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      Indie List Digest!

       October 13, 1994

     Volume 4   Number 6


Followups: Ruins, Geography
Ups & Downs in Austin
Pork, Sebadoh
Eitzel & Mac
Casbah Music Awards
Gots No Stations
ANNOUNCE: Telegraph #3!
ANNOUNCE: Pumpkinseed
AD: Blaise Pascal
ANNOUNCE: 5th Column Tour dates:
New Releases list

From: V/A

We had a couple cogent responses to Jill Emery's review of the Ruins gig 
she saw in Austin TX.  They follow:

  From: burck <>

  Just a little correction of an error in the last I-L.  Ruins, who 
  have been around at least as long as Boredoms (check out that 1st 
  Dead Tech sampler on Dossier from the late '80s) are a Drums and 
  BASS duo (not drums and guitar as mentioned in the post).  The 
  Bass player manages to mimic guitar at times with a pitch shifter/ 
  whammy pedal.  They ARE great (saw 'em two nights out of the 5 
  they played at CB's Gallery in NYC a couple of weeks ago and at 
  the Knitting Factory a year or two ago).  The Bass player was 
  playing (I think) a 5-string Steinberger (which could be easily 
  mistaken for a regular guitar).  Their most easily acquired 
  records are on Shimmy-Disc.  While they do yelp in Japanese and 
  are pretty chaotic, they really don't have much more in common 
  with Boredoms than any other noisy Japanese band.  They have 
  loosened up a lot since I first saw them (they were INCREDIBLY 
  tight) and are moving toward a trippier (for want of a better 
  word) style, but they're still into pretty complex and tightly 
  rendered songs.  

	- Ben

  From: <>

  > The Ruins---This a duo out of Japan that sound in many ways like 
  > the Boredoms.  They don't rip off the Boredoms but you hear faint 
  > echoes of the Boredoms during their set.  The duo consists of 
  > guitar & drums with thousands of dollars spent on every pedal 
  > attachment available as well as bass synthesizer and other nifty 
  > gadgets that I couldn't name.   

  Hardly $1000s.  Masuto, the BASS player had a Digitech Whammy 
  pedal, a wah, a digital delay, an octaver (predictable!) and a 
  couple of other stomp boxes I couldn't ID, He was running his 
  5-string through two amps and cabinets.  One of the amps had an EQ 
  that he kept tweaking.    
  A fairly simple rig compared to, say, Billy Sheehan.

  --Rob  aka DJ Stereotype  aka,       Dallas, Texas, USA.
  --"The Grey Zone", Thursday 9-10pm, KNON, 89.3FM.
  --"We hate all DJs, they're making us ill."  KMFDM "Sucks"


From: Your Middle Name Here <>
Geography correction...

In Steve Baragona's vastly flattering and mostly accurate review of 
Sloan's new album, he makes one error.  He says to count "Fairfax, 
Nova Scotia" as the next Seattle.  Fairfax? Either this is a mistake 
or it's some kind of American joke that I don't get, but it's Halifax.  
As in Lord.  (Perhaps there was a Lord Fairfax too, and that's where 
all the confusion began.) Thanks.

By the way, we were the next Seattle two years ago when Smeared came out.
I don't think we can do that again.

Joanne Merriam, Halifax, NS


From: "Josh Ronsen" <>
Ups & Downs in Austin

POLIO, GLORIUM and The RUINS @ Emo's 9/29/94
This show was already commented on last issue, but here are my 
thoughts.  The less said about Polio and Glorium the better.  Both 
bands were just kinda bland.  The Ruins, however, made sitting through 
the tedium of those bands worth it.  Excellent performance! I laughed, 
I cried, you get the picture.  Sabbath-like grooves would fracture 
into silly/pretty melodies and bells and then jump back to the metal! 
Their 45-second songs made me laugh as the drummer humbly said 
"thankyou" (real quick) after each song.  The both the drummer and 
bassist had lots of echo-y effects on most of the time, and the 
bassist used nondiscernible electric gadgets on his bass.  Beautiful, 
excellent, wonderful band! I hear they just recorded a record with 
Derek Bailey...Ooooooo.

