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MPP Updates

20 Feb 1999
Two updated addresses for your use:

Anarchy: PO Box 1446, Columbia MO 65205
The Connection: Erwin Strauss, 10 Hill St. #22-L, Newark NJ 07102

1 Jan 1999
Inspiracy: Gerry Reith is a project by Rodney E. Griffith to bring online various texts of Gerry Reith not collected in Neutron Gun.

September 1998
Rick van Valkenburg ( writes that he has placed the text of Gerry Reith's Neutron Gun online at

Tom Patrick, author of the Xerography article cited in MPP#2, writes that he has a new project online at Check it out for yourself.

Jeff Potter ( writes that he has a set of pages up by and about Jack Saunders. They're located at http://www.GLPBOOKS.COM/oyb/jack/INDEX.HTM
20 Feb 1999