered a slice of cheese.  not literally (bad '80s commercial there, 
remember?  "yeah, & give me a slice of pizza w/nothing but the 
cheese!").  they didn't charge me for it.  this was @ a restaurant too.  
so i went over to scot, where there was a table top, & spent a 
few quarters.  then scot got a slice of pizza.  they didn't charge him 
either.  he returned the paper plate to see if they were waiting to 
bill us, but they just took it & threw it away.  nice!  so we went 
back to the school and went to the back porch to look for josh.  we 
only found a keg.  hmm.  free pizza, free admission, free beer?  we 
weren't sure, but we had some anyways.  people were beginning to be 
walking around drunk & singing to themselves.

still couldn't find josh.  then (it was almost 11 pm) some guy came up 
to the front of the building & opened up a hot dog stand.  i bought a 
dart soda for 75 cents and ran out of money.  we went upstairs to the 
dorm part, where we found josh flirting w/x-girls.  we went up another 
flight & there was a trampoline twice the size of my kitchen, where 
scott was touching the ceiling & bouncing around.  we stayed there 
until karp had to set up & al