Lounge 10/4/94
Oh dear: two more dull opening acts.  Echoing Green were typical punk 
with hardcore-ish leanings.  I was bored and was very glad that I 
actually knew some people there so I could chat with them.  Envelope 
started out interesting enough with a song featuring some pretty 
clean-tone Felt-ish guitar, but soon started playing a lot of drab 
distorted barre chords.  Nothing was interesting to me.

Azalia Snail took the stage bathed in the light of a small movie 
projector in the back of the place.  The disjointed clips of 
carnivals, driving on the freeway, and much else was perfect 
illumination for the dark, murky sound produced by her voice and 
12-string guitar, an echo-happy electric guitarist, and a trumpet 

I can't pretend I understand what Azalia Snail does (even after having 
seen her before and listened to a number of her recordings), but it is 
engrossing.  After a very short set of 6 or so songs, the members of 
Sebadoh, who were also in Austin that night, jumped on stage and 
grabbed every instrument in sight (much to my disdain).  At first 
Snail not-led but accompanied the 6 other people on stage (on 
mini-organ, trumpet, harmonica, and 2 electric guitars) through a very 
free-form jam session propelled by the repetious chord progression of 
one of her eariler songs.  After a while a guy whom I assume was Lou 
Barlow took over the 12-string and one of the Sebadoh guys took the 
mic and a very interesting Jandekesque blues thing started, which was 
really the only part I enjoyed in this free-for-all.  Snail didn't do 
much after this and spent most of the time sitting on the stage floor, 
engaged in some activity (I am clueless as to what it was).  Everyone 
else was compelled to play and play and play and it was 2:30am and I 
just had to leave, suffering as I was at the Sebadohacal wanking going 
on.  Ick ick ick.

Well, at least it's allergy season in Austin...



From: Jill Emery <>
Pork, Sebadoh

Tuesday, October 4, 1994 Pork & Sebadoh @ Liberty Lunch: Austin Tx

Pork--Pork is a three-member band that has been around Austin a while, 
getting better and better.  They sounded really good this night; they 
had the bass turned up and the drums slowed down and their sound was 
really unified.  Overall they are a minimal-sounding band with guitar, 
bass & drums and simple catchy lyrics that have all come together to 
make them well worth hearing.  Their cd is being released Oct.  11 on 
Caroline records

Sebadoh--I still haven't figured out what I was expecting from Sebadoh 
but it wasn't the first four songs they opened with.  I stood in 
disbelief mumbling that they sound REMish (of course, a lot better 
than REM ever fathomed, but a lot more sedate than I thought they 
would be) and then the show picked up...  At least as much as it could 
pick up what with Lou Barlow tuning frantically between each song and 
with the heckler trying to get the band to play Dinosaur Jr.  songs 
(that they didn't do).  The heckler shut up after they did a mock- 
Sonic Youth sounding song.  I liked the show; there was a good balance 
of the new album with older songs.  I quickly discarded my REM analogy 
after the first fifteen minutes, and Lou Barlow's dry wit had most 
people amused.  From where I was standing it was fun to watch the 
crowd mouthing all the lyrics, both old and new, and the air guitar 
player standing off to the side of me was rather amusing as well.  The 
band played well and I was impressed and recommend others to go see 


From: (Tim Merriman)
Eitzel and Mac


Okay.  On September 20th, I went to the Black Cat Club in Washington 
D.C.  to see solo performances from Mark Eitzel and Mac from 
Superchunk (actually, on the ticket it said Mac from Superchink).  I 
really wasn't sure what to expect from Mac, but it turned out to be 
quite good.  He started out with a little number on a portable organ 
and I thought, "Gee, this is really boring." But when he picked up his 
acoustic I was quite relieved.  He sounded very good and was quite a 
good guitar player.  He ran through a number of Portastatic songs 
available on 7"s, the best being a song called "San Andreas."

But the real master of this kind of performance is Mark Eitzel.  
Awkwardly walking up on stage with his acoustic and full pitcher of 
dark beer, he began "Fearless," the first cut on the new American 
Music Club record, "San Francisco." When his guitar fed back too much, 
he stood at the edge of the stage and just belted out the words.  
Other tunes he played were off his album, "Songs of Love Live," 
such as "Crabwalk," "Western Sky," and "Last Harbor," where the girl 
next to me began to cry.  Eitzel is the king of self-loathing.  He was 
quite personal with the captivated audience, once stating that, "I 
usually dedicate this song to all my friends with AIDS, but they're all 
dead now." My personal favorite was "Apology for an Accident" off of 
"Mercury." He closed the set with the crowd-pleasing "Jenny." As you 
can tell, I thought the show was excellent, and I could tell that Mac 
was impressed as well.  If you get a chance to see a show there, do 
it; it's a good place.  Later.



From: (David Footlick)
Casbah Music Awards

First Annual Casbah Music Awards
w/ C.L.A. and Deadbolt
@ Casbah, San Diego, 10/9/94

Welp, after a year of lurking, I'm finally getting off my ass and 
submitting to the List.  Remember, this is my first time.  Please be 
gentle with me.

On Sunday, Oct.  9, the Casbah held their first annual music awards.  
For those unfamiliar with the Casbah, this "den of slack" (as it was 
refered to in a recent issue of Rolling Stone) is the premire place to 
check out indie bands in San Diego.  Winners were voted on during the 
recent San Diego Independent Music Seminar, with winners of each 
category given various bowling and tennis trophies with attached 
tassels as a prize.  Very high class.  Yup.

Anyway, here were the winners, excluding the categories that no one 
outside of the Casbah staff would be interested in (such as the 
Doorman of the Year and Professional Drinker awards):

FAVORITE GUITARIST: John Reis (Rocket From the Crypt/Drive Like Jehu)
FAVORITE BASS PLAYER: Zach (Three Mile Pilot)
FAVORITE DRUMMER: Mark Trombino (Drive Like Jehu)
FAVORITE OTHER INSTRUMENT: Apollo 9 (Sax, Rocket From the Crypt)
ROADIE OF THE YEAR: Dirty (Rocket From the Crypt/Drive Like Jehu)
FAVORITE LP: Yank Crime (Drive Like Jehu)

After this virtual Drive Like Jehu sweep of tacky trophies, 
Carnivorous Lunar Activity took the stage.  C.L.A.  consists of one 
drummer and two acoustic guitarists who play bizarre folk tunes and 
sound pretty much like fellow San Diegans The Rugburns.  After 
breaking a combined three strings during the first four songs, the 
trio settled down and played some humorous, toe-tapping songs, while 
only breaking two more strings the rest of the night.  Highlights 
include their cover of "If I Only Had a Brain" from the Wizard of Oz 
and their frequent breaks from playing in the middle of songs to drink 
some beer.  They have a 7" coming out soon on Trademark Records.

After C.L.A, Deadbolt took the stage.  Deadbolt can best be described 
as five ex-bikers who escaped from an insane asylum and play evil surf 
music.  Self-proclaimed as "The Scariest Band on Earth," the "New" 
Deadbolt now consist of two guitarists, two bass players, and Les the 
drummer, who plays only a snare, a kick drum, and a cymbal with a 
chain laying across it.  Deadbolt opened with the title track from 
their new album, Tiki Man (which is on Cargo, I believe), and 
continued through the rest of their set by doing what they do best - 
yelling obscenities at the crowd mixed in with a song every now and 
then.  They even took a break for Les to hold a bloody doll to his 
chest and lip sing an old '50s tune about being alone.  They finished 
up by yelling "Am I Pretty?" while one guitarist applied some lipstick 
to his lips, then his cheeks, and then on to his forehead.  If you 
ever get the chance, Deadbolt is a must see.

-- Footlick


From: Mark Cornick <MSCORNIC@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU>
Gots No Station

Hullo...  a brief record review and I'm outta here to finish up 

Various, _WGNS Gots No Station Compilation, Volume Two_ (WGNS, PO Box 
57451, Washington, DC 20037): Generally-good compilation of several 
bands who've recorded at the official studio of Washington DC indie 
rock, WGNS (We Gots No Station.) WGNS isn't the most hi-fi of studios 
(the vocals are really scratchy on several tracks, whether by design 
or default) but they do great work with their odd collection of 
equipment.  Among the 11 bands on this comp, some are pretty well 
known (Jawbox, Tsunami, Eggs), some are locally notorious 
(Pitchblende, Edsel), some are relatively new (Las Mordidas [ex-Circus 
Lupus/Beefeater], Norman Mayer Group) and at least one probably 
should've never reformed (9353.) Top tracks include Pitchblende's 
"Sideling Hill" (premiered at a show I went to this summer - drummer 
Patrick sings!), "Superball" by Mary Timony (Helium) and Joan Wasser 
(Dambuilders) which is a nifty guitar/viola duet thing, and Las 
Mordidas, who should have a 45 of their agit-punk out on 
Compulsiv/Dischord by now.  One more feature for the noise lover - in 
between each track is a brief sound effect (including "Windows Start" 
and "Windows Start II" for you Microsoft fans) followed by a 
voice-over announcing the next artist.  Although it doesn't include 
some great bands who aren't part of the "scene", this is a pretty 
decent sampler of what's going on up around the District these days.


From: Mark Cornick <MSCORNIC@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU>
ANNOUNCE: Telegraph #3

Telegraph Transmission Three: The Search For Spock
Available October 15, 1994!

This time around:
- Forgotten Favorites: we take a look back at some bands we liked a couple
years ago and find out where they are now.
- CMJ: A report on the deadly mouth disease TMJ - wait, no, that's CMJ.
- Rants! Dave Matthews and The Alternative Beer.
- Telegraph's first ever live review! (Woah!)
- The award-winning Coursing Thru The Wires!
- Information on the IL/TG Field Guide To The Internet project!
- More(1)!

Subscribe now to get Telegraph on the 15th! Mail 
<> for a subscription.

For more information: mail <>.


From: (Jeremy Rotsztain)
ANNOUNCE: pumpkinseed

Hi.  This is to tell you all about pumpkinseed #6.  Many of the 
indie-list readers have read about it, and some of you have written to 
me.  But a week ago somebody wrote to me saying he had recieved and 
erased about 20 letters that belonged to me.  That kinda sucked.  So 
for the last time, pumpkinseed number 6 contains interviews with 
Superchunk, Velocity Girl, Versus, the Grifters, Lois, and I think 
that's it.  It also has a crossword and some stories.  Please write to 
me for more information.


From: (Laurence Roberts RD)
ANNOUNCE: 5th Column Tour dates:

Toronto dyke punk band and K recording artists Fifth Column are on tour:

Fifth Column Tour Dates

Oct 12 Victoria, BC at Harpos w/The Spinanes 385-3100
Oct 13 Vancouver, BC at Starfish Lounge w/The Spinanes 731-4621
Oct 14 Seattle, WA at Crocodile Cafe w/The Spinanes 441-5611
Oct 15 Portland, OR at La Luna w/The Spinanes 235-9696
Oct 16 Olympia, WA at T.B.A. w/Lois - Call K Records
Oct 19 San Francisco, CA at Epicenter 475 Valencia
Oct 20 LA, CA at UCLA w/ The Spinanes 473-8442
Oct 22 San Diego, CA at Casbash w/The Spinanes 295-5829
Oct 26 Albaquerque at Golden West w/Built To Spill 260-1064
Oct 28 Houston, TX at Harvey's
Oct 29 Lafayette, LA at Metropolis 233-6320
Oct 30 New Orleans at Pussycat Caver 943-4904
Oct 31 Tallahassee at Cowhaus w/Team Dresch 561-6005
Nov 01 Gainesville at Covered Dish 377-3334
Nov 02 Atlanta GA at Midtown w/Archers of Loaf 624-0402
Nov 03 Chapel Hill at DGLA-Duke 684-3322
Nov 04 Washington, DC at Fifth Column 393-3632
Nov 05 NYC, NY at Continental
Nov 08 Cambridge, MA at Middle East w/Archers of Loaf 756-9202
Nov 10 Worcester, MA at Bowler's w/Pirate Jenny 756-9202
Nov 11 New York, NY at Brownies
Nov 13 Chicago at Homocore Chicago


From: (Marcel Feldmar)
AD: Blaise Pascal

from Vancouver, BC, comes the chaotic, melodic, sonic pop rock quartet 
known as Blaise Pascal.  The new release, Foreword-Treaties and 
Improvements, is a definitely worthwhile CD EP, with songs and 
something that's kind of a song, released on new Vancouver label, Cave 
Canem.  With a breath of Television, a shattering of Pavement, and 
glorious noize getting stuck in the speakers, Blaise Pascal is good 
for some in depth listening.

email for more info

coffee addict  * drummer * Interface Design
creative consultation * graphic manipulation
           highly caffeinated textualizations         
my imagination is so dense i must machete
                        -Patti Smith


From: (John J. Magee)
New Releases 10/6/94

And here it is again, chilluns .  .  .  nothing last week due to 
incapacitation; regular service resumes with the following comments...

1) Keep submitting.  This needs to be a living breathing thing, and I 
seem to be getting stuff only from label-involved people.  That's 
necessary & much appreciated, but I need people out there to cover the 
rest.  If you hear/read about a release, send it in.  Any volunteers 
to pipe me info from CMJ?

2) Notice the improved formatting.

3) [Editorial comment] While some of the past-due records haven't made 
it out yet, the Bevis Frond has actually been spotted in stores.  
Enough said.

4) This will theoretically be available at the following WWW site from 
now on.  Tell your friends: //  Thanks 
to Andy Lester, Esq.  for providing.

5) Our own listserver to come soon!

09/19/94  Smog                Burning Kingdom       MiniLP/CS/CD   Drag City
09/19/94  The Red Krayola     The Red Krayola       LP/CS/CD       Drag City
09/19/94  Evergreen           Pants Off             7"             Hi*Ball
09/19/94  Number One Cup      Indie Softcore Denial 7"             Sweet Pea
09/19/94  Dame Darcy/Coct     Tardvark              7"+comic       Hi*Ball
09/19/94  Mountain Singers    Chicken EP            7"             Generator
09/19/94  Frond, Bevis, The   Sprawl                CD/dbl LP      Woronzow
09/20/94  The Supersuckers    On the Couch          7"             Sub Pop
09/20/94  Liz Phair           Whip-Smart            LP/CD/CS       Matador
09/20/94  TFUL282             Strangers From The    LP/CD/CS       Matador
09/20/94  Heavenly            Decline and Fall of   LP/CS/CD       K
09/26/94  Coctails            Peel                  LP             Hi*Ball
09/27/94  Jon Spencer Blues   Orange                LP/CD/CS       Matador
09/27/94  Pizzicato Five      Made In USA           LP/CD/CS       Matador
09/27/94  Eric's Trip         Forever Again         LP/CASS/C      Sub Pop
09/30/94  Blowhole            Uncoastin'            7"             Apraxia
09/30/94  Come                Don't Ask, Don't Tell CD/LP/CS       Matador
09/30/94  Dragking            Backburner b/w Jazz   7"             Trixie
10/01/94  Gapeseed            lo cell               CDEP           Silver Girl
10/01/94  Royal Trux          Mercury               7"             Drag City
10/10/94  Bardo Pond          Bufo Alvarius         LP             Drunken Fish
10/11/94  Red Red Meat        "Idiot Son"           7"             Sub Pop
10/11/94  Juned               ?                     ?              Up
10/11/94  Poster Children     Just Like You         CD             Sire
10/15/94  The Clean           "Late Last Night"     7"             Dark Beloved
10/15/94  Trane/The Honkies   split                 7"             Dark Beloved
10/15/94  June                Genius/All of Me      7"             Squealer
10/15/94  Mind Sirens         Decatur Cherry Sma    LP/CD          Squealer/Jet
10/18/94  CRAW                Lost Nation Road      CD/LP          Choke, Inc.
10/18/94  Hairy Patt Band    Buford's Last Pusser   CD/CS          Choke, Inc.
10/18/94  Letters to Cleo    Aurora Gory Alice      LP/CD/CS       Giant
10/24/94  Silver Jews        Starlite Walker        LP/CS/CD       Drag City
10/24/94  Various Artists    Hey Drag City          2LP/CS/CD      Drag City
10/24/94  Flying Saucer At   "Distance"             CD             VHF
10/24/94  Skullflower        "Carved Into Roses"    CD             VHF
10/24/94  Doldrums           "XA"                   7"             VHF
10/25/94  Fastbacks          "Answer the Phone,Dum  LP/CASS/CD     Sub Pop
10/25/94  Poison 13          Wine is Red, Poison is CD             Sub Pop
10/25/94  Poison 13          "Love Me"              7"             Sub Pop
10/28/94  Antietam           rope-a-dope            CD             Homestead
11/08/94  The Grifters       TBA                    7"             Sub Pop
10/??/94  Hooker             tba                    7"             Sweet Pea
10/??/94  Tart               tba                    7"             Sweet Pea
10/??/94  Balloon Guy        tba                    D7"            Generator
10/??/94  MOTO               tba                    7"             Hi*Ball
10/??/94  LeftyLucy          tba                    7"             Skinnie Girl
11/1/94   V.A.               Sympathy For Count Po  7"             Dark Beloved Clo
11/1/94   Sput               Seberg                 7"             Won't Go Flat
11/2/94   John Huss Mod      Braying Mantis         7"             Won't Go Flat
11/3/94   Frances Gumm       I Know...              7"             Won't Go Flat
11/8/94   Jessamine          TBA                    7"             Sub Pop
11/8/94   SM*A*SH          "Barrabas"             7"             Sub Pop
11/10/94  Whipped            "Anger"                7"             Bone Up
11/14/94  Mecca Normal       TBA                    LP/CD/CS       Matador
11/14/94  Kustomized         TBA                    LP/CD/CS       Matador
11/14/94  18th Dye           Done                   LP/CD/CS       Matador
11/14/94  18th Dye           Crayon                 10" EP / CD    Matador
11/15/94  Gastr del Sol      Mirror Repair          12"EP/CDEP     Drag City
11/15/94  Palace Songs       Hope                   12"EP/CDEP     Drag City
11/??/94  Coctails           tba                    10"/CD         Hi*Ball/Car
11/??/94  Handsome Family    tba                    CD             Carrot Top
11/??/94  Number One Cup     tba                    7"             Sweet Pea
11/??/94  Log                Light fuse and get a   CD             Anyway
12/01/94  Wingtip Sloat      "Chewyfoot"            LP/CD          VHF
01/15/95  Rake               "Art Ensemble Of Ra    dbl CD         VHF
Nov.-Dec. New Bomb Turks     (live)                 LP             Anyway
Nov.-Dec. Jenny Mae Leffle   ?                      CD             Anyway
Nov.-Dec. Moviola            ?                      10"            Anyway
Nov.-Dec. V.A.               Cowtown 4 & 5          7"             Anyway
01/??/95  JAKS               Hollywood Blood Cap    CD/CS          Choke, Inc.
02/14/95  Poster Children    Junior Citizen         LP/CD/MC       Sire

If you know of a new release date, either approximate or definite, please
send it to me ( in the following format:



DATE: If you know the day, submit it.  If you only know the month, 
that's fine too.  Year is unnecessary.
ARTIST: Please try to adhere to the standard last-name-first, 
articles-last deal.
TITLE: See artist
FORMAT: Use one of the following: LP; 12"; 10"; 7"; CD; CDEP; MC 
(cassette).  You can combine formats .  .  .  see the example.
LABEL: Obvious.


9/30 | Come | Don't Ask, Don't Tell | LP/CD/MC | Matador

IMPORTANT: The subject of your message should contain the word "Releases".

-John Magee

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